“Why people do not come again, after getting Self-Realisation?”

In Sahaja Yoga, people get the realization. Immediately thereafter man sees his own faults and as human nature is, he starts running away from Sahaja Yoga. Initially, he gets scared, the very moment he starts seeing his own faults. He cannot believe that so many faults exist in him. He is scared and then he starts doubting. You have seen, thousands of people come and get the realisation but they do not come again. […]

The Joy of Spreading

You are very great people, you can save the whole world ! I must say I never expected all this to happen in my life-time, and it has happened, and I see you as very great, very great people. Especially ladies have to work it out more, because I am a woman and women have a special capacity to love, and to bear. I expect all of you to become beautiful Sahaja Yogis, and that nothing can convince the whole world but your work, […]

Time limit

This incarnation had to come, the time had come…There is a difference between fixed time and time which is Sahaja. Fixed time is such that you can say that a train leaves this time, it will reach this time. But living things, which are spontaneous, which are Sahaj, you cannot say time. This advent came at a time which was judged what time it should come.
This is a special time, the best time of Ritambhara where you have to grow. […]


I want to see that you people are doing in your country. You may say that in my country the people are hopelessly bad, may be, I don’t say no. But, still there are places, there are pockets where you can go to talk to them, tell them – especially the media you must handle. It is something you have to do, and find out why you can’t do it. Like me, I was not supported by anybody, […]

Soldiers of Love

I am sure – it’s really heartfelt – desire of mine that you should become really soldiers of love and peace. Because that is why you are here, you are born here for that. So enjoy yourself.
So you are like very gentle soldiers of Love, and that’s what you have to spread and talk to others, give them that joy that you have. Not to be satisfied if you have got it only, or few of you have it. […]

Spiritual work

Why I have to work very hard, facing all kinds of problems, all kinds of turmoils, all kinds of pressure, what was the thing ? Just to see that you all are created and you’re all My hands. You have to work, every finger has to work. And that is what I have been telling you, that now it is our responsibility to see that we become, not only Sahaja Yogis ourself, but blossoming time and many, […]

The Job

In Sahaja Yoga you have got your realization in one lifetime. And in this life -time you have to grow. And in this life you have to achieve the highest. So the time is so very short ! And the background is so dark. You are surrounded by people, who are pouring out morning till evening destructive concepts. Now you are the people who have to shoot out much faster than all of them. but a kind of a lethargy, […]


“Sahaja Yoga is the greatest work of spiritual world, where all the cosmos, all the Gods and all the Goddesses and all the angels and incarnations and prophets, all are busy working it out, within you and without.” […]


And as you grow in quality, more and more people will come. Because I know, all the time, you are so collective that you, all the time you see “Mother, my uncle is still not a Sahaja Yogi, see Mother, my brother is not yet a Sahaja Yogi”. I know that feeling you have, that my father still is not a Sahaja Yogi. So forget about them, but those who are seeking – approach them. They are your real relations. […]


You don’t need to worry about how, what, where and when the negativity is working out – you are a soldier. You have to just fight. There should be no obstacle – just push forward.
….I thought now I’d better stop worrying as to what the atmosphere is, worryingastowhatsortofpeoplethereare,let’sstart.Andthatis how the first Brahmarandhra Chhedan took place in India. Under these circumstances Sahaja Yoga started. And there I find that the powers of Adi Shakti are much greater than the problems you see…. […]

Brain Work

Sahaja Yoga is not done through brain activities. It works on spiritual level, which is a much higher level than the mental level… You have to know that Sahaja Yoga is to be worked out, is not to be thought out. You just cannot think about it. Whatever you may try to do through your thought, you cannot achieve any results in Sahaja Yoga.
A brain which is simple, which is straightforward, which has got love in it, […]


We are the people who are not to be afraid of any society. We have to come out of it and we have to teach them. Whatever is good we are going to do, whether you like it or not. That’s the sign of a saint. If you have seen any saint, anywhere, they have gone all out to say whatever is right, whatever is to be done, and whatever is to be followed. That’s the sign of saint. […]

Collective Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ has to now be collective resurrection. This is what is Mahayoga. Has to be the collective resurrection, and for this collective resurrection first of all, Sahaja Yogis must decide to be collective. Because through kundalini awakening you cross, no doubt – you cross through. But you enter an area of collectivity and if you do not allow that collectivity to permeate into you, then you come down, Supposing you become a state beyond the elements, […]


It’s not for your good now you are doing it, so called. First you were a little baby, a small thing, now you are that Collective Being. So you are not doing anything for yourself, but for that collective being. You are growing to be aware of that, of the whole which you are going to become. Your jobs, your money, your wives, your husbands, the children, the father, mother relations – these considerations are over now. […]

