Miracle of Pure Desire and Kundalini Awakening

New Delhi (India)

2001-03-21 Miracle of Pure Desire and Kundalini Awakening, New Delhi, India, 64' Chapters: Talk in Hindi, Talk in English, Self-Realization, Bhajans after Self-Realization, Departure
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2001-0321 Public Program New Delhi (Hindi)

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Despite being [self-realized], people go up and down in Sahaja yoga. It’s not that once people get self-realization then they don’t have to do anything. After getting a realization, it depends upon the extent of their seeking and sincerity towards Sahaja yoga. If you are sincere then once the kundalini rises in you, you have a very beautiful experience and you go into thoughtless awareness very quickly. I was telling this to someone today that why human beings keep on thinking. Every moment and on everything humans keep on thinking. Suppose, this is a carpet. So now humans think, from where this was bought, what was the price, and other unnecessary thoughts. Instead of just admiring it about its beauty and appreciating the beautiful art. And sometimes because of the un-necessary thinking, humans can become mad as well. So reacting to each and everything you see it a big mistake. This is because the reactions come because of your ego or the conditionings which you have acquired. You are reacting because you are actually not ‘just observing’. If you just observe and not react, you will be able to appreciate the object properly. A lot of people have spoken about coming to such a state of being. It is not that I am the only one who has said this. But those people would have not known how to achieve that state or make it happen. Because they would have wrongly thought of how human beings can achieve that state since we are ordinary human beings who lack that ability. But with the awakening of the kundalini, everything is possible. The kundalini is just waiting for itself to be awakened.
2:27Kundalini is your wealth. It is your own. You did not buy it from somewhere, you did not pay money to get it. You did not request anyone to get it. It is there inside you. You should only have the intention for it to be awakened. The desire for the kundalini to be awakened is pure desire. For example, a person desires to have a motor vehicle. Once he gets that vehicle, he does not fully enjoy it and desires for another thing. Once he gets that another thing, even that does not give him happiness and so on. This means that it is not pure desire. Because pure desire brings satisfaction and happiness. This kundalini awakening is a pure desire and it is the desire of God. When kundalini gets awakened you are satisfied with what you have. You start thinking that your heart un-necessarily desires for so many things and now after realizing it seems like life becomes a beautiful garden which is full of fragrance, happiness, peace and love. Once kundalini rises you don’t look towards wrong things, mostly. However, still, some people go up and down in their spiritual journey in Sahaja yoga. But once you get your self-realization in Sahaja yoga, it is something of such great importance and something which you get so spontaneously. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to pay money or do any other ritual. You just need to have a pure desire that you want to become a soul / “aatma”. And it is with this pure desire that you achieve it. You just need to have this thing in your heart that your kundalini is awakened. This desire itself is so powerful that you achieve self-realization immediately. I have experienced this with people from different countries.
For example, there is a country [unclear]. [unclear – There were no Muslims over there] and they had got so scared of the French people that they adopted Islam. Even after adopting Islam, they were not satisfied. But when they came across Sahaja Yoga, they left everything else. You will be surprised to know that today there are 14000 Sahaja yogis over there. They were Muslims. But I don’t consider them Muslims now. You are not a true Muslim unless your hands speak/get vibrations. Being Muslim means being surrendered. How can you truly surrender unless your hands get vibrations?
[In today’s time’s people are highly miss-directed]. For self-realization, you don’t need to read all the religious books like Vedas, “Puranas”, or go to religious places etc. You wrongly encourage such people and Brahmins who chant the mantras loudly to impress you and you give them various things and money thinking that it is something which is good. These things are not good and will not give you any benefit. You should ask yourself what you got after giving away so much to such people. Did you get self-realization? Only after self-realization, you will know who you actually are. You have all the energy and capability. But unless you understand yourself how you can understand those capabilities which you have. Once you are realized, you can do a lot of things.I am surprised to see when I stay in foreign countries, some foreigners have never even heard the name of kundalini. But now after getting self-realization in Sahaja, they are doing such wonderful work all over the world. When people tell me, I am surprised how can people who had no previous background adopt and work for Sahaja with their heart. You get benefitted in all the aspects like physical, mentally, spiritually. You get overall development. It is such a beautiful thing. Try and know about yourself. You already have this diamond within you. You already have this pure knowledge within you. You have everything within you. And the key to attain all that is only kundalini awakening. I am telling you these people several times people ask me if there is any other way than kundalini awakening. I have no personal gain in that, but I must tell you the truth that Kundalini awakening is the only way and there is no other way for you to know yourself and the world.
