Public Program, Collective Benevolence New York City (United States)

Public Program. New York (USA), 7 June 1990. (Q&A transcript missing)

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset, I have to say that Truth is what it is. And we cannot change it, we cannot purchase it, we cannot transform it; also, we cannot know it only at a human level. You have to be something more to know the Truth, and the Truth is that: we are not this body, […]

The Powers of Kundalini, Interview Shri Mataji with Stephen Taylor Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Interview (the text derived from Speech Recognition App)

Shri Mataji what is sahaja yoga?

Sahaja – ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means born so it is born with you the right to become United which is the yoga with the divine and this this sahaja yoga is something that everybody can have is it is something everybody can practice of course and how does the this connection with the divine take place we have within ourselves this power in the triangular bone which is called a sacred meaning sacred which when awakened sprouts like a primule in a seed and rises through six subtle centers opens out the last Center and gets connected with the Divine which is a subtle energy all around us which organizes us which nourishes us does all the living work above all it loves us does this mean Shri Mataji that people who have not had the ability to practice Sahaj yoga are not connected with the divine most of them are not and if some of them are they don’t know all about it so this is what a an extra force that is available to human beings to develop themselves in this world of course this is the last breakthrough of our evolution where you have to get connected with the divine you have to feel it on your central nervous system and that’s how you get your self-realization. […]

Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh Ganapatipule (India)

Evening Program, Sahaj Yogiyon Ko Upadesh

TC06:10 Hindi mumblingShri Mataji: (Hindi)

(Musician?):Absolutely (Hindi)They must be receiving the music on vibrations.

Shri Mataji:(Hindi or Marathi)

Yogis and musicians:( )

Shri Mataji:

Musican:(speeks the words of the song Hindi or Marathi))Tucet tulata manava…Anand sinduru…

TC 21:12Shri Mataji:(inaudible)(Hindi?)

TC 37:20

Shri Mataji:This is not my wordingI am not used to this oneBut see how he is a masterMaster is a master, whatever may be the wording(?)Nagpur

Baba Mama:I want him to come to Nagpur.I want so many of you to come to Nagpur […]

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis Betty Hubble's House, Houston (United States)

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis, USA, Houston, 1986-0601

Sahaja Yogi: And the various movements that we do, what you do by knotting is to actually lock it in. This agitation (?) is to strengthen the meshing of your individual connection to the all-pervading Atma and the knot is symbolic of the final tying after that agitation, which you’ve done by the, by the twisting. Why we’re doing this is because we’re agitating the Kundalini and we continue that agitation, […]

Money, Chastity, Self-Respect & Music New York City (United States)

1984-08-19, Money, Chastity, Self-Respect


So, we were today, I mean I must say I’m really happy, extremely happy and joyous because I think that yesterday’s puja has done wonders. For the first time in the West, vibrations were sucked so well, I had no problems.
Yesterday, when you were doing the puja the Left Vishudhi was just like a stone, you see, and then afterwards, then I said they have no business for the Deities to be here. […]

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis (India)

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), 13 [or 14?] February 1984.

Now Austria is very strategically placed in Sahaja Yoga, it’s a bridge. It’s a bridge between the left and the right. Austria is a bridge between the left and the right or we can say that now all the Western Europe is becoming “leftish” because of the influence of alcohol and frustration from aggression and they’ve done their level best, now they are fed up with themselves. […]

Seminar, Dedication Through Meditation, Morning Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

Seminar, Dedication Through Meditation, Morning

(Transcript starts from 23:45)

Question: What to say to somebody who comes up and says very concernedly: ‘what is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and these…?’

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Man: What’s the difference between what You are doing and what these cults or these other gurus are doing? The all seem saying the same thing…?

Shri Mataji: ‚They are using the same language… Ah, you see, because in 1970 I was in America, […]