Sahasrara Puja:  first of all we have to correct our ego Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Sahasrara Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 5 May 2002.

Today is a very great day I must say,
to celebrate Sahasrara, the puja of Sahasrara. It’s a very unique thing that
has happened that your Sahasraras were opened out.

There were some very few people in
this whole world; there were some Sufis, there were some saints, some other
people also in China and all. But very few, very few got their Sahasrara
opened out. So whatever they said, […]

Mahashivaratri Puja: Destructive Power of Shri Mahadeva Pune (India)

“Destructive Power Of Shri Mahadeva,” Mahashivaratri Puja, Pune (India), 25 February 2001.

Today we are here to celebrate Mahashivaratri. It’s a very great privilege for all of us to understand about Shri Mahadeva.

Unless and until you have got your Self-realisation you cannot understand what is the great personality, the character and the powers of Shri Mahadeva.

It’s not easy to conceive – also to reach the depth – of His greatness unless and until we are humble. […]

Shri Krishna Puja: Spontaneity and Creativity Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Shri Krishna puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 20 August 2000.

Today we are here to worship Shri Krishna within us. 

As you know you all have been seeking before coming to Sahaj Yoga. You went to different places, read lots of books and also some of you were lost. And, in that seeking, perhaps you did not know what you were seeking. What you were seeking was to know yourself. In all religions it is said ‘know thyself’: is a common thing all of them have said. […]

Guru Puja: Shraddha Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Puja, “Shraddha”. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 23 July 2000.

Today we are here to know about guru principle. What does a guru do. Whatever you have, all the precious things within you, he discovers them for your knowledge. Actually it is all there – everything. All the knowledge, all the spirituality, all the joy, is there. (little laughter as a dog walks on stage) Right time! (more laughter). It’s all contained within you. Only thing the Guru does (is) makes you knowledgeable about your knowledge, […]

Easter Puja: You Can Spread Sahaja Yoga Only Through Love and Compassion Istanbul (Turkey)

Easter Puja. Istanbul (Turkey),
19 April 1998.

Today, we are celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. That
is the greatest message of Christ life, not the crucifixion.

can be crucified and killed, but this dead body of Christ was resurrected from
death. Death itself died and He overcame

It’s a miracle for ordinary human beings, definitely, but not for Christ,
because He was a Divine person, He was Shri Ganesha, He was Omkara Itself. So, […]

Guru Puja: Criteria To Introspect Yourself Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 28 July 1996.

Today we have gathered here to do Guru puja.  This system started long time back in India, I think even at the time of Patanjali, maybe even earlier, when there were great seekers. And their gurus were sitting in the jungles, where they used to get permission to go there and then they would get their realisation, very few of them, one or two.  So we had many rishis and munis in the olden times in India. […]

Sahasrara Puja: Achieve Complete Freedom Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

“Achieve Complete Freedom”, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 7 May 1995.

Today it’s a great day for us, for all the Sahaj Yogis, that on this day – I would say, we are late by one day, or two days – the Sahasrara was opened out. It was just a miracle, I should say, because I didn’t think that I am at a point where it could be done. So I wanted to wait, but some things happened that made me think that it has to be open: it was in such a situation that I felt that if Idelay it anymore now, […]

Sahasrara Puja: Mahamaya Swarupa Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

“Mahamaya Swarupa,” Sahasrara Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), May 8 1994.

Today is a unique combination of Mothers’ Day in many countries and Sahasrar Day for Sahaj Yogis.

I think this is the most important day in the history of human evolution because all other events, incarnations and ventures in the spiritual atmosphere have been of no avail. On the contrary, they have gone into a kind of a cocoon which has no door; banging themselves against the walls, […]

Shri Krishna Puja: Dharma Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 15 August 1993

Today we have gathered here to do Shri Krishna puja. 

We have to understand clearly that Shri Krishna is a very, very important deity within us; because He is the Vishnu, who resides in the Void, in the Nabhi. He is the one who generates dharma within us.

When you got your Realisation I didn’t tell you, “Don’t do this.” “Don’t do that.” I never told you that, […]

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis About Politics Canberra Ashram, Canberra (Australia)

Conversation with yogis about current events and international politics, Canberra ashram (Australia), 12 February 1992.
Yogi: But there is a room here with a bathroom attached!
Shri Mataji: Would be better to be with you all! But in Melbourne I would like to stay in a hotel – would be better – just to show a little resentment at the way they are behaving.
How many came for follow-on last [time], after my programme?
Yogi: Fifty people. […]

Virata Puja: Appreciation Should Be Practiced and Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Virata Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 10 April 1991

Because of distances and also we had no ashram in Melbourne all these days, I found that the collectivity is not yet properly woven here and so I think best thing is, today, we must worship the Viraat.

