Public Program: Sahaj Yogi Ek Adarsh Hindustani

New Delhi (India)

2003-03-24 Public Program Sahaj Yogi Ek Adarsh Hindustani, New Delhi, 45' Add subtitles:
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2003-03-24 Public Program

(Hindi Translation Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)

Your warm welcome moves my heart with joy. I do not know what to say and what not to say. I do not even know what to tell you today, on this occasion, because most of you are Sahaja Yogis. And those who are not will also be transformed, everytime it so happens. There were times when the attainment of Sahajayoga in life used to be very difficult. But now the things have changed. Now your Kundalini could be awakened very easily. Without any difficulty you could attain that state where it is said that the soul resides within you, and within you that miracle should take place which makes you familiar with your soul (Atma). This state was very difficult to get in the olden days. Only a few could achieve it as a result of penance of thousands of years, living in Jungles and serving the saints and seers. But in this age if people do not receive their Self- Realization then, no one knows, what would happen to them and what abyss they will fall in. May be that it is the reason why Sahaja Yoga is working out in this Kaliyuga.
Your contribution is also there in its spreadment. Thousands have become Sahaja Yogis, and every one could give realization. Such a big thing has happened ! Could I do it alone? You have taken care of it. brought it to a higher pedestal and have worked hard for it.
How much I thank you, I do not know! It is a big achievement that thousands of people have entered this New Life and a New Light has dawned in them. It is beyond anybody’s understanding and belief that such a thing has happened. But it has taken place. People from all castes and creeds have got their Realization. They are not from any particular strata of life; there is no high • r or low. Thousands of people have received Realization, not only in India but also in other countries. Still we have to give it to many many more people. All the problems of our country will get solved by it (Sahaja Yoga). The problems of all those who have got it have been solved. They have developed a new outlook, it is co-incidence that all those who have received it are working it out. I know only this much that this was to happen and it has happened. I never thought that it will gain so much of momentem. I have to say only this much that those who have got their Realization, should not confine it to themselves. They should give it to others, distribute it among other people. By giving, their joy will increase. Joy will be doubled by giving. There is no doubt about it that it is not something to be confined to yourself. It is to be given, and this giving will give you joy. I hope you all will derive joy by distributing it.
For years together I have worked hard in India and also put very hard work in foreign countries. Now you have to do more than me. Only then ignorance could be destroyed in world. The world is submerged in deep ignorance. Today there is one problem and tomorrow there is another. You have to be prepared to set it right. Those who have received it, (Self-Realization) they should increase it, spread it and give it to others. You should not lose temper on any excuse. You have to be very peaceful. This power will workout in you and with that power you will transform others.
For me it is a big achievement that so much work has been done in Delhi. I remember in the beginning when I came here, people knew nothing. They went their own way. Gradually they developed and gained balance in every way. With experience they realized r the weaknesses and problems of human beings. Slowly they were trained. Now they have become so knowledgeable that people ask me. “Mother from where have they got so much of knowledge?” This knowledge has awakened from within. It has awakened in them from within, where else has it come? It is the dawn, the expression of that supreme spirit that resides within. With it they know as to what is the Truth and what is ahead of it.
I explained it to my might. Now I find that people absorb it very easily. In villages where people are not much educated, they have understood Sahaja Yoga so well and they explain it so nicely! 1 am myself amazed to see their style. Delhi people have done wonders. There is no ill-will. People here, are very open-minded. I remained with them as much as I could. Now I cannot give them much time. However, they have become experts. Working themselves they have understood Sahaja Yoga and have taken it to great heights.
I am surprised to see that such ordinary people knew so much, they .^have so much of knowledge! Many of them are illiterates but they are so expert and knowledgeable that one is astonished as to how they have known so much and how they do so much of work. We have still to open some more fronts. Firstly we should talk of patriotism. It is essential to be patriotic. We should know the historical facts and also how so many people sacrificed everything for the sake of the country. It’s necessary that you should have knowledge of it and you should talk to people about it It’s a great country and many great people incarnated in this land. But now some curse has fallen on us. Many people came to us from abroad. Because of them we could not open our hearts to the people. But it is necessary to tell the people about all this. In foreign countries also it was told what excesses were committed in India but that doesn’t mean that you should know what the people of this country suffered. Under what difficult circumstances they lived! If you have understood it then you might have realized how great our country is and what a monstrous upheaval it has gone through. When you become aware of it then you will be proud of your country and think what a great country it is. The culture of our country is very high. Nowhere else one could find such a culture. I have gone to so many countries but our culture teaches us to respect everyone, love everyone, love the country and also it has big-big ideals. We have to follow those ideals. There is no use forgetting them. Not only that but we have to spread these ideals in other countries. All the misunderstanding about our country will vanish and we shall be able to tell others that ‘How great our country is’. Our good points should come up. By them people will know the greatness of our country. I want to say that you should all be very respectful to your country, to those who have made sacrifices for the country, to those who have upheld the Truth and sacrificed their lives for the sake of Truth. You should have knowledge of such saintly people. Sahaja Yoga doesn’t mean that you know only the greatness of this country. You also have to know its tradition, take to its culture.
It’s the age in which we have developed likings only for imported goods and we have taken to the path of foreigners. It has done enormous harm to the people. How much difficulty it has put us in! Know the greatness and glory of your country and see it in your life and lives of others. There are wonderful traditions here. By running away from these traditions we are going away from it. We stood on truth and because of that we have to face innumerable difficulties. You have to accept it, But the person standing on truth becomes immortal. Nothing is good or bad for him. He is respectable , worthy of worship and to become like him will be a big achievement. But still we don’t recognise our country and instead of becoming its ornaments, we go on imitating others. It does not behove Sahaj Yogis; and l know Sahaj Yogis do not do such things. But we have to tell it to others also that there is pride of country, self-pride and different types of ideals of life. I think gradually it will develop. The number of Saha] Yogis has increased. It has increased so much that there is no need for me to tell much. Sahaj Yogis will themselves do this work.
What I have to say is that if you are Sahaj Yogis then method and system of your life should be that of an ideal Indian. Caste and religion should not be cared for. The only significant fact is that you are an Indian and it is your duty to be glory of the country and enjoy living in that glory. You should take care of each and every tradition of your country, its music, art. craft and architecture. All these were wonderful. Now-a-days that standard could not be maintained but atleast we should understand them and see those standards. Indians should have this quality. They should know that so much great work has been done in this country and we should also do something which adds to the glory of our country. There are number of things which Sahaj Yogis have to do and they have been doing also. Their lives have become so beautiful. Whether it is in the family or outside, people praise them and say that how beautiful the lives of Sahaj Yogis have become! Firstly the blessings of the spirit and secondly the subtle outlook which makes you know and recognise goodness. Without that subtle outlook you are not Sahaj Yogis.
There is a lot to say but I am thinking that many such people are present here who have not experienced their spirit. It is necessary to have a session of Self- Realization for them. You should all stretch your hands towards me and sit silently, peacefully. Now please close your eyes. Both the hands towards me and close your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed, now say ‘Shri Mataji’ please give us Self-Realization1 (say it in your heart – without speaking). Keep your eyes closed and feel whether you have cool breeze or hot blowing from your hands. If you are feeling this breeze then stretch your right hand towards me and left hand over your head and feel. Are you feeling the cool breeze over your head?
May God Bless You All.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi