Sahaja Yoga – The Essential Medicine (Location Unknown)

Sahaja Yoga – The Essential Medicine
Sahajayoga and essential medicine Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi- grandmother, scholar and freedom fighter. As a child she lived in Gandhiji’s ashram, as a student she studied medicine and as cry for freedom swept India she fought for her nation’s independence. The year 1970 was about her most important role. The discovery of development of sahajayoga, a movement which is now spreading in worldwide. Sahajayoga is a science of integration which results in man’s mental, […]

Third Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Translation of Old Marathi Letter – ( Letter Nirmal Yoga 15-1)

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?
We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.
This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. […]

Conversation (Location Unknown)

Conversation, 1982, India
…Coming down here to convert people. It’s a question of democracy, you see? Because in a democratic country, if there are more majority of the Muslims or Christians, then will become the, sort of the rulers, you see? So this move is you have to purchase people, convert them, and they are worried about it. I told them Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which people will settle down into themselves.
You see, […]

The Meaning of Nirmala (similar to the translation of the Talk at Rahuri, 31-12-80) Rahuri (Location Unknown)

Translation of Her Holiness Mataji’s speech in Marathi, wherein She has explained the meaning of Her own name Nirmala. (From Nirmala Yoga, 1982). This text is very similar to the translation of the Talk at Rahuri, 31-12-1980.
It is good that all Sahaja Yogis have come together. When we meet like this, we can discuss many things of mutual interest and tell even small details about them to each other. The other day I told you how to clean yourself as your Mother’s name itself is Nirmala and it contains many powers. […]

Letter Human Chitta has many illusions (Location Unknown)

Letter translated from Marathi, 1979.
Human chitta has many illusions. When they are removed, human chitta becomes enlightened and blissful. Many of your illusions have been removed by Kundalini awakening.
1. You have realised that Kundalini is not an imaginary but a living power in man.
2. This power is within every human being and its awakening takes place spontaneously in a normal person.
3. This awakening does not take place by any act. But, if a person has committed bad deeds, […]

Letter on Raksha-Bandhan (Location Unknown)

Letter from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis on Raki & Raksha-Bandhan on Purnima Day, August 7, 1978 (Translation from Marathi)
Many blessings,
Received your Rakhis conveying your deep love. Rakhi is Protecting Power. Its bond is very strong and extremely tender because it symbolizes the noble love of sister. Customarily, tying a Rakhi to someone is establishing a place of Pure Protection. However, man’s ability to understand love has become so feeble that tying of Rakhi has become merely a mechanical process. […]

Letter on Guru Purnima (Location Unknown)

Letter on Guru Purnima. 1 July 1977.
My dear Children Sahaj Yogis,
I am happy to learn you are celebrating Guru Purnima on
1st July.
It is very hard to be a Mother and a Guru. Mother is the
Guru of Gurus. Mother has to be a Guru to her children but She does
not perform this duty the way the Guru does. She reduces the distance
between Her desciples and Herself by treating them as Her children
her own part and parcel. […]

Letter, May (Location Unknown)

You can cure human beings but cannot force them to accept me which it seems is the only condition that deities are not asking to compromise with. If it is not done by human beings sahaja yoga has to fail and we have to accept the verdict of the “Pralayankara”, the destroying aspect of God (Sadashiva).
Jimmy Carther is talking about human right but does he know that human beings have crtain duties towards themselves? Does he realize that they have no right to spoil their Moladhara and the Sushumna by their egoistical freedom? […]

Nabhi Chakra (Location Unknown)

Nabhi Chakra. February 1977.  This talk was given in India during the western yogis’ first India tour (Jan-March 1977). Precise location unknown.
The Nabhi chakra, is placed at the centre of gravity, of every human being. If it is not there, that means it is going to be a little problem, for you to get it in its right place. There is a kind of a trouble which most of you suffer from, is maybe due to drugs or maybe nervous problems, […]

The Spirit (Location Unknown)

