Easter Puja: Be Peaceful

House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

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HH Shri Mataji, Easter Puja. Pratishthan, Pune (India), 8 April 2007.

Shri Mataji: Today is a very important day.

[Mic is changed]


Sahaja Yogis: Hello Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji: Better, is it?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji.

I’m saying today is very important. This is a new starting for you, for you all. Try to understand that you have worked very hard so far and you wanted to do much more than you have been able to do. That was your desire and it will work out, definitely it will work out. If your desire is strong things will work out and you’ll get a great chance of helping people as you have helped yourself and you are happy about it, it’s better that you decide to help others. It’s important, they all should be blessed.

You can do it. There lies your leadership that you have to give it to others. Most of you have got it for yourself but you have to give it to others. Let the others also gain in their spirituality.

I know so many of you got your Realization and you are so much in it and you are all very happy. So be happy and cheerful, that is the first sign that you are Realized, that  you have got the Realization. With this Realization you can give Realization to others.

The speciality of today is that Christ came back to life just to do something for us. So, it’s a very important day for all of us. I would say that today you should understand that you have got this power to give Realization to others. You have got it but now you have to use. Those who have Self-realization should not waste their energy but try to give it.

This world is full of chaos and quarrels and fighting still going on? So, your duty and your job will be to talk to them and tell them that first important is: Sahaja Yogis must become peaceful and they must enjoy the fruits of Sahaja Yoga. I’m sure everything will work out. It has worked out with so many of you and it will work out with others also.

It’s not just a talk but there’s something happening so try to remember that you are all Sahaja Yogis and you deserve a very good help, very good help from Me and from God Almighty [Shri Mataji laughs].

There is nothing to be upset; these are all different tests which will work out the goodness in you and we’ll get the results.

You’ll find Sahaja Yogis, special ones.

It’s very nice to see so many of you who have tried to get Realization but who are really already Realized. There are many who want to have Realization but there are already many who are already Realized and who can do a lot for others who want their help.

Today is a good day where you have to decide for your future. You have to decide that you are going to (?) , to help other Sahaja Yogis to get more Sahaja Yogis.

We have to spread Sahaja Yoga. You see so many problems are there and the more we have as Sahaja Yogis, there’s no problem left, it will be all solved.

So I wish you luck that please try to get your Realization proper and confirmed. I hope you don’t have doubts about it. If you have any doubts, you can write to Me.

Now we have got some very nice good people who have come to Sahaja Yoga, so it is your duty to see that they become good Sahaja Yogis and enjoy their blessings.

I’m very happy to see so many of you coming and today being a very good day also.

In the life of Christ, very great thing happened that He became – He became or He was already a Sahaja Yogi and He tried to make many Sahaja Yogis if possible. But at that time the people were not so alert as you are. You are special people who are seeking and who have found out and you can give it to others. This is not for keeping with yourself. If you have got it, just don’t think that you have got the last chance but give chance to others.

I’m all with you. Anyone of you has any personal or any other problem you should write to Me.

I’m sorry I won’t be able to give anything for this special day.

[Laughter & applause]

Sahaja Yogis: Bolo Adi Shakti, Nirmala Mataji ki, Jai!  

May God bless you all.

Once you have got Self-realization you have to give it to others and respect it, that is important to respect it. I am sure it will work out; and you all look so good to Me and I am sure that all of you will do it. I have not been able to finish anything I have started and I have to work hard to pull others out so they can see their value.