Presentation of Dr. Rai on Sahasrara Day – Medical Session

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Presentation Of Dr. Rai On Sahasrara Day – Medical Session Nirmal Temple, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Mr. Dr. Rai: (02:35) Jai Shri Mataji! First of all I would like to thank Shri Mataji from the bottom of our hearts for having giving us the chance to be here. I think this is a paradise on earth and we have the first time we are here after say 26, 27 years. So we bow down and say our pranams to Shri Mataji and also thank the management here, each you and… yes indeed, and others who have coordinated the whole trip for us to be here. And I also thank the hosting countries Austria, Czech Republic, other countries, who have been kind enough to give us a chance to be here and indeed our pleasure and our punyas to be here. I think we are not here to tell you or to teach anything. We are here to learn basically and I have some small stories with Shri Mataji I’ll in the due course I will share with you and we are here to learn the dedication and the surrender of foreigners. When I say foreigner it is a respectful name in India and how you people have adopted Sahaja Yoga and how dedicated you are doing. We are here to learn about it. You always speak about that in India but we are here to learn all that. So nothing to teach but only to learn your love, your dedication, your sincerity and whatever little experiences she has – my wife. She has spent lot of time managing a centre – Vashi, and treating people. What little experiences we have we can share. If there are some problems, we can help you with. We definitely try to share our experiences. So it’s a big… – it’s our punyas to be here and we are indeed very happy to be here. Applause

Mrs. Dr. Madhur Rai: (05:12) Jay Shri Mataji. My most humble pronounce at Mataji’s divine lotus feet and both of us thank you and the hosting countries for inviting us. To give it your – and as Dr. Rai has said. We will sharing our experiences and we would like to help you with what ever medical issues you have or even you have any subtle issues we can guide you through. So we are being at Vashi Health Centre. I would first like to share how I happen to be in Sahaja Yoga. So, the journey each of us have an individual journey. So the individual journey for me started with my marriage and I got to Sahaja Yoga as a blessing. It’s my great father in law professor U.C. Rai. So we had an arranged marriage married and I was not practicing Sahaha Yoga. Non of my family members knew anything about Sahaja Yoga. But my husband’s family was into Sahaja Yoga and I was guided into Sahaja Yoga. So my grandfather introduced me to my family and my family to Shri Mataji and mother selected me to be his partner. So when we sort of got, we got engaged and there was a time of a gap of one year. All what I’m sharing is with a purpose. So I tell you how it help me to deepen into Sahaja Yoga. Then I did not know Shri Mataji and I did not know any of the clearing techniques. I did not know meditation. What meditation meant.

But the only thing is before getting engaged I was introduced to Shri Mataji and Mother said: ‘Yes, the girl is fine’ and She told my father: ‘Why you can get your son married to her?’ And then they gave me a photograph of Shri Mataji and they said that you… – they gave a booklet and said you can meditate in this manner and in the book was written the foot-soak technique. So because none of my family was into Sahaja Yoga. So just looking into that booklet I use to make foot-soak and I didn’t know meditation, but whatever issues would come in my mind I would be speaking to mothers photograph. So there was a gap of one year, he had gone to Libya after our engagement and then there were US sanctions were put on Libya. So it was a dark period. So whatever upheavals where there I used to speak on mothers photograph. Then finally when we got married after he returned back and we got married. So we were blessed and Shri Mataji came for our marriage reception.

And as mother walked in first thing She said: ‘Are you happy now?’ It was like you know, as if a continuation of a conversation. It was nothing like we are meeting first time or anything. ‘Now, are you happy? Are you satisfied?’ So I said: ‘Shri Mataji, yes’. So then that made me understand that whatever I was speaking on the photograph, whatever I was sharing with Shri Mataji, with no introduction to Sahaja Yoga, not doing anything out Sahaja Yoga. When I was speaking to the photograph mother was listening and that is how I came to know what it is. Then after that many, many experiences but one that I would like to share is:

I have a cumbersome spine weakness so that would give me lot of back pain low back pain and I was to be a mother and the pain would be too much unbearable. So my father in law used to be with Shri Mataji. He use to go see Her quite often and my husband would also be going to Shri Mataji. And whenever they went Mother use to ask: ‘Why does she fear?’ So, they didn’t know what was the fear in me. Then fortunate enough I got a chance to go to Her and She again enquired with me: ‘What is cause of your fear? Why are you afraid? You yourself have done so many’ – because I’m a medical doctor, ‘…you yourself have done so many deliveries. Why are you afraid?’

Then I said: ‘Shri Mataji, I have this low back pain and it is unbearable’. So She said: ‘Ok, sit down.’ And She kept Her lotus feet on my back. Then She ask me: ‘Are you feeling anything?’ So something warm started coming away from my forehead. And then when I went back home 95 percent of my pain was gone. I slept and woke up and 5 percent of the pain was gone. Next day morning 100 percent of the pain was gone. So this way She took special care and during child birth also She gave a cloth and She asked us to make a gown out of it and wear it during the delivery time. It was Her blessing that my… – I had the child birth was painless delivery without any anaesthesia. So I had a painless delivery. And then She named the child ‘Devdat’ after the child was born when associate the sex. She ask me how it was so the ‘gynaec’ (gynaecologist) said: ‘We have not given her any anaesthesia or anything and she is having a painless delivery.’ So this is how She blessed me. So whatever I used to… – for me, you know, it was like if you have any worries just sit in front of the photograph, speak to Shri Matajis photograph and the solution comes, you know. The problem is solved. So, whatever I was speaking in front of mothers photograph, like a had this fear or anything. I was making the foot-soak. These people used to go, She use to ask: ‘Why does she feel like this? Why is she thinking like that?’

So, I just want to share that whatever we speak on Mothers photograph… – because I get queries from Sahaja Yogis who have now come into Sahaja Yoga after Shri Mataji is in Her Nirakar Swarupa, that we have so and so issue. Might be because we have not seen Shri Mataji in Her Sakar Swarupa. We are not able to solve it. So this is the reason I wanted to share that Mothers Nirakar Swarupa and Sakar Swarupa is the same. Even in Her Nirakar Swarupa She is as strongly present as She is in Her Sakar Swarupa. So with this many of that experiences then we slowly came into like Health Centre She guides us into – my father in law was there then as director of Vashi International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre, and after he left for his heavenly abode She brought us into Vashi Health Centre and gave us an opportunity to be there. And I came there and I learned, because till then I had never worked on any Yogi. I had never given realisation to anyone. And it was a break. I was a novice. But when I sat for meditation and I had two kids, one kid just 11 months old. And I use to just say: ‘Mother, how will I do this? You have asked me to take charge, but I don’t know anything. What I have going to do. I used to literally get an answer: ‘You just do!’ ‘You just do!’ And every technique, every clearance technique, the way it has to be done in meditation She used to guide me this is what you have to do and slowly, slowly She trained me through all the techniques. And he has many other experiences so then one thing that again about the techniques that I would like to say is: As I said that I was a novice, I did not know how to work on anybody. Because I’ve never done. I had only worked on my son and on myself.

During pregnancy as I said I a was afraid because of this pain that I had. So my son, he use to catch cold very often. So Shri Mataji told and a… – because I became afraid, so my son’s left side was weak and that is the reason he would catch cold very often. So She vibrated kerosene, She vibrated mustard oil and She asked us to give massage to child so that his left side would strengthen up. Just She would ask me to massage the vibrated mustard oil. Also once he had diarrhoea so She asked me to massage the baby with cow-ghee. I don’t know, you know ghee? Clarified butter? It is the cow’s ghee. She asked me to give a massage to the baby from the neck downward with the cows ghee and the diarrhoea got cured. So these are all small, small tips you know, like we picked up from Her interaction. And other things that She had guided us was like– She know that, She asks us to give us ourselves a head massage. Put oil on our head and give a massage. She said that we have to comb our hair backwards. Too much of ego makes us the small child did not have hair in western society also. So too much of thinking and planning so that makes us loose our hair. She asks us that give a coconut oil massage and there is also an oil which is called japakusum. (Dr. Rai spells the word). So once She vibrated that oil and She gave for hair. So we have to mix equal proportion of coconut oil and this japakusum oil and give a massage. So that helps with the hair loss, dantol (?) hair loss. Or pure coconut oil. So those two things She had said about the – for the hair She had said.

For small children if they have diarrhoea, then She had advised that we massage with the cows ghee, but not on the face, but from neck downwards. And if the child has gas in the stomach and stomach pain then the ajwain that we have – so the mother should chew the ajwain and then put the chewed ajwain on the babies navel, then with a warm towel put it on the babies navel. So the gas is expelled and the stomach pain goes away. Sot these are things which we would like to – because there been directly given to us by Her, so we share it with all the yogis.

Chew ajwain, mother has to chew the ajwan, put it on the child’s navel, and then with a warm cotton cloth put it on the babies navel so the gas is expelled and the pain is redeemed. These are things that She said.

So coming into Vashi Health Centre as I said I was a novice, had no idea how to go about with the treatments. Now we are all know that, when we work on anybody we go into an anti clockwise direction from the backside. When we work on the chakras, we work in a anti clockwise direction on the chakras on the backside. And when we are working on the front side we work in a clockwise direction. But I was not knowing this. So once… – but when I was working I would raise the Kundalini and the yogis use to feel their Kundalini coming up and even I could feel. Some others senior doctor told me: ‘Madam, instead of anti clockwise you are moving your hand clockwise.’ So I said: ‘But I don’t know that we have to do it anti clockwise. But the yogis are feeling.’ Then it occurred to me that either whether you move your hand clockwise or anti clockwise – ok, we have to move it anti clockwise, but if your attention is on mothers lotus feet, even if there are minor things that we are not aware of, it works. So the main thing that is affected is our attention. So if our attention is on our mothers lotus feet and – because I knew nothing about Sahaja Yoga. I knew nothing. So I use to just sit there and do whatever I knew. I use to just raise Kundalini and do Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and it use to work out. So it is our attention and as She has said in many of Her lectures and puja talks that the more empty you are – like the flute – the more She can work through you. So too much knowledge I think will hamper us and just in pure surrender and what you say, innocence, when we work on anyone it works out very beautifully.

