Seminar Day 2, The Role of Women Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

“The Role of Women”, Seminar day 2, 19 June 1988, Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, UK
Yesterday, we have had a nice meditation, and we all felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and I told you that we have to understand that this is the greatest moment in the history, while you are born, and you are doing the highest work, that is of God, here. And you are specially chosen for it and how you must know that you are a saint. […]

Radio Interview Vienna (Austria)

Radio Interview. Ashram Vienna (Austria), 9 June 1988.
Interviewer: I am here for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Shri Mataji: Yes, he told Me that. I am sorry, he told Me 5:30 you’d be here, so I’m a little late, you
don’t mind, I was a little late to come here.
Interviewer: Oh, never mind, it’s okay. So I will place this here if you don’t mind (ed: microphone).
Shri Mataji: It’s all right.
Interviewer: Okay. Yes, […]

Public Program, Evening NH Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam (Holland)

Public Programme in Hotel Krasnapolski, Amsterdam, 9th October 1987
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
As I have been telling before, we cannot conceive the idea of truth. It cannot be a conception of human beings. It has to be felt on your central nervous system. As you can see me with your eyes and can feel me, you should be able to feel the truth. There are many wrong ideas prevalent about the truth. […]

Talk to yogis St. Martin's Lane Ashram, London (England)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, with questions/answers, St.Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London (UK), 8 April 1987.

Some of you can come in front, Come along there’s room… (laughs) Come along, there’s room here. Come in …there’s room here (looks at prasad)… all full of sweets. Oh God… I didn’t see all that (laughs).

[From now on video and verified transcript begins]

I’ll have some water… Thank you (indistinct… and bring My purse here.)

I’m just watching all the beauty (She laughs). […]

Interview, This time has been predicted Kolkata (India)

Interview with a journalist. Kolkata (India), 14 October 1986.

Interviewer: [UNCLEAR] has the root connection of the Patanjali yoga?

Shri Mataji : Of course. I mean it’s the ancient thing. No doubt. Patanjali used the same thing. But he used a gradual method because that was a slow method.[ in Hindi- like use zamane mein bailgadi use karte the na.- in those times bullock carts were used] Now we are using motor cars. So that is the but the time has come. […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja Oude Stadsfeestzaal, Mechelen (Belgium)

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Malines (Belgium), 20 September 1986.
Today we are going to worship the principle of Mahalakshmi in Belgium. Belgium has a speciality that it creates glass bangles for the Mother. That is, the bangles which are used as a beautiful musical accompaniment to the gait, to all the movements of the Goddess. It brings a delicacy in a woman; and gives a consciousness to the man or the men that there are ladies around. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, The Role of Belgium and Holland Trees and Willy Maes's House, Mechelen (Belgium)

Role of Belgium and Holland, Malines/Mechelen (Belgium), 20 September 1986
And in Belgium I must say that the ladies have to be very good. Because Belgium and Holland are left Nabhis, actually I didn’t say but it is so. Not to frighten (you), it’s very important.
And in left Nabhi there are two very important organs are. The one is the spleen and another is the one, what you call that, which makes the sugar of the – [Gregoire, […]

Public Program Hotel Gouden Wieken, The Hague (Holland)

Public Program, Hotel “De Gouden Wieken”, The Hague, Holland, 16th September 1986
In these days of turmoil and chaos, we feel we are waiting for some sort of a big shock and maybe that our last days will appear in our life time. When we think only from the human limitations, this is quite justified. But we are not created by ourselves, nor have we become human beings by ourselves. From amoeba to this stage we have come, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, Establishing Shri Ganesha Principle YMCA - Camp Marston, San Diego (United States)

Shri Ganesha Puja, “Establishing Shri Ganesha Principle”. San Diego (USA), 7 September 1986.

Today in the land of Shri Krishna we are celebrating the birthday of Shri Ganesha.

Is something very unprecedented and of a very significant value that you should be celebrating the birthday of Shri Krishna’s Son in His own land. You know that Shri Ganesha incarnated on this Earth as Mahavishnu and He was the Son of Radha, who incarnated as Lord Jesus Christ. […]

Raksha Bandhan Address Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

Raksha Bandhan Address
So today is a very happy and a very very auspicious day for all of us. That we have to offer a just a thread to our brothers for their protection.
I’ve already told you the story of Alexander the Great. How many of you have not heard it? Raise our hands. Look at that! Ha ha ha ha. Can’t be! All right. So I’ll tell you the story of Alexander. Ha ha ha. […]

ORF Radio Interview Meli Ashram, Vienna (Austria)

Interview: Shri Mataji Talks about Her Early Life. Vienna (Austria), 9 July 1986.
Reporter: Can we start with Your childhood?
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Reporter: Do You, can describe a little bit the circumstances where you were grown up?
Shri Mataji: My family?
Reporter: Yes.
Shri Mataji:  I belong to a family of very enlightened people. My father was a linguist and he was master of fourteen languages. He knew about twenty-six languages and he translated even Koran-e-Sharif into Hindi language. […]

Diwali Puja Tivoli (Italy)

Diwali Puja, Tivoli, Rome, 17 November 1985.

Today we have assembled here to celebrate the Diwali, the Deepavali. Actually, only after Sahaja Yoga started, the real Diwali is taking shape. We had many beautiful lamps, and we had lot of oil to burn, but there was no spark, to enlighten the deepas. And the wick, as you call it – is called as bati in Hindi language- is like your Kundalini, so the Kundalini had to meet the spark. […]

Ego and its consequences, Talk to Sahaja Yogis New Jersey (United States)

“Ego and its consequences,” Talk to yogis. New Jersey (USA), 27 October 1985.

Nice, relaxed eh? Relaxed, with blessings. Everyone cleared out, I think.

And no more one more thing, I must say it last, I’ve said it before but I have not said it here, no one is going to say that “bhoot did it” because such a person will be sent away to the bhoot [unclear: clan? Or clap] not to Sahaja Yoga, don’t put your responsibility on the bhoots, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, The Importance of Chastity Brighton Friends Meeting House, Brighton (England)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Brighton (UK), 4 August 1985.

Today we have gathered here on the right occasion and very auspicious day to worship Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is the first Deity that was created so that the whole Universe is filled with auspiciousness, with peace, bliss, and spirituality. He is the source. He’s the source of spirituality. As a result of that all other things follow. Like when it rains and is windy you feel a coolness in the atmosphere. […]

Interview for “Het Binnenhof” Newspaper Conferentieoord Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Interview journalist; “Het Binnenhof” Newspaper, Overvoorde, The Hague, Holland, 4th July 1985
Shri Mataji: The man who was here. He has been to all these fake gurus. He has seen all that nonsense. He has seen everything. It is very easy for him to see me now, because you see if you have not been to all these then you start… you cannot understand it so well. So that’s a very big point about it.
G: He said there is a book called Spiritual Superman. […]

Interview for “Trouw” Newspaper Conferentieoord Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Interview journalist; Dr. Kranenburg, “Trouw” Newspaper, Overvoorde, The Hague, Holland, 4th July 1985
Journalist: I received some books and papers from you and I heard you yesterday evening in that congress hall.
Sri Mataji: Did you?
Journalist: I was there yes.
Sri Mataji: I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.
Journalist: And I liked to read it and to see what it is because I am interested in such things.
Sri Mataji: Yes, one should be. Very important! […]

Public Program Day 1 Het Nederlands Congresgebouw (World Forum), The Hague (Holland)

First Public Programme in Holland, Het Congressgebouw, The Hague, Holland, 3rd July 1985

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
I’m very sorry for being late today because they miscalculated the time that it will take to reach this place.
We are talking about truth. Truth that we know of cannot be conceptualised, cannot be mentally understood. We have to know that truth is beyond mental conception. If we believe that this piece is hot, […]

Puja Madrid (Spain)

1985-06-27 Puja in Madrid
Just rub on My Feet. Rub with both the hands. Rub your hands; rub your hands. Now, see yourself. Now see your vibrations, now see. Got it? All right!
Now, let’s have the third, second, three persons. May God bless you!
Yogi: The restaurant belongs to this lady.
Shri Mataji: Yes,yes, I know. She came to Me, she was weeping..
Rub it now; rub it; rub it. See, just rub your hands, […]

Mother’s Day Puja, Talk on Children University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Seminar, Mother’s Day Puja, Talk on Children. Birmingham, England. 1985. 21 April 1985.
Please be seated. Gavin has not come? Gavin is not there?
The ladies with the children also must sit down for the puja. They haven’t yet arrived? Someone must go and tell them.
Yogi: Somebody with a car please get up to the main point and tell people that they should arrive. Preferably a gentleman with the car.
Shri Mataji: What are they doing? […]

Birthday Puja and Vocal Concert Mumbai (India)

