Birthday Puja: A very big challenge

Nirmal Dham, New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Puja, Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India), 21 March 2003. (Hindi/English)

(Translated from Hindi)

Eternal blessings from Me to all the Sahaja Yogis. You all have gathered here today, in such a large number, to celebrate My birthday. How should I thank you? I just don’t understand. So many people have come from other countries also. And even from our country, so many people have gathered here. Seeing all this, My heart fills with joy.

I don’t know what extraordinary task I have done that you all have gathered here to celebrate My birthday. You all have a very big heart that today you all have come to this far off place and have honoured Me. I don’t have words to tell you people how overjoyed this has made Me.

(English speech)

What I was telling them, the way you are celebrating My birthday, I’m overjoyed and I don’t know how to express that joy which is really overflowing.

I really don’t know what have I done for you that you have come up with such enthusiasm, with such love. It’s your great heart which is appreciating My humble work.

All over the world, Sahaja Yoga has spread and again spreading like fire. That showed it was the need of the world. It was the need of the people. That’s why they have taken to Sahaj Yog with such enthusiasm.

I could understand in a country like India, where they have talked about Self Realization, but in a country which is not aware of a higher spiritual life, you all should appreciate, assimilate and enjoy Sahaja Yoga as a very great blessing of the times.

These are special times. I think that you have fallen into this trap of love and enlightenment.

I Myself was not very sure that you would appreciate the love that one can enjoy within yourself. What is a spiritual understanding? I didn’t know how you would appreciate and enjoy yourself.

That means you are all very much capable of this tremendous love and this spiritual awakening. No doubt about it – how is it it has worked out so beautifully? Very surprising and also the way you have got your spiritual powers and the way you are using it is really beyond understanding, any human understanding. That’s why people don’t believe that there’s something like Sahaj Yog, that there is a power in every human being which is universal and which can be enlightened. It’s something beyond the conception of human beings that they can achieve this kind of a spiritual growth within themselves.

I wonder how many of you also realize that whatever you have achieved is something great. It is the climax of human development, human growth and all the advancement we have made. This will change, definitely change the world and its understanding.

I’m talking to you today at the time when the war of Iraq is on in a very big way. I don’t know what to say, how it is going to work out, but with all your efforts towards peace, it will get solved I’m sure and will bring peace everywhere.

We don’t want to have wars, but we have to change human beings, otherwise you cannot trust them. This is a very big challenge to all of you. You have to work very hard to get to this idea of giving Realization to everyone, otherwise you cannot stop it just by giving them lectures or threatening them.

The awakening is needed within, which, of course, I don’t know if everyone will try to have, but as many as can have it, please try to give them awakening because they are all human beings born at this time and so they deserve it. You have to just try meeting them, talking to them and giving them Self Realization. It’s not very difficult. Every one of you can do that. Every one of you have only ten to fifteen people and will change the world. That is our ambition, is to change the world to the new style of understanding that we have to live peacefully as human beings. Without any discretion of colour, without any discretion of nations, we all have to live together as human beings. This is the only difference between human beings and animals.

As long as we are not spiritual, it’s all right. But if you can transform them into spiritual personalities, I’m sure everything will change. As we have seen now in Sahaja Yoga, it doesn’t bother a Sahaja Yogi to quarrel or to fight, but they are so peaceful and gentle with each other.

So today we have to pray that Sahaja Yoga must spread all over the world and that everyone in the world should get realized. You have to promise that you will go out of the way and try to change the human beings who are just mislaid on their way somewhere. I’m sure once it starts working out, everybody will understand the value of peaceful life as Sahaja Yogis.

We have to do intensive work because you can see human beings needed this. Today that is the need of the hour. At the right time, we are now ready to do Sahaj Yoga and spread it all over, as much as possible, wherever you will see the necessity.

Of course, it will work, but otherwise also, whether there is necessity or not, there’s an urge in the human beings to rise, rise above all these human failures.

I bless you from My heart, bless you very much, that you carry on your work of Sahaja Yoga, of spreading Sahaja Yoga, of giving Realization. You have got powers. You know you have. Only use that power and give Realization to people. That is one promise you have to make on My birthday.

Thank you very much.

(Translated from Hindi)

Today, what I told these people in English and I don’t need to tell you because in this country everyone already knows how important a spiritual [aadhyatmik] life is and people want spiritual ascent [aadhyatmik unnati]. Many people are trying very hard. Some go to the Himalayas, Some go and sit near the sea, try for several hours, keep fasts. There is no need to do all this. The moment they come to Sahaja Yoga, they can get their Realization and they can get blessings. [You] explain [this] to people that there is no need to stand on your head. Sahaja Yoga can actually be had for a song. They won’t even believe how easy it is.

And when they see this, one after another thousands of people will come to Sahaja Yoga in this country and I wish that Sahaja Yoga should be spreading a lot in this country. In this country our questions are too small and petty. For them, just getting Realization is very important. After that, nothing else needs to be done.

So if people from India try, then they can get Sahaja Yoga very easily. They can give Realization to many others. That’s why you all have My eternal blessings. Each one of you should give Realization to at least one hundred people. As such, our number [of Sahaja Yogis] has not increased. Ours is not such a position [avagarh]. It’s a very simple thing and from this easy, simple thing we should understand that in our country the most simple and most sahaj thing is Sahaja Yoga. And everyone is ready for this.

You go anywhere, go to any village, go to any city, everywhere people of Sahaja Yoga are truthful. That is why I want you people to try again to your fullest and next year double the number of people should come here.

I thank you a lot for all the honour you have given Me. But as I desire that each one of you should give Realization to a hundred others. You need not try more that this. You [should] try. If there is a desire, then it is My promise that in a very sahaja and easy manner, you can give Realization to a hundred people in this year.

Eternal blessings to everyone, eternal blessings that this task can be accomplished. Even those who do not understand this language are also doing this work, so what are the difficulties for you? For you, the basis is ready. All saints and sadhus have done a lot of work in this country. So much has not been done in any other country. That is why you should think about it that being an Indian, you have a lot of moral responsibility and how much more of this can you do?

Eternal blessings from My heart to all of you, that all of you are successful. You become successful in this respect [task]. These are blessings from My heart and I wish that you all imbibe these blessings fully and give Realization to other people, whichever way it is possible.

Eternal blessings to you all