Medical Seminar, hosted by Sahaja Doctors

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Nine Nights of Navaratri

Medical Seminar, hosted by Sahaja Doctors, 18.10.2020

(06:05) Welcome through Vaibhav (Moderator): I’m right now sitting at the centre in Athens, Greece. We welcome you all on behave of the hosting countries. By Mothers grace we have here very experienced sahaj doctors. Their names are Dr. Bandekar who is urrently in France, Dr. Mehra is in India and Dr. Nayana comes from Australia. And also Dr. Sujata, unfortunately she could not join today but she has helped us a lot to gather those questions and put them in categories. During this workshop a lot of questions were collected. More than 200 questions we have summarized and categorized into different categories. Since there are so many questions we are not able to answer questions life during the session. We believe that your questions are most probably all covered in those categories. If you can just take the pain and write them down – you might get answers to all your questions. Basically we will start this session with a short meditation led by Dr. Bandekar and then one by one we’ll start answering your questions. Jay Shri Mataji. Thank you for joining.

(08:38 – 23:00) Dr. Dipali Bandekar leads a short meditation

(23:45) Cause and cures for respiratory problems:

  • Sinusitis
  • Migraines
  • Cough
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Throat pain
  • throat infection and tonsil problems
  • Treatment for lungs in Child:

Dr. Bandekar: All those are Vishuddhi problems. Your Vishuddhi should be absolutely pure, then you can feel the vibrations in your hands, because in the Vidhuddhi Chakra resides Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna is an evolutionary form of Shri Vishnu. Shri Vishnu resides in the Nabhi chaka and all the problems arising from the Nabhi are due to our food intake.

First is the sinusitis. Sinusitis means that sometimes we eat too much dry foods. Dry food is not good for our health actually. It creates heat in our body and you know the cause of the problem in the peritoneum comes from our Hamsa, because it is dry and creats this problem.We have to put ghee-camphor in the nose and use onion treatments.

You have to put onion slices on a pan and heat it, than you can put it on your sinusis. It is a good sinus treatment. Give heat of onions on your sinus and you will feel you get relieved.

(27:00) Migraines: Migraines belong to the right-sided problems.

For that you have to put icepack on your liver and on the right Swadishthana. Point your left hand towards the sky and say Hanumana-Chalisa. It will help.

(27:20) Cough and Bronchial Asthma: Because of insecurity. You should not feel insecure because Shri Mataji is there in our centre heart with all the weapons and hands to give us protection. And when we feel insecurity within us, that affects your lungs and you have Bronchial Asthma. So you have to put your right hand on centre heart and read the Devi Kavach as well as you have to put right hand on your left heart and take Shri Ramas Names. Some times you can recite Ram Kavach also.

(28:25) Throat pain, throat infection and tonsil problems: You know sometimes you eat hot and immediately cold or cold and immediately hot. You should not do this, because of that you have throat problems. For throat problems you have to put both your Vishuddhi fingers in the ears, watch towards the sky and say 16 times ‘Allah ho akbar’. Then take hot water, put some butter in it, add a little of himalaya-salt and drink it, that will sooth your throat. This is a good treatment for throat infection. We should inhale camphor and Ajwain Dhuni also.

(29:41) Then tonsils problems, same thing. If you eat ice cream and immediately something hot, then you have tonsil problems. Tonsils are the guards of our body and you should not do this. If you eat ice cream you can drink water at room temperature, not hot.

(30:13) Treatment for lungs in Child: Actually, when the mother feels insecure during pregnancy the child feels this insecurity of the mother and develops due to it lung problems. So, mother has to put her right hand on the right heart of the child and say Ram Kavach. Then this problem will go away.

(31:30) Questions related with eyes, ears, jaw:

  • Cataract
  • Tinnitus
  • how to make stronger the jaw after surgery:

Dr. Neyana: Jay Shri Mataji. Happy Navaratri. Now some questions come together in this category regarding the eyes, ears and jaw. Like the question regarding cataract. It affect the eyes. Two problems where the teeth are becoming dead cannot be cured in Sahaja Yoga. With cataract it similarly, if it is matured we cannot do anything except opting for surgery. But to prevent cataract you have to be very careful with your eyes. For that Shri Mataji has suggested a very simple remedi. That is we should to wash our eyes with rose water. We can vibrate honey in front of Shri Mataji and then use it like Kajal. When we put the honey (in the eyes) our eyes begin to water. After that you have to wash them with this vibrated rose water. To wash our face, to wash our eyes actually helps to clear our eyes and it will definitely help our eyesight, like short sightedness or any other problems like redness of eyes and so on. Every problem of the eyes might be improved through this eye-washing. So, if we keep practising this every day then we might avoid getting cataract. Sahaja Yoga will definitely help to clear our eyes with the simple method of using rose water.

(34:15) If suppose there is some eye problem like we can’t see than the simple method is to use Shri Matajis photograph to clear our eyesight. We know we have Shri Mataji’s hand-photograph in blue sari, that is very good for the treatment of eyes. What we have to do is to keep Shri Matajis hand-photograph in front of that photograph on the altar and light a lamp. We have to sit in a little distance of it, look at the lamp and then at Shri Mataji’s photograph. While looking at the lamp or Shri Mataji’s photograph we can recite Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha.

We can also clear the Back-Agnya for the eyes. We can take a candle in a container and we have to make an Arti with this on the Back-Agnya (Dr. Neyana makes with her right hand Bandhans over the back part of the head) we can take Ganesha Atharva Sheersha or Bija-Mantras from mantra-book for the Maha-Ganesha Bija-Mantra – ‘Om swaha’ – all those, Mantras we can take on the Back-Agnya. We can take the morning sunrise on our Back-Agnya to clear our eyes. We have to – Shri Mataji said that we have to keep our eyes so pure that whatever is not good according to Sahaja Yoga try to avoid. Like in the Television we can see many things which are not actually appropriate. We have to avoid it. When we avoid this automatically our kids, our children will learn from us. Lots of exposure to the mobile-phones is also affecting our eyes, try to avoid that.

(36:42) Now ear problems. There are so many. One is tinnitus that means noise in the ear. Depending on which ear is affected. Supposing it is the right ear, we have to keep left hand on the right Vishuddhi. Then we can recite ‘Shri Vithala Rukmini’ mantra sixteen times. If it is left ear, is buzzing or make some noise we have to keep our right hand on our left Vishuddhi and we take ‘Shri Vishnumaya’ mantra sixteen times. We can say ‘Allah ho akbar’ sixteen times to clear our Vishuddhi which also clears the ears. It’s because of this dryness in ear we might get this tinnitus problem. For that, one drop of oil daily in the ear will help. Oil, not the ghee, but we can use coconut oil, fresh one glove of garlic, in it we heat it up and this garlic oil we can put one drop every day. That will help.

(38:23) And the third one is the stronger jaw after surgery. When there is a surgery there is an injury so due to it many things get damaged in the cells. And we know Shri Ganesha is very helpful for those things. We can recite Shri Ganesha Atarva Seersha, keeping hand on the jaw wherever there is a stitch and pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Please heal this area with the help of Shri Ganeshas power. For this also, for the jaw we have to be careful. We should not over-use it, or use it to little. Means we are not talking, sometimes we are more talking. So we have to be very careful about this area also. And all those ears, eyes and jaw are coming under Vishuddhi. And when we clear our Hamsa with putting ghee-camphor all this area (Dr. Neyana shows with her finger the whole visual field) gets covered. So, make a habit to put ghee-kamphor in the nose.

(40:10) Problems related with liver and right side:

  • Fatty Liver
  • Jaundice
  • Gall bladder stones
  • Is calcium efficient in cooling right side and right Mooladhara?
  • Liver cirrhosis.
  • Difference in hot liver and sluggish liver and how to cure it?

Dr. Mehra: [difficult to understand because of poor sound and echoes]. Jay Shri Mataji. This problem of the liver is a right-side problem. When the liver is affected both the Swadishthan and the Nabhi are affected too. Right Swadishthan and right Nabhi. All these five questions, they are pertaining to the liver only. I will take one by one.

(40:55) Fatty liver: Ís when we take too much carbohydrates our liver is affected For this Mother has recommended to eat chick peas or you should take more protein than taking carbohydrates. And along with that you can make a liver diet. That I will tell you collective.

(41:43) Jaundice is due to right Nabhi and right Swadishthan. It is all due to liver problems, loss of weight, tiredness, means the liver does not metabolize. And for this Mother has recommended liver diet. You have to take ‘Liv 52’, Kokum, cane-juice, coconut water, reddish leave water and vegetables.

(42:25) Next is gall bladder stones. Due to cholestrol bile forms stones in gall bladder. It’s a right-side problem and you can use the mantra ‘Mukteshwari’. Mother ‘Om twameva sakshat, Shri Mukteshwari sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namha. Please take care of my gall bladder and my liver.

(43:14) Next is: Is calcium efficient in cooling right side and right Mooladhara? Yes! It is cooling liver and right Mooladhara.

(43:26) Liver cirrhosis: This is also due to building up fat in liver. It can be due to excessive alcohol drinking, weight loss, abdominal pain it can also lead to liver failure. So, liver diet can improve it. The liver is the most important organ for the attention. It gives us joy and this joy shows also on the face.

(44:26) Next is: Difference in hot liver and sluggish liver. Hot liver is a right side problem because we take too much protein, then the liver become hot. Put your left hand on liver and right hand to our Mothers photograph we can pray to Mother: ‘Mother, please cool down my liver.’ Sluggish liver, this again is a fatty liver problem. Clear your liver by taking sugar.

Sugar is good of the liver. Black kokum, ginger. You can take ginger. Ginger is very good, as well as cooling, sweetened radish water, candy sugar, rice, barley and brown bread. Prohibited food is butter, ghee, ice cream, as well as all sorts of nuts, greasy food, hot and spicy food, tea and coffee and acid fruits. Jay Shri Mataji

(47:20) Dr. Bandekar speaks about questions regarding pains in different parts of body:

  • Whole body joint pain
  • Back pain. Knee pain
  • chronic lower back pain
  • cervical pain
  • Arthritis
  • Aching legs
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

(48:59) Whole body pain: The body pains, when you use to much carbohydrates in your diet, because gas formation takes place in your body and that leads to body pains. Wherever you have pain you have to do a massage with mustard-seed oil simultaneously kerosene. So, kerosene and mustard-seed oil in equal quantity you have to mix it, vibrate it in front of Shri Mataji and then you can use it for massage. Give massage wherever you have and you will get relieve. Again I have to tell you that: Don’t eat the food which grows under the earth, like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Avoid the potatoes.

