TV Interview

Noida (India)

TV Interview (Hindi), Noida (India), 14 March 2003.

The question is what is the main source of human ascent and well being? Shri Krishna has said ‘Yogakshema Vahamayam’ meaning the well being of human being is in achieving Yoga with the God Almighty. But with the technical advancement our new generation is going away from spiritualism.

Shri Mataji:
Yes, it’s correct that with the interest in technology, the interest in spiritualism could go down. But I am seeing that more and more people of technologically advanced countries are being drawn towards spiritualism because there is neither joy nor peace in technology. It does not give a solution to human problems.
Therefore, those who have come into Sahaja Yoga belong to the technically advanced countries, besides from our own country, and they are very deep. These people from the advanced countries have gone beyond technology and they have derived conclusions that there is nothing special in technology. Their bent and seeking is extremely deep. It’s very easy (sahaja).
All our gurus have said to search within. Nothing could be achieved without knowing the power within. The problem is that the people of our country talk about it, sing its songs, but do nothing practical. The people of developed countries know nothing about spiritualism, so they are keen seekers. Their seeking is so intense that in a country like Russia, where I thought spiritualism could not take up, there is a larger number of spiritual people. They are really wonderful because so many atrocities were committed on them, but they kept on going ahead with their seeking. They know nothing about God. The word spiritual was unknown to them – nothing. Yet they have been very deep from within and have ascended to great heights of spiritualism. They have become more deserving. I can say that the women of those countries had more freedom or on what other accounts they have attained this state.
However ultimately it was concluded that their seeking is very intense and to achieve this end they could go to any extent and when they get their Realization they go very deep in it because the intensity of seeking is there.
In our country people have been talking about spiritualism, nothing except it. Everyone advises ‘to seek.’ I mean, all the gurus have said the same thing [to seek]. We might have harassed and tortured these gurus in their lifetime, but when they are gone from this world, people follow them and read what they said. They know everything, but no one is prepared to work for it.

Question 2:
Because of the increasing effect of these false gurus (Ku-gurus), people are saying goodbye to morality besides giving away their wealth. Also efforts are being made at a very large level to sell spiritualism on an attractive pattern. The common seekers get confused and misguided because of it. How could total transformation be brought into human life in these adverse conditions?

Shri Mataji:
I go abroad because there people are seekers. In their seeking, they are absorbed. A large number of them are seeking and a lot has been written about it. They have read and translated most of our scriptures. It is amazing that they read the Sanskrit language. They know so much. But then, certain false gurus (Ku-gurus) from India reached there and they began to teach them. So they could not get the required object, though a lot of money was shorn off them. After that, when I reached there, people were amazed that ‘she gives Self- Realization and accepts no money at all.’ So they came close to Me. How long will these false gurus – who deceived the seekers with honeyed discourses and befooled them – go? How long could they go in spiritualism? Those who came in contact with Me once, remained with Me forever. We have been doing this work for the last thirty years and these people have gone very deep. In their seeking they have attained great depths.
Secondly, the emotions of love for each other were totally absent in their families and society. They received that love from Me and, nourished by that love, they got totally transformed. They are so much changed that even the Germans have become so lovable and sweet that they talk their hearts out unhesitatingly. They are ashamed over the excesses that had been perpetrated by their country in the past.
I do not know in how many countries we (Sahaja Yoga) are working. Sahaja Yogis will say that Sahaja Yoga is being practised in eighty-six nations. I Myself have not been to so many countries. What happens is that when one person gets Self Realization and practises it, he becomes an expert in a year’s time. Wherever such people go, they talk about Sahaja Yoga to others. This is how it worked out and Sahaja Yoga spread to this level. I do not know how to go to all these countries, but those people come wherever our programs are organized.
Countries such as Benin and Ivory Coast, where all the people were converted to Islam, I asked them, ‘Why did you become Muslims?’ They replied, ‘We saw the French. There is absolutely no morality in them. So we became Muslims.’ Now they have all become Sahaja Yogis. That is how the number of Sahaja Yogis is increasing everywhere. Those who are tired of fundamentalists, they also wish to come to Sahaja Yoga.
So all the seekers and tortured people, their big groups have come to Sahaja Yoga and they have formed groups in Sahaja Yoga, but I had no problem in it because it was all within them. They have sought their ideal in Me and they were drawn towards Me and got it. (Self Realization)

The significance of Sahaja Yoga is that we are not conditioned by any religion, country, creed, race, etc. – absolutely no conditioning. We regard human beings as human beings and respect all the religions. But our respect is for the religion and the essence of these religions. It is not for the distorted form of religion. Therefore, people of all religions jumped into Sahaja Yoga and have the feeling that they have got the real religion.

