Chapter 16: 1985 – December, India

And suddenly there was Shri Mataji

I was in the fifth month of pregnancy but I had a very strong desire to go to the India tour. I was in Austria at the time. The tour had already started but it was so cool to go so I flew to Delhi and then was to catch a flight to Pune where Shri Mataji was to have a public programme. My parents-in-law came to see me and I changed my ticket to stay overnight in Delhi to be with them a little while. […]

Chapter 01: 1984 – January and February, India Tour, Maharashtra

Thousands of photos of Shri Mataji

On the India tours, I made sure when I went to India every year that I was always early, up the front and ready, and I have taken thousands of photos of Shri Mataji. In later years we did not have the access like that. The vast majority of photos I took were in India on the tours around Maharashtra, when we would follow Shri Mataji closely around the country. […]

Chapter 17: 1986 – January to March, India

Go and sing
One day in 1985, at Dharmshala I was doing my music practice when I felt the urge to write a song. I had been humming the first two stanzas of a traditional Devi song. I got up and started writing. It kept flowing and the song was made.
That year at Ganapatipule Shri Mataji asked the North Indian ladies to come on stage. I too went and stood with the sari.
‘You have done many pujas, […]

Chapter 02: 1984 – March, Delhi and Mumbai

She fulfills your desire

In 1984, in Delhi, we had a nose ring, which was a birthday present for Shri Mataji.

‘Take this ring to Shri Mataji. Give it to Her,’ my father said, so I went on the stage and gave it to Her.

‘Why are you giving Me all these costly presents?’ Shri Mataji said.

‘Mother, just give me the very pure desire to give You something,’ I replied and She immediately took the ring. […]

Chapter 18: 1986 – April and May, England and Europe

I have brought your fiancée
I came into Sahaja Yoga when I was nineteen and went to university to study drama. I led a quiet life trying to follow Sahaja dharma, and at the end of my third year I began to pray for a wife, even though I was a bit young. Just before my finals I went to the Sahasrara Puja in 1986, at Madesimo, in north Italy. There is a wonderful golden Madonna statue on the hills there, […]

Chapter 03: 1984 – April, back to London

A tremendous impact

In this photo below my baby, Madhava, is wrapped up in a bundle, minutes after getting his self realisation from Shri Mataji at Heathrow Airport in April 1984. While Shri Mataji put Her hand over Madhava’s head to give him self realisation I held him up in my arms and remember feeling and hearing my own heart beat getting stronger than I had ever heard it before, but together with a blissful sensation that rocked me up and down like ocean waves. […]

Chapter 19: 1986 – Early Summer, Mainly England and Europe

They are very respectful
The couple who were starting Sahaja Yoga in New York moved to a big house in New Jersey. The only place we could find for a puja was to put up a tent in the side yard of this couple. It was a Shri Krishna Puja in June 1986.
There were swarms of locusts at that time, but we didn’t pay much attention. There was a lot of noise from the insects all over the place and in the trees and so on, […]

Chapter 04: 1984 – May

Rouen, France, May 1984, Sahasrara Puja (diary entry)

We have just returned from the Sahasrara Puja in France, a country where the ego is so strong. Shri Mataji was with us in Her form as Mahamaya – Her form in this incarnation. There were about three hundred and fifty Sahaja Yogis, from many countries. On the morning of the 5th May Shri Mataji described Her vision of when She opened the Sahasrara in 1970, and we were sitting in a meadow near the marvellous castle, […]

Chapter 20: 1986 – July and August, Europe and England

Gmunden, Austria, 8th July 1986 (diary entry)
At Gmunden, where the Guru Puja was celebrated there was the delightful setting, the efficient organisation and the beautiful nature, which gave the event a sense of how much we are changed for the better, of how much more perfect the arrangements were.
Shri Mataji praised the preparation of the stage and said that whoever did it had succeeded in truly portraying a sense of the creation. It was a grand scene, […]

Chapter 05: 1984 – July

Shri Mataji arriving at the Guru Puja, Leysin, 1984

Leysin, Switzerland July 1984, Guru Puja (diary entry)

This year the Guru Puja was celebrated at Leysin, in the mountains of Switzerland, where about five hundred Western Sahaja Yogis came to worship at the Lotus Feet of our Divine Mother, on the occasion of our recognition of Her as the Adi Guru.