So, this is how we can say at Health Centre without knowing much, I was just doing as She was directing and it worked out very beautifully and I just thank Her from the bottom of my heart for everything that She has helped us with and for our spiritual growth. So seeing this I will give the Mike to my husband. He will share some experiences and then we will take up any queries you have and we can also guide you through what you say, at the most of you might be aware of the chakra catches and what it leads to. But if you would like us to just…

(22:40) Mr. Dr. Rai: They can have some paper and they need not write your name if you have anything to ask her for clarifying. You can write small papers and give it to them and slowly they would bring us. On small paper you can write. You want to write your name it is o.k., but if you have some problem or you know about some problem you can write and give it. Meanwhile I’ll tell you as she is saying about the procedures and all. What I’m observed in Sahaja Yoga that we then go on extreme with procedures and techniques and rituals. And I was just… – I keep on reading or watched Shri Matajis talks and all before coming here I was just reading a talk where She was telling a yogi that there is no technique in Sahaja Yoga.

There is no technique. Once I was speaking on Sahaja Yoga seminar. I was very new to the Health Centre. So the first time 2001 weekend they took me to… – in India there is also a World Trade Centre, so they took us there. I was speaking on Sahaja Yoga, so another Yoga (practitioner) is there. Raja Yoga or someone. The guy was from that yoga and he got me, said: ‘You are speaking everything. What is the technique? What is the technique?’ Now when you say there we use Shri Matajis photo and you do this, so then this scientific people or the logical people they start then arguing it. And there was a big crowd. There was an exhibition going on and they have given us a hall, there were a lot of peoples there and this guy started engaging me in conversation: ‘What is the technique?’ So then I said: ‘There is no technique? What is the technique of a mother teaching her child, you know. How he walks, how he dresses, how he trains for his toilet-techniques, he trains to speak. What is the technique how a mother gives it to her child?’ I said: ‘The technique are natural to you. If you have to evolve, if a child has to grow it has to be in his mother’s care. So if a person has to evolve spiritually you need a mother. And the biggest guru is your mother, whether you are in human form. For the child the guru is the mother – a normal child. And for spirituality you need a guru and Shri Mataji is our mother and our guru. So they will engage you in technique but then in one of Shri Mataji’s lectures She says there is no technique. It’s just the vibrations. The way you get to know the vibrations correctly.

There is no technique in the sense: This is Shri Mataji what She has told in one of Her pujas. That on an eclipse day, on an eclipse day was a very auspicious day according to the Panjan. In India they have these days which are very auspicious. So had they marked a very auspicious day and the foreign yogis had kept that day as puja. And when the saw that day also had a solar eclipse, some part of that day. So now the yogis got confused and they said: ‘Mother, it is written in scriptures that this day is so auspicious in the calendar that if you do a puja on this day it will give the benefit of say doing like one hundred pujas. There a certain day’s in the Indian calendar when they are so auspicious that you do something it is hundred times. But on the other hand it’s a solar eclipse for some time. Five, seven minutes! So ‘Mother, should we quit the puja? Because solar eclipse is just a small thing for seven minutes it will go. The day is so auspicious that it will us give the punyas for hundred pujas.’ So now Mother said: ‘See, use your subtle knowledge to settle this. The scriptures are saying the day is very auspicious. You want to know what to do. So go to the subtle side. Go and see the vibrations.’ And mother said: ‘Now, if you see the vibrations your right side starts getting hot. Know it is not good on solar eclipse to do a puja. And you know within minutes. Otherwise you will concern ten books, you will go to scriptures, you will got to different people and ask them, it’s on your own hands you will tell.

And there She says there is no technique in Sahaja Yoga. It is if you can become subtle and use your vibrately awareness that is the only way you will be guided towards the truth. So as She is saying, we need to do this processes like clearing but if in innocence, if in surrender you are doing something in pure surrender to Shri Mataji even if it is wrong, the procedure is not correct, clockwise or anti clockwise, whatever it is, it is going to work out. It is going to work out. The dedication, the love, the innocence to Shri Mataji to talk like a (child)… – this is my personal experience. On the photograph I talk to Shri Mataji as a normal child talks to a mother. Very, very normally and 95 – 97 percent of the things work out and those 3, 4, 5 percent they don’t work out I know, it’s because for my good. Because as a child you don’t know. You ask for certain things which are not good for you. But if you innocently talk to Shri Mataji as if She is you mother and you are just asking Her: ‚Mother, this is the problem – this is so and so. This person is asking for so much money. He is my friend, I have to give him but I know he may not return. What should I do?‘ It will be so nicely this thing that, it will be so nicely settled that you will not have any problem.

Otherwise, so either you are very good in vibrations, your subtle system is very clear and you have a very, very consistent vibratory awareness. But my experience says to have a consistent vibratory awareness all the time is not possible all the time. So the next stage is – the next thing one can do is, you’re not very sure on vibratory awareness, you can be like a child talking to mothers photograph and it is very, very effective. Because She has said in one of Her – in one experience as a …….????

So, there was this – he is still there. There is this yogi in Pune who is very, very young, is now middle-age but he was very young ten years back. He’s father was very sick. He certainly got him to the hospital, to Vashi. Then he was choking, almost choking here. (Mrs. Rai) used to look after mainly Sahaja Yoga things and management. I use to look after modern medicine problems and Sahaja Yoga and try and see. So they called me: See, this person is so sick. He may die any time and they want to put here and we don’t have any medicine here in this place.‘ But I was attached outside to a modern hospital so I always had that backing with me and I was staying in the centre. So any person who was very sick I would take him to a hospital outside, managing and bring him back. If he needed modern medicine. So this guy started pleading that: Please keep my father for one night and taking him for operation tomorrow.‘ So I said: But he might not survive, you know, he is chocking.‘ He had a cancer of the throat and he was chocking. He was a lost case almost. There is no more… My surrender is that let me just keep him for. Baba, but he will not survive till morning! So I said: ‚A few hours you keep. I, when I – I’ll take him. Ok‘, I said, few hours I keep‘. So I was on the guard. I was there in the room. I said: if something happens I will put him.‘

So after one hour he started choking too much, so we moved him out. He went to the army hospital. A big army hospital and a very, very famous surgeon of the country was to operate on him. So they took him to the operation theatre. Now, this guy is a very innocent Sahaja Yogi. Is a young person who is an IT-professional, who goes to his office but very very innocent. So he told this senior army doctor. He gave a photograph of Shri Mataji and he told: That kindly keep it in operation theatre‘. So he said: How, we don’t keep this photographs in the operation theatre? This not done.‘ So he started folding hands and pleading: Please give mothers (photograph) while you operate‘. So he told one of his assistant: gI don’t know who’s photograph he has brought. Just keep it somewhere by this man. I don’t know if his father will survive or not?‘ So why make him angry otherwise, you know. Just keep it.

So he kept and the operation went on for two, three hours and it was a big operation, surgery, and when they came out he went and says: Doctor, how is my father?‘ He says: He is quite ok actually but who is this ladies photograph you gave me?‘ He said: No, no. She is my – She is Mataji.‘ Your mother?‘ Yes, yes, my mother.‘ Then he says: Is She your real mother? Your worldly mother?’ No, no, no! She is Shri Mataji and She is my guru.‘ He (the doctor) took him to his room and he said: Tell me more about Her.‘ And he is a very modern scientific surgeon who is not in any spirituality or anything. So, Yes sir, what happened? Why are you asking me? I will tell you, but why are you asking me, because you would not keeping the photograph inside the theatre.‘ He said: No, no. Tell me who She is?‘ So he said: ‚She is Mataji Nirmala Devi. She is this, but why are you asking me?‘ He said: You see. I had seen your father. We have investigated and there was a 13 centimetre of growth. There was a 13 centimetre cancer was there. From here to here. And when I opened up I could only see three centimetres, I don’t know where the rest has gone. So I was totally amazed. What have you done?

So he said I pray to Shri Mataji and She must have done it that. He says: Not only that. You see, when I opened up it is this thing. First of all I could not see the cancer. I could only see three centimetres, where is the 10 centimetres gone, I don’t know.‘ He said: Secondly when I started going beneath the cancer trying to take it out, I couldn’t understand all the structures what – you know, they had matted together and I couldn’t find any way how to resect through them. And then when I was lost how to do this, because it has got all matted I looked at the photograph and then this photograph guided me how to operate. And I have gone as this lady was telling me how to go and I’ve operated.‘ So he said: How is it possible?‘ So he said: I looked at the photograph and I asked and then the photograph started guiding in the surgeon.‘ He saw the photograph again and he says: Yes, yes, this is the way‘, like there was some directions given to him. Go like this! Got like this! Go like this! Deeper! Do this!‘ So he was very amazed and again he looked at the photo and he put it there, where he could see and the photograph appeared to him that is start – it spoke: Do you think I’m this photograph only? Do you think I’m this photograph only? Do you think I’m a photograph only?‘

So he got amazed and he says: No, no! He says Not only the cancer is now one tenth what it was. She has guided the operation. She has done the operation and kindly tell me who She is and tell me what you are doing and what is Her process and this.‘

So, Her photograph is so powerful that it – even to non Sahaja Yogis you know. And the message out of it is, when we see the photograph – when we see Shri Matajis photograph we have to know that, that this is not only the photograph. This is live Shri Mataji there. They put us in Kesa [vague?] forming for staying [ …word uncertain]. Every photograph I am seeing wherever I am going be it sitting to meditate, it is a live photograph. It is a living, it is a… – Shri Matajis power here is living. In the photograph I just feel any time the eye will blink and I know if it blinks then I’ll faint so it would thought me. But it feels any moment it will blink, the eye. You see the eyes of my mothers photograph. Even this photograph. Even this photograph. It’s absolutely life photograph. Photograph that I’m not been to castle yet. So, photographs of Shri Mataji, specially those photographs which have been prayed on, which people have prayed, have done pujas and prayers and are in vibrated places. My experience is that they are full of energy, they are living photographs.

And this is what that surgeon told. That mother from the photograph told him: ‚Do you think I’m just a photograph? This is just a photograph?‘ Its not just a photograph, its a living – Shri Mataji is there and She guides. So these are some of the things I thought I should tell you.

Mrs. Dr Rai: So, he has another experience I just stopped [? word unclear] him. You know, because when we came to Health Centre as I said we were novice, we didn’t have much – in the sense that we have faith in Shri Mataji, because mother ask us to come so we just came. But we didn’t have any personal innocence that working with any yogis, any experience. So, very gently you know Shri Mataji took both of us into all the experiences. Both of us are medical doctors but he being the specialist so any medical tradition he use to care of. So there was a patient, you know, he use to vomit after he would take the food. But again the yogi was so dedicated and he just said that: Now I will come to Vashi Health Centre and I’ll be cured‘. But my husband he would hear this and then he went and he checked on the patient and he advised. I think, I’ll ask him to tell you.

