Chapter 11: The Subtle System

In the triangular bone, called “Sacrum”, there is a residual power of pure desire. This bone was called the “sacrum”, by the Greeks, which means that they also knew that
it was a sacred bone. This power is termed as “Kundalini” in the Sanskrit language.
At this time, I would like to say very humbly, that one should not discard this knowledge as useless because it is coming from a developing country (in the Western terminology) like India. […]

Chapter 10: Message Of Meta Science

Science cannot answer many questions. So many have tried now to reach, in medical science, the minutest thing, called genes. But the scientists are frustrated because they
cannot go any further with the help of these genes, to really overcome the complications created by modern life.
The conclusion they have reached that genes are only inherited is absolutely wrong. Actually genes also reflect our personality that we create in day-to-day life. All our sympathetic activity is reflected on our genes as well. […]

Chapter 9: Evolution

It is very interesting to see how we have become human beings in a relatively short time, through our evolutionary process. The time taken to create human beings is
really very short. Some people may call it a chance but by the law of chance we could not have achieved this creation.
Actually our evolutionary process is based on the same principle as that of a spacecraft. The spacecraft has several sections, one fitting into the next in a series. […]

Chapter 8: World Peace

We have to get awakened to the fact that in recent decades, great destruction has been caused to our moral values as a result of our children, parents and families,
getting influenced by the chaotic conditions of modern times.
In order to secure a peaceful social and political order, it is essential to make every endeavour to resuscitate moral values. For this purpose we must begin at the roots. We must give the greatest possible attention to our children, […]

Chapter 7: Peace

Ego and conditionings are created by mind, which is a myth. As we create the conditionings with our mind, it later controls our mind. In the same way the ego and
conditioning control the mind. Ego is a very dangerous disease with us. When this ego is inflated, a person feels as if he is on top of the world. One actually floats with this inflation of ego and never feels the pangs of unreal existence. […]

Chapter 6: Religions

All the religions from ancient times have said that a man or a woman has to cleanse his or her mind through religious activity, with righteous life. The aim of every
religion was to establish balance in every way to make way for the ascent of the seeker. The second birth, walihood, selfhood, Buddha’s state, Jaini state, Gnostic, or Atmasakshatkar, are all names for self-realisation. It was all right in the olden days, where people always wanted to be honorable and good to ascend higher in their awareness. […]

Chapter 5: The Culture In The West

Culture is the outcome in any society of its history, its faith, its thinking, its emotions, its aspirations and its ideals. It is revealed in the behaviour of people among
themselves and in interaction with people of other cultures. Culture shows the social heights in serenity, wisdom and morality. The innate culture of innocence and spirituality creates peace, honesty and moral sense. On the whole, a good culture gives a sweet and good language and a peaceful existence of family life and society. […]

Chapter 4: Racialism

Racialism is the greatest curse of human beings that has been created by themselves. God Almighty has created this world with different varieties and different colours
to create interesting beauty but these varieties are only skin deep. It is said that a long time ago some prolific writers from Britain wrote horrible things against African blacks, and all this was so totally accepted that the people who called themselves white-skinned went all out to wipe out people who had some other colour on their skin. […]

Chapter 3: Democracy

It was the great advent of Abraham Lincoln which brought the uniquely true idea of democracy into reality in America. He specifically said that the government should be
“of the people”, yet today we find that most countries who call themselves democracies have been “demon-o-cracies”. They are ruled by people who are either money-oriented or power- oriented. Concern for the benevolence of the people, which should be the main aim of a democracy has become completely lost in modern times. […]

Chapter 2: Choices

If you ask an enlightened soul: “What will you like to have for yourself?”, he may start thinking: “What could I possibly need?” He already has every thing. On the contrary he
will think, “If I really have to go shopping then I must buy something by which I can express my love for others”. An enlightened soul will purchase something only if it is a thing of spiritual value because there are certain very beautiful things created by human beings, […]

Chapter 1: Modernism And Rationality

In the Puranas, the modern times we are now living in are called kali Yuga, the Age of Confusion and Conflict. Yugas are periods of time, thousands of years long, that recur in
a cyclic or spiral progression. Dwapara Yuga is the second age, when people begin to lose some of the great qualities they had in the first or Golden Age, Satya Yuga. Kali Yuga (modern times) marks the lowest point of moral and spiritual consciousness in each cycle. […]


Actually I did not want to write a book of this kind. I am a person who is in complete joy of Divinity. There is the all pervading joy of Divine love and I wanted everyone to enjoy it. Specially in the West I have seen that there are many seekers of absolute Truth. There are many scientists who have written voluminous books about consciousness, about awareness. One can give a list of them. But all these books really weary you completely, […]