Talk and Quawalli of the Evening, Eve of Diwali

Noida (India)

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Talk of the Evening Eve of Diwali. Noida (India), 10 November 2007.

(Translation from Hindi)

Happy Diwali.

I wish you all a very happy Diwali.

You have seen these different types of dances; understand one thing from them, that whoever has written it or said it, they are all saying the same thing. The greatest thing that they said was that the Paramatma is One.

They had incarnated in different forms, avatars, but the Paramatma is One. There were no disputes amongst them. They came in this world for the destruction of evil and killing the wicked people; and this is happening. I am seeing everywhere that these evil people are getting exposed, and now it is your duty, too, to see that all those who are evil, those who are working against the Paramatma and who are ready to do anything for the sake of earning money, all go to Hell. We do not know how many Hells there are!

The place where you are all sitting now is very far away from Hell. There is no relation with Hell at all. But even staying here, if you perform unreligious deeds, do wrong things, then you, too, can go to Hell. There are many types of Hells, and the arrangements to go there are also very nicely done, because those who are going there do not even know where they are going. Those who remain behind go to Heaven. Nobody on this earthly abode even knows that they may go to Hell. Doing wrong deeds would land us in Hell.

The meaning of Diwali itself is that the way the lamps are lit outside, you, too, should be lit within ‒ enlightened. In this dark world, you see, you are the lights, you are the lamps and you have to give the light. But if you are not internally enlightened enough, then how can you give out light? Realise this. So first of all, you Sahaja yogis should get properly enlightened internally, and maybe it is for this purpose alone that we have come into this world. Until Jesus Christ, nobody even spoke about this. At Agnya chakra He came and showed that he did not have any ego whatsoever. He was the Son of the Almighty; still, he had no ego. The people who had come before him revealed a little, but Christ only wanted that our Agnya chakra should be cleared. And that Agnya chakra seems to be very much caught up in your Delhi. What is the reason for this? The English people lived here before and they taught us to be egoistic. This is quite evident in your talk and behaviour. We have seen those days, too, when our country was not independent, but you people are liberated now. Now we are independent. And what is swatantra (independence)?  Know the swa – oneself ‒ and the tantra – mechanism.  Know the mechanism of oneself. Through Sahaja Yoga you have known yourself and you know the technique or the mechanism of knowing oneself.

It can be seen that there has been a lot of development in Delhi. Outside Delhi, too, there has been a lot of development. You all know what the problem is with the people over here; I need not tell you. But now you have become independent. So you have to see that you don’t have these problems. The first problem is that your Agnya chakra is catching. Christ was crucified and killed, but still we have not yet learnt from it. On the contrary, people from the Christian countries are highly egoistic and they have influenced us also. But the worst thing here is that we have not yet recognized each other. There are fights and disputes everywhere. There are quarrels going on. There is no purity of mind. First of all, we should purify our minds. With Sahaja Yoga everything is possible and can take people to such great heights. It is not necessary for anyone to go and sit in the Himalayas. You can do this in the city of Delhi itself. But if you look around you will see egoistic people everywhere, and their Agnya chakra is caught up very severely. So it is very difficult.

Now God has sent one new thing and that is cancer. If you get cancer and your Agnya chakra is not clear, then a big tragedy is ahead of you. So, one who has cancer should take to Sahaja Yoga and clear out his ego. Wherever there is government, there the people are very egoistic. We have got so many government servants here, and all of them have enough ego in them. The people who come from outside have much more than them, and on top of it they all drink liquor. You just analyse: they call themselves Christians and they all drink. By drinking liquor you are going against yourself. You are disobeying your Agnya chakra. You are not obeying it. The person whose Agnya chakra is clear cannot drink; he can never drink. Wherever you look, the people are drinking liquor, and they have no way of getting rid of it, because when they find they are unable to get rid of it, again they drink over it. So addiction of any sort puts us into slavery, of any kind. Here, there is addiction to paan, and they will add tobacco also to it.