Birthday Pooja. Bombay (India), 21 March 1985.
(Till TC 20:48 Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi)
I talk to them in Marathi language, because here so many of them don´t understand any other language but Marathi.
Today is the day of Gauri Puja.
Gauri is the one who, as a Virgin, created Shri Ganesha. And in the same pattern you have got your realization. In the same pattern!
So you have to use the same power within you that is of Gauri, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, A New Age Sydney Sydney (Australia)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talking to the Sahaja yogis at Burwood ashram after the public program. Sydney, Australia.
[a Sahaja yogi reads Gyaneshwara’s Pasayadan in Marathi, and Shri Mataji comments on it in English]
Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis: Aranava, forest, jungle..
Shri Mataji: Gyaneshawara. He describes Sahaja Yogis like this, beautifully. He first says, he’s requesting the God Almighty.
Ata, he says, let the Spirit of the Universe be contented. He says now let it be contented. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Children and Other Topics, Ashram Perth (Australia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis on education, ashram of Perth, Australia, 2 March 1985.
[Tape 1]
Shri Mataji: … or any sleeping of what?
Sahaja Yogini: No, he has had.
Shri Mataji: He?
He must be tired, poor thing, you see, he’s been with Me for such a long time. I’m all right because I know how to manage, but for him it is too much marathon.
Shri Mataji: The [inaudible] is at home.
[Shri Mataji is laughing]
Some I got for the Sahaja Yogis there, […]

Shri Krishna Puja, Announcement of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Nashik (India)

Shri Krishna Puja. Nasik (India), 19 January 1985.
Yesterday, in the lecture, I gave a new announcement about Sahaja Yoga. But the whole lecture was in Marathi language and before it is translated I would like to tell you what was my announcement.
There was a question that, in America and in England, no trust which is not a religion can be registered. Of course, Sahaja Yoga is the religion, no doubt, is the universal religion, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, Keep Your Maryadas Mumbai (India)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Borivali, Mumbai (India), 15 January 1984.
It is so Sahaj today that the day of celebration has fallen onto the birthday of Shri Ganesh. Every month they celebrate the fourth day of the moon as the birth date of Shri Ganesh, and today is that date. Luckily, we are here for the Puja of Shri Ganesha on His birthday.
I’ve said a lot about Shri Ganesha and His importance in our life.
He is the giver of wisdom, […]

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet” Vancouver (Canada)

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet”
Presenter: [Missing part] come to Vancouver. But unlike some others this one is not after your money. As a matter of fact, She brands those gurus or teachers that are after your money as fakes. Shri Mataji Devi lives in London with Her husband, the United Nations diplomat. As a child in India She knew She was different, and Her character trait Mahatma Gandhi also recognized when he asked Her to stay and worked with him. […]

Seminar Day 1 Kennolyn Camps, Santa Cruz (United States)

Seminar in Santa Cruz, California (USA). 1 October 1983.

I am really enamoured to see so many of my children. I have been able to find them back. It’s such a great thing to see them after such a long time. While I came here 10 years back and none of them could feel the importance of Mother’s love, and now such a tremendous thing has happened that it has worked, and that people are feeling that great thing called the subtle energy of Mother’s love. […]

Mother Earth and Mahalakshmi Puja Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton, London (England)

Mother Earth and Mahalakshmi Puja, Surbiton Ashram (England), 21 August 1983.

Some of you who cannot sit on the ground can bring some chairs from inside. You can get a chair for yourself. If you people cannot sit on the ground, go and get some chairs for yourselves. Sit down. (Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi)

Shri Mataji: Today, we have to know something about the connection of Sahaja Yoga with this Mother Earth. It is very important, […]

Havan after Guru Puja Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Havan after Guru Puja

Shri Mataji: First we are going to have the “namaaz”. We have to learn how to do “namaaz” today, because it’s a Guru’s Day. Now where is…? – Come along! All of you who are here should learn how to do “namaaz”. Now stand here. Facing Me. Come along!

Gregoire: I would like that everybody sit down, so that everybody can see.

