Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja New Delhi (India)

Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja (English/Hindi). Delhi (India), 7 December 1996.
– translation of Hindi talk –
Around the Delhi, Sahaja Yoga is growing very fast. Delhi is a capital, people are power an money oriented, but even if it is like this, still they are seeking their self-realization and it is very surprising. It is like a picture, in that birds are flying, flowers, the rain and so on. You are feeling happy to see the picture, […]

Shri Raja Lakshmi Puja New Delhi (India)

Shri Rajalakshmi Puja, Nizamuddin Scout Ground, New Delhi (India), 4 December 1994.

[Shri Mataji (in Hindi: Sorry I am late, my granddaughter is a little sick and I stayed back to make her better. First I will speak in English and then in Hindi].

Today we are going to worship Rajalakshmi, means the Goddess which rules the kings. It’s a very important thing today to understand that something has basically gone wrong in the working of our political systems and why the people have lost their sense of justice, […]

Shri Lakshmi Puja Alibag (India)

Shri Lakshmi Puja. Alibag (India), 29 December 1991.
We have come to this place many a times, this beautiful place, you all like it. It’s very rustic, absolutely in the interior. Only thing is, coming all the way from Ganapatipule, you have to spend lot of time. All this you are doing just to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to be with the nature.
I have told you already that this fruit of coconut is called as shreephala, […]

Shri Lakshmi Puja Hydra, Stamatis Boudouris summer house (Greece)

Shri Lakshmi Puja. Hydra (Greece), 24 June 1990 .
Today we are going to celebrate the Puja of Lakshmi And I’ve already told you that Lakshmi came out of the sea.
And Greece is the Nabhi of the universe. And whatever Lakshmi they have got, wealth, they have got it out of the sea faring activities there. So it is very apt that we should worship Lakshmi in Greece and understand what is the significance of Lakshmi is. […]

Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja Brompton Square House, London (England)

Shri Gruhalakshmi Puja, Brompton Square 1985-0805
So, this is to thank you all for helping in building this house and making it so beautiful. All the thankfulness is from us, both of us. Today is a very interesting day when you are worshipping the Gruhalakshmi here. Means the Gruhalakshmi of this house. In the same way in your family also, in your houses you must do Gruhalakshmis’ puja. The woman has to be the Gruhalakshmi herself and then she should be worshipped (Marathi sentence unclear) where the women are respected and worshipped there reside all the deities, […]

Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja Sydney (Australia)

Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja, Sydney (Australia), 7 April 1981
Today is the anniversary day of the wedding, and I have allowed them to celebrate it because marriage is very important in Sahaja Yoga. It is one of the most important things for Sahaja Yoga, that one should get married.
Firstly, marriage always gives you a balance of understanding, if you have proper ideas about marriage. If you have funny ideas, and if you are just marrying for fun’s sake and you do not understand the value of marriage, […]