Arrival and Talk Frankfurt (Germany)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 (…) children sit here, doesn’t matter. Children could sit here. It’s so nice to come back after such a long time, and whenever I came you always had gathered, in a very big hall we met, and that’s how the Sahaja Yoga started growing. Is very important. What do you, people, from, specially from Germany, Austria, these are the people who were in the war. And now you are in the war with Me! […]

Talk on Arrival Milan–Malpensa Airport, Milan (Italy)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0425 Discorso all’aeroporto Malpensa. Milan (Italy) , 26 Aprile 2001.
(At Mother’s arrival, She is covered by flowers. Sahaja Yogis welcome Her by singing “Vishwa Vandita” and “Aspettando Lei”)
It’s very heartening to see so many of you coming to welcome Me. I feel so joyous I can’t express it in words. Your love is like the ocean which just moves from one person to another.It’s so great to come to Italy again. […]

Arrival, Welcome Meeting Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0116 Welcome Meeting, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, July 21, 1996
You have so many now Sahaja Yogis, ah?
(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji. They are all Sahaja Yogis”)
So many!
(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji”.)
I’m amazed to see so many Sahaja Yogis in Ukraine. That shows how people are sensitive to spirituality, that they are taking to it so easily. They have been waiting I think, seeking all these years and suddenly now they have found the way. […]

Speech at arrival Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0115 Talk on arrival in Kyiv, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept. 24, 1995
I really don’t know how to thank you for this surprise. It’s very kind, all of My dear children, all of [them OR everyone] are here. I have a very great concern for Ukraine.
While coming airplane I was looking at your beautiful land near the river Dnieper. And I felt such a good land you have here and I also know that once upon a time this was a very reach country where the wheat and all this produce were supplied to whole of Europe. […]

Talk on Arrival Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1229 Talk on Arrival at Burwood. Sydney (Australia), 27 February 1992.
. . . but all of you are not here. It doesn’t matter. There’s a certain thing I’m discovering, that you people always say: “Mother said so, Mother said so”, and making a fundamental thing out of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not proper. You should never say that: “Mother said so.” It’s not needed at all, why to say? You all have freedom, […]

Welcome Meeting Sheremetyevo International Airport, Khimki (Russia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0115 Welcome meeting in Moscow, 08/19/1991, Sheremetevo airport, Moscow, USSR
When I was leaving Prague all the Sahaja Yogis was crying and I was also crying. But after coming to Moscow all that sadness has gone now. I’m so overjoyed to see you all again here. I hope this time My coming is going to do something great for all of us.
(Sahaja Yogis are saying, “Jai Shri Mataji”, several times.)
…and very handy, […]

Airport Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yogis Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0421 Informal Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 4 March 1990.
Very happy to be back here in Melbourne, after such a long gap, and everybody’s grown up so much; nice to see you all so healthy, beautiful and joyous. Of course I feel sad about the ashram that we have lost, that we should not have lost the ashram. But whatever has happened you can’t help it; but it’s important for Sahaja Yoga that we have to live together. […]