Shri Mataji: No, you have to stand up, because you have to do accordingly. […]

Devi Puja, Surbiton ashram inauguration, God’s Blessing upon Sahaja Yogis Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton (England)

Surbiton ashram inauguration. Surbiton (UK), 17 July 1983.
Shri Mataji: What a blessing.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother, is.
Shri Mataji:  Ah, come along. What a place! Is it going to be a big Puja here or a small one? Yes, I wanted to have a very small one. All right, please be seated. So how are you? The ladies, come along, sit down here. It is such a blessing to have such a nice place, where we all can meet, […]

Havan before the Devi Puja Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

“Importance of Puja and Havan”. Paris (France), 18 June 1983
[Starts at 9:04]
Shri Mataji: Hello, so we were waiting for you to come here. So, I think, I’ll get my sweater. Hello, we were waiting for you to come, for Christopher to come here. How is he? Very good. What’s happened to his head?
Marie-Amélia: Changing of milk, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: So, Christopher you are back, here? Oh, oh, oh…
You must cover his head. […]

Public Program Hindu Centre, London (England)

1983-06-05 Public Program, Hindu Centre, London, 
Sahaja Yoghin: …of India, in the Constituent Assembly of India. Mataji, before She took up this message of spreading Hindu philosophy and Hindu thoughts, She was married in a very intellectually, prominent family and She was married to Shri C.P. Shrivastava. [Those of you] who know the post freedom leadership, among the IAS community, very well-known some of the names, and Shri C.P. Shrivastava’s name was one of the most prominent names. […]

Evening Talk Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Evening Talk
For the flowers? This is mummy has done for you? It’s very sweet one. This one is? Wood. No, no, no, it started now. You see a little bit of… Just the thing that we feed. See these flowers. Are they nice? The flowers… Are they nice flowers? Such a smiling baby. Such a sweet baby. Such a nice baby. You must smile. You must smile. Are they still like a nervous person? And… […]

Picnic, How To Bring Up Small Children Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Sydney (Australia)

Advice to Sahaja Yogis in Lane Cove Park, Sydney (Australia). 19 March 1983.
Shri Mataji: [unclear: sounds like sweets] like [unclear: sounds like fruits or soups], something [unclear].
Q: One month old –
Shri Mataji: Perhaps you should start. A little bit soup, it’s all right. Nothing wrong [unclear].
Warren Reeves (WR): Strained.
A: Strained, absolutely strained, that’s what. But, little soup [unclear] would be good for them.
WR: Some barley water, some barley soup and – […]

Public Programme, Day 4 Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Programme. Sydney (Australia), 18 March 1983.
To all the seekers of truth I bow I must say Dr. Warren has done a good job. Perhaps you don’t understand that the situation is quite different in the western countries. I don’t have to have any introduction in India, nor anybody has to give any apologies all the time, you see trying to convince getting this that into the whole argument to prove that I’m the truth and that I’m genuine, […]

Public Program Day 3 Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 17 March 1983.
To all the seekers of truth, I bow. Warren has said something today which I’ve been trying to avoid all these years because I thought it was not advisable at this time to talk so directly to human beings about it. Because as soon as somebody says such a thing a snake called ego comes up or else people try to harm the cause. They don’t want to hear about it. […]

Public Program Day 1 Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 15 March 1983.
But before we come to right conclusion about our seeking, we have to understand that truth is not a mental action.
If your mind says that “this is this”, it need not be that. It is our everyday experience in life, that mentally, when we try to establish something, we find after sometime, that we have not been absolutely correct about it.
Whatever is known to us is already there. […]

Workshop Dalkeith (Australia)

Workshop in Perth (Australia), 2 March 1983.
Sahaja Yogi: God the father, God the mother and if she recognizes you as God the mother is Sai Baba, this fellow in India God the father?
Shri Mataji: No.
Sahaja Yogi: But on the whole, is there, I mean
Sahaja Yogi: She answered your question.
Sahaja Yogi: You do need a father.
Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you how you should understand, all right, that’s better to see you [sounds like sa]. […]

Public Program Dalkeith (Australia)

Public Program in Dalkeith. Perth (Australia), 2 March 1983.
…the Hindu Scriptures, the experiences described in more detail than in Christian Scriptures. And we are told that you should be able to feel vibrations emitting from the crown of your head once you have the awakening, like a cool wind, and you should also feel them on your hands. And in Muslim Scriptures it’s described as the Ruh. And Mohammed said, “I believe that at this time people would become enlightened and their hands would speak”. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja Perth (Australia)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Perth (Australia), 1 March 1983.
I think it is the quality of wisdom which is still manifesting in many Australians, which many have lost because they have taken to the gross side of materialism. Shri Ganesha is the tremendous purifying power, because it cannot be contaminated by anyone, whatever you may try, it cannot be contaminated. Only thing is, it may recede back, it may not manifest, but whatever it is, it is in its Absolute Form. […]

Sahasrara Chakra, The essence of Sahasrara is integration New Delhi (India)

Sahasrara Chakra. Hanuman Road, public program in New Delhi (India), 4 February 1983.

