Radio Interview, Athena the Primordial Mother Athens, Stamatis Boudouris house (Greece)

Radio Interview, The Innate Religion
Athens, Stamatis Boudouris house (Greece) 23/05/1989
Starts at 1:08
….Inside. Because it’s very hot and inside, the house is very small. I hope it works out. You see, I didn’t expected so many people would be coming. So, I think, doesn’t matter, we’ll see about it. But, tonight became so cold inside the room. I was really frozen.
Sahaja Yogi: For us, Shri Mataji, we sat all day in the sunlight a nd we don’t feel hot or anything. […]

Interview Alibag (India)

Interviewer: Please, explain the difference between East and West, what can India bring to the west…?
Shri Mataji: In the West, the knowledge that they have, is the knowledge as they call it of the tree – outside. You see the leaves and you see the branches and you know all about it. But they don’t know about the roots, on which this tree is standing. That knowledge is in India. One must know the roots. […]

Radio Interview Vienna (Austria)

Radio Interview. Ashram Vienna (Austria), 9 June 1988.
Interviewer: I am here for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Shri Mataji: Yes, he told Me that. I am sorry, he told Me 5:30 you’d be here, so I’m a little late, you
don’t mind, I was a little late to come here.
Interviewer: Oh, never mind, it’s okay. So I will place this here if you don’t mind (ed: microphone).
Shri Mataji: It’s all right.
Interviewer: Okay. Yes, […]

Press interview with Molden Vienna (Austria)

Press interview with Molden in Melichargasse Ashram. Vienna (Austria), 8 June 1988.
Shri Mataji: I was living with him (Ed: Mahatma Gandhi) from the age of seven years quite a time and certain things of course he realized in Me perhaps. And he was a very kind person, to children especially, but a very great disciplinarian. To himself and to others also, but with children he was very kind and I used to meet him quite often. […]

Shri Mataji with ABC TV Adelaide (Australia)

Shri Mataji with ABC TV

(Starts at 3:20)

Mother: Now today, I want to tell you how you can cure your trees and how you can cure yourself also. And then how to cure others. First of all, you must get cured completely yourself. You have to mature yourself in a way. When you are matured, the first thing that happens [is] that you, when you try to feel others or when you try to go into funny places, […]

Interview Adelaide (Australia)

Interview Australia, 18 May 1987.

Journalist: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You see, because I try to know so much about religions.
Journalist: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Because I’m dealing with all kind of religious people
Journalist: With- yes.
Shri Mataji: And then you see, within ourselves, it’s – there is a religion, human religion.
Journalist: Right.
Shri Mataji: That is actually our valency, it’s our valency.
Journalist: Our well being?
Shri Mataji: Valency is a thing- the carbon has four valencies, […]

Interview on Channel Nine Channel 9, Sydney (Australia)

Interview with Ray Martin on TV Channel Nine (from the original tv broadcast). Australia, 8 May 1987.
Interviewer: Welcome.
I guess Indian gurus have been involved in the West… But there have been others, for more credible and far more respectable.
My next guess is a Bombay lady who’s following this ? over the world. She says that you have the power to deal positively with every problem from common to cancer.
All you have to do is now have a tap into it, […]

Daily Telegraph Interview Sydney (Australia)

Daily Telegraph Interview
Shri Mataji: Suddenly become little cold, isn’t it? What about they, did they have tea?
Yogini: Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?
Shri Mataji: Yes, I don’t mind. What about him?
R: I’m all right, thank you.
R: So, how was the tour going? Your tour in Australia going so far?
Shri Mataji: So far?
R: Yes.
Shri Mataji: It was very good in Brisbane, except for the reporter who came and could not get his Realisation, […]

Evening at Ashram and Interview Brisbane (Australia)

Evening at Ashram and Interview

[…] is very money oriented and sometimes it becomes very crude also about it. Like I went to Boston and there they asked me a question, how many Rolls Royces She has. […], how many Rolls Royces, just think of that. I did not what to say. […] […] Yes, they have gone through Yog, good idea, started with Yog. I addressed them, when I was in New York They will be very happy to have another program with me. […]

Interview, This time has been predicted Kolkata (India)

Interview with a journalist. Kolkata (India), 14 October 1986.

