Devi Puja: The heart is closed, which has to open out

Ealing Ashram, London (England)

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Puja in Ealing Ashram, London (UK) 30th August 2002

I don’t know what to say! (laughter)

You are living in this house now and it was very nice because Sahaja Yogis were living here and they enjoyed my stay here. But we have to change and progress – that’s the point is. With every change you must progress otherwise it has no meaning, the change has no meaning.

So now they are thinking that I should now be in the house here. I think it’s a good idea.

Derek Lee: Marvellous news for us Mother.

Shri Mataji we’d like to thank you for coming to live here in Ealing and in this house for so long. And we know that, from this house, all kinds of blessings have come out for us. And I wanted to say it was a little bit symbolic Shri Mataji when you came here this house was in complete degradation and ruin and now you have built it up and reconstructed it, renovated it, into the palace that it is. And we hope  Shri Mataji you can achieve the same marvellous transformation with us because it’s symbolic. (laughter)

Shri Mataji: But have I not done that? I have already. You see, it is your doing, your accepting is the one that has worked. And I mean I must say there are so many. Very happy.

I have no complaints about Sahaja Yogis here, they are very good. But what we should [do is] expand now, this joy, this peace. This can be done very easily if you can get hold of Sahaja Yogis, it will be very nice.

But, as I told you, have some picnics. With the newcomers, you can have some picnics, along the river or Serpentine or somewhere close by, where they can come easily. They did this in Australia when I told them and it has…I mean of course Australia has such a big Sahaja Yoga there.

Then you will become collective the more you meet, ask everyone who you are, seeing more, sort of thing.

Derek Lee: It will work here Mother when they get over their cynicism. So much cynicism in the people.

Shri Mataji: Cynicism is there, I agree, but that they can only get over if they get Realisation. It’s a thing like that. If they get Realisation they’ll be alright.

So for that, first of all, what we have to do is to humble down. Once they are Realised-souls then it’s much better to talk to them to do all these things. The thing is that they are not Realised-souls, that’s the main point is. When they come, now they are getting Realisation and so many are coming so our hopes are that it will expand. Once they’ll get into the sea of Realisation they’ll be alright. No problem.

I am sure that, if you work it out, you see, once they are Realised-souls they are different people and it will work out, I am sure about it. We have to just meet them, have collective parties and things like that. They’ll enjoy. I mean that cynicism was old, age-old, now finished! [It’s] not in the young people, isn’t it.

Derek Lee: Not so much. Particularly the tiny ones. They are seeing how can they give Realisation in the streets, the younger children just take it immediately.

Shri Mataji: Younger ones?

Derek Lee: Yes. And teenagers, young teenagers.

Shri Mataji: And also, you see, once they grow in it they can spread it also.

Drinking is too much in this country; that’s the thing one has to control. There’s no need to drink. I don’t understand there’s any need. But sort of it’s a tradition and children also take to all kinds of drinking. I think maximum is not here perhaps. Maybe in America. But here also it’s quite a lot. Once they get Realisation I think they’ll be alright. Suddenly they become aware of themselves then they are alright, better. First they must get their Realisation.

Derek Lee: They are beginning to go out into the schools, the Sahaja Yogis are going into the schools, the primary schools, to teach or to show them Kathak dancing and to sing, and so the children are getting Realisation.

Shri Mataji: No but the only thing is that here the parents might have an objection.

Derek Lee: They don’t really talk about Sahaja Yoga directly, just to get them to feel it. And it’s in the dance and the music Mother.

Shri Mataji: Best is to go to little grown up people. It’s better to spend money on them, time on them, than on children. It’s a problematic thing here. You see if someone starts, they’ll all join together and go against us. So better be careful. It’s a very funny country you know. I don’t know what to describe it. Heart, heart is closed. The heart is closed, which has to open out.

It circulates, the ideas circulate from here, but in this matter, in spiritual matters, they are very poor. Like, Bush has felt it. But Tony Blair I think is a Labour or what? I don’t know.

Derek Lee: He’s a Catholic I think. Or is his wife a Catholic?

Yogis: His wife’s a Catholic.

Shri Mataji: Wife may be a Catholic but so many Catholics have come to Sahaja Yoga. In Italy they are all Catholics but they don’t care!

Derek Lee: We’ll try to talk to him Mother.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Derek Lee: Tony Blair.

Shri Mataji: I don’t know. You can give him my book to read, maybe. He has no time.

Derek Lee: He’s very busy.

Shri Mataji: Busy with nonsense! So many Muslims are coming to your country. We saw so many Saudis coming to this country! I mean, Saudis, if they come, they are the worst Muslims! So many Saudis!

They have money, alright, but I don’t know their plans. And they look after these people who try to bring about all the problems – the Saudis. They are the ones who supply money, isn’t it, and all those things. In India they are running these madrasas. And they don’t believe in Mohammed Sahib! They don’t believe even in Koran!

I must say Mohammed Sahib was very great, because he’s the only one who has talked about the ascent – miraj. He’s the only one, he said that, “After Realisation your hands will speak.” He’s the only one who has said it! None of these incarnations, nobody, has said this. The Koran also, I don’t know if it is written by him, because the language is very harsh. But the main essence is there. Language is very harsh. I mean if you read it you would think that, “How could he say such things?” Because after all he was a great incarnation. But he didn’t say all this. It was really re-written by those people who were very cruel. But the thought, the contents, are correct. Also he did not know how to write. But he was such a great prophet I think. He was such a great man.

Muslims can never understand him because he is beyond their conception. Can never understand him.

Even the Christians have not understood Christ. They have made such a mess out of his life. I don’t know how human beings do that. Anybody who is great, who is something sensible, if he says anything, you make a mess of that. That’s human behaviour.

But he said, “I’m not a prophet. I am nothing.” That’s what he said. I also said the same thing in the beginning. Because if they know somebody is saying that they will kill him. It’s very difficult. In the beginning Sahaja Yoga was very difficult, but now it’s better.

But still in your country they have horrible people; they are all those horrible Swiss, they have come here and working it out. Even they went into our bank to find out the money and everything. I don’t know why the media here is so fond of them because they give something funny about Sahaja Yoga.

But Saudis coming here is very dangerous. They are settling down in London, specially in London. It’s very dangerous, because they are moneyed people and they don’t believe in The Prophet or anything. They have their own thinking. How will it be be useful? But how they are given visas – is the best part. Aisa? (meaning: It’s like that?)

Zafar Rashid: Ji Shri Mataji. If you have money then it’s very easy to come to this country.

Shri Mataji: Yes it’s true. Because they said this house is sold out. I said, “I hope not to a Saudi?” Because they are buying everywhere. I think it would be difficult for a Saudi to live here! (laughing)

Let’s have it!

So we have to try it. And I think you will get more people now. Younger people of course you will get because they have no way to work it out.