Today is the last day in this pendal and today I’ll be telling you about the last centre of Sahasrara. They are all coming. If I come late it is better, I think [Laughing]. Still I was quite late I was thinking. Do you think this is needed on the eyes so much or are you not getting my picture just? This one if you could little bit push it the other way. […]

Shri Saraswati Puja, The basis of all creativity is love Dhule (India)

Shri Saraswati Puja, Dhulia (India), Sankranti day, 14 January 1983.

With love all kinds of creative action takes place. You see how Raulbai has love for Me, and in this place you all also got new idea of creating a beautiful thing. And as love will increase, your creativity will develop. So the basis of all creativity of Saraswati is love. If there is no love there is no creativity.

It is even in the deeper sense, […]

Short Conversation on Marriages New Delhi (India)

Short Conversation on Marriages, India, Dehli, December [Before 1985].
Dr Warren: (inaudible) (I think we just needa little more time?)
Shri Mataji: Now, you see the thing is, how many are really settled for marriage? Raise your hand.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s Chandra and Matti.
Shri Mataji: Not yet.
Sahaja Yogi: Not yet.
Shri Mataji: Not yet. That’s not yet settled, because told you, if he has a problem, is a problem. I am telling you very frankly:  unless and until you fully sort it out, […]

Third Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Translation of Old Marathi Letter – ( Letter Nirmal Yoga 15-1)

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?
We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.
This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. […]

Advice to visiting Sahaja Yogis Lonavala (India)

Advice to visiting Sahaja Yogis
It’s good for Hamsa Chakra, it’s a, that’s why it’s good for Hamsa Chakra. for all of you not to catch cold and all that. It’s already very late and I think now we are proceeding towards Maharashtra in the real way because this was a seminar and today is a concluding day for you. I’ll be leaving early in the morning tomorrow there’s a program for Me fixed there. So you know My… […]

Public Program, It is you who has to enjoy it Cambridge (England)

“It is you who has to enjoy it”, Public Programme, Cambridge (GB), 9 October 1982
I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
When we say we are seeking, we must know that we are a special category of people.
People were seeking before also. They were seeking power, money, possessions, affluence, every sort of thing.
Still they are not satisfied, those who have got it. And so those who are seeking the truth are the highest, […]

Public Program Day 1, Spirit Resides Inside You Vienna (Austria)

First Public Program. Vienna (Austria), 26 September 1982.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
[Can you hear her there – all the way? No. Stand here. Or you may use this. Better. I will just speak … All right.]
I’m very grateful to the Sahaja yogis of Vienna, who have invited Me to this place, and this is My first visit to Vienna. This is the last state that I had to touch in Europe and so I must say, […]

Public Program Day 2, When Christ Will Come Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 2,  “When Christ Will Come”, Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland), 24 August 1982

Again, I bow today to the seekers of truth. From the very beginning, I have to say, that I would like to address to all those who are really seeking the truth. I am not going just to read something to you and give My own interpretation about it. All of you have got sufficient intelligence to read any book you like and to have your own interpretation. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja House of Charles and Magda Mathys, Troinex (Switzerland)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Troinex, (Geneva, Switzerland), 22 August 1982.
Before the Talk:
Is there somebody here who can translate?
A mature person.
You can sit here.
But has he not come?
He should come for the puja, you know.
Everybody should come in.
When they are all here, then I will start.
Now, come forward. There’s room here.
Those who can sit on the ground can sit in front.
Come. Nice!
You like it? Color is all right? […]

Public Program Friends Meeting House (1903) (Demolished), Cheltenham (England)

Public Program, Friends Meeting House, Cheltenham UK, 1 August 1982.
Brian, you better be sitted. Let Brian be sitted first. So you are all right, Warren? Get up. Let him sit. He cannot see. Now, it’s all right. I know Chris has already informed you about the advent of Sahaja Yoga. As you know modern times, are great times, for spirituality. Never before, in the history, of this universe, there were so many seekers. Even if you go back, […]

From Heart to Sahasrar, Public Programme Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

“Heart, Vishuddhi, Agya, Sahasrara – Becoming the Knowledge”, Public Programme, Derby (UK), 11 July 1982.
I’mI’m happy that Dr. Warren could explain to you those chakras about which I told you yesterday, because in one short lecture you can’t cover all these points. And if you get your Realization and you progress well, then you can listen to My tapes which are in hundreds, and you can understand the knowledge is vast like ocean. As I yesterday told you that when you get enlightenment, […]