Diwali Puja, 1st Day, Dhanteras

New Delhi (India)

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Diwali Puja, 1st Day, Dhanteras

[English Translation from Hindi]

It is wonderful that we have awakened our powers that had already settled down there and we are lost in our own thoughts. But we have a lot of powers within us and all these powers have been bestowed on us by God. All of say, “God, God,” and everybody knows that He is everywhere, resides everywhere, and witnesses everything. And He witnesses everything we do with great love.

Now you have come into His Kingdom. I have to tell you that I felt overjoyed to know that for the past many years, Sahaj Yoga has gained in speed remarkably. It means that people of Delhi have tremendous faith and are very social as well. I have been to so many other places where we had so much publicity, but I can’t say that everywhere people have transformed as much. You have to understand Sahaj Yoga fully and then you will have full authority over its blessings. If you recognise Sahaj, Sahaj will recognise you. It knows you and your status and what should be given to you.

Now I am going to tell you that I came to Delhi a long ago and thought that Sahaj Yoga would establish very well in Delhi. The reason was that the government was shifted here from Calcutta. What was Sahaj was that all the government servants came here, and the government has started functioning here. This arrangement was to make you collective, and if you go to any other place, you could not make so many people collective. The amount of work that has been done in Delhi cannot be done anywhere else. This is My experience, and I think that there is something special about Delhi that the number of people is getting multiplied. Everybody has transformed and everybody has understood fully what Sahaj Yoga is. You people don’t think about why this miracle took place in Delhi. This is your quality. Delhi administration is running in a Sahaj way. The people of Delhi have helped us a lot. I just can’t tell you that it has happened in such a Sahaj way that it is difficult to understand. The people of Delhi have understood it thoroughly and inculcated it in their lives, in their being, and it affected the people outwardly. Delhi has a great importance in the whole world. I can understand a lot, but I can’t understand how it is so in Delhi. Because in Delhi, there are government employees, and the government and the people have a particular thought process, but that is not the point. Here, many people have come because of God’s blessings. They have come to Delhi specially for this purpose, and so Sahaj Yoga has depth in Delhi. Just looking at a few Sahaj yogis in Delhi, I am surprised at how they have achieved this depth.

In Delhi, government administration plays such a big role, that everywhere there were obstructions on account of it. But the people who joined Sahaj Yoga have done a wonderful job. Everywhere, the people are surprised at how it has spread so much in Delhi. They are government employees. They give importance to the government. How is it that they have accepted Mother? It is very surprising, and everybody has observed it. But there is nothing to be surprised at. Where there are God’s devotees, and where God is accepted in reality, only there Sahaj Yoga establishes itself, only there Sahaj Yoga spreads. Nothing can affect it. You should understand God, understand His powers, and His capacity to work. And it is very surprising how this work of God will be done with the help of you people. Here we have Sahaj yogis, one better than the other. It is beyond My understanding how it will transpire when they are in government jobs.

And today is a great day that I am here, and it is considered a very auspicious day. I don’t know how it is celebrated in Delhi, but it is a very auspicious day, because it is a very special day for starting any new assignment. The fact is that in our country people know a lot. The greatest thing is that, on the basis of astrology and other parameters, people know which day is auspicious, and the significance of the days.

This day is otherwise also very auspicious. And I am very happy that today I have come to meet you people. Today is a blissful day, especially blissful, and the special blessing is that your problems will be solved. You will be helped by God. I can’t say as much about any other place, as I come to know in Delhi about the greatness of God, and He knows that the people here are one better than the other. One more thing is that here He recognises all of you. Maybe He doesn’t know many of you ‒ it is quite possible ‒ but the God that resides within Me knows all of you, and they are very supportive of you. They have got a lot of faith and are confident that you will raise the status of India. If Sahaj Yoga establishes here, and if it spreads from here, it will be wonderful. Now I have been to every country, to Russia and so on, but the pure faith of the people of this place, and everybody’s desire is different, but you enjoy the blessings of faith.

But I was so happy when they said that there will be a puja today. I agreed to it. I said it is OK. It is a good day. You know that today is the Puja of Shri Laxmi. Here nobody performs Laxmi Puja. So, it must be understood that today is a very important day. Laxmi gives you everything. She is Mother. She gives everything, all blessings, all comfort, and most important is that She enlightens your inner being. So somehow you recognise Laxmi. Laxmi doesn’t mean money. You have to understand that She is a Goddess, and you have to respect money like a Goddess. In our country, people do a lot for the sake of money; wrong things that are very bad. But you have got a responsibility to recognise Laxmi as Devi, and worship Her and understand that you cannot make fun of Laxmi. Laxmi blesses you and will go on blessing you. Such evil people are a few only, and you should be contented that Laxmi resides in your being and has accumulated many moments of joy and comfort for you. You are going to get all that and have already got it.

Now, simply try to understand that My coming to this place today is a matter of chance. I didn’t have any such idea, nor was it in my knowledge. But I knew that I should come here regularly on this day, and it just happened like that. I have come here Myself. I know there are many Sahaj yogis now, and I know some of you could not come, but it doesn’t matter. I am talking about everyone, and I am sure that everyone will worship Laxmi, and in the Laxmi Puja one should understand all forms of Laxmi and what Her nature is. We cannot understand Her, and if we cannot understand Her, we will follow the wrong path. So it should be understood that She is Devi and that She is your Mother, and that She can do anything for you, because She is very powerful and very affectionate, She doesn’t give you any problem. If you get trapped somewhere, She will save you. Such is the blessing/greatness of Laxmi. Here, if people, especially Government workers, understand that this is the place where Laxmi resides, the whole business will work out.

So, sometimes we feel that Laxmi should bless this country. It is not so. We make mistakes, not She. She is forgiving, and very kind to us, to all of us. But we  torture our own selves, contradict ourselves. And if it is decided that we will not do anything wrong, I am sure that in the program that was organised in Delhi, in the Land of Laxmi, here on this day, nobody will insult Laxmi or try to belittle Her. She has raised the status of our country tremendously. So we have to worship Laxmi. We have to recognise Laxmi, and She is our Mother. We should respect Her completely. I am telling you this because you are Sahaj yogis, and you know that today Laxmi is worshipped, and She is a Mother who will not lead you astray, come what may. You only recognise Laxmi as your Mother if you have a clean heart. All such people will definitely join Sahaj Yoga, because it will have its effect on everybody. May all of you be blessed by Laxmi, and I know it will be so.

Sahaj Yoga has spread widely here. To achieve that, if we had to do another type of struggle, it would have been done. And here we have to do some other type of work, too. You know, we have a lot of land, and the work is going on there. Everything is going on, on its own. I am not doing anything. It is happening by itself, and I know you don’t have to do anything; and secondly, whatever your desires are, they will be met here, and whatever you want to know, Laxmiji’s blessings will be with you. So today is the day of Laxmi Kripa.

May God bless all of you!