Chapter 16: 1979 – The Goddess Declares Herself

One of the most majestic things I have ever seen
At Dollis Hill, Shri Mataji would be working on someone, and would have Her index finger up, and like Shri Krishna She would be as if throwing these – chakras – at people and Her bangles would be jangling and Her hair would be back. It was one of the most majestic things I have ever seen, and She would have Her eyes on the person. […]

Chapter 01: 1960’s and before – It Began in India

The middle path

Shri Mataji told us that seekers and more evolved people tend to be born in the middle level of society – not too rich and not too poor. She said She took Her birth in a family in this middle range, but as She was Shri Mahalakshmi, Her family could not help rising up and becoming blessed and successful in every way.


Stories from Shri Mataji’s childhood

Shri Mataji told us that when She was a little girl She would get Her friends to play at acting out stories from the Ramayana, […]

Chapter 17: 1980 – Delhi, India, and London and Brighton, UK

A prayer answered
In 1980 Shri Mataji was visiting New Delhi. She went shopping at Cottage Industries in Connaught Place and bought some big silver thalis for puja for over 20,000 rupees each, which in those days was a large amount of money. After finishing shopping, a Sahaja Yogi insisted on taking Her for ice cream. Shri Mataji agreed and everyone got into the car. However there was no place for me, so I told erH Her I would walk, […]

Chapter 02: 1970 to 1971 – Opening the Sahasrara

Shri Mataji called the seekers
We lived in Mumbai when I was a child, and my grandmother was very religious, reading scriptures and doing pujas. She regularly went to temples. One time my grandmother went to a bhajans session in a temple and after it was finished she came out.
A lady, who was in fact Shri Mataji, drew up in a car and introduced Herself, and said they had met in past lives, and She was going to start something, […]

Chapter 18: 1980 – France and Switzerland

Let us go back to 1980
It was the first time Shri Mataji went to do programmes in France, in April 1980.
After getting off the Calais ferry from Dover, England, we went into a French supermarket. Mother went around and bought cheese and all the things. Then we went out of the supermarket, found a corner of a field and we laid out a cloth. Shri Mataji and others were making sandwiches in the corner of this field. […]

Chapter 03: 1972 – Mumbai, Dhulia, Indian Villages and America

Jump in the ocean 
One day, early in 1972, when I entered Her flat in Napean Sea Rd, Bombay, I saw two lights appear at Shri Mataji’s Hamsa. All my delusions and illusions were absorbed into those lights, until all that remained was just myself, naked in my own being, seeing Her Holiness as if for the first time. It was an experience of unbounded, indescribable joy. Thereafter She placed Her hand on my head.
‘What are you feeling?’ She asked. […]

Chapter 19: 1980 – A Seminar, Meetings and Expansion

Those golden days
We who were Sahaja Yogis in London lived in a different reality in the early eighties. Things used to work out spontaneously in no time at all. There seemed to be divine timing and divine dimensions in many seemingly every day events. On waking up we went to see Shri Mataji and on going to sleep we remembered the whole day spent in Her company and were looking forward to the dreams we would have about Her, […]

Chapter 04: 1973 – The Second Batch

Songs in praise of Shri Mataji
A lot of devotional songs were written at that time for Shri Mataji. She would allow anyone who was poetic, either at the beginning of the programme or afterwards, to do namaskar and sing whatever they had composed. This was before Mother went to England.
‘This one is beautiful,’ or, ‘This one should be set to the harmonium,’ Shri Mataji would say, but I don’t know if they were ever recorded. […]

Chapter 20: 1980 – Finding Chelsham Road Ashram

Looking for an ashram
Mother had the use of Her husband’s car, because Sir CP had one from the UN with a chauffeur. So in July 1980 we would drive around London looking for houses. Shri Mataji was looking for a house for Herself and Sir CP in London and finally found 48, Brompton Square, in the centre of town. But before that, in the summer of 1980, we drove around London on another quest, looking for an ashram. […]

Chapter 05: 1974 – India and the Move to London

A lot of laughter
In 1974 Shri Mataji used to stay in Kalpana Didi’s flat and sometimes we would go there and eat with Her, eleven or eleven thirty at night. Once or twice we had to go before Mother left because there were no taxis so late, but if we waited until Shri Mataji left it all somehow worked out to get home. A lot of laughter – we used to laugh a lot.
Avdhut Pai
The middle path
Pujas were not the thing so much in the early days, […]

Chapter 21: 1980 – A Trip to Portugal

I am your Mother!
Shri Mataji had been formally invited to my brother Arneau’s, and Maria Amelia’s wedding in Portugal in the castle of Cintra, one hour away from Lisbon. On the actual day of the wedding, at lunch time, Shri Mataji was nowhere to be seen. I was concerned that She would not have any food, so I got a tray and chose the nicest dishes that I could find for Her from the buffet, […]

Chapter 06: 1975 – More Seekers, Eastern and Western

Sahaja Yoga starting growing a lot
From 1975 to 1980 we had seminars in Bordi and Lonavala and Sahaja Yoga starting growing a lot in India at that time. Then Shri Mataji went to Pune and other parts. She had a touring programme, visiting many districts in Maharashtra and in the later seventies foreigners would come. The tour was at least a month long and it was very hectic for Mother, She used to work so hard. […]

