Guru Purnima Puja: What is our duty?

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Guru Purnima Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 24 July 2002.

Guru Purnima Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 24 July 2002.

It’s very interesting the way you’ve found out. Today is the real Guru Purnima. The Purnima is the day when the moon is full. I knew this, but for Sahaja Yogis which we have to arrange Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Whenever it is, whether it is on that date or not, we have to arrange it. So in that case, this time it was a day, I think two days before we arranged it, so it doesn’t matter. After all, moon is there for us and we are for moon, so it cannot be something that would have very wrong in it.

I have already told you such a lot about the Guru principle. In the Guru principle, we have seen people who came on this Earth. They were all mostly all born realised actually, and they never gave realisation to anyone to – a very big difference. They were all born as realised souls and they became as Sufis and they’re called by different names, but they were not given Self Realisation, they had it, and because of their Self Realisation, as they had, they have so much of knowledge and that is what they try to impart to people.
They knew all about Chakras – everything they knew, somehow, must be in their last lives achievements that they knew it, perhaps some of them were disciples of other very great people. I don’t know how they had full ideas to what is Self Realisation is and what do we achieve after Self-realisation.

Now the only person, I think, Mohammad Sahib, is the one who has talked about Miraj. Miraj is the ascent through our Kundalini. Of course, in India, they did talk about it, but in any other country, they didn’t say so clearly that there is something called Miraj. And, not only that He talked of Miraj but also he talked of the resurrection time when your hands will speak. Two things He said. First is, “Your hands will speak when you will get your Realisation”. It’s a very great thing to say, because that is how you can ascertain and you can be sure that you have got your Realisation. That’s the sign He gave. And the second thing, He talked about Miraj. And the white horse, He said, was nothing but the Kundalini, But He didn’t used the word Kundalini, but He said it’s a white horse. So, He is the one who knew what should happen to people when they get Realisation. That is a great revelation to all of you and of such a help to Sahaja Yoga. You are all rRalised souls because you can feel the vibrations – one thing, and secondly how you have become, He explained very clearly.

We have so many saints in India, so many of them, one better than the other and whatever they talked, whatever they say, is so remarkable, is so remarkable that – actually we, human beings, I  think we are very dumb, that they never realised it, that we have so many saints here. Even in Turkey, we had Sufis where it’s a Sunni religion. There too, we had so many Sufis. All over the world we had Realised souls. They were not incarnations, but they were born Realised souls. So, you see, their explanation and everything is very good because they were human beings and whatever they said was very much good for human beings to understand.
Because an incarnation said something, it is something from the beyond and this new, I should say, advance of the people who were really human beings and had become Realised souls and how they have talked about various things is very remarkable.

Firstly, most of them were poets. And this, we had Kabir in India, we don’t know how he was born, where he was born, who were his parents and elder, it’s absolutely not known, despite that you can only make out from his poetry that he was a great, great Sahaja Yogi, and how he has described things very interesting. And he brought forth so many fundamental truths in his poetry and he talked about it. He didn’t belong to any religion as such. When he died there was a fight between Hindus and Muslims: what should we do with his body? And they say when they had lifted the sheet that was covering him, they found flowers, two types of flowers, one for the Hindus and one for the Muslims. So that’s how he solved the problem of this stupid fight people were having.

In Sahaja Yoga, we are not belonging to any such stupid religions, we belong to one religion: is Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. And all the stupidity of all these religions we should really throw away. Because, what you just see now today, everywhere, every religious group is fighting each other, beating each other, finishing each other. I mean, it’s not the way a religious person should be like that, but they are killing each other. I mean, all kinds of horrible things they are doing, unbelievable how they can do that, such cruelty. And first thing is, for a yogi, or for a saint, cruelty is  absolutely not  there. They’ll sacrifice their lives, they’ll do anything, but they will not be cruel to any other person. Now, those who in the name of God and religion are cruel are actually not at all by any chance, are religious people. So this is what the perversion of religion is, and we all should understand, if we belong to Sahaj Yoga then for us kindness, sweetness, compassion, love is the main quality we should have and if you don’t have that, then we are not Sahaja Yogis.

So we are a different clan, I should say, a different personalities, who are really Realised souls, who are above all these nonsensical ideas and who have vibrations. But, as I’ve said, that now you must spread it, because I have come on this Earth just for people to get their emancipation, their Realisation and unless and until all the people who believe in their emancipation get it, I won’t be happy. There are many who do believe, but not yet got their Realisation, so you have to work and you’ll be amazed you’ll find people who are very anxious to get their Realisation. It will work out on this Guru Purnima day, is a very auspicious day.

I bless you with a special power that you can give Realisations to others. Don’t get involved into your own problems, that’s not important, that will all be solved. Mostly what I get, letters about is this, that, all personal problems or some sort of other problems. What you should do is to see what is your problem within, what is happening within you, why we are having a problem within, what is our duty, why we have got Self-realisation, why we have got this wealth of spirituality and what should we do with it.
I tell you, if you really think about it every day, even for half an hour, you will realise that you are very well equipped people. Saints have done so much, they have written so many things, they have fought the people, they did everything. You don’t have to do anything like that. But one thing is: you must spread Sahaja Yoga.

Even now Sahaja Yoga is not so much accepted everywhere, people don’t know about it, it’s surprising, while all other kinds of horrible gurus are very well known. So we have to do it by our behaviour, by our understanding, by our whole life, people should say that, “These are something rare people and different people”.

I am happy today is another day of Guru Purnima which is a very auspicious day and to be regarded as a very big blessing for you because this gives you, I mean this is a certificate, that you all are capable of being Gurus. You have to become that, becoming is important. In Sahaja Yoga, becoming is important, all other things are really of no use. You have to become, specially ladies are very shy, I think. They can do a lot and they should work it out. They are shy for nothing at all, what is the need to be shy? They are very shy ladies and they just don’t get into the whole working of Sahaja Yoga. You should. If the ladies start talking about it, I think it will work much faster.
And I bless you all to do this work, which was left half-done by the Saints. It is your duty to complete it.
May God Bless You.