Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Eve of Guru Puja Ansalonga (Andorra)

H. H. S H R I   M A T A J I   N I R M A L A   D E V I
Lecture on Evening before Guru Puja
 Ansalonga (Andorra),  July 30th, 1988

Tomorrow is a great day for all of us because it’s the Guru Puja Day, and perhaps you know that Guru puja is the greatest day for all the sahaja yogis, also for Me.
Of course, Sahastrara is the day, which is very important, […]

Talk to Ladies Pimpri, Pune (India)

Talk to Ladies. Pimpri, Pune (India), 10 February 1984.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]
For your good luck, you should say let us say for your good luck, Soubhagya for your good luck. Is given to the ladies, always given to the ladies. Because in India the women are regarded as the Shakti and women who lead a married life and who have been mothers, who have been daughters and also wives and things like that are respected very much as only it is believed that only the respectable women when they exist in any country the Gods also reside there. […]

Public Program Société industrielle de Mulhouse, Mulhouse (France)

1983-09-01 Public Program, France
[Translator: … what we do?]
Shri Mataji: … which represents the Mother Earth. So far, whatever we have done is to exhaust the Mother Earth. She has been looking after us, but we have been exhausting Her. So within us is also placed the representative of that Mother Earth in the triangular bone or sacrum. Or we can say that this bone represents the Mother Earth and the energy within us, that represents the Holy Ghost. […]

Action and Desire Niphad (India)

Conversation with Yogis, India tour, Niphad, (India), 6 February 1982.
(Shri Mataji has involved the audience in the talk so the whole talk is very informative & interactive):
Tape 1
Shri Mataji: You are better off now?
Shri Mataji: Do you get this Jaggery, the one you ate in London?
Audience: Yes Mother
Shri Mataji: You get in England? I never saw this Jaggery.
Audience: Yes Mother in Indian shops not in English shops
Shri Mataji: In Indian but shops not in English shops. […]

Public Program (incomplete) Caxton Hall, London (England)

“ (…essly) and she puts another sari or a good dress and all that and then she locks up herself in the room and enjoys herself [laughter]. So it shows the essence of it is the sharing and the maximum of it should be achieved because the joy of it comes through sharing : is wisdom.
So we have our education which should teach us to share, which should teach us to help others. Somebody falls down? […]

Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis (India)

Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), January 27th, 1980
I had told you yesterday, that we have to know about the powers that we have, and the powers that we can get. First of all we should know what powers we have got, and also we should know how we are going to preserve those powers and what more powers we can very – very easily achieve.
The first power that you get after Realisation is the greatest power on Earth. […]

Nabhi Chakra London (England)

Nabhi Chakra, 1078-0220
How it is placed within us. Nabhi chakra also has got two sides- left and right.On the left hand side of the nabhi chakra is placed as a center or you call it a chakra or a sub-chakra called as the Chandra means the moon center on the left hand side, on the right hand side is the sun center and they are placed exactly on the moon line and the sun line i.e first the ida and the pingala. […]

Sat Chit Anand New Delhi (India)

Sat Chit Anand, Advice given on 15th February 1977 at New Delhi.
[Translation from Hindi]
….. anybody picks up a pen and starts writing. Most of the writers, most of them, have self-interests vested. They have some or other interests like befooling people, making money or showing off etc. By grace of almighty few great saints have been there and they also wrote something. However, they did not publish anything themselves but later their scripts were published, […]

Heart Chakra (extract) (India)

The Heart Chakra and Omkara 
February 1977.  This talk was given in India during the western yogis’ first India tour (Jan-March 1977). Precise location unknown.
Transcript from Audio
Now this left-hand side of the heart is concerned with your Mother and with Shiva, the existence. You get your existence through your mother. And Shiva and Parvati, they are your parents, both of them are your parents as far as your existence is concerned.
And it is such a beautiful centre is your, […]