God has created you with so much affection and given you birth in this country so that you can become unique from the rest of the world. They can be so. They are Indians. But of late, I find that there are a couple of serious ailments. They are eating money in place of food. The roads by which we came now were not there earlier, but it was a pain for Me to see that the roads are in such bad shape that no one can say that they are new. Only Indians can do such things. I have not seen such shameless people in the whole world. And it is not necessary to be so. Here any time, any person who has the power can do this thing.

First of all, we have to take a resolution today that we have to clear our Agnya. The greatest issue at the Agnya is that we think that we are very superior, and we start thinking that we can rule the whole world, and that we can correct the world. When you yourselves are not correct, then how can you correct this world? Now, you must have seen many people who think that they are very great, but do a lot of wrong things. In this country people take a lot of money. Tell me how will God forgive us for this? The greatest of all sins are stealing and corruption. The person who commits these types of sins, whatever he may try ‒ he may do poojas, chant mantras, read namaz, call out to Allah, anything ‒ he won’t be benefited in any way.

So, today, is a New Year for you. I want you all to make a resolution: “From today onwards, I will not tell lies, never ever lie”. Indians are very famous worldwide as liars. I do not know how, but our country carries the stamp of being dishonest. Great saints and prophets have taken their birth here. How can people lie in a place where so many Sufis were born? So today, you have to promise that you will never tell lies, whatever may be the consequences. For that you need to have courage. Now that you are realized, what more courage is needed? As it is, you can’t lie at all. It’s only when you become like this, that the people will be able to have faith that you are really truthful people. So, the Sahaja yogis have to be truthful. Whatever may be one’s occupation, whatever he may do ‒ he may be an engineer laying roads, he may be a doctor treating people ‒ if in spite of all this, if you lie, then it would be Hell for you. That is because you are now transformed. You are now realized. So when realized people lie they cannot benefit from it at all.

When I go abroad, and often hear people say that the people of our country are cheats, liars and corrupt, I feel very sad. Today it is a very auspicious day for you. Today let us all make a resolution that we will never lie, whatever happens. I myself am a woman, and an Indian. I have never told a lie. By telling lies it would be a loss for you; you will be put to loss by doing wrong deeds. By doing so, you may be earning more or cheating more, but you cannot go to Heaven; you will go to Hell.

One thing that is very important to know is that we have a very bad reputation in the rest of the world. Why the bad reputation? Because, we are sthis type of people! When you come to know that someone is a liar, form an organization and make an enquiry into it. For example, if a road has been laid which is not good enough, then enquire about the amount spent in its laying, what was its sanctioned layout cost, and what he was supposed to do. The money that is made out of the road will only be used for drinking and liquor, which is our enemy. Why do you want to do it? You are all very well-to-do people. I have seen many countries where there are poor people, but they are very honest. So honesty should be the foremost quality in you.

Today, make a decision that we will never be dishonest hereafter, and we will not remain in the company of dishonest people, and if anyone is dishonest we will expose him. Now people say, “Mother, in the Police Force, too, they are like this, and in other departments, too, they are like that,” but you are Sahaja yogis. Those who are Sahaja yogis are nothing less than any policeman or any person in power. They are all powerful, but all the powers are of Truth. Truthfulness should be there, and I am very glad that a lot of Sahaja yogis are truthful, but we still need more Sahaja yogis who are truthful. Truthfulness has to be there; otherwise your Agnya chakra will not be cleared. Agnya is where the ego resides. When a person becomes egoistic, then he commits all kinds of mistakes; he criticizes, harms, gets corrupt. All such people will go to Hell. I want to tell you very clearly that you should not take to corruption. You are not dying, that you have to go to that extent. What have you achieved by earning more? What are you doing? You must have put up a few more lights, kept a couple of more women; what more than that?