Viraat is the Primordial Father you can say, or the One who is in our brain, acts for our collectivity. As the Kundalini rises ultimately She ends up by piercing through the fontanel bone area. […]

“Divine Discretion”, Hamsa Chakra Puja & Arrival YMCA - Camp Marston, San Diego (United States)

“Divine discretion,” Hamsa Chakra Puja, Camp Marston, San Diego (USA), 28 May 1990.

It’s another great pleasure to
come to America to meet you all people here.

This one, as I’ve told you, is a
very important country in the field of spirituality. Not because it’s a large
country or because it is very prosperous but because, as you know, it is the
Vishuddhi in the plan of Virat. Vishuddhi is such an important chakra. It has a
very great manifestation also. […]

Easter Puja: You Have To Grow Vertically Eastbourne (England)

“You have to grow vertically,” Easter Puja, Eastbourne (UK), 22 April 1990.

Today we are here to worship the resurrection of Christ; and also to thank Him for giving us an ideal life of a saint who has to work for the benevolence of the whole world.

We talk of Christ, we sing of Shri Ganesha, we say we believe in Him, specially Sahaj Yogis feel He is the eldest brother that they have. And a tremendous surrender I find, […]

A new jump has to be taken, Talk, Eve Of Easter Puja Eastbourne (England)

“A New Jump Has To Be Taken”, Evening before Easter puja. Eastbourne (UK), 21 April 1990.

Very nice to see you all here for Easter Puja. Very nice! Such a pleasure, such a joy. As if I feel, the resurrection working fast. 

The year 1990 has come now, as a special year for all of us. Sahaj Yoga is going to spread very fast, no doubt; everywhere, all over the world, I know that. It has to spread. […]

Sahasrara Puja: First of all you must keep your vibrations clear Bogota (Colombia)

Sahasrara Puja, (first puja in South America), Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988

It’s such a great pleasure to be here in Colombia; which was my great desire, long time back that, somehow if I could come later to this country, I may be able to start Sahaj Yoga here. Because I did feel, at that time that there are lots of seekers and very good people in Colombia. They are the seekers of truth and want to rise higher in their awareness. […]

Shri Vishnumaya Puja: She has created a big maya YWCA Camp, Pawling (United States)

Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York (USA), 9 August 1987.

Today we have assembled here to do the puja of Vishnumaya.

Vishnumaya is created through human effort, also. As you see the clouds, when they rub against each other, then the electricity is created. So first the clouds have to be created. The sun acts on the sea. See how many chakras come into play! Sea is the Void, and the sun acts on the sea. Also the moon acts on the sea. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: First understand vibrations clearly Auckland (New Zealand)

“First understand vibrations clearly,” Shri Ganesha puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 16th May 1987
But some of them are very good and some of them are very nice, mild people. 
Yogi: The tribes in Maharashtra have become very good now. Very good.
Mother: (Marathi)
Yogi: Some of the hills are in Maharashtra, near Amravati. But it is connected. Amravati, Vashi.
Mother: Pan Marathi boltat te log? (Marathi: But do those people speak Marathi?)
Yogi: Nahi tenche logon nahi boltat. […]

Devi Puja: Commitment and Dedication Paithan (India)

“Commitment and dedication”. Puja Talk, Paithan, Maharashtra, (India), 11 January 1987.

You must have felt the vibrations of this place: they are tremendous. And that we should come here after so many years is really very much surprising.

This place has a great connection with me, as such, because my forefathers ruled in this place. And this was the capital of Shalivahanas. It’s called as ‘Pratishathan’ but then they made as easier as ‘Paithan’. There were rulers here for thousands of years and they are the ones who started this Shalivahan dynasty. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: The Attitudes London (England)

Talk To Sahaja Yogis: The Attitudes, London, England 30-09-1986

Please be seated.

I will be going to India for a puja, as you know, because they say in the West most of the pujas take place and they never have a chance. That’s why I’m going to India. And Navaratri starts from the 4th. 

I hope in these nine days we’ll clear out so many of your chakras. Of course, I’ll be working on them but you have to also cooperate, […]

How to enlighten energy centers? Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

Public programme, Unity Church. Houston (USA), 30 May 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

One has to understand that truth is what it is, we cannot conceive it. We cannot organise it. We cannot order it. Only, as a scientific personality, we should have an open mind to see what it is. As we go to any university or any college, we try to find out what it is there, in the same way, […]

Shri Mahaganesha Puja Ganapatipule (India)

Shri Mahaganesha Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 1 January 1986.