Question 3.
Many great incarnations, saints and seers came on this Earth, all of them talked of spirituality, but not one of them could give Realization, without realizing if one gets something, then one cannot have faith in it.

Shri Mataji:
I have not done anything special. I searched only the method to give en masse Self Realization. I thought it will have a better effect. Individually, if you attain anything – suppose you invent electricity, but without putting it for the benefit of the society, it is useless similarly. I thought that the attainment of Sahaja Yoga that I had should be for the benefit of the society. It should be en masse and given to all the seekers. We should say that it is collective.
No doubt I had to put in a little hard work for it. I studied different attitudes of human beings. I concentrated on the plexuses (chakras ) and saw where the problem was. When I could know these problems of the human beings, then I tried to find out the ways to overcome these problems.
In May 1970, I come across a person who was confusing the seekers of truth. So I decided to do it and, with that, I could get to this system and attainment. With that, now en masse Realization has become very easy. It is mentioned in the scriptures that in Kali Yuga this will take place and will reach its heights. It is already known to us. Whatever was written is now happening.
So the first thing is to prepare the society for seeking. There is a scripture of Saint Bhrigu (Bhrigu Muni) called ‘Nadi Grantha.’ In this, he has clearly mentioned the year in which Sahaja Yoga will start. With the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, all those who have been confused, those who have taken to a wrong path and fallen in the trap of Kali Yuga will be saved. Their kundalini will be awakened. He has gone to the extent that, at that time, there shall be no need of hospitals. Many prophecies have been made.
So this is the method. This time was to come and it has come. It is the specialty of Kali Yuga that in it human beings get confused and, in the state of confusion, people start seeking. Groping in darkness, the seeker gets more confused and searches intensely. Now is that period. In this era, it will take place.

Many people get cured of their diseases with the practice of Sahaja Yoga because there are plexuses in our body through which we are connected physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. When our kundalini awakens and nourishes these plexuses, the diseases concerned with those chakras get cured. Besides, so-called incurable diseases, such as cancer, could also be cured. Cancer of so many people was also cured in Sahaja Yoga. Blood cancer got cured. Many things were done. Even AIDS was cured, but the AIDS patients are very egocentric. They think they have done something valiant. They call themselves martyrs. It’s difficult to convince them. We cured five people, but then stopped curing AIDS.
Alzheimer is another disease. Those who try to have control over others in their lives and always have an upper hand, sometimes get this disease. Before death, one side of their brain becomes dead and the other one keeps working. But this one is very aggressive, very cruel and very violent.
So sometimes suddenly they become left-sided, we could say just like cabbage. When they come back to their senses, their right side gets over-activated and then they start showering abuses. That is what they do. This is a disease which we have not touched, but your drug addiction goes away. I never tell anybody what to do and what not to do. Automatically, everything gets all right. After awakening, the kundalini does it herself. Man starts understanding immediately after Self Realization
How does the Realization take place? It is with the light of the spirit and enlightening your heart. When the light of the spirit enlightens your heart, in that light we begin to see what will bring misery to us and what [will bring] emancipation. Just as you could see clearly in the light, but keep groping when it is dark, so man gets transformed in that light [of the spirit]. I say nothing to anything. I never say give up this or do this.
You will be amazed that in Sahaja Yoga no one takes drugs, no one drinks alcohol and none commits misdeeds. Ninety-nine [percent] of the people, you could say, do no wrong at all. Many marriages are performed in Sahaja Yoga and all of them go beautifully in a beautiful manner. They have very lovable children – as has been described – that such a kingdom is likely to dawn. In fact, that is the kingdom of God in which neither there is any bitterness nor difficulty. In a way, man becomes very collective, like the drop falling into the ocean. As Kabira has said that when the drop falls into the ocean, it becomes one with it. The same oneness takes place. This has to happen. We have to get this climax of our evolution.
Whatever progress we have made so far, whatever work the gurus, the incarnations, spiritual guides have done, that has to bear fruit now. So this is the time. As we sow the seed, first of all it sprouts, becomes a tree, then bears flowers and then fruits. Similarly, I call this age ‘blossomtime.’ There is abundant flowering and it is not difficult to make fruits of them.
I would like to say that everyone has to search the truth within. There is no other way. Without searching for the truth that lies within, one goes on treading the path of untruth which generates all these negativities. When you are established in truth, no rules and regulations are required. Then all your deeds become divine. Therefore, everyone should seek the truth and this is the time when you could get it.
This is My desire that everybody, specially men, should seek the truth.
May God Bless You.