Then third one: Wherever you have pain, you just put your right hand there and the left hand towards Shri Mataji and Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and Shula harini sakshat mantra. Shula means the pain. Shula harini sakshat mantra, with this you kill the pain. After that Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha to kill the pain in different regions.

(51:30) If you have back pain, lower back pain, put both your hands on the lower back and say the mantra ‘Shri Mataji, you are sakshat Shri Bhagavati. Please look after my lower back.

And put both your hands on lower back and say the mantra: ‘Om twameva sakshat, Shri Bhagavati sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha.’ Six times. As well as you have put you hands on the lower back, watch towards the sky and say ‘Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati’ mantra six times because this problem (comes) from Swadishthana. Swadishthana has six petals so we have to say six times ‘Bhagavati sakshat’ mantra und ‘Brahmadeva Saraswati sakshat’ mantra.

(52:25) Cervical pain: Cervical pain it come actually from the Vishuddhi. You have to clear your Vishuddhi. You massage your cervical and put ghee/ camphor mixture in your nostrils. If you have a camphor allergy you can use Ayurveda medicine. You will get it in pharmacy – Arno oil. It’s called Arno oil. Ar panjayria ardhan oil. This is good for cervical pain.

(53:31) Then knee pain: Knees relate to Nabhi and Nabhi and Swadishthana includes the Bhavasagara. So, you have to clear your void in foot soak with reciting Adi Guru Dattatreyas names. And give hot and cold fermentation. First you have to put ice on your knee and then immediately after hot water. Then this hot and cold fermentation will help you for your knees.

(54:30) Rheumatiod arthritis: If you suffer of rheumatoid arthritis you can also put ice on your right Swadishthana and take the names of Adi Guru Dattatreya for the void as well you have to take lemon juice. Take one cup of water, add the juice of two lemons in it and drink that. After breakfast, after lunch and after dinner you have to drink that lemon water. With some salt maybe, if you can’t eat very sour you can mix honey on it. So, this treatment was actually recommended by Shri Mataji. Now we will go to next category.

(55:51) Questions regarding allergies and intolerance:

  • Allergies
  • food intolerance
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Insect bite allergies
  • Allergies to antibiotic medicine.

(56:00) Dr. Neyana: Jay Shri Mataji. in this category there are so many questions regarding to allergies. Different allergies. Shri Mataji explained that those allergies a coming from the liver. In case of food-allergies it has also to do with the liver. The liver cannot digest or assimilate the food properly and that’s why we feel this problem. The reason starts from childhood already at the time of pregnancy. When the mother is having this hot liver problem, during pregnancy, on can call it “liverish”, then generally it transfers to the child and gets to the … [? sound interference]. At the time of pregnancy we have to take care about our diet so that we can prevent all the allergies which may affect the children. For this we have to vibrate the food and find out which food actually not good for us and we have to take care of it. The best way to get rid of those allergies is to clear our void. In the foot soak we have to take 108 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya and it will definitely help. But it takes quite some time to clear the … [? sound interference].

(58:31) Now the seasonal allergies, that means the pollen allergies or … [? sound interference] like that. The pollen allergies are creating fever or asthma and for that we can take Shri Rama Kavach on the right heart. We put ghee-camphor if it is a pollen- allergy. We have to keep our hamsa clear. We have to keep our lungs clear with Shri Ramas mantra or Shri Ramas 108 names or Shri Rama Kavach. We have to recite it during foot soak. All allergies are coming from the Nabhi so this clearance is always done with the Jala-Tattwa,


that is the water element. We are taking the help of water element. Recite Adi Guru Dattatreyas 108 names during foot soak. The Shri Rama Kavach should also be recited during foot soak.

(59:45) What can also create allergies are insect bites. For that we have to put ice cubes on the area of the insect bite. It will soothe temporary but again the most important thing is to keep the left channel clear that will help to keep the toxins, which are creating the allergy, at bay. Of course, we have to clear our void at the same time. Again it is the left channel and void clearance that counts. For antibiotics again we need a clear and strong void. Actually, the centre heart is also playing a role, because it produces the antibodies to our whole body. That means if we are having some fear or insecurities during the taking of antibiotic than the side-effects are worse. Instead of helping they creates extra problems. Shri Mataji says: “Take antibiotics only if there is an absolute need, otherwise better avoid them.” Alone the name “antibiotics” , “anti” itself implies that it is against, the body, “biotics” means body. So, it is against the body, try to avoid it and if there are some allergies or problems, intolerances, we have to clear the void, the centre heart and the left channel. Jay Shri Mataji

(1:05.04) Questions regarding mental disorders:

  • Panic attacks
  • anxiety
  • stress and anger
  • schizophrenia
  • high functioning autistic spectrum disorder:

Dr. Mehra: Panic attacks: Is a question about panic attacks. [problems with the mic] Questions regarding mental disorders. First the panic attacks and then stress and anger, schizophrenia, high functioning autistic spectrum disorder. I will take one by one.

Panic attack is due to right side problem, due to anxiety, stress and anger. In this case we have to clear our right side with the help of foot soak, Shri Hanumana Chalisa and Shri Mahasaraswati, Hanumana Mantra – then raise left to right.

Then anxiety: That is due to right Swadishthan – too much thinking. That can also be treated with foot soak, Shri Hanuman Chalisa and put left to right.

Stress and anger: There again, you have to clear your right Swadishthan and pray to Mother: ‘Please take away all my excessive heat and anger, clear your Agnya chakra with a candle. You can say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha if you are hot-blooded and then you can connect with Sahasrara. Anger also comes when your Ekadesha Rudra catches. Please clear your Ekadesha Rudra. Take the eleven names of Ekadesha Rudra. That will make you thoughtless.

(1:07:09) Next is schizophrenia: Is the result of some possession. It’s a left side problem. It’s due to following a fake tantric guru. Then sometimes you can go mad also. In this case you clear your left side with three candle treatment. And thinking too much, constant thinking can lead to epilepsy. By epilepsy due to drug-addiction Shri Mataji recommended left hand to altar and keep right hand to fire.

(1:08:05) Next is high functioning autistic spectrum disorder: This is also a right-side problem. You can clear your right side, use your ice pack and take foot soak two to three times. That will clear you.


(1:09.55) Questions regarding related autoimmume and nervous system problems:

  • Auto immune problems
  • shaking of hands
  • thyroid problems
  • how to improve loss of memory and energy due to Parkinsons
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hashimoto Hypothyroidism.

Dr. Bandekar: Jay Shri Mataji. Next category is autoimmune and nervous system problems. Auto immune problems means shaking of hands, then thyroid problems. It is beyond our control. We can not control or senses because those are neurology problems. Those neurologic problems are there and because of that shaking hands or Parkinson sets in. Thyroid problems induce loss of memory and loss energy due to Parkinson. Then hydro myalgia and Hashimoto, both come under the heading of thyroidism.

(1:10:58) All those are symtoms of autoimmune Diseases. For that you have to do meditation nicely to reach thoughtless awareness. You should not think in meditation. Meditation means thoughtlessness. You have to become thoughtless. You can cure yourself with your food, you have to eat more proteins just like almonds, pistachios – but you have to soak them in water (over) night and after peeling you can eat them. Then oil massage. I just recommend that mustard oil and kerosin have to be mixed together for massage.

Then sometimes our body could also be shaking due to following false gurus. You have to clear your mooladhara also. For Mooladhara there is Ganesha and on back Agnya there is Mahaganesha. That’s why you have to pray to Ganesha, you meditate on your mooladhara as well as Agnya, back agnya. Back Agnya you have to take Mahaganesha, beeja mantra on back Agnya, also use candle and rays of the rising sun on back Agnya.

(1:13:18) Then tyroid problem. Left thyroid there it is a hypothyrodism and right thyro is a hyperthyrodism. So, hyperthyroidism is a right-side problem and hypothyrodism is a left side problem. To treat that you have to take Vishnumayas names on left vishuddhi as well as you massage your left vishuddhi and don’t feel guilty. Just pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, I surrender all my guilt at your divine lotus-feet. Take out all the guilt within me and enlighten my left vishuddhi. And don’t become emotionally disturbed. If you have hyperthyroidism, then you should not react. Try to control your anger. You should not react because reaction creates hyperthyroidism. You can use ice -bags and massage also your right vishuddhi. I think this autoimmune is covered. Now next category.

(1:15.15) Questions regarding related physical deformities:

  • Causes and cures for scoliosis
  • Hiatus Hernia.

Dr. Mehra: Questions regarding related physical deformities: Causes and cures for scoliosis. In this case your spine is disturbed. It’s a right-side problem. When your spine is …

[ambiguous] affected. You can clear your void and right heart.With both hands on Swadishthan say Ganesha Atharva Seersha. Clear your Vishuddhi and Agnya and Ekadesha Rudra. This is the problem with most of the ladies who are approaching menopause, there the hormones are disturbed and several problems start. You can massage your spine with kerosene oil. You can mix with mustard oil vibrate it and massage it well.


(1:16:46) Next is Hiatus Hernia. Hiatus Herniam, it affects the stomach. When part of your stomach pushes up to the diaphragm muscles. Part of you stomach pushes into your chest cavity and causes acidity. You feel acidity. This is controlled by liver diet, because it is basically a liver problem. Due to liver this thing happens. Clear your void, nabhi, taking the mantra Kuleshwari sakshat and Kalaratri sakshat. If it is not cured then your intestine is also affected. So, it is better take the mantra of Shri Kuleshwari, do foot soak and say Kalaratri mantra. You can use ice pack on your liver also and don’t eat spicy food as told in liver diet. You should take liver diet that will cure you. Next category.