Now, what will be your condition when you go to Hell? I am discussing all this on this day of Diwali because Diwali was celebrated on the occasion of Sitaji’s re-union with Rama. We can no longer be slaves once we embrace chastity. We are our own slaves and not the slaves of others. We shall not lie for any reason whatsoever. I have lived in Delhi for a long time and am quite surprised at how much they lie. They are not afraid of lying at all. By telling lies openly they might benefit here, they might earn more money, but it is not known that they will not go to Heaven. I want the Sahaja yogis to promise that they will not lie or support the people who lie.

People say that our country is very corrupt. Yes, I have been to far-off places and I have seen that the Russians are the best amongst them. They are half like Sahaja yogis, and there are a lot of Sahaja yogis there. This year I was not able to go to Russia; next year I will definitely go. This means that we were not able to implement democracy well. We, too, should have been communist. There are no cases of robbery there, no lies, and everyone loves each other. They respect Me a lot. We have to understand where we are going. For the sake of earning more money, to what extent will we go? What are we going to get? So, honesty should be the foremost quality within you. Your dishonesty is going to create problems for your own people. People say that Indians are dishonest. I feel ashamed to hear this. So many great saints have taken birth over here, so many great prophets have been over here, and people of this place are great thieves, and they steal and criticize. Your Agnya has been scared of all this from the very beginning. They want to make huge money; in the end all these rich people will go to Hell.

On this day of Diwali, I want to tell you all that the meaning of Diwali is that Hell is full of darkness, and you all are enlightened. You are expected to fight wherever there is darkness and let them know that they are doing wrong things. By doing this our country will improve, and you have to do this. We have been performing poojas and rituals, but the Shakti (Divine power) which is there within us, is there to oppose all that is not truthful. Many people do not know that making money is a sickness. They will go straight to Hell. I am telling you all this because no one has said it like this before. On the day of Diwali, I am telling you that we are going to light lamps and celebrate happiness in our hearts. By this we can see what kind of a person one is: is he a person who steals?

As of now, too, I can see people fighting with each other. Quarrels amongst Hindus and Muslims are over now, but fighting with others has started. That is the second thing: we are quarrelsome, too. At least in the other countries there are not as many religions as we have. So whenever we get a chance, we start fighting; fighting is the priority. Fighting between husband and wife and then their children, and then if they have someone else with them they will fight with them, too. What is Sahaja Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is love and only love. Awaken the power of love which is within us.

Today is a very auspicious day, and we have to light the lamps in our heart and take up the resolution that we may die but we won’t lie. We had great people over here, but still Indians are very ill-famed the world over as being very dishonest. Though I have never seen one of this kind, whenever I hear of it I feel very sad. India is such a holy place where such great saints have taken their birth. That didn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Sufis were born here, who became so great. All of them were born in India. So many great saints were not born anywhere else in the world. A couple of them must have been born there, but the ones who were born in India were very great saints, and after that whatever they had taught was given up. We have become notorious thieves. Whoever commits theft can never go to Heaven. You will have to spend a thousand times more in Hell than the life span spent here.

Today I am talking about Hell because Hell means darkness, and we are seeing the spell of darkness everywhere ‒ that of Hell. Now that your lights are lit, try to see who are in Hell. You support the government by exposing the dishonest. You may be holding a junior or a senior position. Still you have to expose the one who is a thief and corrupt. Now you have got the powers, what are they for? You have been awakened now. What is it for? You have got enlightenment. You see yourself in its light. You have seen nothing in the darkness, but see in your light, what you are, and what you are going to achieve by telling lies. We are family people. We never lie ‒ never ‒ and we can’t even lie. Whenever the situation to lie arises, don’t forget that you have the powers. You are the lights, You see, you are the light in this darkness, and you need to keep the lights burning. We have to end this darkness. We have a bad reputation for our dishonesty. There is no country as great as ours; yet it is very sad to know that the people outside have misunderstood us. It is not known what these people achieve by their dishonesty. What they will get will be horrible! No one will be spared! Whoever is dishonest will be caught, and there are arrangements made for it. You have got realization because you are not dishonest. You love truthfulness and respect it.  I want you all to stand for truth.

