Evening Program, The Betrayed Prophet, Eve of Guru Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


2002-07-20 Talk after Evening Program of the play: The Betrayed Prophet (Eve of Guru Puja)

My heart is so full, because in this great drama you have really shown the beauty of Mohammed life; how people have misused and troubled all the world around; and now, they are in trouble. He never wanted that but how human beings misunderstand such a great prophet like him.

I must congratulate Guido and the all of you for acting so well and what a drama it was! The synchronization and all that also technique things you… I don’t know what to say… in every way it was a very, very beautiful drama.

It has touched My heart because Mohammed is not understood by His followers, not the ones who opposed Him; such a great man of compassion, such a great man of spirituality has been so much misunderstood and Islamic world, so called, and non-Islamic, so called, they never understood the greatness of Mohammed Sahib.

I mean, I was really very much touched by this because he was my loveliest son and I worshipped Him. May God bless His soul and all of you who followed Him in spirit.

Spread the news, get more people into Sahaja Yoga; very easy to get Mohammed’s disciples into Sahaja Yoga if they are really His disciples. It’s not difficult to get them into Sahaja Yoga because He has already described, described that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. He has already said so precisely. Nobody has said that, nobody has said that so far; so that shows how great He was.

All the qualities of these great prophets have been misused, have been really misinterpreted, creating all kinds of problems; while they came here to solve our problems, while what we have done is to create problems.

I have such a feeling for them, for all of them.

Today I learned about Pales, Palestinians that they are absolutely fed up now and that’s why they are killing themselves; because they have no place to live, they have no homes, no, nothing, they have no prospects.
But also we must tell the Jews to understand them; it is both ways: one has to have a balance and understanding of each other.

God has not created this world to get destroyed; so, nobody has the right to destroy this world.

So, I think we should have a very balanced look at all these things and also if we get them realized, anywhere, whether they are in Islamic religion or they are non Islamic, anywhere… they will realize what is the truth is. Unless and until you know the truth how can you fight and for what, what are you fighting for?

So, I am very happy in a way that Sahaja yogis have understood it and this great man has been brought to the stage and that you all have appreciated it.

So, now have compassion, as He said, and Love for God.

That’s very important; though they are misled as Christians have been misled. All these stupid people who follow the religion, so called, have mislead the whole world, But the Sahaja Yogis must take to the truth. And they don’t have to fight much; they can manage very easily, need not have swords or anything, just they can manage with their Love, with their compassion and with their wisdom, which is very important for Sahaja Yogis, that they should have that wisdom.

I want to again congratulate Guido and Company who have brought such a beautiful thing about Mohammed Sahib. I have tremendous respect for him because he has got the talent of a great dramatist; I mean, just imagine the synchronization and everything, the acting. Apart from you people being very great actors and actresses, he also is a great organizer and such a big drama has been done.
I don’t know if any television would like to show this drama because, I don’t know, their style is different, their ways are different, and they have to grow still but whatever it is it’s a beautiful drama I’ve ever seen.

May God bless you all,
and specially Mr. Guido, the great!