Birthday Felicitations, Talk and Debu Chaudhari – Sitar New Delhi (India)

2004-03-20 Birthday Felicitations Program: Talk and Debu Chaudhari – Sitar So many of you have come, and it has given Me the greatest pleasure. I don’t know what is the felicitation you all want to do for, because after all I’m a Mother, and a Mother has to do Her job. There’s no felicitation with it. Just love, love for My children, and that is how i’ve worked and it has worked out. You can see for yourself how you have learnt to love each other. I wish all over the world people develop that love, that universal love for each other. All the our problems will be finished, no wars, no ill feeling, nothing, only there will be a beautiful wave of love among ourselves. All these things can happen, and we can reside in a very calm and collective way all the time. What is happening today is not of my liking, because to Me they are all one, and what is the need to have fights and to have differences? If they could just meditate, they will know that they are all one, there’s no difference at all. My only wish is that all of you should get your realization and that you meditate.May God bless you.Thank you!