Leaving every other ritual in the world and awakening your kundalini is the most important thing. Today, looking at all of you, coming out in huge numbers is really heart touching for me. Some years ago, there were very few people who could understand Sahaja yoga in Delhi, but now I am surprised that there are so many people who accepted it as part of their lives. You get all types of benefit in Sahaja yoga. By the grace of Shri Mahalaxmi, our country can be heavenly and prosperous. Therefore, by adopting Sahaja as a society we can do well for our country. As Sahaja yogis, we should look at improving all ends of society wherever it is required.
9:46I have initiated at least 16 different projects like helping the women, children, sick people, old age people, farmers etc. various projects where Sahaja yoga can help. While doing this work, Sahaja yogis are amazed to see from where they get such great abilities to heal the sick people, mentally unstable people and various other problems. They wonder how they received such powers. These powers have actually come because of kundalini awakening. You should awaken your kundalini. People who are presently going here and there in life, should take a pause and look inside to see who you are, what great creation you are, how much capabilities you possess and how you can use those abilities. I wish that next time I come here, I can see double the people who have come here this time. Not only that but I wish those people to be actively involved in Sahaja yoga and spread it. After getting self-realization you don’t need to go anywhere. There is no need to go to the Himalayas. You can do everything right here by spreading Sahaja yoga. And in this way, you will be able to create a global Sahaja society/family. The Sahaja yoga family should do whatever is necessary for the upliftment of the world.
11: 37Whatever problems are there in the world can be solved by you. All of you can do this and for that I have told you, again and again, get your self-realization. Do self-introspection. That will maintain your realized state. Whatever problems are there will slowly go away. This will lead you to be a very good human being. If everyone becomes like this, all the problems and fighting in the world, the killing will stop. Because you will become a wonderful human being. You can stay away from all these problems and at the same time, you can put your attention on such problems and solve them.
In present times, the situation is such that people can get frightened to see what all rubbish is happening around. The reason is that everyone has not got a realization. If it was so then there would not have been such problems. People are lost, deeply lost in darkness. Therefore you should try and understand Sahaja yoga. There were so many problems that were going on in our country for a very long. They have come to the notice of people now. At least to some of them. We should also introspect if we are lost and are on the right path in life. I am surprised to see that our whole country is suffering from this disease that everyone is running after money. Not everyone in foreign countries is like that. I am surprised that several people come to money to get money. The money which I have is for the use of society’s welfare. Not for such thieves that come to me to loot the money. But they try and do it. People nowadays want to earn money by hook or by crook. But that money is not good. That money will not do any good for you. Before doing anything, you should think what are we doing and if we are doing anything wrong and getting entangled in something which will spoil us. You should never think of looting someone else’s money. Are you going to take all the money with you when you die? It is going to harm you ultimately. The present time is that of “Kali yuga” but this is also the time of “Krita Yuga”, in which the “Paramchaitanya” is all the time active and it ensures that people who do wrong things get punished. If you want to do good for society, you have the power inside yourself. Make use of it. You should never be selfish. The only thing you should be selfish about is to look inside yourself and know yourself. You should do all the things by which you can know yourself.
16:36Nowadays whatever problems are going on have deep roots in history as well. These problems have been there in India as well. Britishers came to rule India and did the wrong things. They looted the Kohinoor diamond as well. Unless you gave them something they were not happy. But now such lootings have increased in scale. Later on, the government ministers started looting the country and now every other person wants to loot others’ money.
