Talk to New Sahaja Yogis Betty Hubble's House, Houston (United States)

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis, USA, Houston, 1986-0601

Sahaja Yogi: And the various movements that we do, what you do by knotting is to actually lock it in. This agitation (?) is to strengthen the meshing of your individual connection to the all-pervading Atma and the knot is symbolic of the final tying after that agitation, which you’ve done by the, by the twisting. Why we’re doing this is because we’re agitating the Kundalini and we continue that agitation, […]

Pre marriage talk Bordi (India)

Pre marriage talk

Gavin: All the beautiful sarees and kurtas, they are all nicely piled up and looking very beautiful. Shri Mataji: Alright good idea. Gavin: They have just started. Shri Mataji: You better do it. Gavin: No they will first here you mother. Shri Mataji: no I am not going to speak today. Ok, a little bit for five-ten minutes. Gavin: Shree Mataji will talk to us for five-ten minutes. Shri Mataji: It is really wonderful the way they have done it, […]

What we should expect from Self-realisation Caxton Hall, London (England)

“What We Should Expect From Self-realisation”, Public Programme, Caxton Hall, 13 September 1982
Gavin Brown: Mother, with your permission, I’d like to say one small message from the Sahaja Yogis. We have been very excited to hear today news that your brother has been appointed to the position of Minister of information for India. It’s such a great blessing for that country to have a man of such dharmic nature in that position of importance. I’d like to express our joy with this news. […]

2nd Public Program Rome (Italy)

2nd Pubblic Program april 28th 1982 Roma,Italy

I bow to all the seekers of truth Yesterday I gave you an introduction to the spontaneous happening of self-realization through Sahaja yoga. there is no other method than the spontaneous and the living process. as all the seeds sprout the same way, in the same manner, your awakening also takes the same way. today especially as asked by someone I would like to tell you ABOUT THE ASPECT OF THE DEITIES ON THESE Centers. […]

Public Program, There is Some Meaning Chiswick, London (England)

Public program in Chiswick, London (England), 23 August 1980.


enjoy what happened because I think [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re coming [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] because that cannot be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] start seeking ourselves where is the self life and how do we know about it it is said in the Bible that you have to be born again I mean all the churches have baptism I mean whatever may be the style of church it may be I don’t know if the Spiritualist cells have the back depth is of an office but all the churches have baptism whatever may be the outside problem or whatever may be the differences in the outside everybody talks of that teacher Hindus talk of rebirth Muslims talk of rebirth everyone talks that you are to be reborn the only mistake perhaps human beings have made that that this rebirth cannot be brought forth by the effort of human human beings have not done any effort whatsoever they have not done any effort to become human beings so they cannot do any more efforts to become higher like a seed sprouts by itself this living process will happen spontaneously is rather difficult for human beings to understand but just think how did you take your birth what effort did you put your mother did all the job for you she took all the pains upon herself unusual born if you are to be reborn also you cannot put in any effort but specially in the West where it is more Eve oriented attitude towards things they cannot believe that it will be done ever done it’s a fact we got everything effortlessly and it’s God’s grace which is going to rush it out effortlessly now when I tell you about our being as it exists within us then we have to see if you do remove these traps and he’ll be alright give him freedom all right should you tie them up they are here for enjoying their freedom all right good let him go to play good just push that out yeah here in this picture you can see we have drawn out the inner being very clearly now when I am telling you about it you don’t have to believe as I told it’s an hypothesis I am putting forward if it works out then naturally you will believe me I know that after enlightenment you have to believe not before that because I will be telling you a story and blind faith is of no use for sahaja yoga but that doesn’t mean by any chance that you should keep yourself bound by a certain extent book you read five years back but keep yourself absolutely open and vacant to understand how you exist within yourself the knowledge that we have about outside world is through our understanding which comes to us by our organs of perception but these organs of perception are not perfect nor they are enlightened enough to give us a clear-cut idea about them anything whatever these different centers that we have in our being exist in this final course till they go here to the sixth Center where you see this red mark on my head in the center of the pituitary and the pineal body crossing of the optic nerve that’s the sixth Center and the seventh Center is the limbic area in your brain now there are seven centers as I have told you the first one is the center of mooladhara which emits innocently innocence is the first thing that was created in this thing and this innocence is embodied in a human being as a child and that portion is responsible for looking after you as a child in the mother so the other day i was listening to the BBC and they said that we do not know how a foreign thing in the body is so well you think in the voice because a donkey gave birth to a horse and a horse came but I don’t and they could not explain it now this has said it many a times before that medical sciences cannot explain many things one of them is this that how is it a foreign thing inside the body is not only retain but we’ll just after is nourished and is expelled from the body at the right time this in the center which has a deity which decides what is to be retained and what is not to be dictated then there is another thing like a city choline and adrenaline the doctors would say the action of these two chemicals in the human body to augment or to relax it so arbitrary that you cannot decide what is the cause of it so they say the mode of action of these chemicals in the human body cannot be very frank and honesty these centers act in a manner that is arbitrary they take a decision on their own and if you ask the doctors about them they may say but we cannot explain why different successes emit different kinds of stimuli and why a certain action takes place when in the nature of a particular stimuli it is just operating this they can explain that this is autonomous event it is a system which is controlled by auto but if you ask them who’s this auto you say it’s a automobile so there’s a driver sitting down there anything automobile doesn’t move by itself there has to be a driver to drive an automobile anything where you say an autocrat there has to be some auto or somebody who controls so in a way they accept that there is someone within us who controls these centers or these plexuses and the whole system of sympathetic and parasympathetic is controlled by somebody who is sitting somewhere there who is doing the job it’s a kind of a confession they make but they just brand it like that is autonomous ever finish they cannot go beyond it so they just thank Bob who that’s the job we have to go a little deeper into it and find out we dusted the one who does the job is the one we do not know neither we can control it on manual because the one who does the job doesn’t come into our conscious behavior each over conscious mind or in today what you call the central nervous system now the one who we have to know is the self and this powerful controlling entity lives in our heart as I think but whether it leads or not we can verify it later because we have not known that Otto we are key we get a glimpse of it sometimes and we feel oh no this is not the end of life we have not found out our fulfillment we have not yet found out what we are we have to find out our meaning so we go here there we enter into all kinds of nonsensical things some traffic even we may take to drugs we may take to some gurus or take to this and that all sorts of things that may not lead you to the proper place and this is the problem of today sahaja Yoga is meant for real ardent people it doesn’t matter if you have money or not it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich it doesn’t matter whatever age you come from these things have no bearing on your realization the only thing that trigger the only thing that triggers it is how far are you are you pitiful about or are you seeking the fulfillment of your ego or your super if you want to do something because you like it then you have not yet understood the point because you have not yet known it so how will you decide whether you like it or not for example if I have never seen the cake I have never tasted it and don’t know what are the ingredients how am I to say whether I like it or not who is I that is saying all this that I like it I didn’t like it I don’t think it was correct I don’t think it was all right who tell these things is it your self thing no because yet it is not medical things so who is saying this i is mr. […]