The Spirit 1977.
[The Spirit is] the most precious thing that we have within ourselves. The preciousness of your Spirit is immeasurable and that’s why it is called as a thing of eternal value – because it is infinite. You cannot measure [it].
Now God, The Almighty, we say is Sat-Chit-Anand. Sat means the Truth. The Truth we understand in human terminology is relative. But the Sat I am telling you [about] is the Absolute from where all the relations start. […]

Letter, Diwali (Location Unknown)

Translation of a Hindi letter, 21 October 1976.
My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children,
Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love. You yourself are the lamps which burn high and don’t get pressed by the cover. They become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset. When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and extinguished.
Why are our lamps disturbed ? You should think over it. Is there no transparent sheath around them ? […]

Letter (Location Unknown)

Human beings take for granted all the miraculous divine happenings. This is part of Maya for I do not want all of you to get startled and shocked. The veil has to be lifted in such a smooth movement that you should not loose even a ripple of Joy that is beaming through the drama of your ascent.
Perhaps you were short sighted about yourself. You did not know your capabilities and hence you were struggling. […]

Letter on Mithya (Location Unknown)

Letter on Mithya (Translation of Her Holiness Mataji’s letter in Marathi sent on the occasion of Sahastrar
day celebrations on 5.5.1975.), 5 May 75.
My dear Damie,
Many blessings,
Received your letter It is a very good sign to feel a pull on Sahastrar, because only through Sahastrar endless rays are poured in man’s heart and new doors of inner being are opened. But before this grace descends in, there should be a pull in Sahastrar. […]

Letter (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE) (Location Unknown)

My dear Sahajyogi,
The human mind is beset with many a distractions.
When relieved of them, knowledge enables us to attain immense joy. Due to awakening of Kundalini, your mind is free from many distractions :
(1) You have to become aware that KUNDALINI in man is a ‘living- power’. It is indeed a reality.
(2) Every human being is endowed with this power and it is easily awakened in innocent and simple minded persons.
(3) This awakening of Kundalini is not achieved as a result of any “Karma”. […]

Sahaja Yoga a Unique Discovery (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 3–8) (Location Unknown)

Sahaja Yoga – A Unique Discovery
by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1979
The beautiful article, A Unique Discovery was written by Shri Mataji Herself in 1979, and appeared in a magazine called “Yoga Today”, which does not exist any more. The image shows what it originally looked like in the magazine.

MAN in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. He finds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn’t know his Self. […]




Letter from London (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 17-18) (Location Unknown)

My dear Doctor Raul,
I have already written to you one letter. In this, I will explain to you, why you do
not get electro-magnetic vibrations in the machine. The explanation is more to
make the scientist understand.
Chaitanya is the integrated force of your physical, mental, emotional and religious (sustenance) selves. Science is the analysis of that synthesis. If we have to record the electro-magnetic vibrations of any matter, we have to reduce it or analyse it in such a manner that electro-magnetic vibrations are liberated from the bondage of synthesis. […]

Message (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980) (Location Unknown)

“Today, Sahaja Yaga has reached the state of Mahayoga, which is en-masse evolution manifested through it. It is this day’s Yuga Dharma. It is the way the last judgement is taking place. Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their spirit.”
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi […]

Two quotes (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980, PAGE 11) (Location Unknown)

Two quotes (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980, PAGE 11)
“The New revolution in your awareness has to take place otherwise all human achievements have no meaning. It would be like arranging all the electrical decorations for the marriage without the electrical current But when the light be ON, you will seethe Bridegroom and the Bride.”
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“My children, you must know I am beyond insults and Pain. Do you know that when Christ was crucified he was a witness to his pain ? […]

Quote (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGE 13) (Location Unknown)

“Nothing is easier than turning on the light in a room. You must press the switch button. But there is a big mechanism that works it out – wires, power houses and the whole process of scientific discovery which mastered the use of electricity, there is a long history behind the discovery of electricity. In the same way there ·is a great dynamic organisation that works out Self Realization, let us first switch on your lamps and in their light we can understand the mechanism much better.” […]

Quote (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGE 48) (Location Unknown)