The people who are throwing clutter in Jamunaji (River) are fools. Jamunaji goes straight down to Hell. But you will be saved from that Hell. You are realized souls. The one who is enlightened never falls. But if you really want to establish Sahaja Yoga fully within yourself then you have to first of all decide never to be dishonest in any way. Earning money is the only business left in this world. What happens with that? Nobody will even remember them. You have to be truthful if you love your country. Otherwise, who is going to believe in a liar’s love?

It is a very tough situation for you when you see that your neighbour is of such a type and you think that you, too, should become like that. On the contrary, why don’t you think, “We are like this, and why shouldn’t that neighbour also be like us?”

First of all, you should promise that you will never be dishonest or support any dishonest doers. It is not known that the thriving of liars is a curse of our country! There are many people who will tell at least ten lies from morning till evening; still it won’t be enough for them.

Now that your poverty has perished, all is well. You have everything to eat and drink and you are not a beggar anymore. Then why do you have to lie? So on this day, take this resolution: “We are not going to lie, and if anyone is a liar then we are not going to support that person. We are not going to establish any connection with him”. There is a lot of peace and happiness in this. You know a liar will go to Hell, and you, too; if you support him, you will follow him. God has given you realization; you have been enlightened within. See, in that light, if there are other people like you, you should take a resolution that you will never tell lies ‒ let our heads be cut off, whatever it may be. In this matter the Indians are very much better, I know, but when I hear about them outside then I feel very sad about it. 

Now, the way these roads are made, are they roads in any sense? I felt as if we were going through some forests. You have an organization. So whenever you see such a thing, you can call for any enquiry. Who made such type of road? Why did he make it? Who ate up the money? All the Sahaja yogis should get united and try to drive this bhoot (possession) out of our country. Wherever we go people say, “Don’t believe the Indians.” How shameful this is! The people who should be trusted the most are we Indians. We have had such great leaders, great saints and great souls over here, but we don’t think of the name and fame they had, how much people respected them; and they respect you, too, but don’t support the thieves. If you know that a particular person is a thief, then you don’t go to his place to eat; this would become difficult for the thieves. I am telling you, you are the Police Force of the Divine, and you should try to keep a note of all the thieves whom you come across. Try to instill this courage in your children, too. Try to find out about the people who are wrongdoers and liars. This country of ours has been awakened by a number of saints, and you all are also saints. There is no need for you to tell lies. What will happen if you get food only once a day? No one dies if he doesn’t eat. We people are getting enough to eat and drink, but on the top of it we want to drink liquor. Secondly, on drinking liquor we can hardly walk even a step. On the contrary, we get destroyed. We cannot live well if we are addicted to liquor.

Now, for example in America, they have taken out a new issue, that when a child turns sixteen years of age then he will earn for himself. This means that all are servants. They are given money for whatever work they do – washing vehicles. And when the child is sixteen they say, “Sir, you are sixteen years of age, and now you leave.” I have seen everywhere, these poor children who are sixteen years of age. He has just turned sixteen. Where will he go? What about education? He is sixteen years old! He is thrown out of his house. He is driven out of the house, both by his father and mother. How long this will continue with the Americans, you will see. They are getting ruined. By buying one or two aeroplanes, nobody becomes great.

Where are you? What is your capacity? India is a country which can serve the whole world – the whole world. But for that, there should be truthfulness in it. Where is the need for falsehood? I can’t understand! Most of the people who are rich should first of all know that you are rich; sit quietly now and don’t think of earning more. I haven’t seen anyone who became happier through earning more. You are a Sahaja yogi and you have the light in you. You can see your path in this light, and the path is of truth. You may be a Muslim, may be a Hindu or may be a Christian ‒ it makes no difference. You are all human beings. And if human beings do not have honesty in them, then they are dishonest. He won’t be known to anyone. We have life beyond this, too. How would that be? There are many benefits of being honest. The greatest of all is that you have the blessing of God with you. You have the kind of blessings that you will be surprised to know. Without any efforts, all your things are set in order. But now in India, whatever the condition of the people – they may have, they may not have ‒ they all run after money. There are still many more poor people, and so there should also be Diwali celebrations for them today. They, too, should be happy. We live in the same country. But we deceive ourselves. We are very clever. By this we become egoistic inside. And by becoming egoistic nobody can save you in any way. Under the influence of your ego you can get cancer. Then you can’t save yourself. If you have cancer then you cannot save yourself. I, too, cannot save you. I am telling you the facts.

