Chapter 16: 1982 – August to October, Europe and England

29th August 1982, diary extract 
This time the public programme was in the heart of the city, in the very centre of Geneva. Shri Mataji spoke in one of the oldest protestant temples of Geneva and it was a historical moment, especially on the second evening when She denounced the wrongdoings of Christianity in the world, along with the colonialism, the banks, the weaponry etc. Shri Mataji asked me to do the introduction the first evening. […]

Chapter 01: 1981 – January and February, India

The same railway station
Something which struck me when reading Baba Mama’s book of memories was that many of the places that he mentions as being significant to the Salve family, especially their forebears, were places we visited in Maharashtra on the tour of 1980. For example, we went to the same railway station at Rahuri to which Shri Mataji’s paternal grandmother, Sakhubai, escaped with her children through a terrible night of flood and storm. We were at that station quite some time before the train came in. […]

Chapter 17: 1982 October and November, USA

You are My instruments
As the earliest beginners in Sahaja Yoga in the USA, or seekers, as Shri Mataji called us, we were so scrambled as to need background music to meditate, to seek the peace and find the silence.
‘No problem, just be pleasantly placed,’ She said. We were able to see Her guidance in every deepening development – the mantras, the bhajans, the holidays, the tender touches, and we began to realise we were changing our troubled world. […]

Chapter 02: 1981 March and April, Australia

Shri Mataji created a Shri Ganesha
On Shri Mataji’s first visit to Sydney in 1981, She held a Shri Ganesha-Gauri Puja at Burwood ashram. This was the first Shri Ganesha Puja on the land of Shri Ganesha. While Shri Mataji was preparing for the puja She asked a few ladies to come into the bathroom and asked us to help Her. She asked us to rub fragrant paste into Her body. She told us that this was the paste that Shri Parvati had used to create Shri Ganesha. […]

Chapter 18: 1982 – December, India

A present of a nose ring, for the blessings of Shri Kubera
In 1982, after a public programme at Andheri, Mumbai, Mother gave presents of nose rings to the Sahaja Yoginis who used to wear them, so I also got one from Her. She later noticed that I had not put in the nose ring She had given me. She asked me why I was not wearing it and I said that the one in my nose was so tight that only a goldsmith could remove it so I could put the new one in, […]

Chapter 03: 1981 – April, Hong Kong

First programmes in Hong Kong
My friend Emily arranged for Mother to stay in a suite at the Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong, to have Her first official press conference with English and Chinese newspapers and two public programmes, one at a very prestigious venue and one in a large Hindu temple. Through her connections in TV and radio she arranged for Shri Mataji to have a half hour television programme and a whole afternoon on English radio. […]

Chapter 19: 1983 – January and February, India

We would form a procession
I’m sure everyone has seen photographs of Shri Mataji on a bullock cart. On the earlier tours that I went to in the eighties, from 1982 to ’87, we had public programmes in the villages all around Maharashtra. There weren’t many of us on the tours — only two to three busloads on the earlier tours, about fifty to a hundred people.
After a very long bus journey we would arrive at a village, […]

Chapter 04: 1981 – Back in London

London-Mumbai, Mumbai-London
I had just come to Sahaja Yoga, and had applied for a London basing in my airline job, which seemed impossible at the time because it was done on a point system and I had just used up all my points. While I was on the India tour, I had got the London basing and, to this day, I don’t know how. I didn’t question it. I told Shri Mataji I was coming to London. […]

Chapter 20: 1983 – March, Australia

A special place
When Shri Mataji first visited Perth in 1983, She was being driven from the airport.
‘Ah, feel the vibrations of Perth,’ She remarked. Western Australia is one of the most ancient lands on earth, much older than Eastern Australia.
Lyndal Vercoe
Shri Mataji’s first visit
In 1983 when Mother arrived at the airport, I was asked to give Her the garland. She gave me a hug and kissed my cheek, Tim was standing next to me. […]