(1:18.30) Questions related to skin and dandruff problems:

  • Melasma
  • Itchy dry Skin
  • Hair Fall. Hereditary Dandruff
  • Lichen planus and lichen planopilaris
  • Dots on the skin.

Dr. Bandekar: Skin and dandruff problems. Itching skin. So, this problem is also a right-side problem. If you are thinking to much, if you are under lots of stress then you have those itching problems.

Melasma, then hair fall, dots on skin, hereditary dandruff, itching, dry skin, hair fall. You have to put oil on your skin. You massage the oil into your scalp only with the tips of your fingers. And you have to use almond oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil is good. You should apply oil before you wash your head and trice in a week at least you should massage oil on your full body. Also ghee will help you if you use it for massage. Give massage to your full body before taking a bath and you will realize that your itching is reducing, but don’t massage ghee on your scalp, because that will make your hair fall. If you have dandruff and hair fall just take coconut oil, put some drops of lemon in it and camphor. And give massage to your scalp. You should have this massage two or three times in a week, not every day, preferably on Saturday night treat yourself with coconut oil massage, add lemon and camphor and massage it in only with your fingertips. Don’t rub your scalp. You can also soak some methi seeds in curd (Yoghurt) and apply to your head. After one and a half hour you can wash your head. It will be also good for dandruff. Put also use ice packs on your liver, right Swadishthana and right Agnya. It will help you to cool down your stress and the hair falling will stop. Dandruff will go away and your skin problem also and don’t eat more dry fruit. Eating to much dry foods might also create these problem.. Next category.

(1:23.17) Questions regarding related small Children problems and vaccination:

  • Any particular suggestions or treatments can be done for small children
  • Any particular suggestions from Shri Mataji regarding vaccinations.

Dr. Neyana: Jay Shri Mataji. It is all falls under the heading of small childrens problems. Children are not having any problems. They have due to the parents who have to care at their own parents state. Whatever is in their attention reflects on the children. If the mother is not in a balanced state, getting angry, getting paniky, automatically that heat which is created from the mother, her child might be hyperactive or show some signs of misbehaviour . That all comes from the parents, specially the mothers, so the mother has to be careful, keeping balanced, do regular meditation, do foot soak. Don’t avoid the foot soaking because that foot


soaking is very important, this foot soaking is actually helping to keep the child right. Take the child to all possible programs of Sahaja Yoga, collective centres. Collective programs help to keep the Mother in a balanced state, from which the child benefits automatically. Still there are some problems with children, for example Asthma, eczemas, diarrhoea and constipation in childhood. For that we can take care with keeping the hand on the part of the child´s body which is affected, and the mother has to recite the mantras like Ganesha Atharva Sheersha or Devi Kavach or Rama Kavach.

The application of coconut oil is very soothing, Shri Mataji recommends also the Kailash Jeevan for eczemas or some rashes, like nappy rush for instance. The Kailash Jeevan is very cooling. Apply immediately at the onset of eczema.

(1:26:20) For the vaccination there are so many controversies, but I would like to read what Shri Mataji said about it. So, we have to use our discretion and ask our vibrations.

Childrens vaccination: Shri Mataji said that we have to vaccinate our children against everything, because the diseases are negativities and children must be protected against them. So, all the children who had not been vaccinated immediately went for vaccination. That is one experience we shared. Vaccination helps to strengthen them against negativity. If you feel that the child has been a little bit affected on vibrations by the vaccination you can work on their left Swadishthan with the candle.

This is the thing and one another thing – but in Sahaja Yoga it is not symptomatic. It is not from outside to be treated but from the inside, in the sense that when the Kundalini rises She passes through the centres specially, through the heart centre. Centre heart is the centre which create antibodies up to the age of twelve years. Then those antibodies are distributed over the whole body. Whenever you are afraid or when there is a problem there is an attack from outside, then this sternum bone starts pulsating and it’s a remote control and conveys the danger to these antibodies but then you challenge the antibodies all the time. That means that when we are vaccinating then we are challenging the antibodies, due to that the antibodies get tired and the whole system gets affected. Now instead of that you must nourish the antibodies, that’s what is done through Sahaja Yoga. They can become very strong and active. So many antibodies get out of order, but with Sahaja Yoga they are not only nourished but they also live very long and they have greater power to fight the attacks. In both those systems there is no talk of spirit at all. It doesn’t deal only with your physical side. Physical is not everything. I have met people who are very healthy people. They have come to me, saying that: ‘Mother, we want peace.’ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This is, you can see this reference. 12.02.1992. We give this in our information.

(1:30:52) So the next part vaccination for the childhood – vaccination – Shri Mataji said we have to give and if there are some allergies due to vaccination you have to clear perhaps Swadishthana with candle, so that we can prevent further problems of the vaccination, but She recommends Vaccination in the childhood, as for adults we have to see the vibrations, we have to use our discretion, because due to meditating our antibodies get more powerful. So lets have faith in ourselves, because being in balance acts like a vaccination. Nowadays with this Corona- Virus we have to be very strong, we have to keep our centre heart strong and we have to have this faith that my Kundalini is awakened. Kundalini is my mother and takes care of my whole system, so nothing will affect us. This is the part of discretion we have to use as a Yogi. Jay Shri Mataji. Next please.

(1:32:38) Questions related breast and ladies:

  • Breast lump
  • Breast cancer
  • Papilloma Virus
  • Hot flushes during menopause
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Polycystic Ovaries.

Dr. Bandekar: The next category is related to breast and ladies problem, that is Breast lumps, Breast cancer, Papilloma Virus. So, breast lumps, breast cancer: The main reason is insecurity. Feeling insecurity within yourself, creates those health-problems. Why are you feeling insecure? Shri Mataji is there in the pulmo Shri Jagadamba, in the pulmo Shri Durga with all the weapons in her hands. So, we should not be afraid of anything. You should never feel insecure. If there is an insecurity and you have this problem so you have to put your right hand there and say Devi Kavach for centre heart and left hand on right heart and say Rama Kavach or Shri Ramas 108 names for right heart. This Devi Kavach and Rama Kavach or Ramas names will help you, but you have to pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, please remove all the fears within me, all the insecurity within me. You are my protection. Please protect me with all your weapons!’ And shoebeat this fear within you.

(1:34:23) And papilloma virus: tThis virus is also a left side problem and sometimes it results due to sexual contact, because this is a contact virus. You have to clear your left side mooladhara and recite four times Ganesha Athaarva Sheersha for the mooladhara. Both hands on mother earth take Ganeshas names. And if you are following some tantrika or mantrika that could also creates those problems, because your Void gets disturbed. you have to clear your void with Adi Guru Dattatreyas names in foot soak water as well as to take Ajwain-camphor to clean your left channel and Matka treatment.

(1:35:36) Then hot flushes during menopause: Hot flushes during menopause is common, so you have to do foot soak three four times in a day.

Vitamin D deficiency: You can drink D deficiency capsules or tablets and fish will also give you vitamin D. You have to go in the sun. If you take the raysof sun on your body then vitamin D will be produced.

(1:36:33) And polycystic ovaries: This problem arises because of false guru. If you are going to some false gurus or following false gurus even before coming to Sahaja Yoga you have to shoebeat all the problems created in your memory as well as all false gurus. So, write down the names of false gurus and shoebeat them! Even nowadays lots of persons have this void problem. Lots of tantricas and mantrikas started their damaging activities, reason being, that peoples became mainly money-minded and followed unfortunately their suggestions of how to prosper. Don’t indulge in this false knowledge if you do not want your void disturbed. Don’t worship anybody else except Shri Mataji. Only Shri Mataji permitted us to worship the swayambhu. Mother had created them, refrain also from worship any statues. And for this problem PCOD (polycystic ovary-syndrome) and hydroid you have to do Ajwain dhuni for mooladhara. Then this will go away and the size will reduce. And right hand on centre Swadishthana and say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, I surrender my physical problems at your divine lotus feet. In the form of Shri Dhanavantari, please help me. And Shri Mataji will help you. Shri Mataji explained which diseases cannot be cured with Sahaja Yoga treatments. Try to follow those instructions then you will feel better. Now we will go to the next category.

(1:39:05) Questions regarding causes and cure of some diseases:


  • High blood sugar
  • Anemia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cure for Diabetes.

Dr. Mehra: Next category Dr Mehra answers questions regarding causes and cure of some diseases. That is high blood sugar, anemia, high blood pressure, cure for diabetes. So, this is all – high blood sugar, first I am referring to high blood sugar. This is due to right Swadishthan and left Nabhi. If you think to much which leads to stress and strain that is why the people get high blood sugar because the fat cells of the body get into the brain and then the thinking goes on about the future which causes stress and strain to the pancreas. Mother has told us to clear your right Swadishthan and left Nabhi. For that ‘Hazrat Ali Fatimabai’ Mantra is recommended. You should not think too much nor pay to much attention to your habits. Don’t fear for anything, it adds to your vulnerability do not feel guilty. You should not feel guilty for anything. All fat cells are used by the brain. ‘Hazrat Ali’ mantra and ‘Fatimabai’. You can also use an ice pack. Clear your Agnya for this. For the Agnya raise left to right. Ice pack on right Swadishthan and right Nabhi and you can also use candle treatment on the left Nabhi.

(1:41:05) Next is anaemia. Anaemia means a loss of fat cell in the blood. It is due to left side problems. When you are very hasty in every thing, that affects your fat blood cells in the body. This is a left side problem. You can clear your left Nabhi and left Vishuddhi. That will clean this spleen problem. It’s all due to the spleen. The spleen is affected if you are acting hasty, or if you are always in a hurry, like rushing to the office or any activity you do in a hurry. Don’t read newspaper in the morning. Mother has told us to avoid reading newspaper in the morning. Mother tolt us to take Sabya, an Indian herbal treatment for clearance. It can be soaked over night in water to be consumed it in the morning.

