Chapter 16: 1992 – February and March

Australia and New Zealand
The job was half done
When Shri Mataji came to Perth in the early 1990’s, the musicians were on the stage and we played before Shri Mataji arrived to do a public programme, at a theatre called The Octagon. After the formal part of the programme Shri Mataji met everyone one by one. She held their hands and hugged them and greeted them as if She knew them so well.
The musicians continued to play and it had a serene and beautiful quality. […]

Chapter 01: 1990 January and February, India and Singapore

How Shri Mataji looks after each and every one of us
In 1990 we were down in Mumbai. We stayed the night in a dharmshala, and were to leave for Ganapatipule, but I got a message to go to Kolhapur. Shri Mataji was holding a public programme in Shivaji College, Kolhapur, and there had been an incident of stone throwing a few days before, at the foreign Sahaja Yogis, at Angapur. There was a concern that the same people would again disturb the Kolhapur programme. […]

Chapter 17: 1992 – March, South East Asia

Suffocation death in infants
On Shri Mataji’s second visit to Taipei, in 1992, it was again the departure time and we were at the airport. I felt compelled to bow down to Shri Mataji, just at the passport control. I got an instant reward. I had never spoken to Her about the research I was doing at my work, but She apparently knew about it, and told me that suffocation death in infants was related to air pollution. […]

Chapter 02: 1990 – March, Australia and New Zealand

A husband and wife came to the public programme Shri Mataji gave in Perth in 1990. They spoke with Her and then came to see Her at the Maylands ashram where She was staying.
Shri Mataji worked on them. They both had AIDS and Shri Mataji said we could cure AIDS, and spoke of someone who had been cured. We were to look after them and do three candle treatment with them. None of us knew about three candle treatment so Shri Mataji showed us how it was done, […]

Chapter 18: 1992 – April, India and Italy

On the banks of the Yamuna River
We had two pujas with Shri Mataji in Yamunanagar, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The first was performed in Emerlin College, where I was educated. That was a Saraswati Puja, in 1992. We were thrilled, because a college is the abode of the Goddess Saraswati and we were having sakshat Saraswati Puja. The next year Shri Mataji came again and we had Shri Krishna Puja. That was performed on the banks of the Yamuna River, […]

Chapter 03: 1990 – April and May, England and Italy

Tactful advice
I was fifteen and was living in Shudy Camps under the care of some of the yogis who lived there, as my mother had gone to South Africa to spread Sahaja Yoga. I was very innocent to the ways of a Western schoolchild. In India, where I had been living for the previous six years, I had attended a private co-ed school and there were no romantic relationships between schoolchildren and we had no exposure to alcohol and smoking. […]

Chapter 19: 1992 – May and June, England and Europe

I think I have to take these flowers
In 1992, I had just arrived from Cape Town, South Africa, and went to Bristol to stay with a yogi lady-friend. Two hours after I arrived we had a phone call from London saying Shri Mataji was going to be arriving at London airport at five o’clock that day. It was now about half past twelve, so we drove back to London, about a three hour drive.
We arrived quite rushed because it was late and we didn’t have time to get flowers, […]

Chapter 04: 1990 – May and June, Eastern Europe and America

Shri Mataji’s proposed itinerary, May to December 1990
Programmes in Eastern Europe
The first public programme conducted by Shri Mataji in Moscow took place at the Biological Faculty in Moscow State University in May 1990. Shri Mataji talked to doctors, scientists and university teachers. Right after it, there were more public programmes, in Mosiprotrance on the 12th and 13th of May 1990. The first puja in Moscow was offered to Shri Mataji by the Sahaja Yogis in May 1990. […]

Chapter 20: 1992 – July, Europe

Shri Mataji noticed everyone
When Shri Mataji gave a programme in Amsterdam at the Artis Hall at the beginning of July, 1992, at the end, when everybody had come to pay their respects to Shri Mataji and to be worked on, She asked one of the yogis to go and call a person who was sitting on the floor at the end of the hall. We could hardly see him but Shri Mataji had noticed him. […]

Chapter 05: 1990 June and July, Europe, East and West

Your love has brought Me here
Shri Mataji met my father, who then was a Thai diplomat posted in Madrid, at a public programme in Madrid in 1990. At Madrid Airport, seeing Shri Mataji off, my father approached Mother and introduced himself as the Ambassador of Thailand to Spain. Shri Mataji was pleased about it and told him that She had always wanted to visit Thailand but that She needed one person to be there to assist in preparing for Her coming and public programme. […]

Chapter 21: 1992 – August and September, Europe and North America

A name from Shri Mataji
I am Russian and was in Cabella in 1992 for Krishna Puja, as a volunteer in Palazzo Doria, because there was a lot of reconstruction work going on. I desired to get a spiritual name from Shri Mataji. I was very new in Sahaja Yoga and had met many yogis from Europe to whom She had given a name. I understood that it was not so important, but couldn`t help thinking of it. […]

Chapter 06: 1990 August and September, England and Europe

Shri Krishna Puja weekend, England, August 1990
After our Divine Mother decided that the Shri Krishna Puja should take place in England so that as many Sahaja Yogis as possible could attend and have the maximum vibrational impact on the Vishuddhi Chakra of the world, the English Sahaja Yogis were looking around for a site for this puja. They found a school but the vibrations were not very nice, so a few yogis gathered for a puja which they dedicated to preparing it prior to proposing it to Shri Mataji. […]