Chapter 05: 1981 – Early Summer, England and France

The miracle of the blowtorch
Once we were in Shri Mataji’s house in Brompton Square, London, in 1981. It was being redecorated and Mother was walking around and directing people. She would tell us where paintings and other decorations were to go and what colour this door or that window frame was to be painted.
Shri Mataji, wearing a highly inflammable nylon sari, walked towards a blowtorch which was on the floor in the middle of the room and as She passed very close to it, […]

Chapter 21: 1983 – March to May, Malaysia, India and Switzerland

In August 1993, I attended the Shri Krishna Puja in Cabella, where I met Bala Kanayson, a Sahaja Yogi born in Singapore but later relocated to England and to the US. Bala recounted his experiences with Shri Mataji in Singapore in the mid 1980’s. Shri Mataji would stay at his mum’s house at Siglap many times, often for days at a time, and once for about two weeks where Mother ran some programmes. Bala would travel in from England, […]

Chapter 06: 1981 – Mid Summer

The perfect answer
There was a puja at Chelsham Road in 1981 with the whole collective well packed sitting crossed legged on the floor. Being that close to Shri Mataji, with everyone in a large room felt like a family gathering. At the end of the puja Shri Mataji allowed some questions and was asked whether there would be a Third World War. She said no. Another yogi asked whether what happened to all the world religions would also happen to Sahaja Yoga in terms of a great deviation from the original teachings. […]

Chapter 22: 1983 May and June, London, Paris and Madrid

A catch on the left Nabhi
In London in 1983, after giving self realisation to all the people present Shri Mataji conducted a Sahaja workshop. She was working on a gentleman from the front, while two other Sahaja Yogis and I were working on him from the back. Shri Mataji asked us to raise his Kundalini and later on to give a bandhan to his Sahasrara.
‘What catches can you feel?’ Shri Mataji asked us.
One by one, […]

Chapter 07: 1981 – Brompton Square

What are those golden builders doing? Where was the burying place
Of soft Ethinthus? Near Tyburn’s fatal Tree? Is that
Mild Zion’s hill’s most ancient promontory, near mournful
Ever weeping Paddington? Is that Calvary and Golgotha
Becoming a building of pity and compassion? Lo!
The stones are pity, and the bricks, well wrought affections
Enamelled with love and kindness, the tiles engraven gold,
Labour of merciful hands: the beams and rafters are forgiveness:
The mortar and cement of the work, […]

Chapter 23: 1983 – July to September Sweden, London and Rome

Shri Mataji in Sweden
Although Shri Mataji did not visit Sweden for Sahaja Yoga programmes, She did vibrate the land with Her Holy Feet when She accompanied Her husband there on an official visit. This photo shows Shri Mataji with Sir CP at the International Maritime University at Malmo, Sweden, of which he is the Chancellor. The photo was taken on 4th July 1983, the day the university was inaugurated..
Linda Williams
The symbolic significance of our work
We were about seven Italians who had the enormous good fortune to be called to work here at Brompton Square before the Guru Puja in July 1983. […]

Chapter 08: 1981 – July and August, Brighton, Dorset and Weddings

Going to the game park
In the summer of 1981, in about June, Shri Mataji took Her grandchildren, and also my two, to a game park near London. We had a picnic lunch and it was a wonderful day. As we were driving around the park and looking at the animals, we were going past some giraffes, which were not too close, and as we drove past they turned their backs to us. Mother explained that the animals felt the vibrations as a cool wind, […]

Chapter 24: 1983 – September, North America

Blessed with heaven
Here is the story to the Ekadesha Rudra Puja in our apartment at 215, West 92nd St, New York City, in September 1983. An Indian Sahaja Yogi did the puja recitations, Christine Kirby helped place the garland and John Partridge videoed the puja. I am pretty sure I was the only one with a camera. In this puja Shri Mataji stated that all who decorated Her Feet would be blessed with heaven, or safe in eternity. […]

