6th Day of Navaratri, On Drinking

Sydney (Australia)


Sashti. Sixth night of Navaratri, Sydney (Australia), 17 October 2007.

Shri Mataji: This is too small. (speaks in Hindi) You can get a good hall here, very easily. Actually I never knew that there’s a programme otherwise I would have told you.  Here also, come along, there is room here. Can you hear me there? (Yogis ‘YES!’) Come forward, here put the piano that side in the corner? Why is she crying? What has she got, a cake? (laughter) What is this?

Yogi: A gift, Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji: Ah. Oh! Very beautiful, (Mother is shown a large decorated plate) Who’s done it?

Yogi: Maria and Sue

Shri Mataji: You did? Very good,very beautiful, absolutely good.  Everything. What’s her name?

Yogi: Sue Williams

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much, very beautifully done. You can’t move further? Who is the leader here (laughter) He is the leader? So why couldn’t you get a bigger place?

Yogi: Shri Mataji, we could find a bigger place but we did not want to have to transport you from here – less moving for you.  Your comfort is our only desire Shri Mataji, so yogis are happy, so long as you’re comfortable.

Shri Mataji: Ha! (laughter) You are all Sahaja Yogis, and there should not be controversy between you. You should all think of the same thing, isn’t it? I feel sorry so many standing outside. Come in, come in! Can you move the piano behind? Can you all hear me? (YES!) Those Como people are here? Como?

Sir CP: They are not here.

Shri Mataji: They are not here? Both of them are not ? (Speaks Hindi with Sir C.P.)

Yogi: Giovanni and his wife are here.

Shri Mataji: You are from Como?

Giovanni: Yes.

Shri Mataji: See! He could come! (laughter and applause) You can come here, there is space, make some space there.  Why didn’t you get another hall?  They are so many….

I’m happy to see all of you here. May God bless you.  Today in the shop there was a lady.  She came and she wanted to have her realisation, and she got it.  Got it very well.  See now it depends on… there are many who are searching.  But you have to contact them, and bring them forward.

Now, I don’t know, if you want to take a hall, you have to pay for it.  But was this just to save money?  You are so many.  And you can afford to have a hall, all of you sitting there, and I feeling comfortable. After all, you are all Sahaja Yogis, all brothers and sisters, and you don’t mind any inconvenience, but if we can make something convenient, we should do it. With so many you could have got a hall…

Yogi: Shri Mataji we have one big hall, in a place called Balmoral, it’s about one hour’s drive from here – everyone could fit inside the big hall.  It’s a little distance from here, Shri Mataji, it’s about one hour’s drive. Everyone would fit there.)

Sir CP (to Shri Mataji): It would require your travelling to that place.  In order not to give you trouble to travel, they all came here —

Shri Mataji: No-no, I have no trouble, I have come all the way from India!

(Laughter and applause) For My convenience you take no such a note.  See, wherever you are, wherever you have the programme, I’ll go there.  As long as possible I will definitely go. (Applause) These days, life is much more comfortable but when I was working in the villages I used to go on the bullock cart. You’ve got photograph, you can see – on the bullock cart, to go for miles together. I knew I had to do all that. If I have to get Sahaja Yogis, I have to work that way.  And I was quite prepared. I never felt any exhaustion with it, never.  On the contrary, after I meet you all I feel so happy.

Now, is there somebody who has problems?  Anybody.  Who has problems?

Yogi: You’ve blessed us all. We’re all blessed to be Sahaja Yogis.  We don’t have any problems Shri Mataji.  We’re with you, there are no problems.

Shri Mataji: Ha ha. (laughter)

Yogini: Shri Mataji, I have a problem.

Shri Mataji: What did she say?

Yogi: She said she has a problem. She has a problem, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: What is that?

Yogi: What is your problem?

Yogini: Alcohol is a big problem in my family.

Yogi: She’s saying her family has a problem with alcohol.

Shri Mataji: They are not in Sahaja Yoga?

Yogi: No.

Shri Mataji: Why not? You are the mother?

Yogi: yes.

Yogini: …and my husband.

Shri Mataji: How aboutthe children?