(1:42:43) High blood pressure: High blood pressure is also a right-side problem. Right Swadishthan and right Nabhi you have to clear. You can put your left hand on your right Nabhi and right Swadishthan and say Ganesha Athaarva Sheersha. You can foot soak and use ice packs. Foot soak two or three times. Raise left to right. This is a right side problem which needs also clearing of your Agnya. When you are thinking too much it will affect your right side. Keep your Agnya clear than you will gradually cool down. If you do left to right it will also affect your right side. I hope that it is clear to you now.

(1:43:35) Cure for diabetes I have already told you. You can cure diabetes by clearing your right Swadishthan and left Nabhi. You can go for liver diet and avoid too much sugar. Avoid using too much dry food. Avoid using too much carbohydrates. And take care of your lifestyle. Diabetes is a problem of the lifestyle. You should be in time, you should take your meal and you sleep earlier and meditate properly. That will keep your stress at a minimum and your health will improve. Thank you. Jay Shri Mataji. Next category.

(1:44:35) Questions related to intestines:

  • Constipation
  • Intestinal worms
  • Irritable bowel
  • Intestinal Colitis

(1:45:00) Dr. Neyana: The questions related to the intestines covers the constipation,


intestinal worms, irritable bowel, intestinal colitis. This is all related to the Void. Constipation is right mooladhara. When there is heat it dries up the water and the body becomes dry and heat leads to constipation. For that we have to clear the right mooladhara. Right hand towards Shri Mataji, left hand on mother earth and we can take Ganesha Atharva Seersha, or Shri Kartikeya mantra four times or we can take Shri Kartikeya’s 108 names. So, cool down our right mooladhara. We have to drink lot of water. We have to follow the liver diet if there is a constipation.

(1:46:14) Intestinal worms again are related to this. And now the whole world has adopted the hygiene. And this intestinal worms manifest because of improper hygiene. Unhygienic conditions. About food we have to wash and use clean utensils. Before food we have to wash our hands with soap and water whatever is happening. And nowadays with lock downs we are realising the necessity of proper hygiene and we have to make a habit of practicing them. We are in lock down and due to this corona-epidemic it is vital to start learning personal cleaning habits for avoiding to infect each other. Personal hygiene has to be taken seriously that automatically prevents also getting worms in the intestines. It is very simple when we a taking proper hygiene and proper diet this worms will go away. For this we should drink a lot of water to clear the right mooladhara. After we clear the right mooladhara worms are destroyed.

(1:48:01) Irritable bowel syndrome: if we cannot digest anything and it affects the whole system of our Nabhi we have to strengthen our Nabhi and we have to take the help of our Void. Adi Guru Dattatreya is helping to clear this irritable bowel syndrome. During foot-soak we have to take the 108 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya. If it has become chronic it might take a long time to get cured. For those who have this irritable bowel syndrome or similar bowel symptoms they have to follow up this treatment for three month daily. Taking Adi Guru Dattatreya’s names for three months will help.

(1:48:50) Intestinal Colitis. Colitis is the swelling which comes in combination between the left and the right. We have to clear our left channel and at the same time we have to cool down the heat of the mooladhara, for that we have to put both hands on mother earth and take Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. It will clear both the channels and this colitis, the swelling on that area will reduce. Jay Shri Mataji. So, next slide.

(1:49:33) Questions regarding physical exercise:

  • When and how much physical exercise is recommended during a week
  • Chronical cystitis

Dr. Mehra: Now we are coming to questions regarding physical exercise. When and how much physical exercise is recommended during a week. In those modern times Hatha Yoga is a set of exercises. You might get problems due to Hatha Yoga. Mother has said that Hatha Yoga is not good for your health. Because when you practise Hatha Yoga the left side gets neglected, leading to dryness and left heart starts catching. Do those exercises only after realisation, because a realized Sahaja Yogi should have his attention on the Sahasrara while doing those exercises in moderation. Mother has given a lecture pertaining to this subject during february1983, where She said that one can do a little exercise for the Mooladhara, like butterfly, and you can do pranayama slowly for the Swadishthana Chakra, Breathe clearly in and out very slowly – keeping attention on Sahasrara. You should not do very static, hard exercises, that will give you problems. It is all right to do a few exercises and a little pranayama. You can listen to mothers talk 1983, march 2.

(1:51:41) Then comes the chronic cystitis. It’s a chronic digestive problem. Dr. Neyana has already told you ICD this is an irritable bowl syndrom. It is also a digestive left side problem. Clear your Void, Nabhi, Swadishthan. Keeping both hands to mother earth, that will clear it. Jay Shri Mataji. Next category.

(1:52:15) Problems related heart:

  • Lethargic Heart, diarrhea, dizziness, obsessive thoughts
  • extra systole at bedtime
  • Mitral valve prolapse
  • Stent in the heart: What care needs to be taken in order not to get attached again
  • Is there any Ayurveda treatment to improve artery blockage and opening of arteries in the heart?

Dr. Neyana: Jay Shri Mataji. This covers all the heart problems. The lethargic heart is called angina where at first the left Vishuddhi get affected and starts the problem with the heart which causes pain in the heart. For lethargic heart clear the left Vishuddhi. Keep the right hand on the left Vishuddhi and recite Shri Vishnumaya mantra sixteen times. Don’t feel guilty about anything because we are Sahaja Yogis and we know we are the spirit. When we are spirit we should not feel guilty, the lethargic heart will get better.

Diarrhoea, dizziness, obsessive thoughts

Diarrhoea is because of the left Mooladhara. So, right hand on the Mother Earth and we can take Ganesha Atharva Seersha for diarrhoea. We can see that most of the time this diarrhoea brings us back into a balanced state and all that negativity is flushed of the system in form of diarrhoea. It is a good sign actually but if it goes on to long and we are becoming more tired and weak, that time we have to take Ganesha Atharva Sheersha for left Mooladhara.

Dizziness with it in a combination it involves the liver and involves Agnya.

Obsessive thoughts are also due to the Angya where it is conected with the Mooladhara Chakra. For this we have to clear the Mooladhara Chakra that is keeping both hands on Mother Earth and taking Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. It will help for the dizziness as well as for the obsessive thoughts. For dizziness we can keep the left hand on the liver and take Ganesha Atharva Sheersha to cool down the liver. It might be because of ear or eye problems or Angya headaches then we also have to clear the Vishuddhi chakra it will help us to cool down and to get rid of this dizziness You can take the ‘Allah hu akbar’ to clear the Vishuddhi chakra.

(1:55:48) Now this extra systole at bedtime. It is a part of a palpitation of the heart beat when we are feeling insecure. But that insecurity is coming from the right side. Shri Mataji has given the beautiful relationship between the deities how they are interconnected as brothers and sisters. The sister of Shri Shiva is Shri Saraswati. We should take care not to burden this right side, because overloading it is causing extra systoles.We should be sensible and stop right sided activities.

(1:56:56) Mitral valve prolapse again when we are more right sided. The physical part of the heart started showing some symptoms because we are not controlling our right channel – right side.


(1:57:15) And again the stent in heart that is also because there is a problem on the physical heart because we are using more right side. We have to cool down the right side, we have to reduce tension. It is all – Shri Mataji says that Shri Hanumana has to play tricks when we are to rightsided. Hanumana actually reduce our excessive activities by braking them down. We should actually look inside and try to avoid things which are causing the rightsidedness.

Those are the things that we have to take care of to safeguard the heart. It should show us to introspect and see how far we are running. We have to control ourselves. We have to use our discretion, taking care of the activities of our day to day life and how to slow down the activities – for this we can take the help of the collectivity. What happens in general is that we try to cover everything. We wanted to do every job. This is my job is also, that is also my job and so on. We do not trust any other colleges or friends or other people which are around us. Still it is most important that we come down and try to reach a balanced state, by distributing the volume of work and balance ourselves. This is a physical heart problem which we have to get settled otherwise the Shri Hanuman pull the brake to make the changes in this heart area. We have to take ShriShiva’s names on the left heart. We can say this ‘Shivo ham’. Shivas 108 names will help. Hanuman Chalisa, doing foot soak maximum times. Cool down the liver to cool down the right channel. All those treatments for the right side we can do to get this heart problems corrected.

(2:00:09) Is there any Ayurveda for the blockage. Dr. Bandekar might give some appropriate medicine for this. But what I learned that this ginger is very good to dissolve the melt, the block. So if there is a blockage in my practice my doctor is actually recommend this home remedy, that the ginger and the coconut we have to mix together and apply, make a pack on the heart area and the patient gets a good result of this. So, Dr. Bandekar is the right person to talk more about it. So, I request Dr. Bandekar to give some advice for treatment of this blockage.

(2:01.20) Dr. Bandekar: I recommend Himalaya Abona tablets and or if you can get ‘Arjunarishta’ in the pharmacy. The tree Arjuna represents five elements. It meant flower, fruits and bark as well as roots all thost parts of the tree contain Arjunarishta. Arjunarishta is good for heart blockage and artery blockage as well as Himalayan Abona. You can write down this medicine and try it out. Jai Shri Mataji.

(2:02.35) Problems related sleep:

  • urinating while sleeping
  • grating teeth while sleeping
  • frequent micturition problem

Dr. Mehra: Now problems to related sleep. Urinating while sleeping, grating teeth while sleeping and frequent micturition problems. Those are mostly all childrens problems, and even excessive urination is a rightside problem. If there is excessive urination we can clear our right side. Regarding children Dr. Neyana said clearly that if the mother will clear herself the children chakas will automatically get cleared. As far as the the mother goes they should take care of the children and clear their subtle system. Urinating, excessive urinating and urination during sleep is all due to right side problems. Children bedwetting, is due to the bladder. Clear Mooladhara and Swadishthan regularily and it will improve.

(2:03:55) Grating teeth while sleeping. It is a left side problem. Bacterial disease. This is a sleep related moment disorder due to pinworm and tapeworm and (perhaps roundworm?) in your stomach. When the children a infested with this worms then start grating their teeth.

(2:04:20) Frequent micturition problems. Certain neurological diseases, certain neurological collection due to kidney or ureter,bladder problems. Clear Swadishthan and Mooladhara to improve the disorder.If we clear ourselves the children will be automatically cleared in the bargain. It is better for the children if the mothers clear themselves. Thank you. Jai Shri Mataji.