Mr. Dr. Rai: Yes, also this, from my room the opposite gallery this patient would vomit in the night at two o’clock and I would get up and see. He would retch a lot. I told her: ‚What is the happening to him? He is not ok.‘ So I went, I saw him, I said: See, your food is getting stuck in the stomach. The pipe after the stomach is getting blocked. Whatever you eat, two hours later you vomit.‘ He said: ‚No, no! I have shown to the top doctors in UK and in my home place in Indore and all and everybody has done an X-ray and CT scan and they said: Nothing is wrong with you‘. Again next night he is vomiting. Food is at 8 to 9 and he is vomiting at 11-12 o’clock in the night. Again I tell him: ‚You see, you see a doctor again. This is a medical problem you are having. A structural problem. Your stomach pipe is burst is getting that…

He said: No, no, no. I have come to Vashi not for medical advice but for spiritual treatment. I will take this.‘ Third night again he is retching. So I said: ‚Take my word. You go to your…; make a pledge go to any specialist. You tell him that we have been told this.‘ So he went to his hometown. They did this X-ray again and the said: ‚Yes, you have a blockade here and we’ll operate on you and we’ll do an emergency operation. It is good that you came, otherwise you could have bursted by now.’ He phoned me, he said: No, no. Doctor they are taking me to an emergency operation and what I should do. I came for Sahaja Yoga treatment.‘ I said: Don’t worry. Whether it is Sahaja Yoga treatment or it is homeopathic treatment, or it is Ayurveda treatment, or it is Unani treatment, or it is Chinese treatment – don’t worry about the treatment. Everything Shri Mataji is going to work out. So you surrender all the treatments, all whether it is Sahaja Yoga treatment. Any of this treatments including Chinese, Unani, Ayurvedic, Sahaja Yoga – all those things, they are known this rituals or these medicines, or these sugar pills or these modern medicines are not going to cure you. It is you surrender everything to Shri Mataji and that I told him we do it in the centre.

When we are giving Sahaja Yoga treatment we all say: ‚Shri Mataji, you cure the patient‘, and that is how it works. So you surrender and you go. So he surrendered this thing and he said: Mother, you wear that mask and this thing‘ , and when they were operating he felt that Shri Mataji has come with the mask and then they anaesthetised him and he was unconscious and they operated and he went out and he recovered very fast and then he was very happy. S, I lost touch with him. He went to his hometown. He got this thing vision that Shri Mataji is operating on him. Once he had talked then I told him to surrender to Her. After thenk three four month pass he never talk to us. He was hale and hearty doing his job and Sahaja Yoga and then one fine day a letter comes to me and in that letter he had written: Doctor, thank you so much for guiding me properly otherwise my stomach would have be bursted and the doctor was saying you have send me in a proper time an all.‘ I was just – I said: Ok, that’s my job to see a patient and to tell him what to do. Is I’m trained for that, that is my job. If a professional cook cooks a food, you cannot say thank you every day to him because it’s his job. He is cooking the food.‘ So I said: Why is he thanking me so much‘, you know. It’s my job. I thought it was different so then I phoned him. I said: Why are you thanking me so much? There is nothing to thank. I saw you, I send you, this thing.‘ He says: No, no, no. Actually, I got all right and then I forgot about everything and then I got a dream and Shri Mataji came and in the dream he is shown: Have you thanked that Vashi doctor who send you to the operation? Have you thanked him or still you are waiting?‘ He said: ‚That is why I have written and sent this letter.‘ These are the ways of Shri Mataji. In this way it is not that I’m pride to say that I have done something great.

What She showed me was that I was always confused. Sahaja Yoga – modern medicine. Sahaja Yoga – modern medicine. Now, people come here for Sahaja Yoga treatment, at time they have to give them modern medicine, because there is an emergency. What to do? Mother, am I going against? So with these experiences I was told that sometime emergency time you need modern medicine and it is in no way against Sahaja Yoga. So, because we were the guiding people there, we have to tell what is right, what is wrong, whether you should continue with Sahaja Yoga or go with modern medicine. So these experiences now they think that you sent a letter of thanks was a confirmation to me, that that patient I sent for surgical treatment was the right thing. I had not gone against Shri Mataji that we could have continued with that and not sent her. So that letter sent to me was a confirmation that I did the right thing, you know.

So, slowly we learnt and then at other times I had the privilege to talk to Her and I ask: ‚Mother, this is a dilemma. Whether to do this, Sahaja Yoga, or to do only use Ayurvedic with Sahaja Yoga or to use modern.‘ She told me: see, modern medicine and Sahaja Yoga they are not fighting with each other. They are in parallel to each other.‘

There are certain diseases like left sided diseases. If you have a left side disease like depression, like – all this left sided problems: schizophrenia, depression, mental problems – Sahaja Yoga is very good, because modern medicine has no answer to them. There is no answer to them. See, this psychosomatic diseases, that psyche, your psyche, when it causes diseases. So there is nothing in modern medicine to cure your psyche, except to give you some drugs to sleep. That is all. But She said for right sided, for right sided. Supposing you are going and you fall and you have a fracture or you have an attack suddenly. She says then you should take the help of modern medicine because everyone’s Kundalini is not that strong that immediately it can go to that place and clear your chakra and all and your life is at risk in minutes. Take modern medicine. They have developed more concrete right side problems. So if you have those particular things take to them. So She said: ‚They are not fighting each other. They are not in opposition. They are like parallel to each other and each should take help of the other.’ So that is how you know we started using modern medicine when it was needed and we would tell people who would become little more fanatic that know at time you need this. But for psychosomatic things and to deep cleansing yourself so that even you don’t have right sided problems, you do Sahaja Yoga. So we have some papers here which you can see (note: for writing down questions).

(45:58) Mrs. Dr Rai: Before going to these questions I would just try to cover the major issues that we have. That left side as we known, it gives us anything that is, like if you have a drop in your

blood pressure which is got hypotension. So anything that goes down. Which gives you anaemia, hypotension, anaemia, hypothyroid, so anything – or even cancer. These are all left sided issues.

And the right sided issues, because it is the sun channel, so we have everything that is going up. You have hypertension, high blood pressure, you have diabetes, you may have a heart attack. Myocardial infarction, so anything when the sun channel is overactive it gives more heat in the body and causes ‚hyper‘ – it goes ‘hyper’. So in a critical, speed, insomnia, so all these are right sided issues.

And the clearance technique basically the left side we know, it is the – we do the three candle clearance. When we meditate we put our left hand to Shri Mataji, right hand on the mother earth to balance the left side. And the three candle or when it is a very strong catch then we do the camphor clearance. So those other clear and the shoebeat is to work out any badhas that are there, so that is also a left side, the shoebeat techniques is also effective. We use lemon and chilly’s, we do the lemon-chilly treatment, the matka clearance it is also a left side. It has done for seven nights. Here in the west we do not get a clay pot. In India we get a clay pot which is called the matka in which we put seven lemons, seven chilly’s, vibrated kumkum and vibrated water. So here we can do it in a paper bag, you vibrate and – we have to first raise our Kundalini, take a bandhan, keep our left hand to Shri Mataji, right hand you keep on the lemon and chilly’s and to vibrate it and we read Shri Mataji Nirmala Devis 108 names. So we read mothers 108 names and then we pray to Her to vibrate the lemon and chilly’s so that it helps to clear out all the left side imbalances in our subtle system.

This is not we keep after it is vibrated, we keep the bag under the head end of our bed and you have to open the lid, if it is some – the clay pot, you open the lid for seven nights and if its a paper bag again you can open it for seven nights and on the morning of the eight (day) you have to dispose it off. If you are using the clay pot, we do not use it on the new moon night, that is called amavasya‘ in Hindi. So that night you should not open it because the negativity is very strong. So on new moon do not – if it comes in between the seven nights, so do not open it on the night of the new moon. So that is one issue Gregoire asked Shri Mataji that whether we can use it on the new moon night or not because She has said that on new moon night we have to pray to Shri Shiva and full moon night we have to pray to Shri Sita Rama. So those two the nights are the nights when people use it for negative workouts also. So She said: Don’t open it on the new moon night.‘ New moon night She has specified that don’t open it, so also has a precaution we do not open it on the full moon night also. Those two nights.

So the left side clearance is done like that and the right side we know, we make the foot soak and we meditate, we keep our right hand towards Her photograph and the left hand towards the sky to balance the right channel. We can use ice pack on the right Swadishthana, on the liver and on the right agnya. So during pregnancy we do not use the ice pack on the liver, but we can put it on the right agnya and the back agnya. So during pregnancy we do not use the ice pack directly on the liver. We can use it on the right agnya and the back agnya.

These are the basic things and – the diseases that come, so if is right sided the mooladhara chakra is there, then it leads to constipation. If there it is too much heat on the right side of the mooladhara chakra it leads to constipation. So we can make foot soak, we can keep the right hand towards Shri Matajis photograph, left hand towards the mother earth and we can do the Shri Kartikeya mantra. So that helps to clear the right side on the mooladhara. Shri Kartikeya! So at deity of right mooladhara Shri Kartikeya and also make the prayers. So when the right side is overactive not to do too much of mantras but you can do the prayers, so that helps. So developing bhakti, singing songs, doing puja to Shri Mataji, so that will help to balance the overactive right side.

And then if the Swadishthana chakra is overactive we get the kidneys affected, so diabetes is a condition which is quite rampant all over the world. So the diabetes is there when the right Swadishthana – it has a combination catch of the right Swadishthana, the left nabhi and the agnya chakra. So these three main chakras need to be worked out. And then if there is acidity problem we work on the nabhi chakra. So these are the main… – and if it is a left sided issue then as I said if it is, like you have the hyperthyroid so we work on the left vishuddhi. If it is a cancer we work on the left side and if it is a throat cancer so you do the left side clearance, the matka and the three candle clearance. And always when we make the three candle clearance, of course here in the west it is quite cold, but Shri Mataji does ask us that to keep the window open so that the negativity can go out. If it is possible have the window a little bit open so that the negativity can go out.

So we keep two candles on the altar. When you meditate you keep it one on the back side of the left Swadishthana and when you are working with the candle on your chakras so you will find that the candle that is kept in front of Shri Matajis altar goes pop, pop, pop‘, so that negativity is working it out. So She says that keep the window open so that it can go out. So with that take this questions.