Yogini: I have two children in –

Yogi: The children are… are they Sahaja Yogis your children?

Yogini: No the two older children, no

Shri Mataji: How many children you have?

Yogini: Four.

Yogi: Four children, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Four children.  They are not Sahaja Yogis?

Yogini: Only my two young ones.

Yogi: Two young children in Sahaja Yoga and the two older ones are not in Sahaja Yoga, and the husband is not in Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji: Surprising. But here the family system is good compared to, say, in England, where the family breaks after some time.  At least here, is much better.

Yogi (American accent): Shri Mataji, we in America have a problem, that the seekers don’t stay in Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji: Hah?

Yogi: The seekers take their realisation in America, and they don’t stay in Sahaja Yoga.  This is our problem.

Shri Mataji: They don’t stay.

Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Why?

Yogi: I don’t know Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: It’s not complete. If they have a complete realisation, they will have to come. They are not complete.  Just half way.  They drink?

Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji: That’s the point. After coming to Sahaja Yoga you cannot drink.  And that must be the reason they don’t want to come.  But you give them bandhans.  And beat them with shoes. (Shri Mataji chuckles) (Laughter) Who are those…your mother, father?

Yogi: My mother, my father, yes.  My good friends – they take realisation but they don’t stay as Sahaja Yogis.

Shri Mataji: Because they drink.

Yogi: Yes Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: See now, all your countries have indulged into drinking. All over Europe, you see, and it’s a little fight, because for them drinking is their life. And they can’t get out of it.  But we have ways.  We have to give them bandhans.  If you give them bandhans, all of you put together, then they cannot run away.  Bandhan has to be given.  All of you should give bandhan.  That’s how they have worked out in India.  And India is, you know how Sahaja Yoga is strong there.  The reason is if they find parents are not coming, or maybe children are not coming or whatever it is, they all work it out by giving them bandhans.  But first thing, you should regularly come to SahajaYoga.  Regularly.  It is not half way, like today you come and then you don’t come.  That’s not proper.  That’s – you cannot progress.  You have to come to the programmes, all of you, regularly.  Because you know, realisation is not easy thing.  Nobody had it before.  Now you have got it.  So you have to maintain it and keep it up.  Once you start developing that, the female (or family?) of the house also changes.  Greatest problem of Europe is – real problem, that they drink.  Drinking is the main problem.  And that’s why they don’t want to come to Sahaja Yoga.  But they can give their parents, but not Sahaja Yoga.  This is the trouble with them.  Parents can be given up, in case they do not take to Sahaja Yoga.  You should show you don’t like it.  Why don’t they want Sahaja Yoga?

Yogi: Because they drink, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Hah?

Yogi: Because they drink.

Shri Mataji: They drink.  Now this is the curse of Europe, that they all drink. And drinking is something very difficult.  They can’t give it up, poor things, they are slaves.  Slaves of drinking.  So by your behaviour, and by your affection, I’m sure you can win them over.  What’s the use – people who drink die so early.  You must have heard that they die very fast.  But despite that they don’t realise that one should not drink.  Because it has become an open market now for people.  This is the biggest problem of Europe.

But do you know it is much worse in America.  America’s problem is so funny, that people who do Sahaja Yoga cannot convince their parents.  And they think they have freedom to do whatever they like.  And some of the Sahaja Yogis have lost their parents at a very early age.  Very early age.  Also they have parents who had heart…heart attacks.  All kinds of attacks.  Not only heart but any other disease they get.  It’s very funny, which they don’t understand how important it is to get your Realisation.

So you should try to talk to them, that “what is the aim of your life.”  You must ask them.  “What is the aim of your life? You want to die or you want to live?”  First question.  If they say they want to die, let them die.  You should say, “should we supply with some wines for you when you die?” (laughter) Make fun of it.  Make a fun.  So they will realise that they are stupid, who are drinking, and they are slaves.  Slaves of drinking.  They are not drinking because they are free people.  Because they drink, they die.  And die very fast.