Spreading Hands

America is the Vishuddhi of the whole world, so it is very important that the people who are in charge here should know all the powers of Vishuddhi, plus how to preserve it and how to expand it to the whole world. With these two hands also are from Vishuddhi chakra and with that you have to spread Sahaja yoga. You have to go to different worlds, different countries, to – even to small villages you have to spread Sahaja Yoga. […]


When I find Sahaja Yogis criticizing Sahaja Yogi. I am amazed! I am really amazed ! Because you are part and parcel of the same, how can you criticize ? One eye criticizing another, I just cannot understand. I can criticize, alright, but why should you ? Why should you criticize each other ? Only thing you have to do is to love each other. Christ has said it thrice, I must have said it 108 times already that.” […]

Count How many You Give

What is most important is, that ‘How many people you give Realisation’. That is your life. If a lotus is there it will open. But it must give fragrance – even the lotus has a responsibility. Then what about you people ? I am not saying you get crucified like Christ, no. I said you enjoy your life – you have peace and stability, balance. But, at the same time, you have to spread Sahaja Yoga. […]

Collectively Meditative

The problem is that you people don’t realise that you have to be responsible for Sahaja Yoga, responsible for giving Realisation to others and attend all the programmes you have of meditation. With collective meditation you get alright. All you problems are solved, if you go to the collective meditation regularly – I promise you.

You have to be collectively meditative because I am a collective being of all and when you meditate collectively you are really very close to Me. […]


Your first and foremost responsibility is Sahaja Yoga. Because you should know what a work it is. It is such a great work, to transform the whole world – that is My vision. And in this old age I think the same. Now, if that is My vision, what should be your attitude ? That we should go all out to spread Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main thing. I call you for these pujas just to renovate, […]


We are an international religion. We don’t belong to any country, some of us belong to any country, that we are not Italians, we are Indians, we are not Australians. What we are, we are in the kingdom of God, so we are men of God as described by William Black. So we are men of God and that we have no bondage to any of these ideas that we belong to this country or to that country. […]

The Light of Truth

Look at these little, little candles. Whatever little light they have, they’re giving that light. They’re burning themselves to give that light. If we cannot give that light, what is the use of enlightenment ? Enlightened doesn’t mean the light for yourself only – the light of love, compassion, which is divine, which is not normal which is not ordinary, as you see in the films. It is a divine love which works.
I have a special feeling for gypsies. […]

Detached Faith

You are dealing with situations, but you must have full faith in the capability of this all-pervading power, As soon as you’re detached, you say, you do it, finished, once you say that, you are going to do it, it’s you who is going to do it. Whole thing changes completely. Because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this divine power which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything. […]


I saw the flag of Independence. When we got it we made this flag. I’d seen this flag put up when the other flag was brought down. I cannot tell you what was the feeling that governed me. Such a feeling that the truth has, somehow or other, overcome the untruth. That justice has been shown over the injustice. That feeling is still so much – I can’t even see the flag. If I see it. […]


Love is not limited. Love has to be unlimited. Unlimited love which binds the whole world. There is this force, there is already acting this force, only thing you have to become the agents of that, to become the people who can communicate that love. You have every right to that great wealth of love and you can spread that all around. Now, you have to love all the seekers of the world. They have done wrong. […]


What I am trying to say, you must have complete faith in yourself, it’s very important. “I am a Sahaja Yogi.” Have that faith, “What have I done? Ask yourself that much. “What do I have to do?” So all your behavior, all your sweetness, all your kindness, everything will impress. Not only that, but negative forces won’t act. If you try to be positive, negative forces will not act. They will have no effect on you. […]


You respect all that is beautiful, you respect all that is good. But you are not dominated by anything. You are not in the clutches of anything. If I want, I can wear a gold chain, otherwise nothing, Doesn’t bother. I don’t care. That should be the attitude, if I have or if have to I will. Nothing can dominate me. Nothing can give me status. I stand on my own status and on my own position and on my own authority. […]


Opening Sahasrara was the most important part of the evolutionary process. All other evolutionary processes brought human beings to what level ? We had wars. We had all kinds of silly programmes by which we really ruined so many countries so many people. Now when you are one with that all-pervading power- it is a pure, it’s a Nirmal power, absolutely pure power that gives you complete sense and complete understanding as to how you should move, […]


Nothing can be alright unless and until you develop the subtleties of your attention, and they develop by receding your attention from all that is gross. Recede your attention whenever it goes too much into a thought, like that – ‘Oh, forget it’, But into vibrations you pay full attention, seeing vibrations you pay full attention, seeking your own vibrations pay full attention, other things you need not worry, they will be all looked after.
Your attention should be on Me and you should make the following conditioning of thoughts on your Agnya “How fortunate we are to have been realised ! […]

Spiritual debt

One has to understand, you all should find out, how much responsible you have been for getting into Sahaja Yoga. Of course, you are all protected, you are all blessed, everyone has got whatever they want. Most of them. But how many of them are returning this debt ? How many are working to give this Realisation to others? This is a debt on you. But if your attention is ‘haphazard’, if your attention is not clear, […]


