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This is a very important task Sahaja Yogis have to do in these modern times, is to tell aloud that they have found the truth. That part is very weak. In whatever way you like: you can write books, you can announce it, you can talk to your friends, to your relations and everywhere; tell them, “This is the truth now!” That you have entered into the Kingdom of God; that you are blessed by the grace of God. That you are realised-souls. That you have felt the Divine power which is pervading everywhere, and that you can give Realisations to others. This you have to tell others. And know that, by your accepting Truth you are not adding anything to the Truth, but you are adorning yourself. – Shri Mataji at Guru Puja, The Statutes Of The Lord, 1987-0727

Books published by Nirmala Vidya:

The Book of Adi Shakti by Shri Mataji

Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji

Nirmala Vidya Mantra Book

This is the last versions 8 of the Mantra book as a compilation of the mantras presented to or approved by Shri Mataji in Her lifetime. There are 2 prints available that you can order from One in premium color and one in standard color (Reduced price).

Marriage In Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji (excerpts from various speeches)

Raising Children in Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji (excerpts from various speeches)

Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji

Other Authors:

Actualising Your Self-Realization – faces of the coming new era

Ascent by Yogi Mahajan

As You Are So The World Will Be: An Introduction To Sahaja Yoga by Yogi and Pragnya Mahajan

Bible Enlightened by Dan Costian

DEVĪ MĀHĀTMYAM – The Glory Of The Goddess from The Mārkandeya Purāna, twelfth century CE translation by Lyndal Vercoe, second edition 2019

Corruption: India’s Enemy Within by C.P. Srivastava

  • Out of print (Copyrights Macmillan India)

End Game by Yogi Mahajan

Expecting to Fly: In Search of the Spirit by Patrick Sheridan

Face of God: A Most Soul Stirring Biography of a Living God by Yogi Mahajan

Ganesha Atharva Sheersha

Game Changer by Yogi and Pragnya Mahajan

Gita Enlightened by Yogi Mahajan

  • Download in PDF English (2024 revised edition)

Goddess Waltz – Autobiography of a Western Yogi by Brent Fidler

The Goddess Waltz is my attempt to thread whispering fragments from my past into a cohesive understanding of mysoul’s journey as I reconstructed life’s spiritual nuggets into a meaningful mosaic, a memoir re-assembled from Hermann Hesse’s broken mirror of the human personality.

Whenever the maelstrom tossed me into the devil’s heart, a kernel of conscious awareness always sifted its way through the darkness, slowing the plumb bob of desire from its wild swings into past conditionings. The sacred present lives in the space between each breath…a symphony of divine compassion and love conducted by the Goddess of the Cool Breeze.  

Great Realized Statesmen And Stateswomen

Great Women Of India by Yogi Mahajan

Green Index: Integration of Environmental Performance, Green Innovativeness and Financial Performance by ilknur Mary Joy (MJ.) Ni., Ph.D.

  • Download in PDF English
  • Dissertation Summary for Green Index – Download in PDF English

Insights, Inspirations, Eternal Moments by Yogi Mahajan

Jail Break And The Art Of Meditation by Yogi Mahajan

Lal Bahadur Shastri: Life of Truth in Politics by C.P. Srivastava

Let Our Spirits Run Free by Yogi and Pragnya Mahajan

Master’s Trick by Yogi Mahajan

Music and Sahaja Yoga by Dr. Arun Apte

Medical Science Enlightened by Professor Umesh C Rai

My Memoirs by H.P.Salve (Baba Mama)

New Millennium Fullfills Ancient Prophecies by Yogi Mahajan

Ramayana by Chakravarti Rajagopalachari

Realised Saints by Yogi Mahajan

Realised Writers

Download in PDF English

Resurrection by Yogi Mahajan

Sahaja Yoga – A Jungian Approach by Jose Antonio Salgado

Sahaja Yoga – Introduction Book

Sahaja Yoga – The Divine Path for Physical mental Emotional and Spiritual Evolution by Dr Hari Shankar Sharma

Shri Lalita Sahasranama

Soundarya Lahari by Shri Adi Shankaracharya – A Sahaja Translation by Poornima Damodran

Srimad Devi Bhagavat A Sahaja Translation by Poornima Damodran

Download in PDF English

Tenth Incarnation by Yogi Mahajan (Volumes 1-3)

Vivekacūḍāmaṇi by Shri Adi Shankaracharya – A Sahaja Translation by Poornima Damodran

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Card


Diseases & Remedies – Health Advice by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Sahasrara 2022)

1008 Treatments (Sahasrara 2017)

Song Books

Song Book – Australian Edition

For Children

10 Primordial Masters by Rafael Sol

Bedtime Stories by Yogi Mahajan

My Journey With The Chakras

The Secret of the Seven by Nidhi


Eternally Inspiring Recollections Of Our Divine Mother by Linda J. Williams

Spiritual Journey by Jos Boven

Vertical Growth Group Books



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