Wedding Anniversary

Mumbai (India)

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Wedding Anniversary

I just want to thank you all from My heart for coming to celebrate this anniversary with your love. I can’t do more than to thank you really how you people have appreciated My humble work. Moreover, it’s a work of just love. Love is the greatest quality of human beings. And if you have developed that then you will forget all other things. Because love has its own reward and the reward is here, I can see it.

I am nothing special except that I love everyone very much. And I don’t think anybody is to be condemned because I’ve seen people coming out of all their problems, their smaller minds into a bigger area in which they are capable of giving love. I must say that whatever was my [faith? UNCLEAR] has worked very well. And it is very, very nice things to see how many of you have understood My love and have spread love among yourselves.

Our human problem is one, that is, we don’t know how to love each other. If we could understand that then we’ll enjoy all this love, we’ll really enjoy this love. You don’t have to sacrifice anything. Don’t have to give away anything. It’s all there and you enjoy. It’s reciprocal. You enjoy giving love to others. Maybe some of your experiences may not be that good but most of the people who are human beings [are/have] a special, special temperament of loving each other. And this is to be shared. And this has to be enjoyed.

I have enjoyed it and you all have also enjoyed it. So I would say, continue to do that. And spread your love all over.
May God bless you all.

[Aside in Hindi: Jee bhar aaya bhai bolne par (Mother Laughs) – MEANS: Heart is overwhelmed by speaking]