Navaratri Puja: Birthday of Shri Gauri

Nevele Grande Resort Hotel, Ellenville (United States)

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Navaratri Puja, Birthday of Shri Gauri, Ellenville, New York (USA), 12 October 2003.

Today we are going to celebrate the puja of Gauri. She came on this earth many-a-times, to kill the people who were doing wrong things, who were trying to kill good people. She has done Her level (best) to do that, and today we are celebrating Her birthday.

You all know so much about it, that I need not tell you, but what you have to know is that She came on this earth to save you from all kinds of troubles. For Her you were important, very important, because you were doing Devi puja and so we are celebrating today this Devi puja, with all our heart, because whatever ill people did to you, She came to destroy them. So today is a very great day for you to thank Her; thank Her for Her protection and for Her understanding as to what you have been tortured for.

I’m happy you are all here to celebrate Her birthday, and to be surrendered to Her so that She can always, always protect you, and give you Her blessings.

So may God bless you all, your children, your families, and that you bring great joy or protection.

It’s very kind of you to have come today, so far away. I’m very happy to see you. Moreover, you have got tomorrow also that you can celebrate.

Today we are not going to have any questions and solutions, we are just going to worship the Goddess, that’s all, and request Her to protect us from all kinds of problems that are facing us.

Thank you very much