Shri Ganesha Puja: You are in the war with Me & Departure

Frankfurt (Germany)

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Shri Ganesha Puja, Frankfurt (Germany), 27 September 2002.

It’s so nice to come back after such a long time. And whenever I came, you always had gathered in a very big hall. We met, and that’s how the Sahaja Yoga started growing. It’s very important for you people from specially from Germany, Austria. These are the people who were in the war. And now you are in the war with Me. We have to fight, fight the evil. You know how the world is. We have to fight them and we have to take them out of ignorance.

You are such a support for this because we have to change human beings. They have to become good people very fast. Once they get their Self-realization, the change will start.

Now in England and also in Italy, what they are doing is to give realization to people on the street. Giving on the street, thousands of people now have become realized souls. It’s a very big thing because once you get your realization, you become the Spirit and all the goodness should come to you. If there is anything evil, bad in you that will go away. It’s spreading so fast everywhere and should also spread in those countries who are there. There’s no need, no need for you to fight or quarrel because you have got the divine help. You have got all the help all the help from the Divine, and this is what is to be understood: that we are helped by the Divine to transform human beings into something greater.

That’s what we are and we are here because I wanted to tell people that you must have a place, an ashram for Sahaja Yoga, and I don’t want anybody else, but only sahaja yogis there because you don’t know how dirty people are in this world. What things they do, you can’t imagine to what limit they can go and can really try to harm you because they are not only negative, but they are sometimes satanic and they’ll try to ruin your children, ruin your families, do all kinds of things.

So you have nothing to do with them. Keep away. Keep aloof because now you all have been cleansed. Those who are cleansed people don’t mix up with people who are muddy, do they? And so must have this much of wisdom in your head to understand that at any cost you will not mix up Sahaja Yoga with other things. It’s very important to know. I have been trying to tell this since long that keep yourself aloof. But sometimes people don’t do it and then they suffer a lot.

We have all kinds of devils around, all kinds of satanic forces acting as some sort of a cult, or I don’t know what they are doing, but they’ve done no good to people, no good at all. Just see what is going on in those days: is all kinds of fighting, quarrelling, killing. All this is going on, so you must know we are in the very, very bad type of Kali Yuga and we have to fight it out by collectivity. Look at the children, how collective they are. You all have to be collective and you must love all the people, all the sahaja yogis who are around. Don’t try to find faults with them. Don’t try to fight with them because it’s a very important work I am doing.

What I’m trying to do is to transform people, to make them good people, nice people. It’s not to get anything out of them, but to give them something that they should become very good people. We have to have extremely good and nice people, people who don’t hate, people who don’t have greed. Like madness, people have greed. In countries where they could make money, they have cheated everyone and have made money, and that is how their children will suffer. They will suffer. So My attention is for all of you because you can help Me in this great war, war with the evil. These are evil people by temperament, and they want to ruin you. You must understand this. Don’t play into their hands and you become solid because you have not come on this Earth to collect things and all that, but you have come here to become sahaja yogis of a very great order.

Another thing is, if you don’t feel your joy within yourself, if there is no joy with you, you will trouble others. So best thing is for you is to meditate, not to criticize, not to use your brain, but meditate. By meditation, you will know how to enjoy Sahaja Yoga, how to enjoy everything. This has to be there and this mental activity should go away. Don’t try to organize others. Don’t try to give lectures to others, but what you do is to yourself introspect. See for yourself what’s wrong with you and what wrong things you are doing.

So not only being peaceful is everything, no. Not only being good is equal, all right, but you have to make others, you have to make others good people. You have to make them beautiful people. We have to make this world beautiful through your own help and through your attention. Now the problem is that people take to wrong things very easily even after Sahaj Yoga. Don’t support anyone like that. On the contrary, explain to that person that Sahaja Yoga is a collective activity. We cannot have our own anything. We have to be active. We have to be together all the time. Togetherness is very important and then to seek joy of that togetherness. If you can feel that joy of togetherness, you have achieved that aim of life because then you’ll gather other people also and give them this joy of being the Spirit. Once they become the Spirit, it starts changing. But if you are collective and if you are together and you do all the things, then also you grow very much.

Now, those who talk of separating, having some sort of a mad idea – please don’t listen to them. You better check. Tell them, “We have to be together.” We cannot, we cannot separate. And anything like this will be destroyed. Because in this world, you see, how the world is, how the things are and how it is working out. So for you to understand the beauty of modern times, is that you are born in a time when you can be transformed. You are born in a time when you can become the Self, the Spirit. Everybody has tried this; nothing has worked out. Now, with the help of your Kundalini, we are working it out. You also know what is, what is to be done. You know how to give realization, how to see the vibrations, everything.

And once you start seeing that, then you will realize that what you are doing is a great harm to humanity.

Now I leave upon you, all of you – you are such sensible, good people who have come to Sahaja Yoga, and every time I came here, you were all here. I’m happy so many countries are here only just knowing that I am coming. How much you all love Me, I tell you. Really, it’s remarkable. All you people have shown your love. All of you have come here all the way, when I am here for such a short time.

So may God bless you all and have sense. Have sense in your head that you are now responsible for transforming this world into a new world of very good people, spiritual people. So your responsibility is that, and as a result, what you have to do, you will know. You all have to be very responsible. Whatever country you may come, whatever place you may come, but you have to be very, very responsible, responsible people, and try to understand what you are doing for Sahaja Yoga.

I can see so many new faces now. I’m happy to see them. Of course most of the Austrians I have met and Americans ,Germans I’ve met before, but I see also other people from other countries – very sweet of them to have come.

So what is important is to surrender, which is a problem with people. They cannot surrender themselves to Sahaja Yoga. That’s what is your life. That is the beautiful river of goodness. So you should try and surrender and if you cannot surrender, then there’s something wrong with you.

Please try to surrender and you’ll be surprised that with this surrendering only you can get complete joy, happiness and peace. That is very important and that’s what I have come to tell you that please try to surrender. And surrendering is – I cannot say how you force yourself, but you just go into thoughtless awareness. You meditate and into thoughtless awareness and then I’m sure, with all My love and with all My blessings, I’m sure you will surrender – not only surrender, but you will develop tremendous powers to convert others also, to transform others into this good work. You all have that and if you just develop and try to find out how many people you have helped really in life to change.

Thank you very much.