The complication of the society is so much. That I have seen people who were rich, who had nice children, but they have lost their parenthood. They have lost the children, and they have no money also.  They are on the street.  Drinking is the best way to waste all your money.  They think then when you say “don’t drink”, you are interested in their money, maybe.  God knows what they think because I don’t understand the psychology of people who drink.  There are some bhoots I think who give them ideas like this.  And they cannot give up drinking.  Very wrong.  Where – in what book, I mean like bible or any book is said, that drinking is good?  Did Christ drink?  They will follow Christianity.  They will follow Christianity, and not follow Christ. (chuckles) It’s like that. Christ never drank. His parents didn’t drink.  Now what makes them think that they have a right to drink?  Specially for Christians.  Stupid they are if they think that drinking is their right. And then they have problems with drinking.  Perhaps you know what problems there are.  You can find out what happens when people are drunk.  What happens to them, where do they go, what is their position.  You can find out their friends, where are they, what they are doing, how are they living?.  You’ll be amazed, that they are already on their way out.  If you show your wisdom to them, with assertion, they will be coming around.  You have to tell them.  There’s nothing to feel shy about it.  You have to tell them what happens with drinking.  What is so great about it?

Europe problem is drinking – first.  The second problem is parenthood.  Parents don’t understand the responsibility of their children, that all their lives they are going to be children of yours.  And you have to look after them.  There is no way of getting it out.  First of all why should you have children?  And if you have children, you have to jolly well look after them.

But I have seen that in Europe people are really stupid.  They don’t understand this simple fact, that if we cannot look after ourselves, who will look after our children?  Very irresponsible.  Also the society is such, that in the society also, they just believe in drinking.  All of them.  Indians who do not drink in India, here they come and drink.  When they come here, then they think it is something ideal, and they drink.  I have known many like that, who came abroad and started drinking.

So this is the big problem.  You should openly talk about it, to everyone.  That what is drinking, is stupidity — to become stupid, by paying for it. Huh! You have to pay, and you have to become mad. Just imagine.  If you make fun of it, and if you can tell them the truth, I am sure they are all with the intelligence, they will understand. But you should all the time tell them.

The third problem is that here it is, till you are an adult you are away and free.  But I can’t understand – you are born from your parents and how do you become free after eighteen years or whatever age it is.  How can that be?  It’s like a tree producing fruits, and the people take away their fruits and eat it.  We are not trees.  We are human beings.   We can’t behave like trees, which do not show any interest in their children after certain cutting has happened.  But it’s very surprising.  See, for us Indians it’s absolutely surprising, that they can forget about their own children?

How can they do it?  You have got writers who have written stories, and they have written so many things here, that how can parents be stupid like that?  Whatever may be – whatever may be your father or mother – they may be poor or rich, whatever it is – they are your parents!  And parents are there to look after you.  The stupid thing is that they make the child look after themselves.  When he is eighteen years of old, he earns of his own, and the parents – “alright, go ahead.”  They want to shirk all the responsibility.  Never heard of such a thing.  This is a very recent fashion.

When Abraham Lincoln was there, did it happen like that?  Did it happen with Christ, that Mother gave him up and said “alright, go ahead and get yourself crucified”?  How can parents behave like this?  They have no heart?  That they have no love for their own children?

India may not be that rich, but people are loving their children.  Children also here do not listen to their parents, because parents don’t look after them.  Can you imagine a society, religion, or whatever you may call —  people have no connection with each other.  But in Sahaja Yoga we are all connected.  We are all one.  And we want to be together with all our so-called differences.  We are Indians, we are Africans, we are English, but we are all Sahaja Yogis.  And this is what you have to tell them, that what kind of friends you have?  They just come here for drinking and go away.  They’ll not even stand by you.  But our friends are our dear friends.  Sahaja Yogis sometimes make mistakes, doesn’t matter.  But they are Sahaja Yogis, and they are one, and they help each other.

See how many countries have come together in Sahaja Yoga, and they have such friendship with each other, that you may not have with the people who are born on the same side of the Earth. You won’t recognize each other.  It’s horrible.  I tell you I am sometimes surprised the way parents don’t think much of their parents.

