Shivaratri Puja

House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

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Shivaratri Puja, Pune, India 28-02-2003

[English translation from Hindi]

His biggest Quality is forgiveness. If he doesn’t forgive, then nothing will be spared. He is very forgiving and because of his forgiving nature, we are surviving. ….Such Mahadev we should ask him such qualities as forgiveness, his nature, powers, characters and despite such qualities he is full forgiveness, he takes into consideration that we are humans and he forgives. We should learn that. We cling to small petty things and fight. This is not Mahadev’s puja, if you follow him then forgive everyone. Everyone one has some faults instead of looking at their faults look at your own. There was time when there were many forgiving people but now don’t know people get angry easily and are non-forgiving and they are not ashamed of it. But if you worship Shiv and take him as your Guru then you have to be forgiving. He has such powers that he can destroy anyone yet he so forgiving. Many people worship him to seek forgiveness “ Oh! God Forgive us” but he is all-forgiving. His forgiveness has magnanimity. Those who cannot forgive cannot be Sahaj yogis.
The proof of a Sahaj Yogi is in forgiveness from inside from heart, he does not calculate what wrong has been done to him. Forgiveness is like ocean and to take that ocean inside oneself then only Mahadev will be established inside us. But I see that we get angry first not forgiveness. If you do not know to forgive then you will not be able to live in this world, you may live but always angry with everyone and unhappy. Shivji lives in blessing. But when he sees someone is absolute Rakshas his one eye opens. He has so much powers and because he has so many powers that is why he can forgive and all the blessings in his powers are from forgiveness.
Those who worship Shivji they have to judge how many we can forgive. But we are always filled with anger, we feel we should set this person right that person right. Who are you to set people right if Shivji is not punishing them then who are you to do that. It is not correct to imagine oneself in such roles. By forgiving our heart becomes magnanimous and we can ascend to high place. There are various things in life I think for a human to forgive is foremost because it is very difficult for him. He gets angry very soon. There is no point in becoming angry in this manner, there is no substance. Either you should have power of love to understand others and then you will get power of (Anand)pleasure/peace/happiness.
I feel that the problem is that human is still on old level despite getting realization,vibrations and become fine in all aspects but yet not forgiving, if you get angry very easily. But not forgiving is not ok and get angry easily. This is not the feature of worshipper of Mahadev, such a person is calm and not angry. He has power of forgiveness, and there are many things you should not to get entangled in it as far as possible forgive. This is the substance of Mahadev’s life. Despite the fact that there have been many Avtarans and saints but even today the world believes in Shiv because he can forgive. We can achieve his powers if we learn to forgive. If we do not know to forgive then we are not even near his feet. People make mistake, but to trouble anyone is to give against Shiv. This is special in him. Shiv has forgiven many Rakshas and he learned power of love. …..( sound of vehicle..can’t hear)
Forgiving people don’t get angry, you can see it on their face. They are uncomplicated and simple people. We have to measure how many we can forgive. There is an example of Christ he said to Mahadev to forgive people crucifying him as they don’t know what they are doing. They were doing such a big sin yet he was forgiving. This forgiveness is directly related to how magnanimous is our heart is. But I see that as time is passing this quality is decreasing. Mostly……. Somebody is angry. People take wrong path and call that Dharma.
Where there is no Shiv there is no dharma. Today we have to promise that if we have complications or anger against anyone we must forgive. I understand that there are many sins that… but if you believe in Shiv you will be surprise that you will not find any sin/wrong against you so giant. your heart is full of Shiv and it will realize …so never insult anyone, who are we to insult others. Person does that in ego, and Shiv has no ego. He has such powers yet he never get angry, he is aware of his power that he can destroy anyone, so he stays in such controlled and forgiving. So we also have to decide today that we will not get angry on anyone, we will not look for shortcomings in others but ours. Getting angry on others it is sin because you are Sahaj Yogis. Hope now on you will become real follower of Shiv. Blessings.