Guru Puja: A very big responsibility

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Guru Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 13 July 2003.

Today’s Puja is a very great Puja for me, because I suddenly find that my granddaughter is missing, and I got upset with it very much. Look at me, supposed to be Adi Shakti, and why should I get so upset about my granddaughter missing. It was just a human nature which I realised all of us have.

If we have some responsibility and we are not there we get upset. Thank God there are very few children here, most of them have gone, but we are all children the way we worry, the way we are anxious. Today I would like all of you to say that a new year has come, and in this new year we all should have a new proposal about ourselves and that proposal is very difficult for people to make out, that we are not responsible for anyone. We are our own and we live with ourselves. It’s very difficult.

Of course those who have no children are very happy people that way, but those who have, those who have certain responsibilities and commitments they are still hanging in the air, they are nowhere near Sahaja Yoga I must say. Our main responsibility is ourselves, is to know ourselves and to depend on ourselves. It is a very big responsibility because now as we will be having big functions and we might feel that we are lost in it. Please try to remember that you have to remember yourself, you have to know that you are there, that’s the message I wanted to give you, I hope you’ll think it over.

May God bless you all