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How to find translations in your own language

1st method
2nd method

How to search for a specific topic or a specific word in a talk?

Type the word/s in the search box and hit Enter.
To find an exact sentence/word/words, use the quotes (“”). For example “The technique by which I love you is also Nirmala Vidya”

How to find a talk with subtitles in your language to watch or to download?

How to find a talk or an event?

You know the date of the event or the talk:
Go to the site: (year/month/day) and the site will return all happenings of that day
Type and you will get all events of the month. will return for that year.

For example

If you only know the place of the talk:
Go go to The list of categories tags and choose the place.

You know only which type of a Puja it was:
Go go to The puja categories and choose the place.

You can use also the table.

How to download audio?

How to use Advanced Filter?

How to download subtitles?

How to download video?

How to submit subtitles?

Please write to us [email protected]

How to use auto-translate subtitles on YouTube?