Today we all have assembled here to pay our respect to Shri Ganesha.

Ganapatipule has a special significance because He is Mahaganesha. The Ganesha at Mooladhara becomes Mahaganesha in the Virata, that is the brain. That means it is the seat of Shri Ganesha. That means Shri Ganesha governs, from that seat, the principle of innocence. As you know very well, it is placed at the back, in the region of optic thalamus, […]

Talk Before Marriages: The sea must be worshipped Ganapatipule (India)

Shri Mataji on the beach, Ganapatipule, India, 30 December 1985

Shri Mataji: It’s quite cold.Have you been there?Sahaja Yogini: Just going down to it Mother.Shri Mataji: All right, you go with him.Back voice: This the 30th of December, 1985

Shri Mataji: Come along.What about my chappals?Are these my chappals?

Shri Mataji: You had your bath? Sea bath, you got it?Gregoire: I was going to go but Rustom took me by force in the canteen.Shri Mataji: It’s getting quite cold.Gregoire: Yes, […]

The Priorities Are To Be Changed Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

The priorities are to be changed, 44 Chelsham Rd, Clapham London (UK), 6 August 1985.
Now My stay in England is completing its 12th year and that is the reason I wanted to talk to you people about Sahaja Yoga. How far it has gone and where are we lacking.
The greatest thing that has happened is that we have established our religion: Nirmala Dharma as we call it, the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. And you know the meanings of the words, […]

Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja: In your houses you must do Gruhalakshmis’ puja Brompton Square House, London (England)

Shri Gruhalakshmi Puja, Brompton Square, London,  1985-0805

So, this is to thank you all for helping in building this house and making it so beautiful. All the thankfulness is from us, both of us [Shri Mataji and Sir CP].Today is a very interesting day when you are worshipping the Gruhalakshmi here, means the Gruhalakshmi of this house. In the same way in your family also, in your houses you must do Gruhalakshmis’ puja. The woman has to be the Gruhalakshmi herself and then she should be worshipped.“Yatya naria pujyante, […]

Sahasrara Puja: Nirananda Laxenburg (Austria)

Sahasrara Puja. Laxenburg, Vienna (Austria), 5 May 1985

Today, in this beautiful place created by the Queen of Austria, we have gathered here to perform the puja to the Sahasrara. When we enter into the realm of Sahasrara, then only we have a right to do the Sahasrar puja. Before this nobody talked about Sahasrara, nobody did any puja to Sahasrar. This is your privilege that you are in the realm of Sahasrara and that you can do this puja, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: The innermost stream of Brahmanadi Kolhapur (India)

“The innermost stream of Brahmanadi” Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolhapur (India), 3 February 1984.

So we are all here now in this sacred place called Kolhapur. The Goddess killed the asura called Kolhasura here, who was a very bad demon; who was born again recently, but he died also. So thank God the death of Kolhasura has taken place!

This place, specially, is marked because from the Mother Earth the Mahalakshmi energy was emitted specially from the deity of Mahalakshmi. […]

Shri Ekadasha Rudra Puja: We have to drop out many things Judy Gaddy's Apartment, New York City (United States)

Ekadasha Rudra Puja. New York City (USA), 17 September 1983.


So today is a day, according to Indian calendar, called as ‘Parivartani Ekadashi’. 

Now, today is the eleventh day of the moon. Eleventh day is ‘ekadashi’. Also, in Sahaja Yoga, you know about Ekadasha Rudra, which is here (forehead); which will ultimately destroy all those things which are not required anymore. That is Ekadasha here, that’s the eleventh. 

But today is a special day where we are going to use the power of Ekadasha to do the ‘parivartan’ means ‘the transformation’. […]

To All Seekers of Truth Caxton Hall, London (England)

To All Seekers of Truth, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 20 May 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We are seeking truth, reality, not hallucinations, not imagination, not our own mental projections.

