1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha Mumbai (India)

1st Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Shri Kundalini, Shri Ganesha 22-09-1979

[English Translation from Marathi]

On the very first day of Navratri at this auspicious time, in this beautiful environment and equally beautiful subject, everything coincides. Till today nobody informed me about puja, but it is very important. Particularly in this land of India, auspicious land of Maharashtra, where nature has created ashtavinayaka. I am astonished to know that many people don’t know what is the importance of Ganesha and Ashtavinayaka? […]

Nirvicharita Mumbai (India)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis

[Hindi to English Translation]

You people will feel bad, so let me speak in Marathi only. I am saying, whatever question you have in front of you, leave those questions in unconsciousness, it is flowing in my feet.That means if you have any questions let us say about your daughter then nothing is going to happen by using your mind. Whatever the question is, leave it here, you will get the answer. […]

Talk, Bholepana ani nirvicharitecha killa Mumbai (India)

Talk, Bholepana ani nirvicharitecha killa

[Marathi to English Translation]

Yesterday, at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, I spoke about the 3 powers of the Divine. Many people who were present said that a lot of things that were told went over their heads. [They couldn’t understand a lot of what Mother was saying.] So it is best that I tell you only the things that go through the heart. It is true. The brain cannot comprehend such things. […]