(2:05:12) Nabhi and stomach releated problems:

  • how to cure left nabhi catch
  • stomach ache
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting
  • Gas problem in the stomach
  • Hot center Nabhi

Dr. Bandekar: Nabhi and stomach related problem. How to cure left Nabhi problem? Left Nabhi you have to take candle on left Nabhi as well as left Void with the ten names of Guru, that is the primordial masters residing in the left Void, because left Void pressure goes to the left Nabhi than you get left Nabhi catches. And husband – wife relations will be affecting your left Nabhi. Unsatisfactory marital relation will also affect your nabhi.

(2:06:00) Then stomach ache. If there is a stomach ache then you have to take candle treatment for your left Void as well as reciting Adi Guru Dattatreyas names during footsoak. Very hepful can be, if you swallow ajwain with a cup of hot water, it will relieve the pain.

(2:06.37) Then indigestion. If you have indigestion and also loose motions you have to recite Adi Guru Dattatreyas names as well as candle treatment for your left void and left channel clearing.

(2:07:05) But you also vomit, then it is a right side problem. In this case you have to put ice on your liver and bring down your right channel. Ice on your right Swadishthana, liver and also right Agnya.

(2:07:30) Gases problem in the stomach. Because of having so much carbohydrates gases form which I already tolt you before. You should reduce your intake of carbohydrates and generally take care of your diet, it should be balanced. Proteins and carbohydrates should be balanced in your diet. In this case you have to use ajwain-camphor treatment for your left Void

(2:08:06) Hot center Nabhi. If there is a hot center Nabhi you have to drink more water, add lemon juice also. Then coconut water and Kokum juice. Lemon juice, Kokum juice and reddish leaves water. You have to boil reddish leaves in water with candy sugar and drink it. This will help you for your hot Nabhi. As

Then take Vishnus names, then names of Lakshmi on center Nabhi.

(2:09:00) Body temperature problems: To much of sweating in summer and very cold hands and feet in winter.

Dr. Neyana: Jay Shri Mataji. Those are problems with the regulation of the body temperature. When we are doing regular meditation, regular foot it will improve. Shri Mataji recommended not to use water if you are leftsided.’ only in extreme cases extreme cases Shri Mataji suggested for a particular person for that treatment. But in general we have to do the regular foot soak whether we are left sided or right sided.

We have to have the morning meditation, which is the compulsory meditation. Shri Mataji said that even a second of meditation once the connection takes place, improves the whole system, so try to go for the morning meditation, don’t try to avoid the morning meditation. We have very often excuses for omitting the morning meditation. We can’t get up in the morning, we have timing urgent meetings and we slept late that night, so getting up is very hard. Whatever the excuses are, that is actually affecting the whole body system. Lets not get lazy, whenever we get up lets make it a habit to meditate, irrespective of how much time we actually have, five minutes, ten minutes or even one second makes the difference. So, every day we have to make the most of this unique opportunity to get the blessing of Shri Mataji, because every day 24 hours we have to have so many oblgations. The foot soaking is again very important. We shout never indulge in any excuses as far us meditation and foot soak is conserned, however late it may be. Whenever you get the time stay in the foot soak. One time is generally not enough because the IT people who have to work with their brains and on the computer, need to use more clearing technics for their catches. Put the ice pack and do your foot soak treatments. The IT people are spending nearly 12 hours outside and is very difficult to find the time to relax and that we use as one of the excuses for not doing the foot soak or the morning meditation.

(2:12:45) But if you get admitted to hospital for degrees of physical ailments you have to forget your job and anything else. We have to spend the time and the money when we are admitted to hospital. We have to swallow antibiotics which might make us miserable and we find ourselves in a real mess. So better, lets use our wisdom to adhere to our morning meditation, which will save us mostly from such unpleasant experiences. Let us always find time for morning meditation.

Body temperature and problems like diarrhea, constipation, acidity, gases or angina and heart-problems we have already discussed before. Everything is the left and the right you see. We have to balance ourselves, if we don’t have enough time for the clearing technics we can simply hold out our hands. Shri Mataji said that the five elements are so sensitive towards us that with the slightest indication on our behalf they will doing their work for us. We have become so gracious, so important for the five elements that when we show our right hand, or put our both hands toward mother earth Mother will understand what to absorb and starts sucking without any aspiration, without any request. It’s starting do happen.

(2:14:32) The water element acts similarly, it will suck all the problems in our body, in all the chakras and the channels without even being asked for. Automatically we get that turmoil in us eliminated and reach our balance. There are some recommendations Shri Mataji has given us , for example if the heat comes from the right side we should point the left hand towards the sky. But sometimes the left side is also heated up. We might be aware of this fact, when during the clearing ourselves with mother earth, it does not have the desired effect on our left hand. We are not feeling any vibrations. That time we have to keep our right hand towards the sky and take out the heat from the left channel. If you can do it during food soak it will be just finet, because after balancing we will be having a good meditation.

Or we can do the foot soaking than raise our left hand to clear our (right) channel and after five six minutes we can raise our right hand towards the sky to clear the left channel. And then we can keep both hands toward mother earth and we can spend one or two minutes and go into meditation which will help to balance our body temperature.

(2:16:17) If you sweat a lot in summer and if you suffer of cold hands and feet in the winter, it is also due to imbalance. It comes all under the same heading, we can automatically improve this excessive sweating as well as our cold hands by using all our precautionary measures to regulate our body temperature. If we regularly treat ourselves we get automatically relieved from turmoil and reach a balanced state. Thank you. Jay Shri Mataji. Next slide please.

(2:17:10) Problems related to the left side:

  • Too much left side
  • Black Magic (also from family members)
  • Negativity moving from left side and moving to right side
  • Suffering from catches that return
  • Left Swadishthana
  • Back Agnya

Dr. Bandekar: Problems related to left side. Too much left side. If you are too much left sided then you have to do Matka treatment. Take seven lemons, seven chillies. But in Europe the lemons available are mostly to big in size, so you can buy limes, they are much smaller. So, seven limes, seven chillies, put them in water, add little vibrated Kumkum and pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, what ever negativity is in me, please absorb it in this Matka treatment and give me a balanced state. Then place this Matka close to your head while you are sleeping, after waking place it under the bed, because during the day you should not look into it. Best cover it also. Than again at night before sleeping you put yourself in bandhan and open the matka. After waking again the next morning, take a proper Bandhan and close it again, do this for seven days. At the eight day you have to discard it. You can discard is in public garbage also but for that you have to give Bandhan. It would be ideal to dispose of it in some flowing water, like a river for examble. If there is still too much left side you can take Gayatri mantra. Gayatri mantra is actually right Surya mantra, right sided, so you will get Surya balanced state. If you say Gayatri mantra: ‘Om bhu, burvah, swaha…’ So that Gayatri mantra you will get it in the mantra book. You recite it three times on your left channel then it will help you. Matka treatment, Gayatri mantra as well as Ajwain-Kamphor for your left channel with negativity destroying mantra. You can also take Mahakalis names for the left channel, because Mahakali is the killer of demons. She will help you.

(2:20:00) Black magic also from family members. We should not be afraid of black magic because it never affect us if we are in a balanced state. It only affects us when we are imbalanced, then the black magic will affect you. So, you have to shoebeat if you know the person who is doing black magic on you. Write down his or her name in circle and shoebeat that person. All the black magic coming on my spiritual ascent from such and such person. And even Matka treatment also will help you to take out black magic. It has an effect on black magic.

(2:21:00) Then negativity moving from the left side to the right side.

If you feel your negativity is moving from left to right and right to left you have to clear your left channel with fire treatment and then you can immediately do a foot afterwards soak and clear your right channel. But sometimes you keep feeling the Swadishthana negativity and for that you should clear your left Swadishthana. If your Nabhi catches and if you are after clearing your left Nabhi, feel your right Swadishthana again you have to make use of this special candle treatment, by which you draw the number eight with the flame of the candle between the Swadishthana and the Nabhi chakra several times. This will prevent the negativity to keep jumping between those two chakras back and forth and will leave you.

(2:22:09) So suffering from catches that keep returning. Suffering from catches that keep returning means what? I think your attention is very poor. If your attention is poor and if you shift your attention elsewhere, you will feel your catches. You should not divert your attention to any other person but you should place it on your Sahasrara. It happens sometimes that we are quite in good order while leaving home but by the time we enter into the collectiv programs we feel certain catches. It could be the heart or sometimes a headache. In this case it is clearly not from you. You have to pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, when I started from home I felt very fine and now I feel those catches. Could it be that somebody’s attention is on me. Could you please take the attention of this person to Your divine lotus feet and free me from this catch.’ Then that catch will go away fast, do not burden your attention by blaming yourself for it, because sometimes those catches are not your catches but come from other persons. In such cases always ask Shri Mataji to take the attention from this other person and place it on your lotos feet and you will see you will be relieved of those catches!

(2:24:07) Left Swadishthana. Left Swadishthana is the place of pure desire. Though we have to put our right hand to our left Swadishthana and pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, whatever impurities, like impure desires are within me, please destroy them. Please bless me with pure desire.’ And say the mantra: ‘Om twameva sakshat, Shri Mahakali Bhadrakali Kalikalaki sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.’ Also recite the negativity destroying mantra: ‘Sarva shattru mardini sakshat’, then ‘sarva badha vinashini’ for your left Swadishthana. Use also fire treatment maybe with Ajwain-Camphor or candle, but not during footsoak.

(2:25:19) Back Agnya: Sometimes there is a possession and you feel left Swadishthana and Back Agnya simultaneously in combination. Back Agnya there resides Bhairava and in left Swadishthana we have Mahakali. To Mahakali and Bhairava there is a connection and that’s why you get catches in both when there is a possession. Make first a Matka Treatment, then for Back Agnya take 21 names of Bhairava and use the candle. Even at Back Agnya you can take candle treatment with Mahaganesha beeja mantra. Ladies should not spread their hair. If they have long hair they have to pin it up before going out, because through long spreading hair negativity attacks your back Agnya Chakra. So, Back Agnya you shout clear with the fire and with Mahaganesha beeja mantra, then 21 names of Bhairava and expose your Back Agnya to the rising sunrays if possible, as well as a Matka treatment and maybe sometimes three coconut treatments.