A Yogi said: Left side‘.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So as I said left side chatches, left nabhi, left vishuddhi, we do this with the candle and you know the left vishuddhi – too much of ego, because the ego and the superego they both suck into the vishuddhi chakra. So if we have too much of superego it sucks into the right vishuddhi and you will get blood pressure. If there is too much of ego then it comes into that of vishuddhi and you may get a thyroid. So we have to see that like – on vibrations we are not equipped to decipher. Have your vibrations checked by somebody who can check it out. So when there is a left vishuddhi also try to work on the right agnya by putting some ice on the right agnya. So when there is a left vishuddhi catch also consequently work on your ego by putting ice pack. If there is any ego then right balloon reflates.

It is you know, once Shri Mataji told us Sahaja Yoga is ‚sukshma‘, it is very subtle and it is very deep. She said it is very deep and it is very subtle. So you know, we have to learn to maneuver it, but again there is a very simple solution, because when we are working out and it does not work out, in the sense that the catch is there and it is not going. So a very simple prayer is: ‚Shri Mataji, I’m feeling this catch on my subtle system. So whether it is mine or whether it is coming from the collective, you please clear it.‘ And it just works out. So very simple you know, because we try to work it out so much; we are doing candle, we are doing shoe beating, we are doing everything and it is not working out. And you just make a very simple prayer: Mother, I’m feeling this catch on my subtle system. So whether it is mine, it is coming from the collective, I don’t know from where it is coming, or from the outside world.‘

You know, like when there was this 9/11 what do you say incident or there was a tsunami, we would feel the catches again because we do not know what it is. But we felt like, o.k. now I think some position has come to me, I’m feeling the mooladhara catch I got and it is not going away. And next day you open the newspapers and you see the tsunami, you know. So, then slowly we learned that o.k. when you are feeling something on your subtle system it does not mean that everything is yours. So now mother has made us the instruments like we are like the radars, we can catch, you know. The radar can catch the vibrations. So your subtle system becomes capable of catching of whatever wrong is going to happen. Then we start to pray: ‚Shri Mataji! Mother, I’m feeling this, whatever it is, whatever negative attack, whether it is coming from some terrorist, (…) antisocial element whatever negative is going to happen, You please stop it. You destroy whatever this negative and so with our prayers She has made us… – She said that you have to pray to the Devi, so we have to pray.

If we are able to become something, we have to pray to Her to help the community. It is not just, now we are not just restricted to ourselves. We are globally. We have to see that we are able to preserve this beautiful shristi, the world, the creation of Shri Mataji. She has made us strong instruments to be able to globally preserve and carry on with Her work of spreading the divine love. So if we are able to become anything, if we pray it works.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So there are lot of ways and I think, there are lot of common things. We let her go through it and meanwhile I’ll tell you a small incident with happened with Shri Mataji in Pratishthan. And there is something to do with the formals that’s why I want you to tell you here that Shri Matai once called us to Pratishthan and said that: Ok, I will tell you about diseases. How they are happening in the body and so She made us stay there for 20 days in Pratishthan. And each day I will go in the night and She would sit on a table. I would sit down and write and she (Mrs. Rai) would just sitting between me and Her. Night from 11 to one or two o’clock. So one day She was dictating the things and She said – She was telling me how the right side gets heated and the Swadishthan gets heated, and the heat comes on the pancreas and causes diabetes. Then it comes on the liver causes overactive liver, then it comes on the vishuddhi, it causes blood pressure. So, all things She was explaining. And then I was writing and just smiling and writing. I was very young. I was not too much believing in Sahaja Yoga. I was… – but since my father was quite into this and She said: ‚Send your son here.‘ So I just went with her. We had recently married and since She had fixed the marriage and it got done so we went.

I was just smiling and writing something. She said: ‚Do you think I’m an old lady, grandmother, telling you some stories and you are writing it?‘ So I said: No, no, no. I know mother, you are a great guru and…‘ But do you recognise Me?‘ I said: ‚Mother, I recognise You as a great saint and you are a global person and this…‘, I started speaking like that, but I got little afraid. She says: Do you think I’m a grandmother telling you stories?’ So I said: No, no, mother, you are a great person.‘ She says: But you should recognise Me!‘ So, I said: Mother, I should recognise You, but then for that recognition You have to give me some experience.‘ No, I have giving you lot of experiences.‘ So I said: Yes, but they were like this… – so, I want something solid experience.‘ (everyone is laughing). So She saying: What do you mean solid experiences?‘ So I telling: ‚Mother, the kind of experiences You give to Your western Sahaja Yogis, the foreigners.‘ So She says: What experience I have given them?‘ Mother, I meet them. You send me on the train tour around India so there were about 200 foreigners, I met lot of them. And they have great experiences.‘ She says: What experiences?‘ I said: Mother, somewhere in the west You were on the stage. Now this lady was telling me that she went on the stage and she gave You flowers and as she looked in Your eyes she saw the whole universe evolving in Your eyes.‘ She is laughing, She is laughing (and said amazed): Oh, she saw the universe in My eyes?‘ Yes, inside!‘ I said: I talk to another Yogi from west and he said, the first time Mother doing some programs in Caxton Hall or somewhere he told me: ‚And I just entered that hall and I saw those great clouds like thing coming to me and hitting me here. Then hummm my Kundalini went and tschhh… – it went to the ceiling.‘

So She is laughing: Ohh, so it went to the ceiling?‘ I said: Yes, yes!‘ These are the experiences I said they have.’ ‘So, hm!’ So She says… I said: Give me some unmistakable experience so that then recognition will go very…’ She says: A [… word incomprehensible] miracle or something.‘ So She says: ‚So many miracles happens in your life, but you take them as coincidence.‘ I said: Mother, not very great miracles. They have not happened because…’ No, they have happen but you think it is a chance.‘ I said: Ok Mother, but not like the foreigners You give me‘, you know. She says: No, no. I give it to you also. I give it to the foreigners also. Problem with you people are that before you come to Sahaja Yoga you have gone to hundreds of this false gurus. Because in India everyone goes to gurus and they go to spiritual persons, everyone parents are going. So they say you have gone to hundreds of them. So when you come to Me you had minus 50. But one thing with the foreigners are that they may be not spiritual, but they are not going to false gurus most of them and they are not going go tantriks. They are not doing some occult practices. So they come to Me, they are at zero. So from zero when they get the experience you go there. But form minus 50 the first 50 experiences you just to come to zero. (Everyone is laughing).

So I said: Yes Mother, they are very dedicated people I saw on the train. 20 days I was on the train tour from New Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and all this, Gujarat, Dwarka temple to Pratisthan and then to Ganapatipule. So She had send me and She had instructed me: Go and see how dedicated and deep the foreigners are. Be with them and you’ll learn.‘ So I said: Mother please! So give me some experience like this, you know.‘ So She says: Ok, but you take everything as chance.‘ And it was night 01:30 and then what She did was, She was telling me and I was just writing and also recording on a tape recorder nowadays you don’t get. I was that one with two cassettes, two small rolls in that. So I was recording it. And She looked on that side. I was sitting here. She looked that side on the ceiling and I was just telling Her: Mother, give me some experience, some thing unmistakable. So then my problem of recognition doesn’t occur again, you know. Then I recognise You!‘

She is looking at that side and suddenly She turns Her face and you know, just puts Her eyes in my eyes like this and sees. One, I think two seconds, three seconds the eyes starts increasing in size, the face starts, you know. Becoming bright and She were like this, you know. She were like this. Then She says: No, no, no, ok, ok, ok. Take the water!’ There was some water like… (laughing from the audience) and then starts looking the other side and then She looks at me, She is normal and She says: It is late night. You have taken the water and you go and sleep.‘

So Shri Mataji gives you the experience according to your preparation. How much you can take, you know? Maybe She was trying to give Her Darshan or some glimpse of a Devi but I was not prepared because whether I was that kind of a material nor I was dedicated nor I… But I was requesting Her again and again that give me some undoubting, unmistakable, and I cited all the foreigners experiences. So that is one thing that She gives you at what level you are and then when you increase your level then the experiences also thing… And second thing good about is that you people are not going to so many gurus. In India it is a trend that everyone goes to a guru. And that is why we get blocked, blocked, blocked.

The first time when father took me to Shri Mataji. She just saw me and She says: ‚So, he is you son. What does he do?‘ He says: He is a doctor‘. So She says: Just come, sit here.‘ I sat there and She says: How many people are sitting inside your – this place? So I said: What? How many people sitting inside?‘ So I said: ‚This is this‘. She called me and She put her whole foot in my – this thing, from my tummy to this and started pressing inside. So I took both my hands at the back. You know, like this. And I was like this – and it was four minutes, five minutes, ten minutes and I said: How long can I, you know, tolerate Mothers pushing… – what is happening baba? And I am you know, with a tie and a coat and all a modern medicine doctor was gone, first of all I’m sitting on the ground. Then somebody… So, I said: ‚What is happening?‘ My father is saying: No, no, no! Wait, it is very auspicious. Mother is treating you.‘ I said (little stressed): But I cant hold that long!‘ So She is telling my father: See, how many of them are sitting there? How many of them?‘

So, then… Because my father was going before so many times. So, this is the problem with the people in India and this thing. That we have so many of these tantrics. Because my father before coming to Sahaja Yoga he was a seeker. He was a seeker, so he used to go to any spiritual person. A guru use to come, you know. The so called gurus. So they use to come to our house and they were nicely fed. My mother would make ten dishes for them and my father would insist make some so and so person has come, very great saint from Rishikesh, from you know, Himalayas has come and we were also touching their feet and everything. So, in due course there was this thing. So the whole thing your Kundalini goes fifty down, you know. It goes minus 50.

So Mother says to bring it to zero takes a lot of effort and sometimes he has to make personal effort for that. It may not be. So that is why She send me on a train tour to see how great and dedicated the foreign yogis are. And that is why the first sentence I told you that I have come and learn here from people not to tell anything but just to learn. That in spite of having any experiences, in spite of not knowing any shastras, in spite of not knowing any puranas, in spite of not knowing any Ganesha, or Shiva or any of this. How you have picked it up, its real amazement for us. You can have some questions.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So there is a question for about anxiety attacks and depression.