“This. is the era of Enlightenment; One can see and feel the bubbling of new idioms in our creative world of Art, Music and all that is beautiful and joy giving. Integration is the key note of this new regeneration of universal tones. These tones are ripples of the harmonic, dynamic undercurrent music of the Universal Divine Love.”
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi […]

Ushering in the Satya Yuga (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1981 ISSUE, PAGE 1) (Location Unknown)

Human beings have various sources through which he constructs the picture of God Almighty. His ideas about truth are also based on these different sources. Before realization it is .not possible to know what is the real source and which is the imaginary plight. When people construct on their own and write books it gets confirmed by the masses as the authentic version.
For a real seeker it is necessary to open the mind to receive the light of self-realization. […]

Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Translation of an Old Marathi Letter I. Probably written in London, c.1975.
My dear Modi and other Sahaja Yogis,
Many blessings. Received your letter. I am very glad to know that your Ida Nadi has become clean and I hope, Ida Nadis of all have become clean at least to some extent. Here I had told all, that I would work, while under anesthesia, to clean the Ida channels of all. I worked for 3 days cleaning it by vomiting nearly 50 times every day and it is nice that the cleaning has become possible. […]

Unidentified talk (Location Unknown)

unidentified talk
“Since you must know that I will not tell that whatever is not the truth, because I’m not here for any political gain, of commercial gain, no sir, I’m here for your own gain, about [unclear: sounds like about Genu?] if you want to gain, [unclear]. Now see for yourself if this is the truth or not. You can see with your naked eyes. These people have seen, the Kundalini pulsates, you can see it pulsates when people touch My feet, […]

Letter, Meaning of Puja (Location Unknown)

Old Letter in Marathi – Meaning of Puja.
My dear Nirmala
Many Blessings
Received your loving letter. I have also very much enjoyed Navaratri Puja.
But Puja is also an external offering. Even your heart has said so. But you should understand how you get the reward or blessings of the Puja and its prasad. A Puja or a prayer grows from your heart. Mantras are the words of your Kundalini. But if Puja is not performed from heart or if Kundalini is not associated with recitation of Mantras then that Puja becomes a ritual. […]

Handwritten Notes on Leadership (Location Unknown)

Handwritten notes by Shri Mataji. (Advice to leaders)
To sense how the natural process work through the Principle of Kundalini. For this knowledge the leaders must meditate and follow their vibration’s dictation about themselves. First before meditation give 7 time bandhan. Have an open mind. First locate the conditioning and your preferences & prejudices.
Prejudiced leaders when they are not deep see in others what fits their prejudice.
To know how things happen do not use your mental projections or deliberations. […]

Unidentified Hindi Talk (extract on Swadhisthana) (Location Unknown)

Swadishthan Chakra.
The quality of this Chakra is that you become creative. Your creativity increases. People who never even wrote a line, start writing poetry. People who had never given a speech started giving  long speeches and people who had never painted, never been artistic, become artistic. Become very creative. We have our architects, who  have scaled great heights. So creativity comes into human, and he believes that his creativeness is very important. He does not care about money, […]

The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 19, Jan.-Feb. 1984, Pages 28–32 (Location Unknown)

In today’s talk I will dwell on the essence of Sahaja Yoga. I am sure that it has been explained to you before. Besides, most of you are from Sahaja Yoga itself. So I need not go into details.
First of all we need to understand that we are passing through an extremely serious time pregnant with unpredictable consequences. When we look at life we do not seem to understand that if we miss this opportunity which has come our way, […]

Advice to Western Women from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 20 (March-April 1984), Pages 33–38 (Location Unknown)

Advice to Western Women from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 20 (March-April 1984), Pages 33–38
Now, this is in the West. Now, the women are intelligent and the women of the west being intelligent and educated have developed a kind of a very complex situation around themselves. These things have made them a kind of a man without manliness, and that is why their whole behaviour becomes extremely odd. Sometimes I just don’t understand, but now I’ve started understanding, […]

Letter in Marathi III from Nirmala Yoga (Location Unknown)

Translation of an Old Marathi Letter -(from: “Nirmala Yoga 15-1”, May-June 1983)
Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?
We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.
This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. […]