Chapter 22: 1992 – September and October, South America and Europe

You are My children
We were with Shri Mataji in Barcelona in September 1992. Some ladies were helping Her to prepare Her luggage and they were trying to close one of Her suitcase with some difficulties. Somehow they could not manage with the key. I entered room and try to give a hand. It seemed easy just put the key in the hole and turn it, but I couldn’t make it work and Shri Mataji came over to me to see what going on. […]

Chapter 07: 1990 – October, Europe

Divine cooking
I had my self realisation in June 1990, my life started to take shape and in October 1990 went to my first puja to meet Shri Mataji in person. That day She came in Her form of Shri Durga Devi. 
At Saturday lunch, before the evening programme, I was queuing for the meal but I felt a bit sick when I looked the food that was there, offered kindly by the Swiss yogis. There were some sausages and hard Swiss fermented cheese. […]

Chapter 23: 1992 – October to December, Europe and India

Diwali Puja 1992
The first Diwali Puja in the Eastern Block in the presence of Shri Mataji took place in 1992, in Timisoara, close to the Hungarian border.
Mihaela Balasescu
The deep consciousness of divine vibrations
Shri Mataji was in Romania at Timisoara at the time of Diwali Puja in October 1992. I had the great chance and blessing to travel with other Sahaja Yogis in the same plane going to Romania.
For about twenty minutes during the flight I had the possibility to sit just on the left hand side of Shri Mataji. […]

Chapter 08: 1990 – November, South East Asia

Lotuses and a full moon day
Shri Mataji arrived to visit to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on 1st November 1990, a full moon day, from Bombay, to begin Her tour to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This was Her first visit to Malaysia after a lapse of six years. She was greeted at the airport by a large turnout of Malaysia’s Sahaja Yogis. Arriving back at the centre shortly after mid-day, She was impressed by the lotus flowers that decorated the meditation room. […]

Chapter 09: 1990 – December, India

Shri Mataji asked us to wear business type clothes
A small group of us were leaving one week early to attend the India tour as we could not get later flights. The night before we were due to leave from Shudy Camps, we were asked to go and help load some boxes on a truck. The boxes belonged to Shri Mataji and we were taking them with us on the plane. It turned to be fifty large boxes; […]

Chapter 10: 1991 – January to March, India

Poetry offerings
I got my self realisation on 21st March 1990, after reading The Advent, and went to Ganapatipule for the seminar at the end of that year. I had no expectations, but suddenly felt filled with such joy, peace, tranquility and energy, that sleep just left me and I felt fresh and happy all the time. I heard my own Sahasrara open and enjoyed the subtle fragrance of sandalwood.
Suddenly, poetry started to pour from me, […]

Chapter 11: 1991 – March and April, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand

Shri Mataji knew what was going on
I travelled with Shri Mataji in 1991, from Calcutta to Australia, round Australia and to New Zealand, for one month. During the first part of the journey, between Calcutta and Singapore, we arrived in Singapore Airport. It is like a city and we had to walk from one end to the other, to the next terminal, for our next flight from Singapore to Perth. For most of the way Shri Mataji was very happy, […]

Chapter 12: 1991 – April to July, England and Europe

Guilt has no power
Unfortunately I tried for many years, naturally unsuccessfully, to hide ego in left Vishuddhi. So I felt guilty for literally everything. While Shri Mataji was staying with us in the tiny Los Angeles house in April 1991, I was asked to wash Shri Mataji’s sari. It was white silk, with a bright pink border. Not wise in the ways of a Lakshmi, and not being told that one generally dry cleans silk, […]

Chapter 13: 1991 – August, Europe

Shri Buddha Puja, Belgium, 1991 (email report)
By the grace of our Divine Mother the Shri Buddha Puja took place in Belgium in August 1991, in the picturesque small town of Deinze near the North Sea coast. Shri Mataji stayed nearby, with Patricia, the leader. The Belgians had prepared everything for their visitors from abroad in a large sports hall on the outskirts of the town. About four hundred Sahaja Yogis came. In the evening Nirmal Sangeet Sarita gave us a beautiful concert. […]

Chapter 14: 1991 – September and October, Europe

Shri Ganesh Puja, September 1991 (email report)
About four to five hundred Sahaja Yogis arrived at Cabella from all over Europe on Friday and Saturday. We were lodged in two large tents, the men’s tent being also the puja hall. Saturday lunch was held at our Divine Mother’s invitation in the back garden of Her castle. Shri Mataji, helped notably by some of the Indian ladies living in Europe, has been tirelessly busy cooking for those staying in Her house and even for all the hundreds of yogis attending for puja. […]

Chapter 15: 1991/2 – November to February, India

My Mother had Her own way of working
This was in 1991 October or November in Delhi whence the soviet Russian ambassador to India came calling with a huge bouquet of red roses. The Adi Shakti got up from Her throne to receive the ambassador.
‘May I shake hands with you?’ She said, and that was the beginning of the breakup of the Soviet Union
Virendra Verma
I have touched them also
Shri Mataji was sorting out metal statues from a big heap, […]