Press Conference Prague (Czech Republic)

1990-07-20 Press Conference, Prague

Yogi: She is asking that yesterday was the first meeting,

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Yogi: and what is your reaction to it about your feeling to the atmosphere?

Shri Mataji: Great.

Yogi: She is asking how many hours it took?

Shri Mataji: For realization takes only ten minutes. We had to explain about Sahaja Yoga little bit, and they were singing also some music.

Yogi: Have you seen Prague? What was your impression of Prague? […]

Spirit connects you to this all-pervading power Prague (Czech Republic)

1990-0720 Public Program Day 2, Prague

I bow to all the seekers of the Truth. 

Yesterday I told you that Truth is what it is. And with human awareness you cannot know it. For that you have to become a subtler being. To know the Truth, you have to become a subtler being. For all these there is a mechanism within you which works it out. It is sahaj means is spontaneous. And also, every human being has a right to get the yoga means the union with this all-pervading power of God. […]

Diwali Puja: Be Honest To Yourself Montecatini Terme (Italy)

Diwali Puja. Montecatini Terme (Italy), 29 October 1989.

Yesterday was such a nice time we had together, and we really enjoyed Diwali, I think. I’ve never seen such a joyous ocean, absolutely going in a tempest. We have achieved the purpose of Diwali Puja, I think, only yesterday: it’s to feel the joy of God’s love.But “diwali” word is from “deepa wali” means the “rows of lights”. It was celebrated firstly because thousands of years back, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Vienna (Austria)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Austria, Viena, 26-07-1989

Yogi: I don’t know Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: The one you have used for your posters I have not seen that before. I don’t know who has done it. Maybe some Austrians. Austrians are very good, enlargement is so good you know. Very beautiful, as if it feels like you are sitting there. Do you have very good cameras or

Yogis: I think the reason is Unclear(heart) Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji: Or a very good heart. […]

A space between the thoughts Vienna (Austria)

1989-07-25 or 26th Public Program Day 2 in Vienna

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I asked them to play this music, because the thoughts were too much [in the minds?] And this music has no words, it doesn’t give you thoughts. And that’s how thoughts can be removed very easily. One thought rises and falls off. Another thought rises and falls off. And we are jumping on the cusp of the thought. Either we are thinking about the past or about the future. […]

Paramchaitanya Puja Taufkirchen (Germany)

Paramchaitanya Puja. Taufkirchen (Germany), 19 July 1989.

[(A noise is made by the loudspeaker.
Babies start crying.)

Shri Mataji: I
think better take the children out for a while. Just it would be better. Hello,
hello, hello!

I think better take them out for a while. They didn’t like. Stops. (Babies suddenly stop crying. Laughter. Shri Mataji laughs)]

A question
was asked to Me, “What puja we are going to have today?” and I kept it a
secret. […]

Public Program Munich (Germany)

1989-0719 Public Program Talk Germany.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  At the very outset we have to understand that truth is what it is. We cannot organise it. We cannot conceptualise it. It is what it is. So one has to open the mind like a scientist to see for yourself what is the truth.  Now whatever I am telling you, you may not believe into. You have to take it as a hypothesis, […]

Public Program Istanbul (Turkey)

1989-0527 Public Program Hotel Hilton, Istanbul, Turkey.

This morning I saw the beautiful sea that is surrounding this beautiful place of Istanbul and the nature so beautiful all around. But problem is with human beings only. If you go in the forest you’ll find forest is a very, very clean place. There are tigers. There are other animals but it’s absolutely clean and there is no bad smell or anything anywhere. But if some human being go and live there then you will immediately know. […]

Sahasrara Puja: Jump Into the Ocean of Joy Sorrento (Italy)

Sahasrara Puja, “Jump into the Ocean of Love”, Sorrento (Italy) 6 May 1989.

Last night was a night of complete darkness, that they call it as amavasya; and just now only the first phase of the moon has started. Today we are here to celebrate the day when the Sahasrara was opened out. Also you have seen in the photograph. It was actually a photograph of my brain, which showed how the Sahasrara was opened out. The light of the brain now could be photographed. […]

Sahaja Yoga the force within Hotel de la Paix, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Public Program. Lausanne (Switzerland), 27 April 1980. 

[un-transcribed Q&A section] 

Sorry, I do not know how to speak in French language. But Christine knows both the languages very well and I’m sure, she’ll be able to translate what I say very well. (Laughs…) Very shy, alright…I’m thankful to Grégoire for organising this program, and for the nice introductory lecture he gave. I think I could not follow the whole of it, but quiet [quite] a lot I could understand what he is saying.  […]