10th Day of Navaratri, Dassehra Celebrations Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1013 Dassehra. Tenth day of Navaratri, Sydney (Australia), 21 October 2007.
Mother looks at yoginis, smiles and says ‘Very happy’.
Please sit comfortably.
Today is the (indistinct) great day , isn’t it (ji) Dassera.
[Yogis organize a microphone for Shri Mataji]
Is it coming?
So today is Dassera, is a very big day in India.  They say on this day Ravana was killed. He was the worst enemy of human beings, […]

6th Day of Navaratri, On Drinking Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1215 Sashti. Sixth night of Navaratri, Sydney (Australia), 17 October 2007.
Shri Mataji speaks:
This is too small. (speaks in Hindi) You can get a good hall here, very easily. Actually I never knew that there’s a programme otherwise I would have told you.  Here also, come along, there is room here. Can you hear me there? (Yogis ‘YES!’) Come forward, here put the piano that side in the corner? Why is she crying? […]

2nd Day of Navaratri, Satisfy the Swadhishthan Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1013 Second day Navaratri, October 13, 2007, Sydney, Australia
Very nice to see you all so happy here. Today is the second day and is a very important day from the point of evolution. As you know that our second chakra is very important. That’s why today is very important. So what is the second chakra? Do you know which one is the second chakra?
Ah? What did they say? You must tell loudly. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja, Motivate your attention Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0407 “Motivate your attention”, Mahashivaratri Puja. Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia), 3 March 1996.
Today we are going to do puja to Shiva, Shri Shiva. As you know, Shri Shiva is the reflection of Sadashiva within us.
I’ve already told about the reflection. Sadashiva is the God Almighty, the one who sees the play of Adi Shakti. But He is the Father who is watching each one of His Creation or Her Creation. […]

Talk Sydney Airport, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1006 Talk at the Airport. Sydney (Australia), 28 February 1995.
We have had really a very beautiful Shiva Puja here. It was never so good before, and so many people there. Everybody’s heart was opening.  It was really, in the land of, as if Shiva we were in there.  So I’ve told you about what is to be done, to develop detachment, and to understand.  I know lots of things from your Kundalini, […]

Mahashivaratri Puja, How To Get Detached and Ascend Castle Mountain Camp, Wisemans Ferry (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1104 Shivaratri Puja. Castle Mountain Camps, Wiseman’s Ferry, near Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 26 February 1995.
Today we have gathered here to do the Puja to Sadashiva. The One, which is reflected within us, is the Shiva, which is the pure Spirit. This pure Spirit within us is the reflection of God Almighty, Sadashiva. It’s like the sun that falls in the water and gives a clear reflection. Or else it falls on the stone, […]

Public Program, The last breakthrough of our evolution State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0122 Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 21 February 1995.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know what is the truth. There are so many seekers of truth in these modern times which has been predicted that there will be many people who will be seeking the truth now as ordinary householders. Their life will be completely transformed in these modern times. They call it in the Koran as Kiama. […]

Arrival Talk Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Informal Talk to Yogis. Melbourne Airport (Australia), 19 February 1995.
I never expected you all here but, very happy to see you, that our, Melbourne has grown so much so beautifully. You all look so nice. It was, quite a struggle to begin with, but it had worked out and we all have come together now, in such a beautiful way. There were many in Ganapatipule I couldn’t talk to you directly, […]

Public Program, We have to know the Absolute Truth Brisbane (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1006 Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 17 April 1994.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is: you cannot change it, you cannot conceptualize it, you cannot know it unfortunately at this human awareness. A little bit more of our evolutionary process has to take place.
You have been alreayd told about the centres thatwe have within ourselves and how we get our self realisation. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1229 Talk at Wamuran Ashram, Queensland (Australia). 13 April 1994.
…And who do not see the point, but the children if they develop this kind of a funny psychology, such a paradoxical thing to live in – all sorts of things we hear about rape, this, that, you are shocked, I mean the way the whole society is doing and is accepted by everyone. They have to accept. There’s no way out, […]

Farewell Talk Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0421 Farewell Talk. Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia). 7 April 1994.
So, thank you very much for the greetings on this day. It was a Easter Monday when I got married that day, and also My baptism took place on Easter Monday. But you know our Easter Monday always changes according to the Monday it comes.
So it was quite a big venture for Me to marry. Actually, I did not need it at all. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Lane Cove National Park, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0602 Lane Talk at Lane Cove National Park, near Sydney, Australia. 5 April 1994.
What a beautiful place to come to, isn’t it? I have been here before also. You have such nice places on the outskirts. On the outskirts you have really very nice places in Sydney and this picnicking has helped you to make your collectivity better. That’s how they started having picnics and in the picnics they develop the collectivity, […]

Easter Puja Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0602 Easter Puja. Sydney (Australia), 3 April 1994.
I’m happy to know so many of you have come here – and I feel this is a very important Puja, not only for Australia but for the whole world, because it has the greatest message which we have actualised now in Sahaja Yoga.
We have to understand the message of Christ. There are many people in this world who try to show off that they are very great rationalists and that they have a right to pass any remark they like about Christ. […]

