Makar Sankranti Puja

House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

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Makar Sankranti Puja, translation from Hindi

Today is considered to be very important in the Northern part of the earth because the Sun comes from South to the North. This happens on the same day every year. So if we try to see why every year the Sun does the same work, we consider it so important, why we are so happy that the sun comes in the North every year.

The thing is that only from the Sun all our work is done. When it is dark and during the night, we are in the sleeping state. But when the sun rises, only after that all our works are carried out. So the thing that affects all the work is the Sun and when it comes to our vicinity, we give it a lot of importance. The biggest thing is that all other festivals are celebrated on the basis of the Moon, but only this festival is celebrated considering the Sun. Also, the people here believe in Surya Narayana and do many rituals on the river Ganges for Surya Narayana, i.e, the Sun. But this is the most important day. So now we have to decide what we shall do on this day, what work to do on this special day. We did Namaskar to the Sun, offered water (arghya) to the Sun and showed all our gratitude towards the Sun. But still what special thing can we do.. especially what Sahaja Yogis can do. Firstly, it is very important to clean the Agnya Chakra, because it is affected by the Sun. For this, what is the importance of Agnya Chakra is that what all planets are there on the Agnya Chakra, according to them, we use to get angry on other people with the Agnya Chakra and our behaviour with them is spoiled, we get angry, and show all kinds of temper. Agnya is a very important area which we must understand is the place of Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ emphasized only one thing, to Forgive everyone. To forgive is a very important thing.

Now how to do this..? Many people say that they have forgiven, but it does not happen. To forgive, it is very important to have satisfaction inside. And one should think that what somebody has to do, is done, what do we have to do with it.. what somebody has said, he himself would be used in it.. why should we get involved in it. In this way, if one develops a desireless state and forgives everyone, then Agnya Chakra can be cleared out. By the clearance of Agnya Chakra, a very big obstacle which is there in our growth, which stops the Kundalini, gets cleared, so for this, we should know how to forgive. All the time we keep on thinking who has given what sorrow, what problem; instead of this we should think that we forgive, we forgive this, that, everyone, and you would be amazed that after forgiving, the Kundalini rises so quickly. We only have to raise our Kundalini, and so for it, we should have a clean Agnya. Human beings have a habit of getting angry; God does not have. That’s why you should stop getting angry, and in place of anger, there should be forgiveness. By saying Kshama, Kshama 3 times, the Agnya Chakra becomes alright.

May God bless you all.