On the morning of the puja Shri Mataji entered the large and beautiful room where we had gathered. […]

Chapter 21: 1986 – September, America, Holland and Belgium

She organized every aspect
I was never a very good driver of cars. I never had a bad accident, but I would make people really nervous and never drove very well. In 1986, someone thought that it was a good idea, when Shri Mataji was visiting New York, that I should drive Her car, to be the chauffeur. I was delighted and terrified at the same time because this was a great honour and a big responsibility. […]

Chapter 06: 1984 – August and September, The USA and Europe

A Memorable Journey

When I was eighteen I found myself sitting next to the Adi Shakti on a flight to New York. It was such a memorable journey on many levels and I wish I’d kept a diary! Sometimes I would get to take out Her vibrations and sometimes I would just watch over Her as She slept. For periods of the journey She would sit and contemplate and other times She was quite chatty covering a range of subjects and moods. […]

Chapter 12: 1986 – November and December, India

Venus, My planet
Shri Mataji always spoke about Venus. I remember an incident in Coimbatore, South India in 1986, where Shri Mataji spent a month. It was the late evening sky and we were sitting with Shri Mataji in the verandah of the Ayurvedic Panchkarma Centre. She was talking on various subjects when I noticed a bright star just above the horizon.
‘That is Venus, My planet,’ She said, reading my thoughts. She continued talking. I noticed the star getting brighter. […]

Chapter 07: 1984 – October onwards, India

The Mother of miracles

In August 1983, I was told I had herpes zoster. The right side of my face was covered with blisters and the doctors gave up all hope for the sight of my right eye. When I left the hospital, my right eye was closed permanently. Then my uncle returned from a visit to Mumbai and said he had met a great lady who had cured people of leukemia. He had invited Her to visit Madras. […]

Chapter 08: 1985 – January and February, India

Shri Mataji nestled Her children in a vibrating land

Shri Mataji gave us the most precious and incredible gift when She organized those tours of India that so deepened, strengthened and enhanced our ascent. Firstly, even as we reached the air space over Mumbai, we could feel the stronger vibrations and our Sahasraras opening as we touched down. For Westerners, it was easier to keep the attention centred in India, for we were in the land of Kundalini where meditation is as common as breathing and even the earth of this noble state is vibrated by all the great saints who have walked upon it. […]

Chapter 09: 1985 – March, Australia and New Zealand

Mother’s Day in Sydney

This photo was taken on Mother’s Day, the 5th of March 1985 in Sydney, at John and Wendy Brownscombe’s parents’ house at Galston. The yogis gathered here to give Shri Mataji presents for Mother’s Day and Shri Mataji talked to the yogis.

Trevor Sandford

Shri Mataji on Mother’s Day, 1985

It is important to recognise mothers and all the work they do

One year we had a picnic with Shri Mataji at Galston, […]

Chapter 10: 1985 – March, India

You are My people

We had a puja to Mother as Shri Durga up at Talnoo in 1985, now the site of the International Sahaja Public School. We offered red rhododendron flowers, which were out in crimson profusion at that time of the year as the mountains were covered in rhododendron forests. The Nepalese ladies, Sahaja Yogis from a nearby village, laid a kukri, a curved sword which is the traditional weapon of the Nepali Gurkhas, […]

Chapter 11: 1985 – April and May, England and Europe

Shri Mataji greeting the Sahaja Yogis

Heathrow Airport, London, April 1985

I prayed that it would not come undone

Shri Mataji once slept with Her head upon my right shoulder in a First Class carriage on the London to Birmingham express, in 1985. I prayed that whatever was worked out on my Shri Chakra would not come undone by my own negligence. Just before sleeping, She had been answering questions from a little five year old who sat opposite us. […]

Chapter 12: 1985 – May and June, USA

USA Tour 1985 (diary entry)

We are in the air going from London to New York on 26th May. Shri Mataji, the Adi Shakti in person, will arrive in America in about an hour. Shri Mataji has said this is a very auspicious day, because it is the day of Shri Asthami, an aspect of Shri Durga. On this precise day Shri Mataji has decided to go to America, to fight and defeat the devils and the negativity which is here. […]

Chapter 13: 1985 – June and July, Europe

A discussion with Lord Jesus

The day before the public programme in Madrid I was alone in the room with Shri Mataji absorbing vibrations from Her Divine Feet and suddenly She started having a heated debate with someone in a language incomprehensible to me. When Mother realized that I did not see anyone in the room, She interrupted the debate.

‘Javier, I’m having a very strong discussion with Jesus Christ, who refuses to open the Agnya chakra of the Spanish people in the programme of tomorrow. […]

Chapter 14: 1985 – July to September, England

Honey and ajwain

Shri Mataji told us about putting honey in the eyes for clearing the Agnya chakra and to try and keep the eyes opened during the process. At Chelsham Road during a collective ajwain sessions with Shri Mataji in person, in 1985, She also went under the collective blanket for a while but kept telling people to keep the eyes open while the smoke was coming up in order to benefit the eyes and the Agnya as well, […]

Chapter 15: 1985 – October, Europe

Are you sure that is My size?

I was in Strasbourg in October 1985 with Shri Mataji, and we were shopping. She wanted to buy a coat. We were at a department store and She wanted a white alpaca coat. The saleslady listened to Shri Mataji, and brought what she thought was the right size for Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji put the coat on.

‘Are you sure that is My size?’ She asked.

‘Yes, that is right for you,’ replied the experienced saleslady. […]