Chapter 09: 1981 – September and October, North America

My fist meeting with Shri Mataji
In 1981, Shri Mataji came to Boston for the first time. This was my first experience of Sahaja Yoga. Through the person who is now my husband, Steve, I had heard about Shri Mataji and about Sahaja Yoga and heard of the reality of who She was and became very eager to meet Her face to face. I felt if I could meet Shri Mataji, I would be able to recognise if this was reality or not. […]

Chapter 25: 1983 – October and November, London

Her perfume of beautiful vibrations
I met Shri Mataji in 1983 at Heathrow Airport. I took along a big bunch of flowers and was waiting to give them to Her with everyone else. She arrived, and was smaller than I imagined. She had a glorious smile on Her face. I saw one yogi standing there with his hands out towards Shri Mataji and I wondered what he was doing. It was as if he was breathing in deep breaths. […]

Chapter 10: 1981 – October to December, France, Italy, and Christmas in London

Halloween is a very bad idea
In 1981, some of us London Sahaja Yogis were with Shri Mataji at Warwick Road ashram, another of the Sahaja Housing Coop properties in the Earls Court area, and it was the evening of Halloween, the 31st October. Celebrating Halloween is a very bad idea. Traditionally, it is the evening before the day of All Saints, the 1st of November, and is the evening, or ‘e’en’ all the ‘hallows’ or ghosts traditionally fly, […]

Chapter 26: 1983 – December, India

A nativity play
We did a nativity play to Mother in Delhi, in the old temple at Safdarjung Enclave, in December 1983. The Nepali ladies had come from Dharmshala and did the aarti to Mother as She came in. The Indian Sahaja Yogis had mostly never seen a nativity play and quite enjoyed it. Mother was, as always, gracious and wonderful towards the children. She gave all of us involved in the production handmade ceramic tile, […]

Chapter 11: 1982 – January and February, India Tour

She loved me very much that day
Mother was going to come to Mumbai by plane and it was the Sankranti Day, 14th January 1982, and we went to see Her at the airport. Hundreds of people were there and it was the first time I saw Her. When Mother arrived, Niranjan, my husband, introduced me as his wife and Mother took both my hands in Her hands and praised me like anything.
‘Oh, she has got realisation. […]

Chapter 12: 1982 March and April, London, Rome and France

Our inner secret garden
Shri Mataji was planning Her tour in Europe. It was in February 1982 and we were gathered around Her one evening in the London ashram in Chelsham Road. Several yogis from Switzerland were there, too. Apart from weekly lectures in London, Shri Mataji was only lecturing in Paris and Geneva once a year in those years. Austria had just started, as well as Italy.
In October 1981, She had given Her first programme in Rome. […]

Chapter 13: 1982 – May, France, Portugal and Spain

A memorable train journey
I remember a journey by train with Shri Mataji. We had gone to Lille in the north of France with Her to where some programmes were going to take place in May 1982. After a small puja to Shri Krishna performed with some yogis in a small apartment, where Shri Mataji asked me to read the names in Sanskrit – I had never done that before – needless to say that these brought me in a state of thoughtlessness which lasted until the programme when She asked me to introduce Her on stage. […]

Chapter 14: 1982 – Summer, London, the USSR and Yorkshire

Back in London
Shri Mataji made several visits to Darwin Court, once when some French yogis came to stay there. Another occasion was when Shri Mataji came to see William, the first baby born to Graham and Gail Pottinger, who were living there from 1981 to 1982.
Patricia Proenza
A talk to Moslem ladies
In the summer of 1982 Shri Mataji was invited to give a talk to a Moslem ladies’ organisation at the Regents Park Mosque, […]

Chapter 15: 1982 – August, Cheltenham and the West Country

A beaming smile of great beauty
I remember us going to Cowley Manor, near Cheltenham, at the end of July, in the summer of 1982, to set up the seminar, and feeling a little nervous, having never done anything like that before, but as ever Mother made it very easy for us. I don’t think the people at the manor knew what had hit them when we all arrived as they had never witnessed anything like it before and probably not since! […]