Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Felicitations. Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India), 20 March 2003.

Talk by Sir C. P. Shrivastava

Madam Mayor, Shri Rahul Bajaj, Shri Debu Chaudhary, honored guests, dear Sahaj Yogis and Sahaj Yoginis

Let me first clarify that we are celebrating only one birthday, and that is birthday of your Mataji. I am, you know statistically about fifteen million people living on this Earth must have been born on twenty-first of March. I’m one of them. Just doesn’t matter whether I’m there or not, but we’re celebrating today Her birthday and let’s keep to that.

What I wanted to say has been said already by many, but I want to mention to you that we are celebrating today a momentous event which happened eighty years ago, She was born with a mission. Her mission was to transform humanity. For the last thirty-three years, She has been at it almost day and night. She has traveled to villages in India on foot, in the bullock cart, in a car. She has traveled by plane. She has been to many parts of the world and it is because of that individual, personal endeavor that we see what we see today. She is an Incarnation, because I don’t believe that any human being can transform a single other human being. It’s easy to deal with the machinery [applause].

In my office, I try to improve someone, I fail miserably. She has transformed hundreds of thousands of people. And when I look at you, I feel today that this offering felicitations to your Mother, we can offer Her our love, our devotion, but felicitations only to you. Because you are here on this momentous occasion sharing the joy of Her eightieth birthday.

So, my warmest felicitations to all of you here.

To me, Sahaj Yogis and Sahaj Yoginis are like angels – I’ve said that before and I want to repeat. I think there’s no other category of human being on this Earth who has all the qualities that She has given to you, which you have imbibed – quality of spirituality, quality of ethics, quality of morality, of truthfulness, of modesty, of helpfulness, of being brothers and sisters all over the world. There’s no other category of person on this Earth that can compare with you – thanks to Her. [applause]

And having served in the United Nations system for some time, I look at two worlds together – the world which you represent, which She has created; and the other world which is outside. And the other world others have said, but it’s not only today because of war, the world has gone on from bad to worse. You look at business side, you look at political side – problems everywhere. And why are there problems? Because the Person to transform was not there until eighty years ago. Now She has come and She’s beginning the process. I don’t think the process is anywhere near complete. She has begun the process and we now have beautiful gathering of angels presided over by your Divine Mother.

I want to recall that I mentioned three, four years ago that the world needs Sahaja Yoga. The world needs more and more of Sahaja Yogis. I tell you honestly without that we are heading towards absolute disaster, and you see that today – disaster because human beings have to become angels once again. And that is what the mission of your Mother is. So, three years ago I requested you please try and convert human beings above ordinary into Sahaja Yogis. If each one of you were to convert one more every year there would be many, many millions soon enough. Now I requested you three years ago to come today on Her eightieth birthday with a list of eighty million.

I think you have made very good progress. As Guido was saying, there are many, many more today than there were three years ago. But the mission is not complete. So, I want to modify my proposal. I want to put it to you, I hope you will approve of it unanimously. And my proposal is this: that when twenty years from now She presides here with the same radiance which is on Her Face, you will come here with your children and present to Her a list of a hundred million, hundred million Sahaja Yogis. [applause]

Shri Rahul Bajaj has made some loving confession. And I was very happy to hear that. I also want follow suit, and I want to tell you that but for your Mother I would not be alive today. Thank you. [applause]

Talk by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Today everybody is trying to talk to you in English language because I think they feel majority of you are speaking English.

I wish I could tell you something new about life. Life goes on moving. Whether you are eighty or ninety makes no difference. Only thing is how much you have used the light that you have got it in Sahaja Yoga.

All of you are now enlightened in Sahaja Yoga. All of your kundalinis are up and I think you know most of it. But despite that, it’s important how much time you devote for the emancipation of human beings, for helping them to come on. Instead of criticizing them, instead of condemning them, your duty is to put them on higher pedestal, so they respect themselves and respect their Self Realization.

It’s very important because I met many Sahaja Yogis to begin with who were very much critical of their colleagues and all other things, but since they have got Realization, they think it’s a matter of duty for them, that is, that they should attend to the emancipation of human beings. Then there won’t be any problem of any kind – no political problem, no economic problem, nothing of the kind.

All these problems are created by mind, which is not yet fully developed, I should say. And once it is developed, you are not bothered. You are bothered about others. You are bothered about emancipation of others. It’s automatic. I don’t have to say that. But you have seen in your lives how your attitudes have changed towards life and that is what is more important than anything else.

Some of you are very successful people in politics, in business and this and that. But you are not satisfied till you give Realization to people, till you make them perfect like yourself. [I’m] so very happy to see so many people being helped by Sahaja Yoga. I never expected that in My lifetime only I’ll see this, but [it] has worked out – worked out so wonderfully. I’m really amazed how things grew so fast and how it has grown into so many countries, into the so many people’s heart and how they have taken to Sahaja Yoga. They’re working not only in their own country, but also outside. After all, I can’t go everywhere now. But, despite that, Sahaja Yoga is spreading, which is such a great thing for Me – so satisfying. You have no idea when I hear that Sahaja Yoga has gone to this country and gone to that country.

Practically, they say, in forty-three countries Sahaja Yoga is settled down in a very large way and, in a smaller way, maybe it is in many more. But to hear this also, I never expected that it would work that fast. It’s all thanks to you, to you Sahaja Yogis who [have] achieved this miracle.
I’m thankful to you all, from India and abroad, those who have taken up the flag of emancipation and are moving forward, instead of criticizing, instead of degrading some people. [It’s] very easy to do that. But what about you, yourself rising above all that and making others rise also? We can change the whole world and you start understanding the problems of the world and you can get rid of them with your kundalini awakening.

Such a great thing is this kundalini, I tell you, that it makes human beings something superlative. It’s all described as sayings and this and that, but a Sahaja Yogi has a greater power and the greater power is that he can make others Sahaja Yogi[s]. He can give Realizations to others. They must use their powers and should try to change the whole world. That’s My desire. I don’t know in My lifetime I’ll achieve it or not. But you all should decide that way and I’m sure it will all work out.

May God bless you! Thank you very much. Thank you very much.