Interviewer: [UNCLEAR] has the root connection of the Patanjali yoga?

Shri Mataji : Of course. I mean it’s the ancient thing. No doubt. Patanjali used the same thing. But he used a gradual method because that was a slow method.[ in Hindi- like use zamane mein bailgadi use karte the na.- in those times bullock carts were used] Now we are using motor cars. So that is the but the time has come. […]

ORF Radio Interview Meli Ashram, Vienna (Austria)

Interview: Shri Mataji Talks about Her Early Life. Vienna (Austria), 9 July 1986.
Reporter: Can we start with Your childhood?
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Reporter: Do You, can describe a little bit the circumstances where you were grown up?
Shri Mataji: My family?
Reporter: Yes.
Shri Mataji:  I belong to a family of very enlightened people. My father was a linguist and he was master of fourteen languages. He knew about twenty-six languages and he translated even Koran-e-Sharif into Hindi language. […]

Press Conference, Time has come to become the Spirit Vienna (Austria)

Press Conference. Vienna (Austria), 7 July 1986.
Alright we are here to inform you about a power which is within us and the power that can give you what is promised by all the saints, scriptures and all the incarnations.
Today when you see the young people in every country – especially in the West – you`ll find they are not satisfied with their own atmosphere, their lives and they think that there is something missing and they are extremely confused. […]

Interview for “Het Binnenhof” Newspaper Conferentieoord Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Interview journalist; “Het Binnenhof” Newspaper, Overvoorde, The Hague, Holland, 4th July 1985
Shri Mataji: The man who was here. He has been to all these fake gurus. He has seen all that nonsense. He has seen everything. It is very easy for him to see me now, because you see if you have not been to all these then you start… you cannot understand it so well. So that’s a very big point about it.
G: He said there is a book called Spiritual Superman. […]

Interview for “Trouw” Newspaper Conferentieoord Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Interview journalist; Dr. Kranenburg, “Trouw” Newspaper, Overvoorde, The Hague, Holland, 4th July 1985
Journalist: I received some books and papers from you and I heard you yesterday evening in that congress hall.
Sri Mataji: Did you?
Journalist: I was there yes.
Sri Mataji: I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.
Journalist: And I liked to read it and to see what it is because I am interested in such things.
Sri Mataji: Yes, one should be. Very important! […]

Press Conference Rome (Italy)

Interview, Press Conference, Rome (Italy), 18 May 1985.
Shri Mataji: And secondly, once they feel the experience of the Spirit, they will start cleansing themselves, their own centres.
And this is how the modern Sahaja Yoga has evolved out of the old one which was only individualistic and was given to only people who were willing to go through any kind of tests and any kind of disciplining. But nowadays, best is to have it this way. […]

Radio Interview Melbourne (Australia)


Interviewer: Right we’re going to talk about a kind of yoga, Sahaja Yoga if I’ve pronounced it correctly. And we’re going to talk to a lady called Shri Mataji. Hope I’ve got that right too. Sahaja Yoga is now a recognised religion and it’s catching on at a great rate here in Australia. In fact, the religion has just been granted permission to open a school here in Victoria and that school is situated at Kew. […]

Interview on Radio Enghien Marie Rouger’s flat, Paris (France)

Interview on Radio Enghien, Marie Rouger’s flat, Enghien, suburbs of Paris (France), September 29th, 1984, 29/09/1984
Interviewer [speaks in French]: She is known in India as the greatest woman of these days. She comes to propose to Westerners as well as to Orientals a new stage in their conscience which was promised by Jesus-Christ himself. We can ask Shri Mataji how to achieve this new state of conscience and what will it bring to us?
Marie: The question is how to reach this new state of consciousness and what will t bring us? […]

Radio Interview Vienna (Austria)

Radio Interview, Vienna (Austria),  5 September 1984.

INTERVIEWER:  …But I don’t understand too much about that subject, that You as a lady are the teacher, not only the teacher, the founder of a yoga-theory. Is this in common in India, that also women do it? I read that You say that all comes from Mother Nature and therefore are there many women that were teachers in the case You are, or are You in this sense of course a unique person? […]

Look East BBC TV Interview Cambridge (England)

TV Interview, Cambridge (UK) 13 August 1984.

Interviewer: She is here over the last few years who according to their followers have the one true message. Well, the latest to visit the Eastern counties, 62-year-old Indian woman Shri Mataji who lays claim to the title of India’s greatest saint but her brand of yoga doesn’t only lead to a serenity that can transform people’s lives. It even produces a cool soothing wind out of thin air. […]

Radio Derby Interview BBC Radio Derby, Derby (England)

Radio Interview

Interview: You feel it on your hands. You feel it emitting from the top of the head. You feel it flowing over the body but that’s not the only thing. This is an outer experience because your central nervous system becomes enlightened by these vibrations but inwardly you start to feel a very joyful person. You start to feel the silence. You know that what is happening inside you is transforming all the things that were negative or undesirable within yourself into something positive and what’s more, […]

Radio Interview Brighton (England)

Radio Interview. Brighton (UK), 26 July 1984.
Interviewer: This time show. Now nowadays there are many people who reach a state of depression, unsure which way they should turn, often taking drugs to compensate, looking to religious or alternative lifestyles to shed a new light on their lives when now apparently a silent revolution has been growing, led by a spiritual leader, Shri Mataji. I am pleased to welcome Her to the studio now. Hello, Shri Mataji. […]

Success stories with Janet Turner Los Angeles (United States)

TV Interview “Success stories with Janet Turner”. Los Angeles (USA), 1983.

Reporter: What she calls as “Self Realization” Stay tuned! I think you are going to find it very interesting. Her name is Shri Mataji.
Reporter: Did I say that correctly?
Shri Mataji: Yes. (laughter)
Reporter: It’s actually longer than that but we are not even gonna try that. (laughter again)I just got to ask, was Gandhi anything like the actor who portrayed him in the movie? […]

TV Interview Vancouver (Canada)

TV Interview

Shri Mataji:
…meaning Your attention with your spirit. That what Christ was said, that we are born again. And this born again it is not just certificate, it’s not something artificial, but it is happening within us, you can see it clearly, the rising of this power from your secret bone. Greeks knew the meaning of the word sacrum because sacrum means secret. And this power rises you can feel it, like a heart bit going up, […]

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet” Vancouver (Canada)

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet”
Presenter: [Missing part] come to Vancouver. But unlike some others this one is not after your money. As a matter of fact, She brands those gurus or teachers that are after your money as fakes. Shri Mataji Devi lives in London with Her husband, the United Nations diplomat. As a child in India She knew She was different, and Her character trait Mahatma Gandhi also recognized when he asked Her to stay and worked with him. […]

Seminar Day 1 Kennolyn Camps, Santa Cruz (United States)

Seminar in Santa Cruz, California (USA). 1 October 1983.

I am really enamoured to see so many of my children. I have been able to find them back. It’s such a great thing to see them after such a long time. While I came here 10 years back and none of them could feel the importance of Mother’s love, and now such a tremendous thing has happened that it has worked, and that people are feeling that great thing called the subtle energy of Mother’s love. […]

Kazu Radio Interview Kennolyn Camps, Santa Cruz (United States)

Kazu Radio Interview. Santa Cruz, California (USA), 1 October 1983.
(Aarti ending.)
Shri Mataji: Beautiful!
Sahaja Yogi: Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki! Jai!
Shri Mataji: Who is the gentleman who met Me in Kamini Kadam’s house?
Sahaja Yogi: Are right there.
Shri Mataji: Hello, how do you do? Very nice to meet you. Both of you were there?
Gentleman: Yes.
Shri Mataji: All right. May God bless you.
Shri Mataji: How are you sleeping? […]

