How to Talk to New Comers Bangkok (Thailand)

Advises on how to talk to new comers. Bangkok (Thailand), 16 March 1995.

Shri Mataji: Can I have my spectacles?
Laurence: Yes
Shri Mataji: Please be seated, please.
Come here in the front. Why don’t you come here?
Sahaja Yogi: [about the mike]
Shri Mataji: [Unclear]
I’ll have some tea?
Laurence: Yes
Shri Mataji: [Unclear]

Now, we had lots of people, I should say for the program. By the time I started the program, there were many people. […]

Беседа с сахаджа йогами о лидерах Melbourne (Australia)

Беседа с сахаджа йогами о лидерах
Мельбурн, Австралия
6 Марта 1990
Вы в порядке [ ha tikke], свечу ей на левый свадистан, левую руку к фото.
Сядьте на землю и говорите Атхарву Ширшу, а также поднимите вашу Кундалини свечой, вам нужны три свечи. Одна спереди, другая сбоку, а третьей поднимайте, тогда всё придёт в порядок. Речь на Маратхи (?) Плохая женщина, она действительно богата …
вы в порядке, но они также должны переехать. Это что-то вроде плохой атмосферы, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, First understand vibrations clearly Auckland (New Zealand)

“First understand vibrations clearly,” Shri Ganesha puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 16th May 1987
But some of them are very good and some of them are very nice, mild people. 
Yogi: The tribes in Maharashtra have become very good now. Very good.
Mother: (Marathi)
Yogi: Some of the hills are in Maharashtra, near Amravati. But it is connected. Amravati, Vashi.
Mother: Pan Marathi boltat te log? (Marathi: But do those people speak Marathi?)
Yogi: Nahi tenche logon nahi boltat. […]

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis Betty Hubble's House, Houston (United States)

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis, USA, Houston, 1986-0601

Sahaja Yogi: And the various movements that we do, what you do by knotting is to actually lock it in. This agitation (?) is to strengthen the meshing of your individual connection to the all-pervading Atma and the knot is symbolic of the final tying after that agitation, which you’ve done by the, by the twisting. Why we’re doing this is because we’re agitating the Kundalini and we continue that agitation, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Workshop for beginners Sydney (Australia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Workshop for beginners
You have to know that you all have been seekers before this is not the first time you have been seeking. So already you have reached a certain state where you feel and you are aware that something more has to happen to you, you are already ready for that, some of you have really taken birth in this time just for this.
So, because I’m not going to talk of your past, […]

Public Program University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

Public Program. Northampton (UK), 8 October 1982.

( 36:55 )

Last of all I will tell you about a horrible disease, which is the modern disease nowadays – is the disease of cancer, which is a horrible thing as people say. Cancer is caused mostly which I have seen, in people who are left-sided. Not so much in the right-sided people, those who are aggressive. But those who are emotionally disturbed get this trouble. So far I have not seen one patient of cancer who has not been emotionally very much inclined. […]

What we should expect from Self-realisation Caxton Hall, London (England)

“What We Should Expect From Self-realisation”, Public Programme, Caxton Hall, 13 September 1982
Gavin Brown: Mother, with your permission, I’d like to say one small message from the Sahaja Yogis. We have been very excited to hear today news that your brother has been appointed to the position of Minister of information for India. It’s such a great blessing for that country to have a man of such dharmic nature in that position of importance. I’d like to express our joy with this news. […]

2nd Public Program Rome (Italy)

2nd Pubblic Program april 28th 1982 Roma,Italy

I bow to all the seekers of truth Yesterday I gave you an introduction to the spontaneous happening of self-realization through Sahaja yoga. there is no other method than the spontaneous and the living process. as all the seeds sprout the same way, in the same manner, your awakening also takes the same way. today especially as asked by someone I would like to tell you ABOUT THE ASPECT OF THE DEITIES ON THESE Centers. […]

Marriages New Delhi (India)

1982-0221, Marraiges, Delhi, India.
I am happy and the whole universe is bubbling with joy.Last time we had only six marriages and this time we have doubled, we have twelve marraiges. I hope you will go on with this progression.
Marriage is a very important institution for Sahaj Yogis, we don’t accept people who do not marry or who do not believe in marraiges. Also, we do not accept people who are Sanyasis.So for us marriage is a very important institution for various reasons because (unclear) of happy married life, […]