Parents do not think that they are parents, and the children don’t think that we are children of these parents.  I don’t know what has done that.  It’s the money as they say, it’s the money, money they earn.  Alright, so what do you do with that money, make yourself miserable, and make everyone miserable?  You don’t even respect money, because when you drink, how much money you waste?  Does it go for any help?  Then drinking, it’s – here, I was surprised, many have given up, luckily have given up, and are happy.  It’s one thing, that in Europe, drinking is a big social event and everybody thinks they must drink, otherwise they are not human beings.  They have to become mad, otherwise they are not.  Now the parents will understand if you join together.  You can bring them round, there are people who have done like that. All the Sahaja Yogis together have managed to bring the whole Johnnies to Sahaja Yoga.  When they will see that you are happy, you don’t tell lies, and you are honest, and you are humble — what more do you want?

But they will go to church, call themselves Christians, and behave like Satan. See their behaviour.  They don’t even care for their children because they have certain habits they have developed.  “Why can’t you give up those bad habits?” — this is the point you should ask your parents.  “Why don’t you give up this dirty stuff which is just making you mad?”  Drinking makes people mad, I tell you, and all their value system is lost.  Whatever you may be, whatever your education, all is useless if you take to drinks.  You have no personality after that.  Nothing [unclear] …the way you behave, and when people get drunk, do you see how they behave in a funny manner.

So just detest it, and tell your parents you don’t like drinking.  We don’t want you to drink, why do you drink? You can tell them!  Why do you drink?  Because by drinking they become mad …it is better to get a certificate from mad house.

You Sahaja Yogis now realize this is madness, and you have to tell them that we think that you are all mad who sit down and drink. What do you want? Drinking, what does it give you? First of all you must seek peace of your mind.  That’s not possible if you drink, have you heard of somebody who has peace of mind because they drink? When he dies, maybe! So it is to be told to them frankly, why do you drink, what is the need, to waste all the money?, Mostly I have seen that they drink because they are so ignorant, that they don’t know there is a higher life and better life by which you can control your body, control everything.

Once they come to know they will realize that this drinking makes you a slave, they are slaves you see, and when they tell you something you should say ‘we don’t want to listen to slaves, you are all slaves’ …there’s no harm in telling like this.  ‘You are slaves and we don’t want to listen to slaves’.

You see in India I don’t know somehow we have solved the problem, people don’t drink so much, because from the very beginning there the drinking is regarded as a very bad thing. If a girl knows that the fellow drinks she will never marry. So society doesn’t accept drinking is a good thing, while your  society is no society because there is no friendship, there is no understanding and they don’t think of improving the life. What do they think? They are very selfish and they think of themselves, selfishness in the sense  that becoming mad is very great selfishness. They become mad, and go on becoming more mad and more mad and it is a sickness, you should tell them that this is sickness. ‘You are sick people already and we don’t want to follow you’ . Don’t be rude but you should tell them. Drinking is sickness, you say I said it. I don’t mind (laughter) Have you seen a man who is drunk? What do you think of them? They are more than mad people. People are mad because something gone wrong. But these are mad because they have been drinking, so you have to tell them ‘You are all mad. You are going to ruin your country’

So many things I have seen, what happens in the West, my own experience. See I am working in Maharastra, working in India in different places but there is no problem with them when they are realised souls, but here with realised souls also I find problems. There is no problem in India if there is realised souls, they are purely  realised, and here  there are problems even with the realised people.

Here there are some Sahaja Yogis who made illegal money. They are Sahaja Yogis, I know for definite, but they have done like that, they have been saved, but not in the Heaven.  They work it out, save themselves but everything happens. Some people say ‘Mother we drink very little’ but why? (laughter) Very common –‘very little we drink’ but why? Why do you want to drink and waste your money, first of all wasting your money. It’s very sad, that all people who are so well educated, so well off, become so mad — Idon’t understand

And if your parents are drinking they are mad. You have to treat them like mad people. Then they will realize, you should tell them off, that you want to waste all your money in drinking. In India we have that way very strong Sahaja Yogis. They break the bottles (Shri Mataji laughs) if they come in the house…or what they do they break the….anything! The parents become really funny because they can’t understand what is happening to these children.

