An Ideal Indian

New Delhi (India)

2002-03-24 An Ideal Indian, New Delhi, India, DP (Hindi), 46'
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2003-03-24 Public Program

[English translation from Hindi]

My heart is brimming with joy at receiving such welcome from you all! I cannot think what to say and what not to say! I am watching you all, seeing where all you have seated yourselves, maybe we have arrived in this stadium for the first time and you people are seated scattered away. On this occasion, I am wondering what to say to you people, what subject to speak on. Most of you people are SYs and those who are not, will become. This works out in the same fashion all the time! In the past times, receiving the gift of SY was considered extremely tough but now the times have changed. Now your kundalini can awaken in a rather lucidly and in SY itself, you can attain your spiritual place. It is said that it is within you, yourself, the Spirit resides. Hence, within you, a miraculous happening should occur so that you can get acquainted with your own Spirit. This spiritual pursuit was considered highly unattainable in the past eras. Penances worth a thousand years, roaming around in the jungles, offering one’s services to the rishis-munis (hermits, sages), as an outcome of such noble acts, not all but extremely few people would attain this spiritual benefit (of kundalini awakening).

But nowadays, the times have ripened to the extent that if human beings do not receive this gift (of kundalini awakening), wonder where he will land, what will happen to him! Perhaps in the pursuit of addressing this Divine predicament that SY is spreading so far and wide. Needless to say, you people have contributed open-heartedly too! Now we have thousands of SY and all these people can really help you gain a certain spiritual acumen, such a major event has taken place! Was I really capable of achieving this feat on MY own! It is you people who have beautified this initiative and the elevated the cause of SY! And you people have worked hard to achieve this! Just how much do I thank you, I cannot decide! So many people across the world achieving a new spiritual dimension to their lives, feeling this enlightenment, are no mean feat! Nobody can comprehend or get convinced about the possibility of such a phenomenon but it has happened across castes, nationalities! Kundalini-awakening spans all castes, races, and cultures with no disparities whatsoever! The expansion of SY has to move even further among many more people!

The problems of our country (India) will be resolved by SY. All the people who received the gift of SY, all their problems have been resolved. They achieved a new vision and it is quite a coincidence that those people are now busy spreading SY. All I know is that this phenomenon was preordained and it has taken place but the momentum this movement has gained, this I hadn’t imagined! All those people who have achieved this gift, they must not keep this knowledge only to themselves but share it with others too, for it will only multiplies the joy by thousands, no doubt about it! This is not the kind of present you keep only to yourself but you have to share it with others. I hope you follow MY request. I have exerted MYSELF a lot across the globe for this very purpose. In order to eradicate the ignorance from this world in entirety, now you people have to follow MY suit.

The world is plunged into a deep darkness, imbalances all around. To spin things the other way around, all you people need to ready yourselves for the furtherance of SY. Do not become complacent about this matter! No rules or regulations can withhold you from spreading SY! The entire power of SY will mechanize itself within you and nourish you more. I feel SY spreading in Delhi is a tremendous achievement! I still remember when I had stepped in Delhi. People had no understanding on this matter (SY). Gradually, they developed this understanding and struck balance within themselves. In their meditative experiences, they realized the weaknesses of the human anatomy their problem areas. They educated themselves on these matters, enriched themselves with the knowledge of SY. Delhiites have indeed become very knowledgeable! People ask ME, Mother, how have they absorbed so much knowledge? All from within, where else! It is nothing but an emergence, the manifestation of the reflection of the Spirit within us! It is what further enables you to recognize the truth, separate the wheat from the chaff! I have shared all MY knowledge with you people. I see people absorb this knowledge very conveniently. Even the villagers, whom we don’t consider much qualified, have shown tremendous progress not just in their absorption of SY knowledge and it’s teachings but the lucidity with which they explain SY to others, their expert mannerisms, it astonishes ME as well! Delihhites, for sure, have raised the bar! No disputes among themselves, no uncalled for tantrums, no personal grudges – such sorted folks! I spent as much time with them as I could, which is not possible now. I see how these people have smartened up! By the workings of their own hands, they have understood what SY signifies. With their enormous efforts, the movement of SY has risen to a crescendo, foraying into a new realm called, ‘Mahayoga’!

Such ordinary people, many of them are illiterate but their understanding of SY, their swiftness in mannerisms, astounds ME as well! Still, we have to march ahead for we have a long way to go. Encompassing every aspect, we must first speak of Patriotism – an integral ingredient in every Indian’s heart. The historical events of this country as well as the enlightened people who sacrificed their supreme comforts for this country. You must know about these towering personalities and speak about them further. India’s greatness is indescribable! Numerous enlightened souls have taken their births there but some very drastic misfortunes fell upon this land – intrusions and so on, that made it difficult to speak about the greatness of this land candidly. However, it has become increasingly necessary now that this greatness is talked about. In foreign lands too, people have openly spoken about the exploitation of India. It doesn’t mean that Indians start despising or harming those people but sensitize themselves to how much pain and losses these intrusions have caused to the Indians, the trying circumstances in which they had to survive. Once you grasp this fact, you will understand how great this country is and the kinds of seasons it has weathered, each rougher than the next! Once you understand the tests and tribulations this country has gone through, you will, yourself, feel extremely proud to be belonging to this land! In addition, the culture of this country is quite elevated. No country can match the cultural depth present in this country.