It is both. Anxiety is coming from overactive, you know. It is a ego. Your Agnya Chakra is working it out, is overactive and depression it is a left side issue. So, working on the left side and for the Agnya working on the Agnya as well as too much of thinking also will lead to this condition. So both the left and the right side need’s to be worked upon. The things as I have said, the Matka, the candle treatment, the shoebeating. You can also do paper-burning. All these will help the depression. And the matka, that is the clay pot, the lemon and chilly treatment. Just be careful and do not do it not on a new moon night. This will help you and you can also look through the candle flame to Shri Matajis Kumkum. So don’t meditate with your eyes closed, because you may go into too many thought processes and the Kundalini will not rise. So to clear the Agnya look through the candle flame on Shri Matajis Kumkum, Mothers Bindi and slowly as the thoughts lessen then you can close your eyes and meditate. And the right Agnya, you use ice for the right Agnya because too many thoughts are there, so the right Agnya you can use the ice pack and you can do: Om Ham Ksham‘. Om Ham Ksham‘ will help to clear the Agnya Chakra.

Then question of hypertension in Sahaja Yoga. So hypertension it is a right sided issue. So we have to relax and that will help us to clear the right side. So it is coming from the right Vishuddhi. So we need to clear the right channel, we use the foot-soak technique and ice on the right Swadishthana.

So once you know this right side – too much of right side one again experience that I had with Shri Mataji was I had pain in my right knee. And I had gone to the doctors and they said: ‚Ok, you have developed osteoarthritis.‘ And I was in a condition where I could not sit on the ground you know. And Shri Mataji came to India and She was in Mumbai. She was staying in a hotel. And they ask me to be in service of Shri Mataji. The Mumbai leader ask me to be in Shri Matajis service. I said: ‚But I could not sit on the floor, you know. How will I bow down to Shri Mataji? It is very difficult.‘ But they said: ‚No, no. There is nobody else. You have to be in Her service.‘ I said ok and then I went and it worked out that I could make Pranams to Her. In Health Centre all the yoginis I see who have been there they know that we use to have the early morning meditation at 8 o’clock. At 8 a.m. in the morning we use to have the morning meditation. So whenever I was in Shri Matajis service at 8 a.m. She would call me. You know, it was… the 8 a.m. Slot time was… – She had fixed it for me. So when in Sakar Swarupa whenever I was in Her service at 8 a.m. She use to make it a point that She would call me. So at the same meeting I was in front of Her and I bowed down and took pranams to Her and She ask me: ‚How is it going?‘ So I said: Mother, everything is fine but I have this right knee pain and the doctor said that it is osteoarthritis.‘ So She said: Its the liver!‘ But I said: ‚Shri Mataji, I don’t think‘. Then She said: Then what it is?‘ If you do not think then what it is?‘ I said ok. The internal dialogue is going on all the time. When you are so think, that you are in charge of some work of Sahaja Yoga, you think that you have to do your organising so the internal dialogue is going on.

And then She said: Ok, keep your right hand towards Me‘, so She made me keep my right hand towards Her and She said: Keep the left hand‘, so I thought, I put it on the liver. She said: ‚More down‘, and then She said: More down!‘ So I very distinctly remember my left Nabhi finger, left hand, it touched the right Swadishthana and as it touched I can not describe you the flow of vibrations that I felt in my right hand. It was like the Ganges flowing. And a blast of cool breeze was flowing from my right hand. And I just say: Mother it is flowing!‘ And I should not have said it, because as I said it, it stopped. But you know, She has given very deep experiences at different, different occasions and also get when She said: You meditate like this. Keep your right hand towards Me or towards My photograph and the left hand on the right Swadishthana. So all the issues of the right side – that is how I have meditated in that manner for I think for one and a half year or so. And it went then also, whenever the right side goes up I feel the pain in the knee and if I sit in the foot-soak water and clear it and then meditate, so my knee pain goes away.

So we know the thigh is the right Swadishthana and knee is the nabhi chakra. So the pressure of the Swadishthana chakra falls on the knees that is how we think when we are […] with knee problems, knee issues. So if it is the right side, it is the right Swadishthana, if it is the left side, it is the left Swadishthana. So if you work on the Swadishthana chakras you will find that your nabhi problems are also getting solved. So that how it is interlinked, you know. So we worked also – and also we have to make the prayers with the heart. Just not lip service. ‚Shri Mataji, I’m not the doer. I’m not the enjoyer. Verily You are the doer. You are the enjoyer. Please take there of God my monetary, family issues. And we find the knees are completely light. Whether we are doing our individual works or we going to our individual worldly issues or doing Sahaja Yoga works, we have to repeatedly make these prayers: ‚Shri Mataji, I do nothing. Verily You are the doer! You are the enjoyer!‘

You know it is – it is become not an individual responsibility of all of the Sahaja Yogis. Just the other day we were you know, this Whats app‘ just we receive Shri Matajis messages or on emails, so in one of Her puja talks she has said that: If one finger is not all right then the whole body cannot improve.‘ So, only curing one finger is not going to cure the body. We have to cure the whole body, so all of us have to improve. Only then collectively we can grow. So it is individually all of us will have to work out so that our quality. Now the spreading work is happening all over the world. There is lot of Sahaja Yoga spreading. Now we have to also grow in our quality, improve our quality so that we all can grow faster and our quality is also improving.

Mr. Dr Rai: So one or two treatments Shri Mataji has told personally, because we want to tell that. We don’t know when we are going to come again or not. So the idea is – why I told this personal experiences also. I wanted to go to the collective. Even if one individual gets benefitted or solidifies its faith by this incidence or this things then it is something useful that, because those Yogis who have joined later in Sahaja Yoga maybe 2000 or… – Shri Mataji was not – that time is has grown so much that She was not talking to each one personally. When we saw Shri Mataji that was late eighties and then it occured that time because of my father actually She would have not bothered about people like us. But it was because of my father I was driving him. He was doing the first researches and Mother wanted some doctor to do scientific research, so once I ask my Mother: Shri Mataji, why you want to do scientific research?‘ She says: No, no, no. We need no one to prove Sahaja Yoga. We don’t have to prove Sahaja Yoga. It is a science of God. It does no to be proven. But man’s head is upside down. Till a doctor tell or a scientific research tell he doesn’t agree. For that reason I need you people to do some work. Otherwise this is Gods science, it doesn’t need any proof or any stamp of any scientist or doctor.‘

So that is why She wanted ok, to convince these people who are quite mental in it. So he use to go and I use to drive him. He couldn’t drive at that age so I use to drive him to Shri Matajis place and that how I started also, you know, accompanying him and… – so certain treatments She told me and for some people, not myself also, but I overheard them and She has told something personal I want to tell now. That one thing She told for sinusitis. If you have this sinus. If you have common cold again and again then you have sinus problems. So in the western world the doctors will always tell you: ‘you have chronic sinusitis.’ You have this cough, cold and pain here. So She told that take an onion and this onion on a pan and heat it up. And put this heated onion – it should be heat which is bearable to your face, heated onion, put it on the sinuses here, that is just access it to the nose area, put it there, then peel by peel take it off. The onion heated, then take out one peel. Inside it is still hot then put it, then peel another one. So then you can do it at least for twenty, twenty fife minutes, gives slow heat to your sinuses where all this phlegm in the sinuses melts out and come out.

And second thing She told me, this is one about sinusitis. The second thing She told me that was a personal thing. I was very young but was getting miss beats. My heart would beat like this and suddenly it would turn like this and one beat would miss. And that was very frightening to me and as a doctor I got all the medical tests with my senior doctors and they said: Nothing, nothing, you can‘t do anything.‘ but I used to get frightened in the night what is happening. So, once I ask Shri Mataji why I get this. So She says: Why you should get it?’ I said: I don’t know.‘ So She said: Ok, ok. You just put your hands towards Me, one hand‘, and She said, one hand you keep on your right heart. On the right heart and pray to Me, that: ‘Shri Mataji, all my ancestors who have left. If they’re in any way attached to me, then you pray to Me that, all my ancestors who have still any attachment to me, wherever they are, you tell them that, your ancestors, that, please have detachment from me, please have no attachment to me. I’m very fine. I’m in protection of Shri Mataji. Wherever you are, in whichever world you are, you also go in the protection of Shri Mataji and take your realisation.‘

So She says: ‚This is because of some attachment of your ancestor, maybe grandfather or great grandfather or whatever. There’s some attachment left and they are in some Lokas, these souls, and still not got birth and still they are in some way attached to you. That is why they pinch your heart, it comes… – and She ask me how it feels. I say: The heart is beating as if somebody has pinched it and suddenly it turns like this and then again it starts. So She says: This is that attachment. So you pray that all my ancestors: I’m very fine in the protection of Shri Mataji. I have had my realisation. Wherever you are, you also go and pray to Shri Mataji to give you salvation.‘ And two, three times I did and then just forgot. She told me to do it in front of Her, I did it, and She told me: Do it in the house two, three times.‘ One or two times I did without any faith and I thought ‚Ok.‘ And six months, one year passed and suddenly I realised this is not happening now. Then I thought, ok, what I did. Ok, but I couldn’t find any reason because there was no change in my lifestyle in this one year. One year later I realised that this has gone and then it occurred to me: Oh Shri Mataji has told this. I did it in front of Her and then I did it once or twice in the house and that really go out.‘ So any seminar we are going I just tell because it might help somebody who has these problems or even later on. Then sometimes the attachment of ancestors cause this miss beats.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So hypertension as I said it is a right sided thing. Mother has said that: ‚If you are relaxed your blood pressure will go down‘, and we need to work on the right side. Next is a question about pain in the left hand, the elbow joint. So the elbow joint and the knees are as I said are the Nabhi Chakras. So if it is the left side, then we work on the left hand, then we work on the left Nabhi. If it is the right side we work on the right Nabhi. If the left side as I said: candle treatment, matka, or if it is… –

There is also one question: Left Nabhi plus right side. When we have both the left and the right, we do not use camphor. We use candle. Candle is a gentle but a deep cleansing technique. Three candle clearance is a very – it is a deep, it goes deep. The candle has to be thick so that the light goes. It is not the heat but it is the light which is working it out, so we are using the light element and not the heat element. So, camphor it not only gives light but it is also heating. So, if we have a combination of the right side as well as left a Nabhi, need left side catch then we always advice don’t use camphor‘, but do the three candle clearance. And that helps us to clear the left side as well as the right side. And when we have this left and right catch also the string burning is another technique which helps.

When both the left and the right side catches are there, string burning. So we do the seven knots, the string burning. We take a string and we put the seven knots and as we tying knots we take the mantras of the left side. Starting from the Mooladhara, Shri Ganesha, Shri Nirmala Vidya, Shri Gruha Lakshmi, Shri Shiva Parvati, Shri Vishnumaya, Shri Mahavira and at last Shri Mahakali Bhairava. So we tie the seven knots, taking the mantras and then we do the mantra of Shri Shudda Iccha. Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Shuddha Iccha. Shuddha Iccha means pure desire‘.