There is only one way to solve all the problems and that is Sahaja yoga. With Sahaja Yoga, the whole of society will be organized. People will have love and respect for each other. We should not see at someone’s money to respect them. People nowadays also want to be in power and are mad after it [referring to politics]. For what reason do you want to come in power? What are you going to gain from that? You don’t have control over yourself. How are you going to control the governments? There are a lot of good qualities you should have to come in power. You should have qualities like moral values, maturity, and honesty. They don’t have it. Still, they want to come in power. In Maharashtra, it is said that if you give a burning wood to a monkey, he will go around burning other places. Similarly, today politicians who are in power are going around and doing the wrong things and earn money by wrong means. They want money so that they become powerful. It is because of these things our country has become very weak as a society. Sahaja yoga is the cure for this disease. Once you come to Sahaja Yoga, you will realize that all this is stupidity and you should not do it. The day Sahaja yoga spreads widely, all these problems will come to an end. Therefore you should understand that all the problems going on in the society have to be fixed by you. It is your responsibility. You can do it. The Sahaja yogis can do it and those who are not Sahaja yogis should learn Sahaja yoga. If you want a good society in which there is no fighting and people love each other. The only way it can be done is through Sahaja yoga. Sahaja yoga looks very simple from outside. People wrongly think that once you get a realization, then everything is done. But you have to do it diligently and with a desire to go deeper. After that, your special powers get awakened. Thereafter you can do great things for your country and for the whole world.
Now, some people have evil tendencies. Their desires are evil only. So, it’s okay to leave such people as they are. I have told you several times. This is the age of the last judgement. If you hold onto the good, you will rise in spirituality and if you hold on to evil, you will go down. We should observe how there are earthquakes are occurring in so many places and what is happening there. Now there was a big earthquake in Gujarat. We had only 18 Sahaja yogis in Gujarat. I think Gujaratis do not care much about Sahaja yoga. So there were only 18 Sahaja yogis there. All these Sahaja yogis were saved and even their houses were absolutely safe. Similarly, an earthquake came to Turkey. Even there the Sahaja yogis were saved and their houses as well. This happens because you have entered the kingdom of God and you are protected now. Nobody can harm you. Nobody can destroy you. Even in other places where earthquakes have come, all the Sahaja yogis were safe and their houses as well. In Latur, where we had our Sahaja Centre, all the places surrounding the Centre were destroyed but nothing happened to the Sahaja Centre or the Sahaja Yogis. Why did it happen? On the day of Chaturdashi, people did the “Ganesh Visarjan” and after coming from there, people with evil tendencies started drinking liquor. There were having liquor and dancing. And while dancing only they went into the earth. But in Latur, not even a single Sahaja yogi was harmed in any way. Their house, family and children were completely untouched. This is not less than a miracle. The protection of the divine is there on you because you are in his kingdom now. You have risen to a different level of existence that should not have any fear now. Nothing can destroy you now.
Like this Sahaja yoga has many benefits. Sahaja Yoga has cured so many people of diseases. People who are drug addicts can change overnight. People are surprised at how that can happen. That is why I say that with the awakening of the Kundalini all the bad habits go away. Sahaja yoga is spreading everywhere now. People are understanding and experiencing it that a change is very necessary. Without this change [that comes through Sahaja yoga] nothing can change and improve in this world. It is the human beings only which create problems and only human beings can pick up Sahaja yoga and spread it. I believe that Sahaja yoga will spread the way it has been spreading and it will benefit this world in various ways. My blessing to all of you.

[English Transcript]

I am sorry. I had to speak in the Hindi language because most of the people here know Hindi. Moreover, I didn’t know whether to speak in any other languages as India has several languages with different hues. As it is, whatever I have told them… is very simple which you all know that you have to have your kundalini awakened. Because that is your pure desire. And to achieve that pure desire you just have to anything. It just works out, I have seen. For which you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to give up anything. This is not a new thing for you. You all know and you have achieved it. What I am very proud of is that in this country we have the heritage of saints and of many people who had talked about it. But in your countries, nobody even expected that there could be such a power that would give you this awakening. But just imagine, it has worked wonders.