Talk, Money in Sahaja Yoga, Eve Of Easter Puja Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0602 Talk before Concert at Bundilla Camp. Sydney (Australia), 2 April 1994.
I’m very happy to see all of you here and that now we have so many Sahaja Yogis in Australia.
I think Australia has got the second position in Sahaja Yoga. Of course the first position if you exclude [interruption in recording] in the sense that if you exclude Russia and the Eastern bloc, then I would say maximum number of Sahaja Yogis we have now in Austria and the second is in Australia. […]

Public Program Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Public Program, Melbourne (Australia). 30 March 1994.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it; you cannot transform it; you cannot conceptualize it. It is what it is; it was what it was and it will be what it will be.
Whatever, I want to tell you today, I have to request you, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, About Christians habits Perth (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1210 Informal Talk Perth (Australia), 28 March 1994.
Yesterday I was really enamored there are so many people you see and all very deep and sensible people.  First time I see such a group, all of them, and none of them was making any fun or funny remarks, nothing.  Except for all those who came on the stage most of them had agnya.  I was quite surprised because when I asked them they said we are Christians and I said how can you have agnya, […]

Public Program Octagon Theatre, Perth (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1229 Public Program, Perth (Australia). 27 March 1994.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset I have to say that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot describe it and you cannot conceptualize it. It is, it has been and it will be. Now whatever I’m going to tell you today, you need not accept it blindfolded. We have had enough of trouble with blind faiths, […]

Final Talk of Australia Tour Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0421 Final Talk of Australian Tour before Departure. Burwood Ashram Sydney (Australia), 5 March 1992.
So, the time has come to say farewell to all of you. I must say this time our Tour has been really very successful. There have been no obstructions no problems nothing, except for one stupid article, we had no problem and which they are going to look after. On the whole, we have learnt a lot this time and I think everybody has been feeling very much better because of Shivratri Puja. […]

Public Program University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Public Program. University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia), 4 March 1992.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. The absolute truth cannot be changed, cannot be conceptualized. Above all, unfortunately, at this human awareness we cannot feel it and we cannot understand it. Now, whatever I am going to tell you about yourself you have to take a scientific attitude and keep a open mind. […]

Day after Mahashivaratri Puja, Talk to Sahaja Yogis Newcastle (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2017-0529

H. H. S H R I   M A T A J I   N I R M A L A   D E V I
 Day after Shivaratri Puja
Talk to Sahaja Yogis
Laguna of Glenrock, Newcastle, (Australia), March 1st, 1992

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s puja very much. Today I wanted to talk to you about certain matters where people get quite confused. There are certain things we must understand in Sahaja Yoga. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja Newcastle (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Mahashivaratri Puja. Glenrock Lagoon, Newcastle (Australia), 29 February 1992.
It’s very nice to see all of you here, so many of you from Australia, to worship Shiva, Sadashiva.
I think this is a very important occasion. Is important, because Sadashiva, the God Almighty, who is One, is expressed on your heart as Spirit, the Shiva. We have to understand that so many people came on this earth at different times, in different countries, […]

Public Program 1 and 2 Newcastle (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Newcastle Public Program 1 and 2. Newcastle (Australia), 28 February 1992.
I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset you have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it. We cannot transform it and we cannot conceptualize it. Also unfortunately at this human awareness we cannot feel the truth, so something has to be done, something has to work out in our human awareness in the evolutionary process. […]

Talk on Arrival Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1229 Talk on Arrival at Burwood. Sydney (Australia), 27 February 1992.
. . . but all of you are not here. It doesn’t matter. There’s a certain thing I’m discovering, that you people always say: “Mother said so, Mother said so”, and making a fundamental thing out of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not proper. You should never say that: “Mother said so.” It’s not needed at all, why to say? You all have freedom, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Brisbane Airport, Brisbane (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Talk to Yogis, Brisbane Airport (transit to NZ). Brisbane (Australia), 22 February 1992.
You shouldn’t go in the sun, in the daytime, I must say. It’s a worse sun than in India I tell you. It’s all right in the morning, about nine-ten o’clock, and in the evening, after six. It’s a very bad sun, and then you get all these problems of the skin, you see these days, they are developing, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja Brisbane (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2017-1111 “The Mahalakshmi Principle,” Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Brisbane (Australia), February 20th, 1992
Something wrong. Who has made those with the things…You should put more of cotton in that, you see, slips back. Can you get it done by the…For pujas you must use Indian girls, [is] better. They know all these things better you see.
They said that, “Nobody asked us.” So they just sit on the fence (laughing).
They would think that, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program Burwood Ashram, Brisbane (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1102 Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Public Program. Brisbane (Australia), 19 February 1992.
Only thing I have to tell that these people who will be coming to you now, they are very beautiful nice people. I think we have to, handle them very gently. That’s very important, and not to tell them: ‘You have got a bhoot in you and this and that.’ Then they get frightened, they can’t [INAUDIBLE] There should be very gentle handling of the whole situation. […]