Mother, it is my pure desire that whatever left side catch I have, You please burn it away through the fire element. And then we take it to the disposal area and you have to burn it. You first put it in a mustard oil, not too much of mustard oil because if you put it too much of mustard oil then it suddenly catches fire. A little bit of mustard oil, dip it in the mustard oil and then take it into the disposal area and looking at the flame you have to burn it and you will find that the left side gets burned out very well.

So the left side clearance technique, the shoe-beating, the paper burning: we write whatever – when we are doing any of these technique we do not writes the names of any Gods or Goddesses. We just write the problems. So you write your name, you write your ego, superego or if you have body pains, the Badha that is giving you body pains. So whatever it is you write the Badha giving so and so, causing so and so issue. And then…

Whether the chakra name nor the deity name is written. And then continuous you do seven rounds that is the seven Bandhans and then always write, what you say, write it on a long paper. So we write it on one […] paper and if the paper is big you can hold the paper and then burning. So when we are burning either we do the string burning or the paper burning. You just hold it and looking at the flame, you just say Shudda Iccha mantra and say: Mother, it is my pure desire, that whatever this is, You work it right out. So please help me to feel my own Kundalini‘. Feeling mother Kundalini it slowly comes but few technique which may help you is:

Keep your right hand towards Shri Matajis photograph and keep your left hand on mother Kundalini. Keep your left hand on mother Kundalini and do the mantra of Shri Gauri Ganesh. So Shri Gauri Ganesh, so you can take the mantra of She and the beeja-mantra of the Kundalini is Shri Reem. You can do the mantra: Om twameva sakshat, Shri Reem sakshat. So to activate the Kundalini we can do the mantra so: Shri Gauri Ganesh, Shri Reem sakshat. Om twameva sakshat Shri Gauri Ganesh sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha. And: Om twameva sakshat Shri Reem sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha. And that will help you. You will be able to feel the rising of mother Kundalini.

Another incident. Once I ask Shri Mataji this question of feeling Kundalini and feeling vibrations. So we were staying in New Delhi, in India. So when we are staying in Delhi I use to feel my Kundalini you know quite nicely about my Sahasrara and then when I came to the Health Centre I would not feel my Kundalini. I felt it is gone someway down. It is been sucked in. Then I asked Shri Mataji. I said: ‚Mother, before I use to feel my Kundalini quite strong up. Now I do not feel my Kundalini.‘ Then She said: ‚Now you have come in the collective consciousnes state.‘ So initially when we get initiated into Sahaja Yoga we are just individually growing. Like we are growing individually, so you are just feeling your own vibrations. And once you get the collective consciousness then what happens you feel like if you are lost. You may feel like ‚oh, my state has gone down‘. It is not like that, now you have become collectively conscious. And then She said also: ‚Your chakras are week.‘ She gave an example. Like there is a flowing river and there are villages side by side. So if the chakras are not so strong enough it is like the villages. If the stream of water is flowing the villages draw the water towards themselves. So the water that goes above is less. Similarly when the chakras are weak and need to be replenished, so the draw the Kundalini down. The Kundalini goes up the chakras. They need the nourishment, they will draw the Kundalini towards themselves. So I said then: ‚Shri Mataji, but what do we do?‘ She said: Keep meditating‘.

So you will grow strong as you meditate. You have to constantly, you know, keep raising your Kundalini, you can meditate, you will find it strong and then again you will feel: Oh, it is gone, again it is come down.‘ So, it is the chakras which pull the Kundalini down. So you have to do constantly. So, you don’t… – this is like a Sadhana. Sadhana means it is like a – like how music you practice, you know. You mean Sahaja Yoga it is a prayer. So you have to practice it with dedication. It is not just one time and ‚oh, I’ve received my realisation‘ and then it is I’m … forever. It is not like that. You have to look after it. You have to nourish it. You have to keep correcting it. So it is continuous dedicated and dedication has to be continuous and the effort has to be continuous. And in between She gives us the godly sounds like this deep experiences. So when you feel that ok, I’m very tired‘, then again She always helps us. So it is a deep thing.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So there is a question now that I don’t feel vibrations specially in one hand and between I was feeling. Sometimes I do feel. I have this thyroid small knot.‘

So I have this what Shri Mataji Herself had said about this vibrations I have written it here. So no vibrations in my hand and what Shri Mataji says that you have to massage the Vishuddhi Chakra with hands. With olive oil. You can massage, it is a Vishuddhi problem, so you massage with olive oil. You have to do this massage before the meditation and then you can do hand-soak. But don’t do hand-soak one by one, because one hand you put in the water the other hand has to be towards Shri Mataji. So hand-soak has to be done one by one not both hands together and one hand towards Shri Mataji. Supposing it is the left hand then you can put left hand in water and right hand towards Shri Mataji. And then She says that you can say Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and also the Mantra of Allah ho Akbar will help you. The fingers in the hand you can say the mantra Allah ho Akbar and Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and this Vishuddhi will then cure both your vibrations will become better and your thyroid problem will also get better. Because sometimes the vibrations are flowing, they are flowing but you are not feeling them. You are not feeling them because maybe you have been a… – your Vishuddhi spoiled by smoking or by other things and maybe it is still not corrected so the Kundalini may have risen and the vibrations has been there but you may not feel them on the hands. So correcting the Vishuddhi Chakra will help.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So, problem of the eye sight to be treated. So for the eyes we have Shri Matajis hands photograph. Looking through the candle flame on mothers hands photograph helps to clear – helps us with the eyes. The mantra if you read, when we read the Devi Kavach we have the names of deities that control different organs of our body. So for the eyes: Shri Shankini Devi. So we can take the mantra of Shri Shankini. Om Twameva Sakshat, Shri Shankini Sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah. And clearing Vishuddhi and the Back Agnya. So Back Agnya it could be the right side, right Swadishthana pressure or the left Swadishthana. For the Back Agnya Shri Mahaganesha, Shri Maha Bhairava and Shri Hiranya Garbha. So then the right side gets corrected in that manner and Vishuddhi you can do the Allah hu Akbar‘, and you can keep your hand on the Vishuddhi Chakra, do the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. Massage with the ghee-camphor your wrist and the Vishuddhi, massage with ghee-camphor and then you cover the Vishuddhi area so that the ghee goes inside. Using also the ghee-camphor in the nose also. So all those will help to clear the Vishuddhi Chakras.

And during pregnancy for woman health and babies health, so during pregnancy mother has said that we should read good books. So you can read all mythological books. And the precautions that we have to take is not to be too much right sided. So afternoon nap is one thing that She always recommends. Nap means when if you don’t sleep put up your legs a little bit in the afternoon. If not, you can do your normal work. There is no issue of only precautions that you take this, you don’t work directly on any new person giving realisation or working on anybody. You just work on yourself because of somebody has any other some severely catch you may then too catch. So then we don’t work on others. And when you’re sitting for the Havan don’t sit directly in front of the fire. So if you are sitting for the Havan just be a little behind. And we don’t eat heating things like papaya. So those are the things, precautions you need to take read good books, take light walk, do normal work and don’t fear. Because if we fear, then as I said, my personal experience that babies left side becomes weakened. So we should not fear. We can keep our right hand on the centre heart and do Ma Jagadamba‘, read Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha to strengthen our left channel.

So Ganesha Atharva Sheersha is like Ram Bal (? name unclear) it is to cure for everything for the left side you can do Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. And for right side Shri Hanumana Chalisa. And the centre heart, for that Devi Kavach and Shri Durga Kavach really helps.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So there is one question about varicose veins. So varicose veins, you know there are torturous veins which come on the legs here at the back. Too much of standing can cause it so don’t stand too much. Second you can put ice on this varicose veins. They help, and oil which is not heated. Oil massages will help. And fourth you can lie on the bed and with the legs you can cycle. You can do a cycling motion with the legs. So this is what Shri Mataji has told. All these three things that put ice on the varicose veins, cycle while lying on the bed and a…

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So, cycling means that we lie on the bed and without holding the knees we just do the paddling of the feet for varicose veins. So those are thick and tortuous veins and then we put the olive oil in fridge and when it is cold we do a light massage without putting much pressure. And we just do the paddling so that helps in a… – we have seen cases who have improved in the sense that completely the tortuous veins have disappeared. So we had the opportunity to see one of these cases.

There is a question about: How con you help my husband vibrationally to calm him? He feels very stressed and this affects his health heartbeats, left Vishuddhi, left shoulder and all.

So here the modern world it is a stressful world. Too much of anxiety, so what I would advice is: Keep your foot-soak tub ready and when if he gets angry see that he makes foot-soak regularly.

Mr. Dr. Rai: This is what my wife does for me. It is very practical and handy, you know? (laughter). See, we’re people tried to avoid foot-soaking, you know. Avoid technique. They would say I have meditated, it is enough, you know, and good, you know. Thoughtlessness is main thing and so we have done it. Because you are feeling little lethargic to get the water, the tub, the salt and then to throw it back and so on. So what my wife has devised a method the she will put it, you know. And so when the tub is running so you feel: Oh, wife has done so much, so let me at least do the foot- soak.‘ So if you do the foot-soak it is really helping you because mother once said that: Is not only your heat is going … – When you are a realised soul and you are walking, specially in western world, there are lot of this souls which are hanging around and they want to get realisation or to get a rebirth to get realisation. What they do is, that they cling to your feet, they will cling to your feet while walking. You wouldn’t know. So mother says that everyone should try to foot-soak before you go to sleep. Not that it soothes you and it takes away the heat and negativity, specially from the right side that is the thing. But also all day long whatever – if any of these things have clung to you, you can release it in water.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: There is a question of bones arthrosis. It means as I said working on the Swadishthana Chakra by relieving the pressure on the Swadishthana Chakras. But is something that needs to be treated, that bones arthrosis needs to be treated medically also. It is a left side issue, so we do the left side treatment. There is pain in the bones then you do the hot fomentation but medically you need to take the catching tablets and whatever your doctor prescribes. You need to take a medical treatment also. But the bony conditions, there are two conditions. One is osteoarthritis (…) because of too much heat in the body. And there is rheumatoid arthritis. So if it is osteoarthritis then it is heat in the body. Don’t give heat. If it is rheumatoid arthritis then you have to give heat. So there are two different conditions regarding the arthritis’s and it is concerned. So it depends if you have too much heat in the body, then don’t give heat, but if it is less then we have to do the hot fomentation. So with this osteoarthritis, in this we do not give the heat.

