Public Program Day 3 and Workshop Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program and Workshop 1985-03-17 Melbourne, Australia

Warren: [UNCLEAR] has really nothing to do with ultimately the process of Self-realization. It is a manifestation and it is that to tell our egos shut up. That’s the end of it. We needed some physical manifestation in our central nervous system consciously, to know that the process has started, so that, this rational thinking, mechanic, mechanistic brain would start to quieten down – start to quieten down. And then the process of continuing to quieten down, […]

Workshop Norman Park, Brisbane (Australia)

Workshop, 1985-0308, Norman Park, Brisbane, Australia

I’m very happy to see so many people coming down in Brisbane. Because that is the first time they have started a centre here and to start anything that is real is the most difficulty. All great saints, great incarnations whenever they tried to talk of real things have suffered a lot. Only the artificial ones are successful very fast. Because you can produce many artificial flowers very easily, plastic flowers, […]

Workshop Perth (Australia)

Shri Mataji: No questions at all? You can’t think, I think you have gone beyond that. Such a pleasure to have you all here, in this cool atmosphere. Now, as Dr. Warren Reeves had told you, it’s a fact, we have this power within us, no doubt. Which you can see in some people, when it rises you can see pulsating. If there’s an obstruction on your Nabhi chakra, then you can see it actually with your naked eyes, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Workshop for beginners Sydney (Australia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Workshop for beginners

You have to know that you all have been seekers before this is not the first time you have been seeking. So already you have reached a certain state where you feel and you are aware that something more has to happen to you, you are already ready for that, some of you have really taken birth in this time just for this.
So, because I’m not going to talk of your past, […]

Workshop Sydney (Australia)

Workshop in Sydney, Australia

WR: Well, he still feels as though, even though since realization, he still feels as though the effects of the drugs are still there in the sense that he gets the same experiences. Is that true? Seeker: Yes
WR: He gets the same experiences as if he was still on drugs.
Shri Mataji: Uh hm. Why don’t you sit here with your left hand towards Me, right hand outside Let’s see. What about, […]

Workshop, Practice of Sahaja Yoga is more important than precept Melbourne (Australia)

Conversation with yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 13 March 1983.

Yogi: They are just asking questions, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What kind?

Yogi: Just practical.

Shri Mataji: Practical? That’s good, practical questions are very good.

Yogi: Would you like to talk to them for a while?

Shri Mataji: First I talk to them and then ask the questions.

I am overjoyed to see you all here. Actually the whole night I was working on Melbourne seekers, that they should come today and should estabilish their realisation very well. […]

Workshop in the Park, Mother Are You The Holy Ghost? Adelaide (Australia)

Workshop in the Park, Adelaide, Australia, March 5th, 1983.
Shri Mataji: This centre what we call as “left Vishuddhi”. Now have you told them about left Vishudhi?
Sahaja Yogi: No, not the specific sides, just the general things of it.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Now, this left Vishuddhi comes to you if you have said mantras wrongly. You see, the mantras are to be said only when there is a realised soul who knows what mantras are to be said. […]

Workshop Dalkeith (Australia)

Workshop in Perth (Australia), 2 March 1983.
Sahaja Yogi: God the father, God the mother and if she recognizes you as God the mother is Sai Baba, this fellow in India God the father?
Shri Mataji: No.
Sahaja Yogi: But on the whole, is there, I mean
Sahaja Yogi: She answered your question.
Sahaja Yogi: You do need a father.
Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you how you should understand, all right, that’s better to see you [sounds like sa]. […]

The concept of true love in Sahaja Yoga and Workshop Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

Workshop with new people. Nirmala Palace – Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (United Kingdom) 1982-08-18

One thing is that TM people ask too many questions and they take time. So just don’t ask so many questions, just establish your Realization, alright? Put some TM with him, that’s better. [Towards some Yogi] Will you look after him? Alright. Come along, you come this side, he’ll look after you, the deputy director. [Laugh].
How is he now? Just try. […]