Radio KFI Interview Los Angeles (United States)

Interview Radio KFI, Los Angeles (USA), 25 September 1983.
Broadcaster: Good morning. We hear a lot about gurus and various spiritual leaders these days, and a lot of times it’s hard to tell real ones from phony ones. And recently there was a segment on a news program – Sixty Minutes – talking about some false guru and today, to talk about that and a lot of other things, we have a woman who has many names – […]

TV Interview Los Angeles (United States)

TV Interview, Los Angeles, USA, 1983

Interviewer: Joining me right now is Shri Mataji and She is known throughout the world as a saint. And that’s the first time that I have been able to meet a saint. And you’re also a faith healer or psychic healer, I guess some people call you.
But when asked in a recent interview as to whether or not you were a saint or considered yourself to be a saint, […]

8 questions to Shri Mataji in Mulhouse Mulhouse (France)

Interview de Shri Mataji, 8 questions to Shri Mataji, Mulhouse, France, September the second, 1983

Interviewer: ….L’éveil du Soi et la Kundalini, le Sahaja Yoga était ces jours derniers à Mulhouse, effectuant une tournée de conférences en Autriche et en Suisse, notamment à Genève, Lausanne et Vienne. Shri Mataji, et c’est assez étonnant, a choisi comme 1ère ville régionale française, Mulhouse, métropole Haut-Rhinoise. Mais justement, pourquoi ce choix, pourquoi le Sahaja Yoga ? Et un certain nombre d’autres questions, […]

Radio 74 Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

Excerpts of 1983-0824 Radio 74 Interview – 2
(09:55) Interviewer: I’m quite interested in the idea of reincarnation that I believe. It is not … and it is not in the Indian religions and what do You believe an think about that?
Shri Mataji: Reincarnations of human beings has to be there. We can understand it that, if you are born say – today as a Jew or you are born as a Christian or you are born as a Muslim, […]

Newspaper Interview Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

Newspaper Interview, Ashram in Le Raincy, France, June 17th, 1983

Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon?


Mataji: All right, she will translate it. Thank you.

Journalist: Alors ma Mère, je représente un journal d’Alsace, L’Alsace, à Mulhouse et je suis Réalisé à Mulhouse mais je viens vous parler en tant que journaliste.

Marie [translator]: I represent a newspaper in Mulhouse. I come to talk to you as a journalist but I got my Realization in Mulhouse. […]

Radio Interview Brighton (England)

Radio Interview, Brighton (England), Friday, May 27th, 1983

Weeks ago on Gioanna’s program and Gionna was actually here, Jillian Copeland came in to discuss a new, well new to us, anyway, yoga, called “Sahaja” I think that is the correct pronunciation. Well at that time Jillian wanted to know if it is possible for her to bring Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi back, I think I‘ve pronounced all that correctly. And we suggest we would be delighted, […]

Newspaper Interview before the up-coming USA Tour with Stan Bostock published in Zireus on May 1983 London (England)

Newspaper Interview before the up-coming USA Tour with Stan Bostock published in Zireus on May 1983

The aim was to talk to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about her forthcoming North American tour. What happened was something that is only now, a week later, starting to make sense.
I telephoned the number Shri Mataji’s followers in New York had given me, and found myself, an hour later, knocking on the carved door of a five storied terraced house in London’s classy Knightsbridge district. […]

ABC Radio Interview Sydney (Australia)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi speaking to Margaret Throsby, host of the ‘Morning Extra’ program, ABC Radio. Sydney, Australia. (1983-0315)
Reporter: ..greatest living saint. Her name is Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and She will be my guest after the music.
Reporter: Hi again, as we were on air with publicity. For the Richard Attenborough’s film of his life. But how many people can say they knew Gandhi and knew him well over a period of years? My next guest can, […]

