Chapter 12: 2007 – Australia, India, Asia and Europe

Puja at Nirmal Nagari, Pune
This was my first international puja during which three events would coincide on the 19th of March followed by our beloved Mother’s birthday on the 21st of March. The 19th marked the Shri Shivaratri Puja, also the first day of Ram Navaratri as well as the Gudhi Padwa celebrations in Maharashtra. My desire and anticipation to be blessed by the darshan of our beloved Mother began to grow. I overheard that Shri Mataji might not be attending the puja in person, […]

Chapter 13: 2008 – India, Dubai and Cabella

Nursing Shri Mataji
This is the experience of Mrs Supria Kadam, one of the nurses who was fortunate to serve Her Holiness Shri Mataji. She was first asked to report to Pratishthan on the 31st Dec, 2007, in the evening. The next day, New Year’s Day of 2008, she began her work along with two other sisters, three sisters in the day and three at night, as was scheduled by the doctors, for personal care. In Pune while serving Shri Mataji Mrs Kadam was assigned duty for about three months, […]

Chapter 14: 2009 – India and Europe

The inauguration of President Obama
I was with Shri Mataji at Pratishthan when She watched the inauguration of the new American president live on the TV, in January 2009. She watched the whole programme, avidly and with great interest. She did not speak much. Mother has been very quiet in the last few years. In the last few months She barely says a few words every day.
While watching, She had Her Devi eyes during the inauguration, […]

Chapter 15: 2010 to 2011 – Europe

The Divine had a plan: Cabella, 2010
On that particular weekend, I had plans to go to Scotland to celebrate my birthday with my family but Edinburgh Airport was closed and I ended up staying in Cabella. I wasn’t upset because this happened to be the same weekend Shri Mataji was returning from India to Italy.
The yogis in the villa had asked some of us yuvas to help with the preparation for Mother’s arrival. For the next eight hours, […]

Chapter 01: 1998 – January to June, India, Dubai, Cabella and Russia

Shri Mataji joined India and Mexico
In 1998, I went to Delhi for the Birthday Puja, and afterwards went to the International Sahaja Hospital at Belapur. We asked Dr Rai, the Director, about the possibility of having a conference on Sahaja Yoga and Health in Mexico. I asked him to please talk to our Holy Mother and request Her blessing. Shri Mataji authorized the conference, and as soon as I came back from India, I began to organize it. […]

Chapter 02: 1998 – July to December, UK, Cabella and India

Advice at the Royal Albert Hall
At one of the Royal Albert Hall programmes in London there was a message from Shri Mataji requesting the Sahaja Yogis to sit evenly all over the hall, and not to all sit together at the back. In other words, the front row seats should be taken by Sahaja Yogis in alternate seats, so that the each new person could sit flanked on both sides by a Sahaja Yogi. As much as possible the same was to be done throughout the middle and back rows.  […]

Chapter 03: 1999 – January to November, India, Europe, America

Looking so fresh
It was my first time to go on the India tour in the late nineties. I was so sleepy to begin with, but as the trip progressed, even after a long evening music programme, although I would still doze off occasionally, I would wake up and see Shri Mataji looking so fresh, as if She had just arrived, even at four in the morning. Her face would look so different to when She first came in, […]

Chapter 04: 2000 – January to July, India, Europe and America

An inspiration
On 26th January, 2000 (Indian Republic Day), Mother gave statues of Shivaji and inspired the Pune Yuva Shakti with his great deeds of valour.
‘You must remember, you must become ideal Sahaja Yogis, because you have to transform the whole world. That is what your Mother expects from you,’ She said.
Shri Mataji really appreciated the place
In about 2000, Shri Mataji was in Australia with Sir CP, for the launch of his book The Life of Shastri. […]

Chapter 05: 2000 – July to December, Europe, America and India

Mother plays with time
In 2000, we arrived at Cabella about a week before the Guru Puja. We heard that Shri Mataji was arriving from America and we could go to the airport at Milan to wait in the early morning for Her. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the airport, and the Italian yogis had made a beautiful chair for Shri Mataji. We got flowers and She arrived with Her husband.
For me this was the first time I could wait for Shri Mataji at the airport. […]

Chapter 06: 2001 – India, Europe and America

Shri Mataji is always with us when our attention is on Her
We were having a simple puja to celebrate the fifth birthday of International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre near Vashi, India and we were all sitting in the meditation room saying the hundred and eight names of Shri Mataji. The phone rang and the gateman came in and spoke to Dr. Rai. It turned out that Shri Mataji had told someone to ring up from Pratishthan and give this message. […]

Chapter 07: 2002 – The Middle East, Europe, America and India

She is so caring
I am from Dubai. I would like to share a story from April 2002, where Shri Mataji was so caring and She notices and observed each and every one of us. She had millions of children, but She noticed each one of us. We were travelling from Dubai to Turkey with Shri Mataji. When we reached Turkey, there were so many people to receive Her, Sahaja Yogis as well as people from the press. […]

Chapter 08: 2003 – India, Europe and America

India Tour 2002/3 email report
I went to Ganapatipule but just for the puja. That was the only night of the whole week Shri Mataji came. She was ill and also a lot of other people – upset stomachs. Of course the puja was great and Mother talked about generosity and how we must all be generous. I felt She was talking about world economics as well as individuals although She spoke as if to individuals. […]

Chapter 09: 2004 – India and Europe

A letter
I was at Pratishthan. In August 2003, my daughter had gone to the USA for higher studies and probably, in my heart, there was a concern about that, and suddenly, Shri Mataji mentioned that She had been to the beautiful city of Shiraz in Iran. Again, without thinking, I said that my daughter’s name was Shiraz and that recently she had gone to the USA. Also, that at first she resented my coming to Sahaja but was now happy about it. […]

Chapter 10: 2005 – Europe, America and India

The power of the bandhan
In 2005 I was living at Belapur, the Sahaja Health Centre, beginning to wonder what I was supposed to do with all the recollections stories I had collected over the previous five years. Shri Mataji’s last words to me at Cabella, in 2002, were an instruction to write books, so I kept working on them. I decided to give out the stories I had on a disc and this soon got all round the Sahaja world. […]

Chapter 11: 2006 – Australia, India, Europe and America

Shri Mataji’s open window
On the Saturday night of 11th March 2006, Sahaja Yogis, devotees of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Creator of the Universe and World Saviour, were gathered in Burwood, next door to Mother’s house, for their weekly gathering and collective meditation. At that time they did not know that the Goddess was going to bless them with Her divine presence.
When we arrived, the pre-school was locked, so we decided to sit on the front lawn and enjoy the collective singing. […]