New Year’s Eve Puja

P K Salve Kala Pratishthan - Vaitarna Music Academy, Tembha (India)

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New Year’s Eve Puja. Music Academy of Vaitarna, Bombay (India), 31 December 2002.

I am very, very happy to see so many of you coming down here for the program. Actually I bought this land at least at least twenty-five years back and couldn’t do any thing about it, as they had lots of objections this and that. But then somehow I planned the whole thing & it all worked out. Happy to see you all here that with all those difficulties, ultimately now you find so many Sahaja Yogis attending this program of My Puja.

I must remember My brother Baba who has worked very hard for the propagation of Indian music, classical music, all types of art, whatever he could do. It is a very sad thing that today he is not here to see you all. He has done so much work relentlessly without expecting any reward whatsoever. And I wish you could have him as your ideal and that’ll work it out everything, in that way. There is one thing about him I know – he never tried to show off anything. Very intelligent, educated man but he caught hold of all the people of ordinary living and he looked after them & he promoted their skill of music and art. With the same idea, I decided to have this place dedicated to his idea of propagating music & art. And I am happy to see, that, that idea has materialized. But I wish My brother was here to make you feel very happy about it. He was a very loving & a kind person. He never used to get angry with anyone, I have seen that. But he always gave me a very good picture of every person. You can’t help it. 

[Marathi to English translation] 03:10

It is the speciality of Maharashtra – Fighting. Very good at fighting. Do anything for them but nothing enters into their head. They have no understanding, always ready to fight, even with swords. I am fed up with your quarrelling nature. This beautiful new building has been erected for our classical music. They fought even on this and many times I felt, why build it in Maharashtra? No point doing anything for these Maharashtrian people. They fight for some reason or the other, no shame, nothing. If they don’t find space here, what can we do? No maturity at all. I don’t know how there is music in these quarrelsome people and it has grown so much and I am fed up with it.

Everybody is complaining about something. Have you not found peace in Sahaja Yoga? [So many] Great Saints & Sages have given so much knowledge to this land but it has had no effect, at removing our quarrelsome nature. They will fight even in their name, keep behaving foolishly. I don’t know when this foolishness is going to be removed from Maharashtra. They just don’t understand peaceful living and absorbing everything peacefully. They just start shouting all of a sudden. Our foreign Sahaja yogis say, Are they uncivilized people? No, No they are very well educated, but very quarrelsome, and why they fight? They alone know. At least please don’t fight in Sahaja yoga and be a bit peaceful. At least try, we want to change, isn’t it? Instead of seeing what is wrong with others, see what is wrong with yourself? Babamama has done a lot of work in Maharashtra, at Nagpur. People in Nagpur are very active and they helped him. But nobody understands that you must absorb Sahaja yoga & become a Saint (Sadhu). When you think in a very lowly manner of just making money somehow, run helter-skelter for it, how can you be a sahaja yogi.

One must feel that I am a realized soul & Mother has worked so hard and so much for us, we must achieve some good state. So [all of you] resolve today to stop fighting and don’t be greedy for money. Greed for money has made things difficult for Sahaja yoga in Maharashtra. I have worked a lot in Maharashtra and have had all sorts of experiences in this land. Now please realize that you are a Sahaja yogi and live gracefully and be a proud of being a Sahaja yogi. What is there to fight in Sahaja yoga? Is this a political meeting, that you must complain about not being able to sit or not getting to see? I did not want to speak anything but I had no option when I saw you and I had to say. Now if anybody fights, he will be thrown out of Sahaja yoga. There is no other way to correct this. If you cannot have mutual love with one another then why are you in Sahaja yoga?

Babamama never got angry with anybody and never complained about anybody. He would praise everybody. I used to think how can everybody have such a good state. But Baba brought people together with love, it may be just anybody. He was very selfless; he would never sit in my car, never come to my house. He was very understanding. He also belonged to this Maharashtra, but he was not so aggressive. You have joined the work of such a great personality so at least follow some of his good qualities.

We have built this temple for music and other arts. Your children must progress in these fields. They must understand our music. These foreigners understand your music more than you do. Isn’t it shameful? We don’t understand that, just nothing. What’s the use? You must have knowledge about music even though you may not be a student of this place. Unless you know what Tala is this, what Raga is this, you cannot enjoy music. I request you all to leave aside your quarrelling nature and develop goodness within you.

This is the work of Sahaja yoga, but I sometimes feel that you cannot reap anything if you sow seeds in unfertile land. But now things are better with many people coming to Sahaja yoga. So don’t just come to learn Music here. You must learn to behave in a sahaja way, understand the greatness of sahaja, or else it is useless. There are many ordinary Music schools around. By learning music from these if you are going to break heads of others, it is better you do not learn music.

So I request you that please, with music bring the music of your life into your day-to-day behaviour. Without bringing that music this program will not achieve its end. Take a vow today, let anybody say anything.

The second problem out here is about making money. It has become rather too much. I am fed up with it. People make money even in Sahaja yoga. Are you going to change or no? Most important thing is that there should be music in our lives. Instead of having rhythm and ragdari in our lives we just keep fighting, thinking bad for others and seeing only self interest …….is bad.

Now forget what happened in the past. But henceforth only people with understanding, compassion will be brought forward, who will bring all people together.

[Hindi to English translation] 16:17

Fortunately I also know Hindi language. Now if we take to music we ourselves should also be in rhythm. What does it mean? It means that the state of human beings is to be corrected and made rhythmic and organized. Unless it is done, it is of no use. What is the difference between you people and others? If you also keep fighting then what is the use. The most important thing is to develop and establish love, Shraddha and devotion in our hearts so that you become peaceful and others also become peaceful. Without peace, music has got no meaning.

Today this beautiful building has been erected in the memory of Babamama and with this I wish that people will take to music within them and they also have a peaceful atmosphere.

Today world needs only Peace. Everything else that we have today is worthless without peace. We have to see how peaceful we are. If this peace does not have an effect on our country then on which country it will the effect. Everybody says that India is the ambassador of peace. But I can’t see anything like it. There are quarrels all around. I don’t know from where it has come.

So those who want to learn music must have music in their hearts also. Running after money, women and doing all sorts of wrong things is unbecoming of a musician. My eternal blessings that this organization flourishes and people coming here learn music and make their lives rhythmic and full of music. Hope you will fulfil my desires. Whenever you get angry, get annoyed or complain, tell yourself that ‘I am a sahaja yogi. I am different from others. Mother has transformed me into something else. If you understand this you will be glorious. But if you cannot achieve this then it is useless. Then making 50 such organizations also is of no use.

Fighting for small, small things is unbecoming of a sahaja yogi. You are Saints now. You do not realize what heights have you achieved. You think that you are the same beggar on the street as you were before. ……….

[Shri Mataji speaks in English] 20:38

Today I wanted to bless you that you become completely musical in temperament, rhythmic and entertaining to others and not quarrelsome. Now as you have seen that how the western music is taking to wrong side, to the wrong progress. I don’t want you to fall into that path. This will all disappear, I know because it is very destructive. But after coming to sahaja also if you have the same destructive ideas, how can anybody help you. So I hope you fulfill my ideal about.

May God bless you