2JJJ FM Radio Interview Sydney (Australia)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi being interviewed on 2JJJ FM Radio (ABC Radio). Sydney, Australia. (1983-0315)
Interviewer:…is 12 and now here’is Tony Walker on the leadership trials on Mid-south [?]. If you think there’s no room left in the world for any more gurus, I’d say you are wrong, there’s one in town at the moment, She’s not exactly new, having been a friend of the Mahatma Gandhi’s, She’s nonetheless nowhere near as high profiled as one of the shri rajnesh or the maharishi, […]

Talkback Radio Interview 3UZ Melbourne (Australia)

Talkback Radio Interview 3UZ, Mebourne (Australia), 10 March 1983.
3UZ TALKBACK RADIO with Barry Everingham (first quarter of an hour was not recorded)
BE: Thank you George. Joan? Is Joan on the line. J: Yes.
BE: Now you want to speak to the Mataji about the curing of alopecia?
J: Yes I do.
BE: We’ll, we’d better explain to the listeners what it is: it’s the falling out of hair in clumps. It’s not baldness.
J: Well yes that’s… […]

Radio Interview 3DB Melbourne (Australia)

Radio Interview 3DB, Melbourne (Australia), 10 March 1983.
Q: … Right now. Actually to be more specific, She’s in the studio with me right now … Shri Mataji and we’re going to talk to her. Good morning.
Shri Mataji: Good morning.
Q: How do I address you, do I call you.
Shri Mataji: Mother, you can call it, it is better to call Me Mother.
Q: All right thank you, Mother. Mother, now you are India’s living saint, […]

Press Conference and Interview Melbourne (Australia)

Press Interview, Melbourne, Australia. 8 March 1983.
Sahaja Yogi: And Her family members and Herself were the victims of considerable oppression and even jailed, at the time when … prior to British withdrawal. Two thousand years ago?
Shri Mataji: So that was the calendar they started.
Sahaja Yogi: That was when it started.
Shri Mataji: It’s very ancient, even at the time of Shri Krishna.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s a most ancient lineage. She’s doing this spiritual work since 1970. […]

Radio Falmer Interview University of Sussex, Falmer (England)

Radio Falmer Interview. University of Sussex, Falmer, near Brighton (UK), 25 October 1982.
Phil Ward: Sahaja Yoga Program for Radio Falmer to be broadcast on the 25th of October 1982.
Five, four, three, two, one…
And this is Phil Ward presenting a look at Sahaja Yoga, a new method of natural meditation through awakening a spiritual energy laid into within each of us called Kundalini. Some quite astonishing claims have been made for this yoga and the effects it has on people’s lives. […]

TV Interview BBC South West, Plymouth (England)

TV Interview
October 21st, 1982
Plymouth, UK

Reporter: Her followers see Her as a great spiritual leader, capable of curing all ills, even cancer. Well, these are the sort of claims you’ve probably heard before from many so-called gurus, but for Her fast expanding group of disciples Mataji Nirmala Devi is different. Tonight She brings Her message to a public meeting in Exeter. Mataji, the world of healing and gurus is full of frauds and charlatans. […]

Newspaper Interview Maria’s House, Wellingborough (England)

Newspaper Interview
October 8th, 1982
Wellington, UK

Shri Mataji: How are you? Please, What’s your name?
Reporter: My name is David [Cooper?], I am (inaudible) Can You tell me why You have come along to Northampton here this week?
Shri Mataji: Why I have come here?
Reporter: Why You have come along here were you invited by a….
Shri Mataji: It’s a sort of a… kind of a message I have, that a discovery has been made now of a method. […]

Radio Interview Maria’s House, Wellingborough (England)

Radio Interview
October 8th, 1982
Wellington, UK

Reporter: This is Phil Malone for the County Show at the Victoria Centre in Park Road in Wellingborough. With me is Mataji, who teaches Sahaja Yoga. Now, Mataji, what exactly does this yoga involve?
Shri Mataji: Sahaja means: “saha” means with, “ja” is born. So whatever is born with you means spontaneous. It is a living process of the living force, which is surrounding us, which is everywhere, which pulsates in everything. […]