We have not being yet able, many of us who are seeking, to understand that reality is what it is. It will be the same. It has been the same. We cannot coin it for ourselves. We cannot organise it, and we cannot think about it. […]

What we should expect from Self-realisation? Caxton Hall, London (England)

“What We Should Expect From Self-realisation”, Public Program, Caxton Hall, 13 September 1982

Gavin Brown: Mother, with your permission, I’d like to say one small message from the Sahaja Yogis. We have been very excited to hear today news that your brother has been appointed to the position of Minister of information for India. It’s such a great blessing for that country to have a man of such dharmic nature in that position of importance. I’d like to express our joy with this news. […]

When Are We to Grow? Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

“When Are We to Grow,” Public Programme, Hampstead (United Kingdom)
Nice to be back again in Hampstead. I always enjoyed Hampstead, because, as I have told, you in London, many people who were great, spiritual lived in this area; they preferred it to other places. So I believe that many people who live in this area must be also spiritual, must have taken their birth with the idea of achieving their Self-realisation.
It’s a very important time, […]

Understanding the Love of God Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Understanding the love of God”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 11 May 1982.
For the last so many lectures we have been saying that you cannot pay for God’s love. It makes me laugh sometimes. Human beings can never understand His love because they live in a very limited sphere. His love is unlimited. His forgiveness is unlimited. Even this word ‘unlimited’ and ‘infinite’ we do not understand because we have not known anything like that. And to say that something is genuine is also like certifying something that is genuine. […]

Easter Puja and Havan, The Creation of Lord Jesus Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

Easter Puja, “The Creation of Lord Jesus”. Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (UK), 11 April 1982.

I’ll talk before and then at the time you can just tell me what time it is. The radio is off? You can keep it till eight o’clock and…

So happy to wait on you

[Shri Mataji smiles to the sahaja yogis and does namasté].

Today we are celebrating a day which is a very, very important, absolutely the most important, […]

What Have You To Surrender? Lonavala (India)

“What Have You to Surrender?” (aka “Being Connected to God”), Third Seminar Session, January 24, 1982, Lonavala, Maharashtra, (India)

Shri Mataji: Before Realisation whatever you do, as I told you, before this, is artificial, towards God, because you are not connected. Any kind of worship you do, anything you do, is not really reaching the principle of that. 

Now, for example the flame: the principle of flame is light. And unless until you are awakened, you cannot awaken the principle, […]

Seeking the Light Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Seeking the Light,” Caxton Hall, London (UK), 17 August 1981.
I must thank Warren for such a nice speech that he has given and all the Australians the way they have taken to Sahaj Yoga. They are all westernised in every sense of the word but there’s something about them where I feel that they are very quick at knowing the truth. I don’t know how. They are not that adamant against the truth. This opening somehow I found. […]

Where does the Truth lie? Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Where does the truth lie?” Caxton Hall, London (UK), 6 July 1981.
How many are new today? I am sure somebody must have spoken before, no?
All right.
You all have been seeking, and seeking the truth about yourself.  Where does the truth lie?
When are we the most truthful people? Where, at what point, we cannot deceive, whatever we may try? When it is heartfelt. When it is our heart’s desire, then we always try to go ahead with it. […]

Christ and Forgiveness Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Christ and Forgiveness, Caxton Hall (UK),” 11 May 1981.
…to seek the truth about which all the scriptures have described. All the scriptures have said, “That you are to be born again.” You are to be born, not to read about it, not to just imagine that you are born again, not to just believe that you are born again or any artificial ritual that certifies that you are born again is to be accepted, but something definitely has to happen with us. […]

Organisation of Sahaja Yoga Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

“Organisation of Sahaja Yoga in England” Chelsham Road, 10th May 1980

…A personality that everybody wants to follow, to become, to love. This would be very selfish to say that, “I am enjoying!” It’s something very funny. You see, some people are like that: self-certificated; again I call them. “Oh, I’m enjoying myself, I have no problems, you see, why should you worry?” This is all nonsense, absolute nonsense it is. It is that you are enjoying your ego then. […]

Birthday Puja: A Great Day in History Sydney (Australia)

Birthday Puja, (Shri Mataji’s first visit to Australia) Burwood, Sydney. March 21, 1981.

I’m just trying to remember if I had a more fantastic birthday than this! Where words do not come, there the joy cannot be expressed. When it becomes so deep that there is no movement.

This is a great country: Australia has been created for a special purpose in Sahaj Yoga. This is the Mooladhar Chakra where resides Shri Ganesh, of this world. […]

The New Age, Plaw Hatch Seminar Plaw Hatch Hall, East Grinstead (England)

“The New Age” (Seminar), Plaw Hatch Hall, Plawhatch Lane, Sussex, England, (UK), 16 November 1980.
Seminars like this are very useful, because then you can pick out people who are very seriously interested in Sahaj Yog; who are dedicated, who have passion for Sahaj Yoga, who feel that it is the most important thing of life.
Now, you must have realised that you are the people who are the men of God and women of God, […]

Raksha Bandhan Caxton Hall, London (England)

Raksha Bandhan. London (UK), 26 August 1980.
Today in India, we celebrate a special festival. It is called as ‘Raksha bandhan’. ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘bandhan’ means the bondage, the bondage of protection.
It’s a very nice, good, social custom to have this beautiful festival today. Today is the full moon day and this day what we do is to tie a band of threads around the person whom you want to protect. But it is done between brothers and sisters. […]

Confusion – A Sign Of Modern Times Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Confusion, A Sign of Modern Times,” Public Program. Caxton Hall, London (GB), 14 July 1980.