Three coconut treatments means one coconut for one day. Pray to Shri Mataji if negativities have blocked your Back Agnya which comes sometimes in form of an epileptical attack due to false gurus. In such a caseyou have to take Ekadehsa Rudra for your Agnya Chakra as well as put coconut near your head wherever you sleep at night. Prepare the coconut by painting the three eyes of the coconut with Kumkum and than place it in such a way that those red painted eyes are directed towards your head, preferably towards the Sahasrara while sleeping at night. Put yourself in Bandhan and pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, please absorb all the negativities within me and let them collect in this coconut. On the following morning whenever you get up for the meditation give Bandhan to that coconut, fold it in paper and dispose of it in a public garbage container. Remember, never leave coconuts a long time in the house, because coconuts are experts in retaining badhas. I think we will now take the next chapter.

(2:28:55) Problems related right side:

  • Right heart – Treatments for clearing
  • Right Vishuddhi – Treatments for clearing
  • Right Swadishthan – Deficit of Attention and how to improve the Attention

Dr. Mehra: Problems affecting chakras on the right side. Right heart treatments for clearing. Right Vishuddhi treatments for clearing. Right Swadishthan – Deficit of attention and how to improve the attention. This comes all under the heading of right-side clearance. For right side clearance you have to work on Pingala Nadi, the sun channel you have to recite the Hanuman Chalisa while doing the foot soak. Use cold water, even ice water, if you can take it for your foot soak. Repeat the foot soak after changing the water. You can walk bare foot on the mother earth saying Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. This will clear your right side.

Your right heart will be cleared when you recite the Devi Kavach, Rama Kavach and Hanuman Chalisa while doing your foot soak. Sometimes when right heart is catching you have to clear your centre heart also. You can clear your centre heart as well as Agnya chakra. Agnya chakra you can clear with ice pack and by putting the left hand towards the sky, right hand to our Mothers photograph, or by reciting Ganesha Atharva Sheersha or Hanuman Chalisa while doing the foot soak. Right heart you can place your left hand on your right heart. You can say Shri Ramas names and Ram Kavach. That will clear your right heart. It is all due to right heart when you have got bad relation with your husband. Could also be due to a problem with your father – father and son problem. That is why it is catching. And sometimes the doctor has already told you the asthma problem comes only when your right heart is catching. We have already told you how to clear your right heart and you can clear it the way I have just mentioned above.

(2:31:30) Right Vishuddhi – Treatments for clearing: So, right Vishuddhi is due to emotional aggression. Sometimes you react very abruptly or arrogantly. Those are the reasons when such problems arise. Sometimes you might also feel your right Vishuddhi parallel with a right heart catch. You should be talking sweetly to everybody. Ask Mother;” please grant me the witness state”, you can take the mantra of Shri Rukmini Vithala. Sometimes when your right Vishuddhi is catching you might also feel the left Vishuddhi. In that case you clear your left Vishuddhi that will take care of both, because when you are very reactive you feel very also guilty sometimes and then your left Vishuddhi catches equally. You can also clear both your Vishuddhi’s, by reciting ‘Allah ho akbar’, and you can drink this butter / ghee in hot water. That way it will clear your right Vishuddhi.

(2:33:05) Right Swadishthan. Problems with the right Swadishthan is all due to your attention. When your attention is not proper you cannot enjoy this state. It is very important that you cool down your attention You can put ice pack on your right Swadishthan as well as for high blood pressure as I have already told you. So, this treatment you can do. You can take the mantra to ‘Hazrat Ali Fatimabai’ six times, because it has got six petals. And pray to Mother: ‘Please make my attention steady to your lotus feet.’ When your attention is steady than you can enjoy this state. So, it is very important. Clear your right side. We have already repeated this two, three times and now it is again a repetition. Thank you. Jay Shri Mataji.

(2:34:20) Questions related vibratory and thoughtless awareness:

  • I do not feel vibration in my hands
  • too much of thinking
  • lack of thoughtless awareness

Dr. Bandekar: Questions related to vibratory and thoughtless awareness. I do not feel vibration in my hands. If you are always reacting your Vishuddhi is bound to catch and if your Vishuddhi catches, then you will not feel vibrations on your hands. In that case you have to clear your Vishuddhi. And we recommend so many treatments for clearing your Vishuddhi.

(2:35:00) Too much of thinking: If you are thinking too much and if you cannot become thoughtless that means you have to increase your dedication to Shri Mataji, surrendering to Shri Mataji. Because Shri Mataji is Adi Shakti. She can do anything. We don’t really do anything. Still you think: ‘I have to do this, I have to do that, thinking constantly. You think: ‘I’m doing everything’, no! Don’t think any more. You have to practice surrender all the thoughts in your minds and leave them at Her divine lotus feet while praying ‘Shri Mataji, here I surrender all the thoughts at your divine lotus feet. I don’t want my past memories and I don’t want my future planning. All the thoughts I surrender at your divine lotus feet, remember the past is already gone and the future is not in your hands. And you have to pray on Agnya: ‘Neti, neti neti!’ – like this (2:36:30) put both your hands on right and left Agnya (Dr. Bandekar holds both her hands on the level of her temples and makes massaging movements) and say: ‘Neti, neti, neti!’ ‘Neti, neti’ means not like that, not like that, not like that’. So ‘neti, neti, neti’ you have to say to Shri Mataji on your Agnya and another thing is that you have to shoebeat your thoughts and lack of attention.

Write down your name in a circle, add ‘lack of attention’ and ‘thoughts coming in mind’ which are affecting my spiritual ascend. Give Bandhan and shoebeat them. When you believe that Shri Mataji is Adi Shakti then thoughts will subside, stop thinking! Try to surrender every thing at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji because She is the Adi Shakti. Adi Shakti includes all the deities including Herself. Dont think Shri Mataji is a person like us and we are just giving respect to Her – no! Shri Mataji told us: ‘Sahaja Yoga is one of my aspects, but you have to surrender to Me’. You have to recognize Shri Mataji in the form of Adi Shakti, the Godess. Then you will not stop thinking. And if you practice this, then your thoughts will reduce and finally go away. Put ice on liver, right Swadishthana and pray to Shri Mataji for humility: ‘Shri Mataji, please make me humble. Here I surrender my ego at your divine lotus feet’. Because of ego you cannot stop your thoughts and because of your reactions you cannot stop your thoughts and you will not get thoughtless awareness in your meditation, because when you sit in front of Shri Mataji with open eyes and even closed eyes you carry on reacting. (Dr. Bandekar moves her right hand in front of her from right to left) It is just like a movie that keeps running up in front of your eyes and stops you from meditating. That’s why stop your reactions then you will get thoughtless awareness, ok? Jay Shri Mataji.

(2:39:50) Treatments and protocol related questions:

  • Treatment for Ekadasha rudra
  • Any age limit for Matka
  • Is it okay to have deity picture on altar like Shri Durga and Shri Krishna
  • Imbalances on left and right due to over activity
  • how to motivate children to meditate
  • how to heal and prevent the illness
  • Sensation of feeling something jumping from on chakra to another while meditating, unable to enter in thoughtless awareness and catches on left and center Agnya

(2:40:00) Dr. Neyana: Treatment for Ekadasha rudra. Ekadesha rudra is coming from the Void. We can take the Edadesha rudra mantra on Void at the same time than on the head (Dr. Neyana shows with her hand).

Dr. Bandekar: In front of your Agnya with eleven names of Ekadesha rudra.

Dr. Neyana: Ekadesha rudra is the special power of Shri Shiva which destroys the negativity attacking all the Sahaja Yogis. The Ganas are there, already protecting us, but one could say, Ekadesha Rudra is an extra strong protection which Shri Mataji has given us to act when attacks from negative forces cannot be taken care of by the Ganas, anything that is very deep rooted and hard to get rid off, like Rakshas, bhoots or badhas which are really affecting the physical body of us, they are obstructing the spiritual ascent. In 84 Ekadesha Rudra Pujas Shri Mataji said that many a time the negativity is hiding behind the Yogis then Shri Mataji cannot handle it. The Ganas can also not fight such negativity. But Ekadesha Rudra has that quality to penetrate through the Sahaja Yogis and kill the negativity. It is a very special power. We should not be afraid of it because we have been blessed with this Ekadesha rudra. This is not the problem, it is the blessing. We have to deal respectful with meditation so that Ekadesha Rudra can be awakened to get active, so that we can get the benefit of Ekadesha rudra.

(2:42:50) Dr. Bandekar: Actually, Ekadesha rudra is related to our Void. There are ten gurus around the Void and in the centre is Shri Vishnu. There are eleven powers, Ekadesha means eleven. Those eleven gurus are including Shri Vishnu. When we are going against the guru- principle, against Shri Mataji, She is our guru, against Sahaja Yoga, like following false gurus or consulting any astrologers and following their instructions, as well as taking their prasad from any tantricas or mantricas disturbs the Void and simultaneously also Ekadesha rudra.

(Dr. Bandekar shows the Ekadesha rudra on the forehead). If we we are going against ourVoid then this Ekadesha rudra is the destructive powers of Shiva gets disturbed and we get a head ache. There are Shri Mahaganesha, Mahakartikeya, Maha-Hanumana, Brahmadeva- Saraswati, Maha-Buddha, Mahavira, Shiva-Parvati, Mahalakshmi-Vishnu, Jesus-Christ  and Mother Mary. We have to clear our Void and simultaneously you have to clear your Ekadesha rudra. Use candle treatment on your forehead while reciting the eleven names of Ekadesha rudra, move the candle from left to right and right to left. Also the Matka treatment is effective to clear Ekadesha rudra.

(2:45:15) Any age limit for Matka? No! There is no age limit for Matka. You can give Matka to small children and old persons also. It is not depend on age.

(2:45:40) Is it okay to have deity picture on altar like Shri Durga and Shri Krishna? Yes! I have already talked about this earlier. Why do you want to place a pictureof Shri Durga and Shri Krishna on your altar? No,it is not necessary because if Shri Mataji`s foto is there, because She is Durga, Vishnu and all of them in one! She is Adi Shakti and we should not put any other picture of any other deity on the altar. You can put their statue, but don’t worship them put them only for decoration. Ok! Don’t worship.