But they are Sahaja Yogis, so they don’t like it and they just throw them out. There is no humbleness needed with themad people. You have to see that they give up their drinking, very important, and not to feel shy about it. If you correct your parents you correct the whole nation.  So you all have to work it out and discuss among yourselves and tell ‘Oh my Father drinks a lot’ So you ask your friend to come and put him right. You can make fun of them, they are mad! Do not take them seriously, they are mad, have pity on them, and work it out that way. You have so many friends together.

Drinking is the curse in the West, and how it has come I think some satanic force has worked, they never used to drink so much before.  No! Now I don’t know, you walk on the street and you find so many of them walking along. So Sahaja Yogis should see that they don’t drink themselves and don’t allow anybody to drink, your father, mother, brother…you have to tell them ‘You are all mad! Go to some mad house’ Once you tell them they will realize, it’s only you who can correct them.

I may do anything but first of all these people should give up drinking, na?. You have lot of strength as Sahaja Yogis and you have to work out on your parents. How many of your parents are drinking?

Raise your hands…. (looking surprised) Your parents also? Bah prai!  [not clear] Just imagine.  You should all oppose their drinking, openly. You should say I don’t like to talk to people whodrink. Like that.  You go on and you’ll be surprised they’ll come round.

It is absolutely depending on you. If your parents are drinking you have to take a very strong view. And you have so many other friends, also, to help you. Make fun of them.  Somebody should copy as to how they behave after drinking, how they walk. You should not insult them but to copy them. Once they will know there is no respect and care for the parents they’ll be alright. But even if they drink you are not so much bothered – you are not bothered as to — if they are drinking, but you should say that youare all  mad, where will you be going? What will happen to you? You can talk like elderly people with them and also see that they don’t have friends who drink, if they have friends like that you’d better tell the friends. You see it’s not only you get responsibility when you get your realization but it is your absolute  responsibility that you improve your parents and improve your brothers and sisters, you have to boss over them (Shri Mataji laughs) and you have to tell them, nothing to feel shy. Because they are mad, you know! Very important forSahaja Yogis.

My experience is this, that there are Sahaja Yogis in the West who are born, who get realization, who are very good, who are excellent, I don’t have to say anything.  But they are humble before their parents.  You try to show that you don’t like it.  If they are drinking don’t sit there, get out of that place.

You should try to denounce the whole thing.  There’s no harm. If somebody says harsh words you fight it back.  But what about all these drunkards who are sitting and drinking? You have to tell them all.. It’s only you who can improve your society.  I’m here to tell you, but you people are very subdued . How many of you fight with the parents, tell me, raise your hands….. Hardly any. (Shri Mataji laughs)

You are afraid of them, these drunkards?  They should be afraid of you and hide themselves somewhere. If there are bottles in the house you break them.  Of course! You throw them away, break them. That’s how you have to fight them.

How did we manage the British to go away from India?  By protesting!  (applause)  By protesting their domination, that’s all! Simple! And they went away.  Can you imagine, there was no war, nothing, and they all left us. Because they say it is cold that’s whywe drink.  No need, there is no need to drink for that. I know so many Indians, so many of them, they don’t drink, they have never seen such a cold country.  Now also many Russians they don’t drink.  Very cold country, Russians, and they don’t allow their parents also to drink, you know, Russians. They are very brave, the way they fought.  You know how Hitler was trying to dominate them but they got all the power. So the Russians are not so, I should say, fashionable  (Yogi speaks)  You are Russian, na? (Yogi replies “Ukraine leader”) Again, Russians are very very brave people and they have fought their parents  and now in Russia we have such a lot of Sahaja Yogis. It will happen that Russia will become whole realised soul, while here the great people who think no end of themselves  will be all ending up in the lunatic asylum.

So today’s my lecture, remember that you have every right to oppose your parents if they are drinking. What they think that you want all the money, that’s why, but you should say “We don’t want your money”.  So now if you are a leader and there are who are leading, you should remember if you are opposing your parents.  What do you care? Russians are very brave, I must say, they have told their parents off, even authorities. Why? Because they are communists? Is it that?  No.  Because they are free-minded people. After all you are all Sahaja Yogis and what right they have got to dominate you. They have no right, they are drunkards how can they dominate you? You tell them ‘you are drunkards, don’t talk!’ No harm, you have to fight, you have to fight your parents, very important.  I’m with you, May God bless you.