Today’s days in the modern times we are faced with confusions: that’s a sign of modern times. At the same time the en-masse urge to search the truth is manifesting.

It’s not only one individual who feels like that, it’s not only eight or ten people who feel like that, but masses and masses and multitudes are feeling you have to search an answer; […]

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic London (England)

“Sympathetic And Parasympathetic”, Dollis Hill ashram. London (UK), 24 April 1980.

Acupuncture is actually is the tapping of the power which is already within us. Now for example, you have a certain power in your stomach, all right? Now this power is continuously supplied to your other organs in the stomach, is used for that, through the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic stores it and the sympathetic uses it. 

Now supposing there is a disease in the stomach. […]

Realisation is not of the Intellect Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Realisation is not of the Intellect”, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London, England. 3 December 1979.
Thanks for the nice talk he gave. And also I thank all of you for coming down here.
In his frantic effort of explaining to you that you have to get something here, is the expression of his own experiences about himself. He had problems of the same style as you had. And he knows that if you go on analysing things with your brain and with your intellect then you are going to delay. […]

Havan after Guru Puja with 115 Names of the Sat Guru London (England)

115 Names of the Sat Guru

 Translated by Shri Mataji, on the 2nd December 1979, on the occasion of Guru Puja, where Shri Mataji declared that She is the Adi Shakti.

These beautiful names, which were translated by Shri Mataji Herself, have unfortunately been altered and modified over the years. Previously known as the 113 names, two names were missed out. Now, as best as could possibly be done, the Sanskrit names have been corrected to how they were originally said on the day and Shri Mataji’s translation transcribed, […]

Knowledge of the Divine Caxton Hall, London (England)

“Knowledge of the Divine,” Public Programme, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 28 October 1979.

Every time I face the new people, I have to give an introductory talk and Sahaj Yogis get sometimes impatient about it. But we have to understand that this is the knowledge of the Divine and those who have not known about it are to be told. And those who have known should know that there are many things they have not known, which they have to know. […]

The Problem of Ego Caxton Hall, London (England)

“The Problem of Ego,” Caxton Hall, London (UK) – 22 October

From next time I’ll start the series because those who are not
here, I mean, sort of lots of people will be coming when you will be
advertising. Cooly (Tony Paniotou) did you advertise for today or for next
time? He’s also not here?

Not yet, so we’ll start it from next time, the series, like that.
Would be better for people to follow. 

Those who have come for the first
time should sit in front, […]

How realisation should be allowed to develop Caxton Hall, London (England)

How Realisation should be allowed to develop, Public Program. Caxton Hall, London, England. 15 October 1979.

Most of you are Sahaj Yogis here.

Now those who have got Realisation, those who have felt the vibrations, must know that they are now developing into another being. The germination has started, and you must allow the germination to work out its own way.

But normally, when we get Realisation also, we do not realise that it is a tremendous thing that has happened within us. […]

7th Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Kundalini and Kalki Shakti Mumbai (India)

7th Day of Navaratri Celebrations, “Kundalini and Kalki Shakti”

Mumbai (India), 28 September 1979

Today I am going to address you in English language, as desired by you. Even tomorrow perhaps we may have to use this foreign language.

Today’s subject is the relationship between Kundalini and Kalki. The word kalki actually is an abbreviation of the word nishkalanka. Nishkalanka means the same as My name is, which means nirmala — that it is a spotlessly clean thing. […]

You feel the blessings as nirvichara Mumbai (India)

“You feel the blessings as nirvichara” Conversation with Yogis, Thursday, 2nd January 1979, Mumbai
 …But if your attention is passing through the centre of the Agnya chakra you don’t see any light. But if it is not passing through that, then what happens [is], because your attention is outside, you see the light. Because it is enlightening also, you see. And you just see the light but the Kundalini is not passing through,  just it’s stuck up there. […]

This is not the work of mediocres Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

“This is not the work of mediocres”, Public programme, Dr. Johnson house, Birmingham (UK), 16 June 1979.
I am really sorry we got here, reached here, on a train that was late. Things have to be done according to the timings of the Divine, you cannot plan out your own things. And that’s how sometimes one has to be later and sometimes one has to be earlier.
But one thing is definite: the time has come for the final happening of your being. […]