Here are information and assumptions about the Salve lineage that we can find in the book:

1) Dynasty of Chandragupta Maurya
fourth century BCE and until about the third century AD

2) Satvahan Dynasty
– In the center, and south of India; third century BCE until the beginning of the third century AD

3) The future Emperor Shalivahan
– Shalivahan comes from Chittodgarh, in the first century BCE.
– migrates from northern India to Pratistan (now Paithan)

Chapter 10: 1999, Shri Mataji My Redeemer

While reading this book you would have noticed on many occasions where I was redeemed by Shri Mataji. When I was in financial difficulties, during the time I
started the business of rolling shutters, She was the one who came and redeemed me by giving me financial help and also much-needed advice. What happened recently however, goes to prove the extent of love and concern She has for me. I am writing this experience not for any selfglory or sympathy, […]

Chapter 9: 1986, The Creation of The Cosmos

She said that certain facts would have to be believed, before She explained the creation of the Cosmos. She said that I would have to accept that there is only one God, and
that He is all-pervading, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. I readily agreed, since I also strongly believed that there had to be only one God. She then said that if one goes to the Bible, in the book of Genesis, it is written that in the beginning there was darkness, […]

Chapter 8: 1970 to 1986, Shri Mataji’s Revelation

In answer to my question she gave me her million-dollar smile and said that She had wanted to talk to me about Her spiritual life, but I had been too busy and engrossed in my
mundane life and so She had not opened the subject till now when I asked this question. My curiosity to know about Her spiritual life was so strong that I urged Her to tell me everything about it, particularly since Kalpana’s marriage. […]

Chapter 7: 1963 to 1970

Eventually I got married to Kumud on the 16th of October 1963, in Poona. I am using the word, ‘eventually’, since many event took place between my
engagement and my marriage. I am mentioning a few below.
My brother offered me, along with M. M. Jain. Partnership in a new firm M.M.Jain was my senior during the Articles period (apprenticeship) but he passed his C.A. final along with me in May 1962. Jain and I purchased a second-hand car for Rs. […]

Chapter 6: 1955 to 1963

The death of my father made me realise slowly but surely that I did not have an umbrella to protect me. The shelter had gone, and for the first time I felt that I was completely on my own and that I had to build myself up without of any help or assistance. It was a situation that was totally new and I somehow started feeling greatly responsible for my mother and my two other unmarried sisters. […]

Chapter 5: 1947 to 1955, The Birth of The Nation

After the marriage, Shri Mataji stayed with us in Delhi for a few days and then shifted to a new tenement. It was decided that I should also shift, to Gwalior, for the new
academic year (i.e. academic year 1947/48). So our Nagpur establishment was practically closed down except for Balasahib, Sannie bhaiyya and, of course, Sushil. In Gwalior I was admitted to the Janak Gang Middle School, to the 8th standard, thanks to my mother and her influential personality. […]

Chapter 4: 1933 to 1947, My Childhood Till The Marriage of Shri Mataji

I was the 12th child of my father and the 7th of my mother. Being the youngest in the family all my brothers and sisters wanted to take care of me. Shri Mataji by now was 10
years of age and as I mentioned earlier, She was taking care of the household needs. Shri Mataji felt that my mother, because of her political activities, was not giving me the needed attention and as a result She started giving me Her protection. […]

Chapter 3: 1923 to 1933, The Advent of The British Raj

At the time of Shri Mataji’s birth the British Raj was at its peak. It is relevant to mention here as to how and why the British came to India.
In the year 1599 the Dutch, who were trading spices with Great Britain, increased the price of spices by only five miserable shillings per pound of spice. This prompted the British traders to launch a company of their own in England. The company received its official sanction on 31st December 1599, […]

Chapter 2: 1923 to 1927, Shri Mataji’s Childhood in Chhindwara

Shri Mataji, from childhood, was very playful and would go to anybody and everybody who called Her. She had a very sweet and charming smile, which was her way of expressing joy to everyone.
In the year 1922, as mentioned earlier, my mother was studying for her law exams. She used to keep all her jewellery in one box and always used to carry it with her whenever she went to Nagpur. She was very particular about taking it out from either the car or the tonga (horse drawn carriage) when she reached Chhindwara, […]

Chapter 1: 1883 to 21st March 1923

My father, Prasadrao, was born posthumously to my grandmother, Sakhubai, on the 15th of July 1883 at Ujjain. My grandfather Keshavrao, who was the descendant of Shalivahan dynasty, had died about four weeks before my father’s birth, in the middle of June. My father told us once about the tragic and unexpected death of my grandfather at such a young age. The story is as follows.
My grandfather had gone to Rahuri to receive his cousin (my grand aunt Renukabai), […]


This book is the result of persistent and consistent queries about Her Holiness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Srivastava, about Her family background, Her childhood, Her youth, Her political activities and so on.
It was thought therefore that if I, as a member of Her family, write a book, these queries that Sahaja Yogis have about Her pre-and post manifestation days would be answered. The book therefore has H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as the main figure-head and the events narrated are focused on Her life or happenings connected with Her political as well as religious activities. […]


At the very outset I must seek pardon from the scholars of English and people having authority in the language, since, like Shri Mataji, my entire education has been in the vernacular language while English was an optional subject for us. I would therefore request the critics to avoid criticism in this context, and to see the content rather than the form of the content. I also have to apologize for all the ‘E & OE’ […]


H. P Salve was a scion of the illustrious Salve clan that hailed from the erstwhile Shalivan dynasty. He was born at a momentous time in the Indian history. A time when his father, along with the other elders of the nation, were fighting shoulder to shoulder to shake off the yoke of British rule. It was time when the noble human values prevailed and the sacrifice of one’s life at the alter of such ideals was cherished, […]


It is a great privilege to write a few words about this book which narrates, in vivid detail, the life story of a family which, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, played an important role in India’s battle for freedom from the British Rule, which gave to the country a brilliant, self-less, wise, cultured, learned, courageous and visionary political leader, Shri R K. Salve, and which, in Independent India, has given to the world a Divine Incarnation for the emancipation and evolution of human beings to a higher spiritual plane – […]