I have visited many countries across the globe but in our Indian culture, one observes there is love and respect for every person as well as the country, elevating oneself to adhere to many noble Indian beliefs, forgetting which will lead us to no benefit. We must spread such a value system to other countries of the world. In this way, all the misleading notions about India will automatically dissolve and we can candidly sing praises of this country. When our good qualities should come to the fore, people outside will understand the greatness of this country. It is my sincere request to you all, to develop a kind of devotion towards this country. And for all those souls who made major sacrifices for this country, stood on the path of truth and even offered their lives for the cause of truth, all those bravehearts’ memories must be cherished. SY does not indicate that you only sing praises about the greatness of this country but develop a keen understanding of the Indian traditions as well and imbibe the Indian belief system.

Nowadays the tide has turned and we have begun to prefer Western over Indian things (objects, values, lifestyles) and follow the western suit in our lives. Do we even understand the loss we have incurred, the troubles we invited upon ourselves, because of this attitude? The pride and greatness of this country should reflect in the lives of every Indian. The traditions are extremely benevolent! By discarding these belief systems, we are actually running away from the Truth. In our pursuit to stand on the path of Truth, we have had to withstand many a troubles, no doubt about that but the person who is a follower of Truth is actually, an eternal being. Such a persona is above the good or bad circumstances. What’s worth mentioning is that such a persona is worthy of worship! Such personalities are very difficult to even emulate. The country has uncountable such personalities. Ironically, it is we Indians who turn a blind eye to the finesse of this country. Instead of becoming an asset to our country, we imitate the trends of the West. Such behavior is unacceptable for SYs. Looks like such people are not even SYs. But others must be made aware of this fact too, how the philosophy of our country maps the entire belief system of one’s life. I feel this sensibility will gradually sink in.

Now the amount of SYs has increased manifolds and I no longer have to tell these things to you people. Those SYs will themselves, imbibe this thought process. What I wish to stress on is, if you people call yourself SYs, your lifestyle should say it so – just like that of an ideal Indian spanning all castes or religions. What matters is that you are nothing but an Indian and by the virtue of being one, you must prove to be an asset to the country and stay absorbed in the ‘indianness’ of it!

You must attentively cater to every aspect of the Indian culture – its music, arts, and knowledge of sculpting, handicrafts including branches of knowledge such as Architecture. All these belonged to a very high standard of finesse; nothing even matches to them today! Even if you cannot match those standards in the present times, at least you must see and acknowledge them. Every Indian must inculcate this ‘homey’ feeling within oneself, knowing what immense tasks have been performed on this land. And we, ourselves, should perform some commendable deeds that add to the glory of this soil. There are too many things/initiatives waiting for SYs to kickstart! Those who perform such tasks, their live have beautified a lot! They have earned people’s praises for the same. It triggers their curiosities into wondering how do SYs live such satiating lives! First, you receive the blessings of your Spirit. Combine it with the subtle vision that helps you recognize the Truth. Till the time you don’t mature up that vision, pls don’t consider yourselves SYs. There are too matters to be stated but I am also thinking that among yourselves, there are a few who are yet to be acquainted to their Spirits. It is imperative that we hold an interactive session for such people. I can’t even see among you all, where such people are seated. Now all those people among you, who are non-SYs, raise your hands. Ah…there are several! I’d like to ask such people to pave way and come forward, create such arrangements. Mr. Aggarwal, get all the non-SYs to sit in front.


All you people, open out your hands towards Me. Do not talk please. Maintain silence. Do close your eyes. Now ask, “Shri Mataji, please give us our Self-realization”. Say it with sublimity, within..not for anyone outside.

(Blows in the mike).

Now keeping your eyes closed and check if you can feel any hot or cool breeze in your hands. If you feel either, bring your Right hand towards Me and with your Left hand on the head, check for the breeze again, hot or cool. Now bring your Left hand towards Me and with your Right hand on the head, check for the breeze again, hot or cool. Now bring your Right hand towards Me and check again from your head, in the fontanel bone area.

Do not keep your hand on the head but slightly above it. Ah! You are feeling warm? Ok! Keep at it, you will feel cool too. It is indeed warm because coolness has not entered into your system yet. Move your Left hand towards Me, check with your Right hand, keep your eyes closed. Again move your Right hand towards Me. Switch over. Now, many can feel cool.Now bring both your hands towards Me and check with open eyes. Can you feel? (From the audience: Yes!) On both the hands? All those who feel it have recevied their Realization. Shower of blessings upon you all! Those who have not felt it, come to My ashram. You will achieve it there. All of you all can receive your Realization. It is commendable that so many of you felt it! Shower of blessings upon you all!

A seeker gets up to ask questions.
HH: Do you have any Guru?
Seeker: Yes
HH: That’s where the problem is. Who is it?

Now there will be a bhajan, all of you all must clap.
Mahamaya Mahakali..