Chapter 22: 1980 – European Programmes

The foundation stone
One day, in about September 1980, quite unexpectedly, Shri Mataji came to Chelsham Road and I was upstairs with the baby. I noticed, from an upstairs window, that She was in the back garden with one or two other people.
‘Mother was laying the foundation stone of the New Jerusalem in the back garden,’ someone said afterwards.
One of the early building projects in Sahaja Yoga was the meditation room at the back of Chelsham Road. […]

Chapter 07: 1976 – Malaysia and England

The beginning of Sahaja Yoga in Malaysia 
This is a personal account of the beginning of the history of Sahaja Yoga in Malaysia in 1976, by Hamim. Hamim’s father owned a company which was the local agent of the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) and he was a personal acquaintance of Sir CP who was then the Chairman of SCI. Shri Mataji mentioned an incident in Kuala Lumpur in which many people were miraculously cured. Here an excerpt from that talk:
 ‘I was in Kuala Lumpur… he was the speaker of the assembly, […]

Chapter 23: 1980 – December, India

I promise
When I was young I did not smoke many cigarettes, but when with friends, I used to occasionally. In 1980 we were in Dhulia, a town in Maharashtra.
‘I need somebody to put his or her hand near My Vishuddhi Chakra, (at the level of the throat) to take vibrations. Somebody who has never smoked in his life,’ said Shri Mataji.
‘Avdhut,’ said the people.
‘No, Mother, I have smoked,’ I said.
‘He smoked cigarettes, […]

Chapter 08: 1977 – The First India Tour

Getting the special treatment in India
When the Westerners went to India there were five of us on that first trip, in 1977. Gregoire de Kalbermatten was in Kathmandu and we flew into India. Shri Mataji actually offered me the chance to go with Her. I hesitated.
‘Never mind,’ She said. I was still scared of Her, unfortunately. We all flew out to Mumbai and we were looked after by the Sahaja Yogis so wonderfully. We were taken into their homes and Shri Mataji always called for us. […]

Chapter 09: 1977 – Pujas, Ashrams and Caxton Hall

True seekers – ring this number!
1977 continued with the same sort of meetings and workshop sessions, pujas and havans, as the year before, but new things were happening. A few more seekers came to our meetings with Shri Mataji.
I used to spend my dole money putting cryptic messages into Time Out Magazine. ‘True seekers – ring this number!’
Pat Anslow
Editor’s note: the dole is the informal term for the British government’s financial support for those who are unemployed. […]

Chapter 10: 1977 to 1978 – Shri Mataji in India

Gagangiri Maharaj
I would like to share a brief summary of Shri Mataji`s tryst with a great realised ascetic, Gagangiri Maharaj. My dad was with Shri Mataji at that time and I would like to enumerate whatever he experienced there. This meeting happened sometime in the 1970’s. Gagangiri Maharaj lived near a place called Khopoli, in Maharashtra, which is between Mumbai and Pune. His ashram was located on a small hilltop where he used to stay with his disciples. […]

Chapter 11: 1978 England – London, the South West and the Midlands

The Spaghetti House
The meetings at Caxton Hall continued, with Shri Mataji coming every week, when She moved to London. After the meetings we would often go back to Mother’s flat in Ashley Gardens, Victoria, which was walking distance; and sometimes new people would be invited as well.
At other times we would have a meal at a nearby restaurant, The Spaghetti House, after meetings, and Shri Mataji joined us there on occasion too. We also often had follow-ups at the ashram at Finchley, […]

Chapter 12: 1978 – England, Large Seminars and the Midlands

Holding hands
Sahaja Yoga seminars began and one of the early ones was in a place called Easthampstead Park in 1978. We all stayed there together for the weekend and various yogis organized workshops and showed slides. I seem to remember Shri Mataji arriving at lunchtime on Saturday.
Each of us had threaded a flower to make a greeting garland. One of the meditations, which we did there under Mother’s instigation, was to form a chain, […]

Chapter 13: 1979 – India, January to March

A rare opportunity
Shri Mataji blessed me with an opportunity to accompany Her to meet the minister in charge of Indian television, on the Sahaja Yogis’ suggestions. It was some time in the late seventies when the television was under government control and private channels were not permitted. Shri Mataji reached there at the time fixed for the meeting. However some more people were also waiting for the minister, who arrived late and kept talking to a man for a long time. […]

Chapter 14: 1979 – Dollis Hill Ashram and Lost Seekers Saved

Overcoming negativity
It was 1979, the puja was to be held near the ashram in Finchley, North London and I was living south of the city. When I woke up that morning I had a terrible migraine, was feeling really dizzy and started vomiting. There was no way I was going to the puja as I could not even stand up. At this point I decided that I was going to go. Suddenly and inexplicably at that very moment the vomiting stopped and the migraine went away. […]

Chapter 15: 1979 – Lost seekers salvaged

Please do anything
After the momentous few days of meeting Shri Mataji I returned to Scotland to a veritable ocean of problems, and gloom set it. Shri Mataji phoned me and I told Her that I felt I was too far gone, and that She could not save me. She told me that if I did not face myself then it would be ten thousand years before I had another chance.
‘Please do anything – anything at all, […]