Mr. Dr. Rai: There is a question about autistic children and there are some – Christina from Italy she has asked: Have you written any book to us. So I would tell you again that is my ambition and that is my desire to do that. I just wanted to revise my fathers book ‚Medical science enlightened‘, that he wrote 1994 and Shri Mataji was very happy. And that is now out of print and – so I wanted to revise again, since you have asked the question I will tell you that when the time comes we will doing it because it is not in my hands. And I had ask Shri Mataji in 2003 that I would like to revise my fathers book with the same format but I had some new work done. So Shri Mataji looked at me and said, again the same thing, She said: ‚That’s a very deep work. It’s a very deep work. It’s not that easy. So I said: Yes mother, it is a very deep work and all the work has done under Your guidance directly. Still it is my wish to revise it. To put a new addition.‘ So She said: Yes, but remember it is a very subtle and deep work. It is a very deep thing and yes, a doctor should do that.‘ And now thirteen years have passed and I have not been able to do it. Because and that’s why I’m saying that it is very good you have ask because my ambition is from 2003 till 2016 I have not been able to do. I have put this question directly to Her Holiness and first response Shri Mataji is very deep and second She said: Yes, doctors should do that‘, and if I am the doctor to do then when your good wishes and much of blessings we will try do and put everything at one place so that people can – you know, do it. But it is only when She desires we’ll be able to do that.

Somebody says: Can we do Bandhans for this for you?

Mr. Dr. Rai: Mother will take care. Mother will take care, yes. Mrs. Dr. Rai: When the right time comes. Mr. Dr. Rai: If we are capable to do that. The time will be capable to do that and She thinks that is the right thing to do She will get it.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So, autism it is a Badha and it is again to be treated by lemon and chilly but in autism it is not only in the left side but also in the right side because children are also hyperactive– so you have to work as the child’s symptoms are. If the child is overactive then make the child do foot- soak. It is a test for the parents I can say, specially mother. Autism -but we have also had coming from the social society they help the autistic children. So you must take some help even from the social workers because managing an autistic child by himself or herself is quite a task. Sahaja Yoga point of view we work with lemon and chillies. If the child is hyperactive making foot-soak. We have found that the autistic children do countdown. So been able to help few autistic children in this manner with the lemon and chillies and the foot-soaks. So I do know a few parents and children who have been helped by – of autism by Sahaja Yoga.

(Question about abortion) So abortion you know, like mother has said it is a question how to avoid abortion. So Shri Mataji has said you know, if it is not right it will not happen. In the sense there is something not right it will not happen but again it is overactive right side. In cases of infertility when the right side is overactive then infertility will be the result. You need to nourish your left channel. Keep your left hand to Shri Mataji and keep the right hand on the uterus area and you may keep it on the Swadishthana area and do Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and do Nirmal Vidya Mantra and just raise your left channel because as your left channel gets strengthen then it is the babies growth is coming from the left side. She has given an example that we pat – when we put the baby to sleep and we pat. So it is basically you are patting on the Swadishthana Chakra from where all the growth is happening. The centre heart as She has said, the antibodies are Ganas, the antibodies, so centre heart has to be strong and the Swadishthana Chakra, when usually you know? When we pat the baby to sleep. We pat. So from then the growth happens. You give vibrations to your Swadishthana Chakra and just see that your right Swadishthana Chakra is cool. Just see that you’re not too overactive using that.

So problem of going into thoughtless awareness. As I said going into thoughtless awareness this keeping right hand to Shri Matajis photograph and left hand on the right Swadishthana and you can do the mantras of Shri Himalaya, Shri Chandra Ma, Shri Nirvichara Sakshat. So the mantra to Shri Nirvichara Sakshat helps us to going into thoughtless awareness. So cooling happens by using the mantras of Shri Himalaya, Shri Chandra Ma. The other mantras are Shri Chitta Devata and Shri Chitta Shakti. Chit is attention. So we do the mantras of Shri Chitta Devata and Shri Chitta Shakti. And Shri Nirvichara Sakshat is very helpful. If you do Lords Prayer then also your Agnya Chakra gets cleared. These are the things that help us with the thoughtless awareness.

Mr. Dr. Rai: (1:50:54) So this Nirvichara I actually had I don’t know – because Shri Mataji once was telling and She use the mantras Shri Nirvichar Swamini Sakshat. Shri Nirvichar Swamini Sakshat. So once I was just asking Her: Mother, what is this world? We are born, we create a family then we die and what more we have to see? We have to see our parents now will go, then slowly the friends will go then the relatives will go.‘ This I was talking to Her twenty years back you know. So She looked at me. She says: ‚What’s wrong with you?‘ I said: ‚Now what is this world‘, you know. ‚Now we are this, some years later this we will go?‘ So She said: Come here, come here! Put the Agnya, you know, like this and She says: Ok, take the mantra of Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Nirvichara Swamini Sakshat.‘ So She said: Don’t think so much baba. You have to become thoughtless and this…‘ So I remember but, in all the mantra books it is written Nirvichar Sakshat‘ but this is personally She was telling me and She use this phrase ‚Nirvichar Swamini‘ means She has described thoughtlessness the deity of thoughtlessness is Nirvichar Swamini‘ means some deity who is sitting on the… – for your thoughtless awareness. So you can take that and if you are getting some thoughts which are too much then it helps you to clear your attention.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: There are few questions at different, different skin conditions rosacea and herpes. So all this things, the skin diseases get cleared when we clear our left Nabhi. For the skin issue clearing the left Nabhi helps to clear the skin problems. So you can keep a candle in front and keep your left Nabhi finger to the candle and you can keep your right hand on the left Nabhi or you can put it on the mother earth. So you meditate and you will find that the skin issues will go down. If you have itchy skin then it is the right, it is the liver. So if you have itching then it is the heat in the liver which is giving you itching. But all other skin diseases it is the left Nabhi. So you keep a candle and keep your Nabhi finger to the candle and put your right hand on the left Nabhi or you can put it on the mother earth. So with that the skin problems will get solved. So hypothyroid it is said it is left Vishuddhi.

There is another question of rumbling in the stomach. So it is a Nabhi issue. So if you do foot-soak and clear the Nabhi the rumbling in the stomach is going away. And then weakness, dryness due to old age so how to cope with it, loss of memory, injuries and pain in the chest ?? she is gone out. I’ll answer that to her, (but) she is gone…

Mr. Dr Rai: Yea, that lady has I think just left but basically you have to… – what I feel is after a certain age devote your life to do something for other people, you know. The moment you try to do things for other people your own problems will start getting solved. Your attention goes away from your own problems to other people. So do something. Everyone should do, but specially in old age you start giving it to other people you know. Is will be trying to give pamphlets for Sahaja Yoga today and give some realisation to do. Even some social work. I’ll give some money for some poor person or for some orphan children. The moment you shift your attention to other the kind of satisfaction you will get and your own bodily problems will be less, this thing. So we are not taking this in order actually. We are trying to see what is common here – doing it.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: So white flakes on the skin which chakra is the problem, as I said it is the Nabhi Chakra. So this is – you have to clear the right Nabhi. White flakes on the skin – clear the right side. It is the Nabhi Chakra, the liver is there.

Then there is a question from, I think a doctor or a person working in a hospital for neurological diseases. How can we use Sahaj techniques to help patients and how to purify our left Nabhi catches to get peaceful and how can we cure our right Vishuddhi pure and use mostly the sweet speech?

So left Nabhi as I said the candle helps clear the left Nabhi. And the right Vishuddhi and pure speech – the heat is coming basically from the right Swadishthana it ascends up. So cooling the right side will help to clear the Vishuddhi Chakra also and all the things that we say for the Vishuddhi help. Shri Radha Krishna, Shri Vitthala Rukmini mantras are there. And the simple prayer that Shri Mataji… – what do you say: Please give sweetness in my voice as that of Lord Krishna.‘ It is a simple prayer and very helpful. Whatever comes from your heart, Shri Mataji works it out. So to get a pure speech, to get a sweet speech we make prayers and it really helps.

Mr. Dr. Rai: Also She says sometimes that – She has said this many times that see positive in others. This is human tendency to criticise anybody specially if anybody is ascending in his social position or he is got more money or he’s name is in the newspaper ore something. So we start criticising because we start comparing. So She says: Don’t compare!‘ like there are trees. One tree is short, one tree is long, one tree is very big and voluminous. So all are standing. They are not fighting with each other, each has his own position, each has his own uniqueness. So each human being is unique. You have your own qualities and for an other yogi, She says: ‚Never criticise a yogi!‘ You see good things in other person and try to absorb the good things. If you have seen some bad things, forget it. Leave it to Shri Mataji. So the moment you will stop criticising, I know is a human nature, the moment is how we can stop criticising is, that we start seeing the good qualities. Even the worst of the person will have some good quality that we should see. That is what She has said.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: There are two or three other questions. One is about pain-treating. So on the Nabhi Chakra you pray to Shri Mataji to make you feel satisfied. So keep left hand to Shri Mataji, right hand to the Nabhi Chakra and a – centre Nabhi and you pray to mother to make you feel satisfied. So that will help you to stop this and there is another question about cancer.

So cancer as I said, it is a left side issue. We have to do all the left side clearance plus also clear the Ekadasha Rudras. So the Ekadasha Rudras are on the forehead. We can take the eleven names of Ekadasha Rudra. And to do the Ekadasha Rudra we move our hand in this manner. So you can also move a candle while doing the eleven names of the Ekadasha. Don’t cross the Agnya Chakra. Start from the left side. So when both, the right and the left Swadishthanas are overactive, then we find that the Ekadasha Rudras are overactive and in cancer that is there. So we can do the eleven names of Ekadasha Rudra. Also clear your void by taking the ten guru names. The ten guru names on the void and the Ekadasha Rudras. And cancer – it is Shri Vishnu is the deity who helps in our ascent. So foot-soak and clearing technique – Shri Lakshmi Narayana mantra. The Lakshmi Narayana mantra on the Nabhi helps to clear the cancer. So that is another mantra that is helpful and whichever part is affected. Like as I said, if it is throat then you have to clear the Vishuddhi chakra. If it is stomach area then clear the Nabhi Chakra. So which ever part is affected then that Chakra we work out on. And about the spreading how to help?