Firstly, burn your ego in the fire. If you have an ego then you should be ashamed of it. For what are you having ego? In our country it is for everything. If someone has done a BA he gets egoistic and if he does something more than that, he gets a double ego. If someone has achieved something, if he becomes an engineer or a doctor, then he becomes egoistic. When his Agnya chakra gets caught up, where will it take you straight to? To Hell, and Hell is a very horrible place. God has given you intelligence, and now you have got your realization. And even after that, if you want to go to Hell you can go. Till today nobody has spoken of this.

Today is an auspicious day because many things took place on this day. Sitaji returned during the period of Ramchandraji. Whatever great deeds were done during the period of Krishnaji were done by people who were realized souls. So the first thing that you decide for certain is that we won’t do any dishonest deed; at the same time, if anyone does, then we will expose him. But I am seeing in this country that the whites are fighting the blacks, someone is fighting with someone else. They want the country of India to be separated, which is not going to be beneficial at all. How can it be beneficial when you are honest and when you have a good character?

Whatever we have learnt from the English people, there is nothing worth learning from them now. They are all in a very bad state. But we have to save our own country and save the whole world. It is a great responsibility. You have been given realization; you have been enlightened. Still, if you want to fall in the ditch then what can anyone do? Everyone should come together and try. I want the Sahaja yogis to form a committee, and if you come across any theft then it should be brought to the notice of the committee and then see what the committee does. In this way you will get fame and you will reach to a very high position. So the first thing would be that you should not be dishonest or let others be dishonest. This is very important. Your country has been blemished. In the oil there is adulteration; then in the ghee there is adulteration.

Wherever we look, people are laughing at us. No one believes this, but actually the best of people are in India. The number of people who have got their realization is greater than anywhere else in the world. They have not earned any virtue.  So it is better to earn virtue than to earn money. See the people who are very poor. So this day is a very auspicious day and also a very joyful day. Why joyful?  Because today we have got Heaven and we want to stay in Heaven alone. But cowardly people cannot enter Heaven. There is no need to be afraid. If you get a couple of rupees more or less, what disaster is going to befall you? All have become rich, I have seen. I have been coming here for the past seventeen to eighteen years now. You have become richer than before. The situation is better than before. But from morning to evening there is dishonesty, dishonesty and dishonesty. So the path has been made. So, today just promise that we are not going to be dishonest, and if anybody is dishonest, then we will all oppose it.

Why have you been given Sahaja Yoga? Why have you been given realization? So that you can spread light. If you have no light internally, then how can you spread light outside? And with that light you see, you are helping the dishonest. Nothing will happen if you earn a little less or more. If you are honest then God will help you! Why are so many people dying in our country? Nowhere else do so many of them die. The reason is that they have to go to Hell. So, you have to know this, that if you are dishonest then your first step to Hell is already over, and then the second step of telling lies will not be necessary. You tell the truth. The person who tells the truth would be a unique person. If he is a Sahaja yogi then it would be the best. The way people are remembering the Sufis, the same way people are going to remember you. You don’t have to do anything. Just catch hold of those who are dishonest. It is very much necessary. Here, people are fighting to stop the rubbish from being thrown into Jamunaji. This, too, needs to be told! I have been to so many countries. Nobody throws waste into the river. Why are you so lazy? There are so many facilities over here. You can give the waste to the Municipality to dispose of it somewhere, but if you yourself throw waste away, then what can one do?