Now, as you know that we are working in 86 countries. While I am not visiting them, neither have I the energy to go to all of them. But how it is working is because when you got it, you took it with you and gave it to others. One person can give realization to a thousand people. You know that. So the way you people have accepted Sahaja yoga and have taken it up as a mission by which everywhere in every country people do that. If you have to change this world. If you have to change our circumstances, it is important, very important to see what your role is. What is your existence for? After realization, your existence is forgiving realizations. This you must realize. Nothing is more important. Job is not important. Money earning is not important. Positions are not important. But give realization to people and everything will fit into it. For example, I see a camera. See for the camera I don’t have to do anything. Only if you click it, you will have a photograph. Sahaja yoga is like that. If you decide, if you really decide in your hearts that we are going to spread Sahaja yoga out and out, nobody can stop you because it is the help of God almighty that you can do it which is very simple work and that is most satisfying. That’s what I want to say to people who are Sahaja yogis abroad. They should first think of spreading Sahaja yoga and saving people. It is their basic [work]. Minimum of the minimum idea should be about self-realization. You don’t know how much one feels happy to see so many people getting realization and it is such a joy-giving thing, giving realization to people. I know so many of you are doing that way but all of you should do it. All of you should work it out instead of getting lost in non-sensical things. This is my request. And I would say that there are so many great people among you. You should follow them and try to make a beautiful world out of this horribly threatening useless world. May God bless you.
[After this Shri-Mataji gave amass self-realization to people.]
He is asking me that everybody wants realization…Alright!
But those who don’t want please go away! Those who want please stay here. But if you don’t want don’t disturb others …It will take hardly 5-10 minutes…But for 10 minutes you have to keep quiet and don’t disturb others and don’t walkabout …It is very important …It is a most precious thing that has to allow …then you will understand what is your value …
I don’t know how many of you have not got their realization…Can you raise your hand who have not got their realizations? Raise your hand …
Those who have not got their self-realization …Please raise your hand. So many people still there …Keep your hands down …
Now please put your hands like this in front of me …Without any pressure …With Sahaja
And please have faith in yourself …
All of you please open your hands like this with full faith.
You all are sitting in the lap of this great country of India that you don’t have to do anything here …My hands break in foreign countries …But here people get their realizations very easily…It is a very fortunate thing to be born here …So, please put your hands like this. And close your eyes. In your hearts say only this that-Mother please give us self-realization…
Now put your right hand on your fontanel bone area. At the top …Keep your legs straight! Those who are sitting alright, others keep your legs straight …Now keep your hands little upward…and now observe whether you are getting a cool breeze or hot breeze from there.
Hot Vibration can also be felt if you have not forgiven. So forgive everyone …
Now see …Bend your head and see that are you getting cool breeze …From you ….
Now keep your right hand towards me and left hand on the top of your head …And now see at the top that are you getting cool breeze from your head …This is kundalini …which finds its path, pierces through the seventh chakra and spread to the all-pervading power in all direction …Please bend your head and see …
Now one more time again …now put your left hand towards Me and right hand on the top of your head …see…by bending your head …Bend your head and see that are you getting cool breeze from you …Once Kabir had said “Shunya shikhar pur anahata bajey” …This is that thing …Everyone has said same …Gurunanak Sahib has said –“Sahaja Samadhi lago”
Now keep both hands towards me.
Please put your both hands towards me …
See in your hand whether some cool or hot breeze is coming?
Someone can get from the bottom also …Then shift from bottom to top like this …Someone can get in this hand …uplift it … Now those who were not feeling any vibrations or who didn’t get his realization so far …raise your hand who now got the cool breeze…everybody got the realization !…
Now I am feeling the cool breeze from you people …
Here the people didn’t get the realization in the middle? Why?
Even in this hot (weather), a cool breeze is coming up …
May God bless you!
Now see where the Centre’s around your nearby areas are? Go there and get deep into it …And get all the knowledge about Sahaja yoga …Understand the minuteness of all the Sahaja yoga …You will not achieve by reading “shastra’s” or any “purana’s“ or any Bible because at that time there was no Kundalini awakening And it was for those who were not realized. But now you have got this Self-realization and now for how to raise yourself, you have to go to the nearby Centre’s if possible definitely. I hope you will respect it …Whatever you have found today has not been given to anybody from many years …Now you have achieved it…You will find the grace of it when you will experience its power…So get it and keep your self-esteem…You go into deep in your ascent …Now my blessings with you that you all become happy, joyful, and peaceful & beside this you become powerful.
[Bhajan’s and “Vandematram”]