Mr. Dr. Rai: Then about diabetes also because diabetes is a very common disease, as She has said. And mother has said, I have mothers – this thing here with me. The cause for diabetes is overthinking. That is the gist. If you say one line, one word, it is overthinking. Not only overthinking, over-planning. So that means right Swadishthana is the thing and She says when right becomes too much it drains the left side. So left Nabhi catch with the right Swadishthana and too much thinking, then Agnya. So all this you have to clear. Eyes start getting weak because Swadishthana is surrounding the Agnya Chakra at your back Agnya. So it is the Agnya it is surrounded by the Swadishthana Chakra so if the Swadishthana is blocked or overactive it push pressures or it constricts the Agnya Chakra. And so eyes start getting weak and you get this problems at vison … – So diabetes is common. So it is right Swadishthana, then your left Nabhi, then your Agnya Chakra. All of his have to be done.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: There is a question about hashimotos thyroid syndrome. So this is an autoimmune disease. On any autoimmune disease we have to work on centre heart. So strengthen the centre heart, the … – our immunity becomes strong and oppose as it is a thyroid it is affected so we also work on the left Vishuddhi.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So I’m working in a neurological disease hospital. How can I use sahaj techniques to help patients? What I do sometimes is that I just see the patients, I see the modern medicine patients there, so I just see and do my clinics and OPD (note: out-patients-department). And then I just tell: ‚Are you stressed?‘ So they say: Yes the stress is there.‘ So it tries some things like visualisation, meditation. So says: ‚Why don’t you try some meditation?‘ Yes, yes. I try some Ram Deva meditation or some Brahma Kumari meditation.‘ No, no, no! We have done lot of scientific work on Sahaja Yoga. Why don’t you do try ‚I do myself? I find it very useful.‘ Then he will ask: Doctor, you do yourself?‘ ‚Yes, I do‘ and so ‚where can I…?‘ Ok, we can…‘ – either you can take to your own and give realisation or you can call on a particular day these patients and sometimes I collect this patients and I send them to her because now she is working outside in the same hospital where I go. So then – we can just tell them as a matter of fact. If you tell patients too much spiritual things at that time they are not taking it. So you can say ‚you are very stressed?‘, and everyone in this world is stressed, you see. They’ll say: I’m stressed!‘ They do this is very nice and we will tell you and so many diseases get cured. So as somebody is a doctor who has written. If you are working in a hospital then if you say that you yourself doing it then they will follow it.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: We have covered most of the questions. One question a thing. I’m diagnosed with skin tumor and I’m waiting to be called for an operation and I don’t really… – the vibrations do going for the operation. So what do I do? I can’t argue with the doctors.

So you know like – checking vibrations there are certain issues like sometimes you feel good vibrations sometimes you don’t. Vibrations a – sometimes like – we have mother has said, you know, like Shri Mataji has ask us to go somewhere and then… – She has given an example and then the yogis have not gone. They said: Mother we checked vibrations. We didn’t feel vibrations so we didn’t go.‘ So Shri Mataji said: That is why I ask you to go. Because the vibrations were not good over there and you were supposed to go there.‘ So you know this seems about vibrations sometimes we do get mislead, we are not able to decipher because someway our own a… – what you say desire, our own thinking gets in the way and we are not able to really get to feel what is right and what is wrong.

So like cancer is a condition wherein which can be treated you know. So if there is a tumor and you are trying to work it out through Sahaja Yoga ways. It could be a long process. Shri Mataji has clearly said that if it cancer is in an initial stage then Sahaja Yoga will help. But if it is in an advanced stage then for your Kundalini to work it out completely it may take a long time. Or it may or may not be effective. So that is why we advise that if it is something which is operable and can be operated upon, so remove the tumour and then simultaneously do you work out the Sahaja Yoga method of all this things of the left side clearance and all these. So in that way if not your whole attention is just on curing, on getting the disease cured and Sahaja Yoga is basically for our spiritual ascent.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So one thing more. Has be told in that earlier patient experience. See, whether it is operation, whether it is Sahaja Yoga, whether it is homeopathy, allopathy, unani (note: ancient Greek medicine), acupuncture, any pressure, any thing. Mother is going to work out so don’t worry. Just surrender to mother. If your doctor says operate, go. The operation will not accurate it is not good for you. So don’t think what is good what is even your vibrations. If you are not certain what I say just speak to the photograph. Just tell Shri Mataji: I surrender my problem to You. The medical doctor is saying to come to the operation. I’m going to him. I’m not going to the medical doctor. I’m going to You. You will be the medical doctor here. When You decide if operation is good, You operate, if it is not good send me back. So you surrender it to Shri Mataji. It will not happen if operation is not good for you. The doctor is going to send you back. So the best thing, you know – the easiest thing is to be innocent and surrender. That is what I have seen has worked for many people. And that is what I have counselled many people and have helped them. And all of them, most of them, you know, who were plus – minus they surrendered and as I told you they gave the experience that mother has come with a mask somebody said. Somebody is operation theatre photograph mother and the doctor to operate. So all these things are there that occur only if as a innocent child if you are going to surrender to mother it will work. Because to be master of the technique I think it will take many ages, many births. Because Sahaja Yoga is such a deep science. I don’t think in one life one can master it.

Mrs. Dr. Rai: There is another experience of a yogini that is coming to my mind. The lady had breast cancer, you know. Her brother is a doctor. And this lady a… – like a… – she didn’t want to take the medical treatment. So she went to the doctor. The doctor gave her one course of chemo or radiotherapy and then after taking one cycle she didn’t go back to the doctor. Then it happened that the growth again grew back. So she telephoned to the doctor that she wanted to come and visit the doctor. So the doctor was annoyed and said: What is this? Once you come, once you do not come. So this is not the way it is done.‘ So she did not know what to do. So she sat in front of Shri Matajis photograph and she was meditating. And while she was meditating in meditation she got the name of one doctor in Pune. The she got up from the meditation and she telephoned her husband and she said: ‚In meditation Shri Mataji gave me the name of so and so doctor. I’m supposed to go to this doctor. So how to find this doctor? So her son, an ID graduate he was sleeping in the other room. He heard his mother speaking to his father on the telephone and then they checked a website. He put the name on the computer and there he got the address of the doctor and the doctor’s clinic was just near by to their home. They went to the doctor and then the doctor said: Ok, you don’t need this. I will just do a small operation for you and you will be fine. But how did you come to me?‘ So she said: ‚Actually while I was meditating I got your name.’ And Shri Mataji gave her everything. That this doctor is from Rahuri. So she asked the doctor: Are you from Rahuri?‘ Rahuri is where mother’s grandparents lived. So he said: ‚How do you know?‘ She said: ‚I got it in meditation.‘ Then Shri Mataji send and she had this small operation and then she was cured of her sickness. So in this way Shri Mataji herself sends us to doctors, you know. In meditation this lady got the name of the doctor she was supposed to go. And then what happened, you know?

This lady, she said that she wanted to inform me, tell me this experience, but she said that: ‚If doctor Rai calls me here then I will tell her this experience. So I did not ring her up but the telephone call went from health centre. And she thought that I had called up and she rung me up. ‚Doctor, did you ring me up?‘ I said: No, I didn’t!‘ There was some other doctor who rung her up, for some other purpose. And she thought that it was I who rung her up and then she said: ‚So see, I have had this experience and mother wanted me to share this experience with you. So I got a telephone call form health centre and I thought it is you who had called up. So Shri Mataji, as you know, in this course of thirteen years gave us so many beautiful experiences and so many yogis have shared their experiences. So it just… – because, you know, as modern doctors now I am working in a medical school and the doctors who are there, She has given me an opportunity thirteen years She kept me at health centre and I got to have this personal experience of Sahaja Yoga working it out and now I’m involved in the research projects of Sahaja Yoga. As I went there to this medical school the vice chancellor of university he ask me to do research on the meditation that you do. So he put me to the research aspect of Sahaja Yoga joined us at medical administrator. But he reputed me to be on the research aspect. So I‘m teaching medical students and I get an opportunity to give realisation to new seekers. So mother is working it out and we have had very good results in there, results that we are going on. My professor, he is my co- guideNow I’m in this scientific aspect of Sahaja Yoga.

Mr. Dr. Rai: So I think most of the questions are there have been covered. Applause… (some words incomprehensible) you will try, we can answer by mail or she can answer by this thing. It has been wonderful experience coming to Cabella. We have been thinking for so many years but it couldn’t happen, you know. Because it was hot when I use to be there. Sometimes in Delhi when they were thinking of buying the castle I use to overhear 1991 I think, that Shri Mataji is planning to buy something here in Italy and we use to think why Shri Mataji is going so far and is buying something there and then we heard a castle. You are very afraid of castles, you know. We hear I mean stories. In stories from England and all that, these are all, you know… – castles and some frightful stories, you know, frightening stories about castles. But then Shri Mataji is Shri Mataji. She bought it and now it is become the world centre for spreading Sahaja Yoga and today only I was reading a ‚whats app‘ message where Shri Mataji says that: If your Kundalini awakened and if you are not giving realisation or not doing Sahaj work the thing will go down.‘ So some of us including myself think – sometimes think we only do meditation and it is ok. She may do the treatment, he may give the realisation, he may do this. But I can only mean by my meditating and looking after my vibrations that it is good. So She was saying that – today only morning I was reading that the Kundalini is a divine force. If you are not using it, it says: why should I be there with this person. He is just not using. So why be awakened and why be there?‘, and so it goes down. So that is a message for every Sahaja Yogi to try and use it. That was Shri Mataji’s lecture only, that if you can’t find a human to give it, give it to plants, give it to trees. But use the vibrations, give it to somebody, otherwise the whole thing goes down. So I think, I want to thank you peoples for such a patient listening, such good experience to give it so many foreigners. See, I’m not saying it for making you happy or saying it.

Because I told you, 1994 when Shri Mataji send me to train tour, She told me: Go with the train tour!‘ I said: ‚What will I do in that train tour to all this cities? I have seen most of them naturally. Go with the foreigners and see how dedicated they are to Me and learn from them!‘ So that was 1994 and 2016 it give both of us an opportunity to be with you and this not for worlds sake but we always, both of us talk for foreigners dedication, the way you have done it. Yesterday only is your Mr. […] was telling how a handful of foreigners brought that hangar down from Shri Matajis castle to this place and this hanger fixing by a few Sahaja Yogis. I mean it’s amazing to know, in that rain, in that mud, in that snow, they have done this and so we wish you all the best. And we wish Cabella all the best and we wish the world foundation and Cabella’s school reopens very soon which it will. And our good wishes and sahaj love to all of you. Thank you very much!