Today, all of you decide in your mind and take a resolution – it is a very auspicious day today, a very auspicious day ‒ that we won’t do any dishonest deed nor will we believe in dishonesty. I have seen people who were not dishonest and who did not go to the house of people who were dishonest. They had nothing to do with them because they were concerned not only about their own welfare but also the welfare of the whole country. You are a Sahaja yogi. So you need to make a promise that we are not going to do anything dishonest. You just recognize a person who is dishonest and then tell your inner soul that he is dishonest. And if Sahaja yogis ‒ even twelve Sahaja yogis ‒ come together, and if they come to know that he is dishonest, then the Divine will be there to support them. This country won’t benefit from a few rich people, but it will definitely benefit from honest people.

The greatest stigma that has been put on us is that we are dishonest. Those who are Sahaja yogis can never be dishonest. We all have to be united, leaving aside all quarrels and assuming that we are honest people. India’s image is very much tarnished. Hence, take a vow today that from now onwards we shall not be dishonest, and if there are any dishonest people we shall all get after them. But this has increased too much. I am astonished at the level of dishonesty; dishonesty in everything, dishonesty in everything. Earlier, they used to cast out people for every minor issue and they used to separate them, even for very minor things. But our country was so honest; it had such nice qualities. Have we forgotten them? Where have they gone? I can see dishonesty everywhere, dishonesty at every step. We have to teach the children that they should not be dishonest. Yes, if they are dying with hunger, then arrangements can be made for that, too, but only if he is honest. If you are not honest then nobody can help you, not even God. He will get all kinds of diseases of the world. There are many such traditions in our country – they will drink liquor, drink wine. Tell me, have you come here to become a fool? And don’t be a friend of one who does it. Don’t help them. I have seen people who go to the houses of people who drink liquor. Then they, too, start taking liquor.

But when you know that a person is of such a character, when you know that he is dishonest, then stop eating at his place. You have nothing to do with him. We have to work for the wellbeing of our country because God has given us light. See in that light. His power is tremendous. If you decide that those who are dishonest to the nation will be taken care of by God, then that alone is enough. But you are becoming deaf. You are not able to understand. Such a person can never do any good deed; nor can he ever give. I cannot understand how they live so shamelessly.

So, that is why today’s message is that you have to take a vow that we are not going to be dishonest in any way, and if anyone is dishonest then we are not going to support him. That is enough. Many more realized souls will come to our country. But who would like to come to such a dishonest country?

So today the only message is that you have light and if you walk in that light, it will give you strength. You can do whatever you want to do. Look, we have achieved our Swatantra.  Swatantra is the mechanism of understanding oneself. Now I want a lot of realized children to be born. So learn that it is a very great day today. Take a vow today that we will not be dishonest, or support the dishonest, or even be afraid of them. God is not with them at all. God is with you. If you are good, then God is with you. The people have not taken birth on this land of India for the sake of fighting and dying amongst yourselves. Great fools! We are fighting, dying. There is no benefit in fighting. Tell the people, “Oh, why are you fighting? What do you want? After all, you have nice things to eat and drink. What more do you want?” But nowadays what is most prevalent is that we want such and such clothes, we want that type of house and we don’t have that; with all that we will only go to Hell. In those times there were many who were Sufis. Like them, you are all Sufis, because you are all cleansed. Now all of you write the poem of honesty. This dishonesty has got to go, that is the first thing, and secondly there are many issues which need to be corrected. But see, first of all don’t be dishonest. No one is so poor in India that we have to resort to dishonesty.

I am saying that our country is tarnished. This needs to be wiped off. You are Sahaja yogis and you can do it. You have light. With this light you can spread the light everywhere and give courage to all, that it’s all right. Particularly those of you who are young, who are friends, have to think about all the honest deeds you can do. Now they have started, don’t throw rubbish into Jamunaji. That is all right, but it is not so important. What is important is to get rid of dishonesty. That is why this day is considered auspicious everywhere. Lamps are lit all around. In spite of everything, if we can’t do this then what is the benefit of Sahaja Yoga?

The largest number of Sahaja yogis are in India. Then comes Russia. Now, the Russian people are very polite. They do not commit any robberies. I don’t know why. Maybe if communism comes to India then we, too, might become like them; but that is not a very great thing. If somebody does something out of compulsion then it is not good. Decide that we should be powerful ourselves.

Today you decide ‒ today is a very auspicious day – that you will not be dishonest or let others be dishonest. Your country will then prosper a lot. I have seen what other countries are and how its people are ‒ all are useless people. But the people of our country are still religiously bent. Religiousness will perish in our country if these dishonest people become so powerful. So the only message is that we will not be dishonest nor will we allow others to be dishonest. But the people here are very tolerant in this matter. They tolerate; this is their greatest mistake. When you have got the light, why are you scared? What is the need for you to be afraid? That is why I am requesting you today: be courageous.

And now one kind of liberation has been achieved. You will achieve swatantra; the tantra (mechanism) of swa (Oneself). You have achieved it, but make use of it. Today, you are so many people gathered here. I have never seen so many in Delhi. So, today you all decide within yourself that you are not going to believe any dishonest people, and all the devils take birth for this very reason that we have something in us which makes them think that we will believe them. Indians should never believe, and the ones who are realized should never at all. There is one great aspersion on our country everywhere which is not true. India has many people who are honest – many ‒ and this aspersion is not true. I have also seen people fight over land, that “This land is ours and that land is yours”. Whatever you have is swaraja, kingdom of oneself – one’s own kingdom. You will have a kingdom of your own when you  become swatantra in the true sense. There is no need to fear anyone, and no need to tell anyone.

I am surprised to see so many people. I have never seen so many people in Delhi. So, my only request to you on this auspicious day is that we should decide we should never be dishonest, even if we have to die. Our country has deteriorated in the last ten years. You are so many Sahaja yogis. What are you afraid of? What is the issue to be scared of? The Divine is there behind everyone. When the Sufis came to know that the Divine was there with them, they got rid of all unwanted things from this world. Not all Sufis, but a few did. So you all have to do it. So the message for today is that you should never be a thief yourself or support any thieves.

But I am seeing people fighting on more and more issues, fighting on issues of caste and religion. Are you here to save the country or to get drowned? You have a great responsibility. You have been born in Kaliyuga. This Kaliyuga has to be changed, and that is why so many thousands of you are realized. So many people were never realized anywhere else in the world. That is why I am requesting you again and again to always stand on Truth, and I will be there with you. God is also with you. So the request to you all is to firmly decide within yourselves that we are not going to allow any theft or robberies, and wherever we find them we will fight it.  But the people seem to be drunk, or what? What did they achieve from this light?

Courage. Fight with courage. Whatever is wrong should be removed from this country. It is very tarnished. There are many more issues still, but the most important one is that if there is no honesty then how can God help you? Earning money is of no use to God. But getting your religion is, and that you have achieved.

There are not so many Sahaja yogis in this world, and then Sahaja yogis don’t do such deeds. But I am telling you all this because the atmosphere here is very bad, and we people have such a bad name everywhere. You have everything to eat and drink, and enough clothes to wear. What else do you want? You watch movies; you do have that much money. But you should get rid of your addiction to money.

I have full hope that you will heed my words. So we should take a vow that we will not be dishonest and we will oppose the people who are dishonest. Understand that the greatest thing that our country needs today is honesty. There is nothing greater than that. Honesty is your mother. So what if you have one shirt in the place of ten? Tell the ladies also the same thing. It will happen. It will take place.

Today’s speech is a little different. It is unique, and it is very gracious of you all to have liked it.

Thank you.

A note from John Noyce:
There is a false text in circulation, originating in the Ukraine, which purports to be a transcript of the Diwali 2007 Talk. It begins ‘All My inexhaustible Love will be the assistant for you…’