It is important for all of you to understand that whatever money you have given in the seminar is being used absolutely, absolutely for the betterment of humanity, which may not come to Sahaja Yoga but which can be benefitted through Sahaja Yogis. So I would request you not to be miserly. You need not give me the money, but you shouldn’t have a miserly temperament. Because what’s the use of having money without any advantage ? […]

Myth of possession

Miserliness has no place in Sahaja Yoga. Has no place. Miserliness is a sign of a very small mind. I am not saying you give Me money, of course – But the way we look at money, the way we cling-on to it: the material things, the material wealth, the material objects, the possessions. The greatest possessions you have is your Mother. Through Her you have you brothers and sisters.
You understand the myth of possession. […]

Go all Out!

You have to promise that : -‘Mother we will work with the same zeal, with the same attention as you are doing, and try to settle ourselves”. Quieten yourself, be silent. We talk too much, talk too much, do nothing. Try to reserve your energy in that silent dignity. You must have full idea as to what you are. You must understand what you have been up to, what have you done about it ? Talking, […]

Inner Dynamism

Now there are people, I have seen, who care for cheap popularity. I have known people who will do everything for others, do this, do that, but only for popularity. They have not essentially understood that whatever you are doing, is it for cheap popularity ? You don’t have to fight an election in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to cast your votes in an election. But what happens daily, the person who has that dynamism of Sahaja Yoga just comes up. […]


The powers that we have is for Sahaja Yoga. As Mother has powers to work for sahaja yoga, we too have powers to work for Sahaja Yoga and as She works we also have to work.
But there is attachment like this; Mother is doing everything what can we do ? No, you have to do it. This is very important detachment I am telling you. You have to do it yourself. It’s not that, Mother will do, […]

Becoming Dynamic

You have to surrender fully from your heart, I am what I am, I have been that, I’ll be that. I am not going to grow any more, or less. This is an eternal personality. It’s now for you to get out of me whatever is possible. To make the use of your birth in these modern times. To ‘grow’ to your full maturity. To be able to work out the complete design that Divine wants to do through you. […]


You have to be not egoistical, but proud. Proud that you are Sahaja Yogis, proud that you have been born in such time, when you have to carry on the duties of God’s work. That God has chosen you ! So first you should come up to that level. Like some people I find suddenly become morose, recluses in Sahaja Yoga. They will never be forgiven because God has given you so much. Supposing somebody gives you a diamond, […]


Will does not mean ‘desire’. Will means ‘desire put into action’. So what you do is to desire and then you put it into action. You can do it. First of all you have to know that we must have desire. That is there no doubt….you are the light givers and it is going to work out through your will. So how powerful our will should be ? How dedicated we should be about our will ? […]

Pure Desire

We have to establish our desire within ourselves, that we are seekers and that we have to achieve our full growth and maturity. Today’s Puja is for the whole universe. The whole universe should have to be enlightened with this desire. Your desire should be so intense that they should emit out the pure vibrations of Mahakali Shakti which is the pure desire of attaining the Spirit. That’s the real desire. All the other desires are like mirage. […]


It’s not difficult for you to create more people like this. It’s not difficult to transform this world. The time has come, just the right time. Like, when the proper time comes, the blossom time comes so many flowers become fruits. So, like that you all have become.
It is for you to create seeds to spread Sajaya Yoga. You are now at that level of awareness, now where Paramchaitanya is with you, absolutely part and parcel of you, […]


….I have to have channels. And these channels who know their job, they know themselves, who are quite capable of doing it. You are special people, no doubt. Otherwise why are you here ? But that speciality is this, that you are a good conductor of this Divine Energy. You are a wonderful conductor ! You are an expert on that. It just works, it works automatically. But your connection with the Divine should be absolute ! […]

The Artist

I am the artist and I am the art. But what about you ? Who are you? You are the one who is created, and you can create, and you can become the artist. That is what I am saying. That you are not only the light, but the light that will give light to others. And also you will sustain that light which you have given light. This is the difference now, between you and other people. […]

God’s Creation

God created this world in six days and seventh day He rested. But the eighth day what did He do ? – He started giving realization; relentlessly, Working hard…The subtler side of Sahaja Yoga is extremely simple, is Compassion, is Forgiveness, is love, but the greatest of all, is the Service to God. We are doing the work of God. How can we be tired ? The dynamic is flowing through us, that Compassion is so fulfilling, […]

The Work of Adi Shakti

This is the work of Adi Shakti, not the work of any saint or any incarnation. They’re all there, no doubt. They’re all with us, all the time to help us, but you people have the power of Adi Shakti, which is very great, which is very penetrating, which is miraculous. It’s so effective, but unless and until you become aware of your own powers, how will you work it out. It would be like a dead machine that has everything but nobody is there to work it out. […]