(2:46:39) Imbalances on left and right due to over activity. Do not be over activ. If there is a left side over active then you have to take the fire treatment to balance your left side left side and if the right side is more active then you have to increase your foot soak, putting ice onliver liver, right Swadishthana and right Agnya. You have to cool them down.

(2:47:21) How to motivate children to meditate? Dr. Neyana guided you through the previous category. How to motivate children to meditate? If you meditate properly, whenever you sit for meditation take your childrens along with you and they will also try to say names names. Tell them how to place their hand your for example on the heart and say ‘I’m the spirit’. Put your hand on the forehead and say ‘I forgive everyone’. Thats how you can motivate them! You have to raise their Kundalini when they going to sleep and give them Bandhan to your children. When they wake up again raise their Kundalini and give Bandhan then only they can carry on with their activity of the day. Motivating is very important, also tell them we are Sahaja Yogis. Don’t behave like this because you are a Sahaja Yogi. So always remind your children that they are Sahaja Yogis. Ok? That way they will be motivated. Also draw pictures of Shri Ganesha. How is Ganesha? Draw the picture of Krishna. How is Krishna with the Flute, that will divert their attention from other things and motivate them very nicely for meditation.

(2:49:10) How to heal and prevent the illness? Why do we have because illnesses inspite of meditation, why? The reason is that our thoughts block our chakras. And when our chakras are blocked we fall ill. Sometimes we are thinking about the past and continuously memorise the past. All our past is registered here in our subconscious mind (Dr. Bandekar point with her hand to the back Agnya) and it affects our left channel which makes us lethargic, fearfull and creates a mental disturbance at times! Avoid thinking aboutthe past. Already it has gone. So why we should memorize our past? We should not think about past and the future. Whats the use of thinking about the future, we never know what will happen tomorrow. Lets put our future at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji because She is Adi Shakti. She gave us our second rebirth, from Her Sahasrara, so we will surrender our future at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji. Then She will take care of our future. Our constant thinking of the future and the past will block our chakras and that causes our illnesses! Try to become thoughtless and do your meditation in thoughtless awareness, then all the chakras become activated and prevent getting ill. Also remember your foot soak!

(2:51:30) Sensation of the feeling that something is jumping from one chakra to another while meditating, unable to enter in thoughtless and catches on left and center Agnya? When you feel that sensation of something jumping from one chakra to another chakra while meditating, does not necessarily mean that there is a Baddha, but the movement of your Kundalini working on that particular chakra. When you feel like that try to keep your attention on your Sahasrara only. If your attention is on Sahasrara then this jumping here and there will stop and you will reach thoughtless awareness. You wont feel any catches any more. Jay Shri Mataji. We will go next category.

(2:52:50) Treatments and protocol related questions:

  • Does the complete absence of male energy (lacking father, husband) affect the state of subtle system and vibrations?
  • After working with students for many lessons catch in left Agnya and difficulty in opening right eye?
  • How to know that we are ascending?
  • What to do if we don’t have time for treatments?
  • Treatment for big ego?
  • Karma Treatment?
  • How to clean Back Agnya for right side person?

(2:52:56) Dr. Mehra: Treatments and protocol related questions. Lets take it one by one.

Does the complete absence of male energy (lacking father and husband) affect the state of subtle system and vibrations? Yes. It affects the child. If the father is lacking the child catches on the right heart, but we we can clear the right heart and the right heart is also catching when the husband is lacking. If the right heart is affected, clear it with the Ram Kavacha Shri Mataji said. And say to Shri Mataji: ‘You are my father’ and ‘You are my husband’, ‘please take care of me!’ So, when we pray to Mother and say Shri Ramas names and the Ram Kavacha we can clear our right side and right heart.

(2:54:05) The next is: After working with students for many lessons catch in left Agnya and difficulty in opening right eye? Agnya chakra catches too much while we are reading and watching the TV. When children are watching too much TV as well as reading too much the left Agnya catches. Even the right eye is also affected in that way. Clear your Agnya and you will be all right. For clearing your Agnya and right eye you can take the mantra of the right side. You can also put an ice pack on your right Agnya. Put ice pack even on the Back Agnya that will clear clear it.

(2:55:28) Dr. Bandekar: Can I explain? You can take Mahaviras or Bhairavas names, 21 names on left Agnya with candle. If you have difficulty in opening the right eye you can put some drops of vibrated water, in your right eye and say the mantra ‘Shankini sakshat”. ‘Shri Mataji, please protect my right eye! You are the sakshat Shankini, so please protect my right eye, keep blinking while putting the drops. Two three drops are sufficient for right eye this will help you.

(2:56:40) How to know that we are ascending? If you feel vibrations on your hands and your Sahasrara and if you become thoughtless, then know that you are ascending.

(2:57:00) Dr. Mehra: If you feel that your attention is not stable, than you are not ascending.

(2:57:11) Dr. Bandekar: What to do if we don’t have time for treatments?

Dr. Mehra: This is a very lame excuse. You should make time(Dr. Mehra laughes) – if you don’t have time for Mother then know Ganas will not care for you.

Dr. Bandekar: But who told you to do treatments if your meditation is very nice and you feel that you are in connection with Shri Mataji always, then you need not take any treatments. Treatment is only 20 percent, but 80 percent is your meditation.

Dr. Mehra: Yes thank you for the supplement, Dr. Bandekar.

Dr. Bandekar: You have to meditate well. Whenever you are doing your job, or doing something else, try to keep your attention on your Sahasrara. Try to focus your attention on Sahasrara. Then you do not to need any treatment. Only before sleeping you should take your foot soak for ten minutes that is sufficient for you. Ok?

(2:58:30) Treatment for big ego? (Dr. Bandekar smiles) So, if there is a big ego, then surrender that big ego to the lotus feet of Shri Mataji and ask for humility. ‘Shri Mataji, please make me humble. I don’t want this big ego. I’m nothing. You are the doer and You are the enjoyer. I do nothing. You can manage everything, so why should I think more and increase my ego? So please destroy my ego and make me humble!’ You have to pray to Shri Mataji like this. You can write also on paper for your ego and shoebeat it. Also remember to put ice on your right Agnya.

(2:59:30) Karma Treatment? Karma treatment you have to clean your Nabhi as well as Back Agnya.

(2:59:40) How to clean Back Agnya for right side person? A right sided person has sometimes excessive sugar in his blood – diabetic – and it affects also the eyes. In case the vision becomes a problem you have to put ice pack on your back Agnya. Peoples who are very right sided should regularly put an ice pack on your Back Agnya. Back Agnya is the only place where we can work with candle and ice, because this is the where place our both channels, left channel and right channel cross over and that’s why we can. If we are too much left sided you can do fire treatment on Back Agnya and if you are too much right sided then you can put ice on your Back Agnya. Jay Shri Mataji.

(03:01:00) Questions regarding spiritual growth:

  • How to get to Sahasrara after anxiety and anger
  • How to stay more time in thoughtless awareness
  • Disturbance in attention due to physical pain
  • Feeling catches in 4 chakras – Void, Nabhi, Anahat and Agnya
  • How not to react to the neglect within the collective
  • How to keep the manifestation of our spirit for longer time
  • How to grow in spirituality and how to build new collective after coronavirus
  • How to grow in meditation when husband is not in SY
  • Pregnancy related questions

Dr. Bandekar: How to get to Sahasrara after anxiety and anger?

(3:01:20) Dr. Mehra: Clear your right side and Agnya. It causes in you doubt in God. When you doubt in God then it affects your anxiety and anger. ‘Please give me collective consciousness?’ Pray to Mother: ‘Please give me collective consciousness?’ Use Mahamantra: Mother please establish my self-realisation and accept my surrender from fear and thank you for enabling me to meet Sahaja Yoginis und Yogis. Massage your scalp clockwise. For left Sahasrara improvement should pray: ‘Shri Mataji, You are victorious over all my challenges to my ascent!’ And right Sahasrara: ‘I will be victorious over all challenges to my ascent!’ This you can say on your Sahasrara. Then it will open and you will feel better. And if there is too much anger Dr. Bandekar already told you ‘clear your Ekadesha Rudra’. Sometimes anxiety and anger also catches your Sahasrara and you are not able to recognize your Mother. So, recognize Mother on your Sahasarara give thanks to Mother. ‘Mother, You have given me self-realization. Please establish my self realization and give me your love. You are the one which is victorious over all the challenges of my ascent.’ Those sentences you should humbly say during your meditation.

(3:03:19) Dr. Bandekar: How to stay more time in thoughtless awareness. If you will sit in front of Shri Mataji you have to open both your eyes and watch Shri Mataji’s Bindi, means Kumkum. Continuously you have to watch Shri Matajis Bindi and try to become thoughtless. The moment your thoughts go away and you will become thoughtless. And when you will become thoughtless then slowly, slowly close your eyes and concentrate your attention on your fingertips and middle of the palm that is Sahasrara. And put your attention as well on the Sahasrara on the top of your head. You will than feel the vibrations are coming from Shri Mataji and you will get more thoughtless awareness.

(3:04:20) Disturbance in attention due to physical pain. Because after self-realization we become the spirit not the body. We should not pay to much attention on our body but we have to pay attention on our spirit. Then you will realize that your pain is reducing. And if you feel more pain then put your hand wherever you have pain and say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. And pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, please take out this pain. I don’t want it. I have to do my meditation. Your attention should not go on your physical pain but try to shift your attention on the spirit only.

(3:05:30) Feeling catches in 4 chakras Void, Nabhi, Anahat and Agnya? Void, Nabhi and Swadishtana, both those chakras are including in Void. We have to clear the Nabhi by doing our foot soak. Void and Nabhi. Because Void means Bhavasagara and Bhavasagara is Sanskrit and means ocean in English. Ocean is a ‘Sagara’. And Bhavasagara means it is the Adi Guru Dattatreyas place so always clear Nabhi and centre Swadishthana always clear in footsoak water only. So, we have to do foot soak for Void and Nabhi.

