Christmas Puja

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 2003.

Today is a great day because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. He was such a great spiritual personality, who had to suffer on the cross. This is what many people don’t understand, that why a man of his calibre, of his standing, of his spirituality, should have to go through so many ordeals in life. It is very easy to understand that he was born in a circumstances which was against him, which were against divine force. So to overcome that people tried to destroy Jesus Christ. And he did not feel the pain, he didn’t feel the absurdity of those people. On the contrary he went through all that ordeal with such courage and such dignity.

So for us, what is there to see is that if you are divine and if you have powers of divinity, then you should have courage, and with that courage you can face all kinds of ordeals. On the whole, whenever you are on this earth there are problems of different types. You may belong to royal families, or maybe a poor person, there are always problems facing you. But Christ has shown by his life that, though he had to suffer so much, he was so patient and courageous. His life has given us an example, what we should be, how we should behave when we are facing problems because of ignorance of people.

But today is a happy day because it is his birth date and we are all celebrating because he has shown us a new path of spirituality in which one has to suffer, because of the ignorance of many who are there, he suffered so much. But today it’s not so bad, people understand spirituality and divinity. And you are so many together now. In these sufferings Christ never cried or wept. He went through it in a very resolute manner. So what we have to learn from his life is that we should not be afraid. Whatever might be happening to us, we should not be afraid. But times have changed and people don’t torture anyone because of your spirituality. It’s not there, it’s finished. Christ wiped out all that from human minds, and people respect you for being spiritual. This is the message of Christ’s life, and we all should be very happy that he has shown us this path of ignorance.

The message of Sahaja Yoga is the same: that you take your realisation, you take to spiritual life, and everything will work out because all the divine forces are with you. They are working out everything for you and you are so many who can say that you have witnessed it.
So this kind of life that Christ had, you don’t have to go through, he has done for us. Your life will be very, very safe and peaceful and joyous. That is without my telling you, you must have experience. These days there are also very cruel people, very absurd and extremely aggressive, but still, no-one can harm you. Life has become very different. And we thank Christ that he has gone through all that to save us from those ordeals.

(Translation from Hindi to English)

Today is the birthday of Christ and we are all celebrating His birthday with great joy. And we also know that Jesus Christ took a lot of efforts, and we do not have such efforts as much as He has done. But how much Jesus Christ has suffered…we know this.
But we do not have this kind of efforts, because the whole human community has changed. And in this changed human community, spiritual life is very, very important.
From this spiritual life many obstacles have been removed, from this we can solve our physical problems, we can solve our mental problems, we can solve household problems, we can solve the problems of the whole world. In this way the life of the whole mankind can be changed into a spiritual life.
This is very important for us to know, that on the one hand there was Jesus Christ who had gained a lot in spirituality, and on the other hand we have gained a small part of spirituality – and because of us the world is becoming silent.
Many problems are getting solved and mankind has understood that it’s very important to take to spiritual life. This kind of changes are because of you people, I alone cannot do anything. I am in the same situation as Jesus. To what extent can I act?
Now there are many people. Now we can see how the whole world has changed. Because of you, problems are getting solved, many changes have come, in the whole world people are knowing because of Sahaja Yoga.
Many changes are coming, not only for one person, for thousands, for the whole world, in the whole community changes are coming. These things you are all doing, which is very important.

(Translation from Marathi into English)

Now to speak in Marathi, the life of Christ was very sad. But he did all this kind of things with love, because He was a very great soul – such a kind of person does not feel any kind of sadness. In this way we have taken to spiritual life, and now we have to give the spiritual life to everyone.
People are watching our lives and they are stunned by seeing how happy we are. And when they understand that these things are happening in Sahaja Yoga, they also enter Sahaja Yoga.
This is a very good thing and also you have got this blessing. And you have to keep this blessing very carefully. You have to work on it, and the most important thing is that you have to give this thing to everyone.
You all are getting this kind of blessing – now let also other people have this kind of joy, and so all the Sahaja Yogis have to try to give Sahaja Yoga to everyone.
In the whole world Sahaja yoga has spread but but it is very little. It should be spread much more. Jesus Christ had only twelve devotees, and these twelve devotees had spread Christianity – but there are many mistakes made.
In this way you have to bear in mind that when we spread Sahaja Yoga we should not make any mistake. We should spread it in a very simple way. It is not so difficult.
In this thing, Parameshwara has given you the Shakti and the brains, use it. I have full faith in you, that you can make many Sahaja Yogis and you should try to give Sahaja Yoga to everyone and only think day and night who to give Sahaja Yoga to.

I am blessing you for this, so this is a very big responsibility on you. Since you took to Sahaja Yoga, you had this responsibility, that from today you have to bear in mind that you have to give Sahaja Yoga to everyone and should not keep this thing just within us.

May God bless you