Christmas Puja, Become Thoughtlessly Aware Ganapatipule (India)

Christmas Puja. Ganapatipule (Maharashtra, India), 25 December 1998.

First, I’ll speak in English and then in Hindi.
Today, long time back, Christ was born. You all know the story of His birth, and of all the sufferings He had to go through. He’s the One who has given us the model of Sahaja Yoga. For He didn’t live for Himself, in no way, but He lived for others, working out the Agnya Chakra.
You may be Divine, […]

Public Program New Delhi (India)

Public Programme, 12 March 1996 New Delhi (India), translation from Hindi

My greetings to all of you, who are seeking the truth.

In India, from time immemorial, a search for truth has been going on. This is known from our scriptures. We searched for truth in different ways. Our country is spiritual in a very special way, the reason being many things are accessible in our country. We do not know how prosperous and how holy our country is and how simple and clean the people are. […]

Birthday Puja New Delhi (India)

Birthday Puja, Sahaj Temple, New Delhi, 26/3/1985, translation from Hindi

Today, you are all celebrating my birthday. This is a matter of great
satisfaction as in this time of Kaliyuga, who celebrates the birthday
of a mother? This shows that even though you are born in this
Kaliyuga, you don’t just know about your duty towards the mother
(Matru Dharma), but you also follow it.

To celebrate birthdays in this age, a year is getting deducted every
year and there are so many tasks still to be done. […]

Public Program Day 1 Pune (India)

Leader:  Dear Sahaja yogis and all the seekers who have come here to know about Sahaja Yoga. Today is a very auspicious occasion, as today Shree Mataji Nirmala Deviji is with us here and will tell us about the Kundalini, and how its awakening happens. I know a few people who are sitting here are a bit uncomfortable, due to shortage of space. Please do forgive us. I am extremely sorry for the lack of space, […]

Agnya Chakra, The door of heaven New Delhi (India)

Agnya chakra. Delhi (India), 3 February 1983.
Today we are going to understand the centre of Agnya. Agnya Chakra, which is placed on the crossing of the ‘optic chiasma.’ The nerves that supply the eyes go backwards in the opposite direction and wherever they cross, this subtle centre is situated. It has a continuous connection with the other centres through the ‘medulla oblongata.’
This centre has got two petals. And this subtle centre on one side acts through the eyes and at the back of the head where you have some protrusion. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja, Utpatti – Adi Shakti aur Shiva ka Swaroop Mumbai (India)

1976-02-29 Mahashivaratri Puja: Utpatti – Adi Shakti aur Shiva ka Swaroop, Mumbai

told you about origin first because on the day of Shivratri when we
have to talk about Shiv ji, then it begins with creation therefore He
is the beginning. When the first form of God Almighty manifests- when
He becomes resplendent with Brahma, then He is called Sada Shiva.
That’s why Shiv ji is considered to be the beginning. One can
understand that before a tree takes its complete form, […]

Teen Shaktiya (Three powers) Mumbai, Dadar (India)

TEEN SHAKTIYAN, Date: 21st January 1975, Place: Dadar, Type: Seminar & Meeting (translation from Hindi)

Just like a
gardener cultivates a garden, and, nurtures it with love, and, then
he watches out for the blooming flowers in the garden. The joy the
gardener feels upon seeing those flowers is inexplicable. The name
“Krishna” is derived from Krishi, Krishi – you know is
agriculture. During Shri Krishna’s time it was primarily
agriculture, and, during Christ’s time it was irrigated with his
blood. […]

Understand your importance Mumbai (India)

Understand your importance, Mumbai (India), September 3rd, 1973

[Translation from Hindi]

Out of you, many
are there who have just got their realization, some are there who
have got their realization a few days back and some are there who
have got their realization from a long time, who have understood this
thing that what is our consciousness and how it works and how we make
it our own.

of the three types of people here, […]

Unidentified Hindi Talk (Extract on Agnya Chakra) (Location Unknown)

Translation from Hindi

[…] you have come to the programme and whilst sitting here, you are still thinking about your problems and worries. Oh, this happened to me, that happened to me. When should I discuss this with Mataji — what calamity has fallen upon me? Mataji, you are the Goddess, these are my troubles. Instead of trying to understand what is being said, you continue to overthink about your problems and are allured into illusions. […]