They will fight for democracy, this, that. It’s all demonocracy, what is their democracy? When they drink what business they have got to dominate you? Who are they? Drunkards, put them down! You have to now fight, the time has come, too much time you have spent and tolerated them. What have they done? Nothing.

I must say Russians are very clever, and very brave…yes. You know how they made Hitler run away,  man like Hitler ran away from there. How did they manage? Because basically they are honest and brave.

So we do not drink so why should we be cowards? Only the drunkards can be cowards. You are not drunkards so you should be brave and tell your parents and improve your family life.

Here I find the family life is so horrible. Parents are funny, mothers are funny, how can they be? How can you be their children? You should say that we are ashamed to be the children of  drunkards. They will realize. Russians have given up drinking — those who are Sahaja Yogis, they have given up completely. I don’t know what has made them like that. They are neither interested in money or position or anything, Sahaja Yogis. The Indians have got a heritage but they also, they come to England they start drinking. They think people don’t drink because they are not free. What is the idea? If you are free you should be able to drink, you should become mad? That’s freedom, isn’t it? (Shri Mataji laughs)  Now you can tell them ‘you are mad’; ‘You are drinking so you are mad’. Tell them I have said it. Alright now are you convinced? (general laughter)

Now, everybody’s getting vibrations? Is there somebody who is not getting? Please raise your hand….See! How collective you are and how powerful. But I have seen that Sahaja Yogis are so afraid of their parents that they group together like two cowards, you should be brave and tell them off, you have got the power to do that.- If you can change your parents you have done a great job to them. What else can you do for them? If the parents are changed you have done a big job. (looks at a Sahaja Yogi) What do you say? You are too mild. You take two, three Sahaja Yogis and beat them nicely (Shri Mataji laughs) otherwise they beat in any case after drinking, with drinking they do! It’s very sad. You all are free country people but you have to fight, without the fight it won’t work out. So I want you all to meet each other and have complete sense, that you are Sahaja Yogis, that means you are being blessed by God and you are representative of God and you are not going to take to these dirty things. Respect yourselves, respect! You can tell your parents we cannot respect you for drink. Tell them, you can tell them I have said so. Look at Christ how he fought, what sort of Christians they are drinking, drinking, drinking.  But in India why don’t they drink? They don’t drink. They just live without drinking, they are doing well.

I think you take from me that courage to fight your parents. Next time when I come I don’t want to seeanybody saying that the parents don’t listen, (laughter and applause) When they are drunk you can hit them with the spoon.

Even in Russia they drink quite a lot, but those who have got realisation don’t drink.  [unclear]… they don’t drink. That’s why I think communism is good, because they have so much courage! With all this democracy you are all becoming demons, nothing but demons. So today I take your promise that you will manage your parents well. Thank you very much. Anybody has any problems you tell me.

Yogi: Mother, in my school there are many students whose family, they drink and they’re all split up. They are very disturbed…

Shri Mataji: I can’t hear him (another yogi repeats) When? When they have time free?

Yogi: And they’re all disturbed, I can see, the students are all disturbed, Mother.

Shri Mataji: They want what?

Sir CP: The students, their parents drink and separate, there are lots of problems, and the young students are very upset about it.

Shri Mataji: You break their bottles, you tell them I have told you. You break their bottles, you see the bottle and break it. Then you see. We have done that in India, you know when we were asking for independence? The children, they used to break their bottles.  With the bottles in, you can never enjoy your freedom —  you break it!  Any question? We shouldn’t insult them but you can break the bottles alright. (Yogi thanks Mother for having come there)  May God bless you.  (All yogis do namaskar) May God bless you.

(Speaks to Yogini) You said you want to go to Kuwait?

Yogini: Ukraine, Mother

Shri Mataji: Ukraine. You want to go to Ukraine. (yogini explains she has studied dance in Madras but wants to go back to Ukraine to open a dance school) They are very good people, Ukraine people are very good.  (yogi speaks in Hindi) Such a lot, beautiful, beautiful, thank you.