(3:06:25) Anahata and Agnya. Anahata means the heart chakra. Shri Mataji recides there in the form of Jagadamba, so we should not have any fear. We should not be afraid. We should be a fearless and confident person because Mother is there in our Anahata chakra and Agnya. The Void is related to the Agnya – Ekadesha rudra. By clearing your Void with the Adi Guru Dattatreyas names simultaneously you can clear also your Agnya with the names of Ekadesha rudras.

(3:07:10) How not to react to the neglect within the collective?

Dr. Mehra: How not to react? You have to be witness. When you are in the collective you have to be the witness. You are not to react in the collectivity. You can neglect the reaction in one sitting in collective meditation. You are sitting collectively together. That will give you a witness state to be in silence, in the Virata. In fact you connect with the Virata. Take the Virata’s names and say to Adi Shakti: ‘Mother, You are the Virata, please keep me in silence.’ So that way you can avoid the reaction.

Dr. Bandekar: Try to concentrate your attention on Sahasrara. If you feel something, like someone is misbehaving, don’t react but close your eyes and try to concentrate on your Sahasrara and if ever you see something you don’t like, just pray to Shri Mataji: ‘Shri Mataji, I think so, but You know better whatever it is. All this misbehaving I surrender at your divine lotus feet. Please make them realize how to behave in collectivity.

Dr. Mehra: You can give Bandhan for that.

Dr. Bandekar: You should not divert your attention here and there. Ok. Try to maintain the witness state.

(3:09:05) How to keep the manifestation of our spirit for longer time? … [? ambiguous] in meditation state.

How to grow spirituality and how to build new collective after coronavirus?

Dr. Neyana: It’s already happening. There are so many online sessions and everybody is connected and it is a good time. Coronavirus. This is for the Sahaja Yogis, so because of this we are really connected with the collective and collectively we are growing. We are growing actually spiritually and we can make use of our WhatsApp group or Zoom-meetings with the new seekers and we can have meditation sessions with them. You can see this chard backside.

We are going to the countryside and giving realization every month and every Saturday or Sundays we are having the Zoom-meeting all of them, that way we connect very well. Work on establishing them by getting them interested in Sahaja Yoga. Everybody is somehow affected through fear and insecurity because of this coronavirus. And this is the right time to speak about spirituality, speak about Shri Mataji and everybody is getting benefited. It is everyone’s experience those days that people listen to us when we talk about meditation. Before that they hardly had any time to listen to us speaking about meditation or else. Now everybody is seeking for it. One could say it is good, it is actually helping us to grow in spirituality.

(3:11:50) Dr. Bandekar: Now collective after coronavirus? You know, the health-care staff in Indian Healthcare service-centers are giving realisation to corona infected people, after that they feel better and they are being given the collective meditation-link for their meditation.

And those persons recognize this our Sahaja Yogi only. Not their name, but: ‘Oh there is Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yogi, he will guide you how to do meditation and you will feel relieved from corona’ They tell us their experiences and this is good for us. Due to this Corona health threat our collectivity is growing.

(3:12:40) How to grow in meditation when husband is not in SY? If husband is not in Sahaja Yoga you should not force him, because Sahaja Yoga is not for everybody. We are selected persons by Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji selected us for meditation, giving self-realization. If he is not doing Sahaja Yoga meditation, don’t force him but you have to behave in a very sweet manner with your husband. You have to maintain your Gruha Lakshmi principle. Shri Mataji will like it because you have to give love to your husband. Whatever he wants, you have to satisfy him. Then maybe he will change his mind and think: ‘Oh, she is a Sahaja Yogini and that’s why she is behaving so nicely with me. And maybe Shri Mataji will bring him into Sahaja Yoga, but never forcefully. He might begin to do meditation. Ok?

(3:14:11) Then pregnancy related questions?

Dr. Neyana: To question regarding pregnancy Dr. Bandekar can you give you the answers? ‘I’m pregnant now doctor the test that has been done is positive. What kind of precaution I have to take for nine months?

(3:14:35) Dr. Bandekar: Ok, this is a question from some person! This lady should not take to candeling or camphoring, but she can make herself a Matka treatment if she feels uneasy. And if she has headaches then she can use a candle on her Agnya and watch the flame. During foot soak she can watch Shri Matajis Agnya. Then headache will go away. But she has to do meditation proper way and foot soaking two three times if she has time. This will make her feel better because of pregnancy the monthly menstruation stops and heat create in that Ladies body. To reduce this heat she has to do foot soak. But don’t put ice on your liver or Swadishthana. She can put right hand on stomach and say Ganesha Atharva Seersha.

If there is a pregnancy and the lady gets afraid she has to recite Devi Kavach on centre heart. As well as to reduce excessive heat she has to recite Hanumana Chalisa on right channel. During pregnancy she should not work or do any treatment to anybody else, because that person’s catches will come on her. Pregnant Ladies should not sit for a Havan. If she has to sit for a Havan, it has to be as far back as possible. Don’t come in front of a Havan. Ok?

(3:17:17) Dr. Neyana: Before ending I wanted to read Shri Mataji’s sayings about Karmas. It is Hamsa Chakra Puja, Vancouver/Canada, September, 13, 1992.

She said: ‘But this Hamsa chakra does the greatest thing about which I do not know if you are aware or not. That whatever are your Karmafalas that is the fruit of your actions are finished. You are not responsible for your past actions. May God bless you (3:19:40)

So we don’t have to be afraid about those Karmafalas as Dr. Bandekar says because we are really so protected that all our Karmafalas are finished.

(3:20:00) Corona Virus Related:

  • Preventive treatment and medicine
  • Experiences from yogis about corona
  • How to feel collective due to lack of physical contact with yogis?

Dr. Bandekar: Now last category. Preventive treatment and medicine? So, preventive treatments and medicine. If you don’t want to do any treatments then you have to do your meditation regularly to become thoughtless, morning meditation as well as evening meditation.

Dr. Mehra (interrupts): They want to know coronavirus related preventive treatments and medicine.

Dr. Bandekar: Coronavirus treatment? So, you have to boil some Ajwain, four black peppers, two cloves, seven leaves of basil, and little bit ginger, boil it and drink it morning and evening. And some onion-pieces also you can boil. It is good for prevention – this is a preventive treatment. Shri Mataji recommend it. I recommend that you should follow this advice, you can also take one fourth teaspoon of curcuma powder in hot water, add one pinch of ginger-powder and drink it morning as well as evening. It will also help you. Shri Mataji told us all viruses come from left side that is why you have to use fire treatment to clear your left channel.

(3:22:15) Then experiences from yogis about corona? Dr. Mehra?

Dr. Mehra: Yes.

Dr. Bandekar: Are you telling or should I tell?

Dr. Mehra: If we have some experience from Yogis  you can tell.

Dr. Bandekar: One couple is there. Mr. and Mrs. P. They had coronavirus and they are not Sahaja Yogis, but they took this Curcuma-powder liquid. It is coming from Himalaya. Himalaya or Darbar, something. Curcuma arka. Take drops of Curcuma liquid in water and simultaneously Himalayan Carnium. Neem-powder capsules are available of Himalaya as well as this Curcuma liquid ten drops. So, three times they took this and their temperature went away, their cough went away and they are free from this coronavirus.

So many experiences are there and now nobody is afraid any more of corona. Because it can be cured now. If you want to say anything? Dr. Mehra?

(3:24:25) Dr. Mehra: I have not to say anything as you have said everything. There is no need to fear this coronavirus and how we are affected of it. It is the ‘Leela of modern times’, which we should see in the witness state. Through self-realisation, meditation and recitation of the Devi Kavach it can be either cured or used as preventive measure.

(3:24:55) How to feel collective due to lack of physical contact with yogis?

Dr. Bandekar: Even if there is not physical contact we are in contact online you may always be collective.

Dr. Mehra: Online through Sahasrara! Through Sahasrara! Yeah. Dr. Mehra laughs.

Dr. Bandekar: … then Greece come to mediation etc. We are more collective.

Dr. Mehra: Now we are more collective as earlier. Thank you Dr. Bandekar.

Dr. Bandekar: Thank you everybody.

Dr. Neyana: Thank you everyone.

Vaibhav: Thank you doctors. I just wanted to say here. I think there are some questions that you could not cover but anybody who want to contact those doctors, they have allowed us to give their telephone numbers. They are mostly available on WhatsApp. So, you can write their WhatsApp numbers down and ask them personally if you have any detailed questions you want to ask. I will leave this slide a while just you write it down. It is impossible to cover everyone’s questions still I think those doctors were great.

Dr. Bandekar: +91 9930011565

Dr. Mehra: +91 9321575433

Dr. Neyana: +91 9869324876

They had so much patience with us, so much answers to so many questions. We can only thank them for their patience and dedication for so many years.

Dr. Mehra: We all thank Mother. It’s all though Mothers blessings.

Dr. Bandekar: Everything happens because of Shri Mataji’s desire.

Dr. Mehra: Thank you for arranging everything … and … we all thank you.

Vaibhav: We can be collective – its Navaratri team has organized everything. All the technical session are organized by UK and Matthias. We can also thank them for the great work. The team from UK who’s trying behind this scene working for this. And all hosting countries who allowed this to happen. It was just the pure desire that in those difficult times with corona and all the lock downs, people were feeling insecure, leftsided, so this session will really help them.

Dr. Bandekar: Yea, we are all instruments but Shri Mataji only organized this session. Ok? Jay Shri Mataji.

Dr. Neyana: Thank you all. Jay Shri Mataji.

Moderator: Now we just meditate and pray to Shri Mataji using this small prayer to Shri Dhanvantari:

May all be Happy and Joyous,

May all be free from illness,

May all seek auspiciousness,

May no one suffer,

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

We thank again and again from the bottom of our hearts to Shri Mataji. You are sakshat Dhanvantari for allowing this session. Jay Shri Mataji.

Dr. Neyana: If we have unknowingly done any mistakes, please forgive us. Jay Shri Mataji.

Dr. Mehra: Shri Mataji, please pardon us if we have done any mistake. You are the doctor of all doctors. Jay Shri Mataji: