Makar Sankranti Puja

House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

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Makar Sankranti, translated from Hindi, Pratishtan, (India), 2008.

Today is Sankranti. Sankranti means that today something new is going to happen. Kundalini has awakened within you, and you have become a new person compared with what you were before. But on the day of Sankranti, you should know that you have to please the Goddess who is sitting within you. What should you do to make Her happy? You distribute sesame seeds and jaggery. That is for love. To increase the love between each other, we give sesame seeds and jaggery.

Today the Sun has left its place and in its northward movement has come towards us. At this moment we should be very thankful to the Sun. It is by the grace of the Sun that so many things take place in our country. We have to do namaskar to the Sun today, and His power and His knowledge should come to us.

All of you have become realized, and vibrations are flowing through you. Now you should make use of these vibrations, establish the shakti within you, establish the peace within you and show the world that this power is within us and we have to acquire it. We have to nurture this and improve it with your good qualities and truthful speech.

Today is a very special day because the Sun is particularly benevolent towards us on this day, and we should thank Him for all this. You have received a lot. There is more to come, and you will get much more. We should increase it. All of you did so many pujas to me. I am surprised to know what you want from all these pujas. I wish you to become great Sahaja yogis and bring people to the right path in this world. Teach them good living and let them experience the energy which is flowing inside them.

I am very happy to see you all. So can we go now?