Sahajayogyanshi Hitguj Pune (India)

1979-0225  Sahajyogyanshi Hitguj, Pune India

Now as All Sahaja Yogis have assembled here, therefore it is a ‘hitguja’ and not a speech. The word ‘hitguja’ in Marathi language is so beautiful as it means whatever is beneficial for you or your atma is to be shared. And as it used to be said in early days ‘Satyam Vadet Priyam Vadet’ (Speak truth, speak what is liked). How to blend these two? If you speak the truth it is not liked and if you wish to speak what is liked, […]

Seminar, Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Chakras Ahmednagar (India)

1979-02-23, Seminar at Ahamad Nagar: Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Chakras, Ahmednagar

The people of Ahmednagar sent us an invitation with lot of affection – we are all very grateful for that. And furthermore I feel Ahmednagar district to be very special. Because the work that began in Rahuri and which kept spreading – that made me realize that there was some special religious work that took place in this district in the past. Also, Maharashtra is a spiritual region. […]

Seminar Kalwa (India)

Talk in Marathi at a Sahaja Yoga seminar in Kalwe, Maharashtra (India). 19 January 1979.

To come from London to Mumbai, it feels very good – because London is a very crowded and mechanical city. And people’s overall tendency out there has also become mechanical. So then, to come from Mumbai to Kalwe feels even better. Seeing the state of mind and faith of the people in cities, I feel like going to a place where there are a few people with true devotion. […]

Sahajayoga Baddal Sarvanna Sangayche, Responsibility of Sahaja Yoga Mumbai (India)

Sahajyoga Sahajyoga Baddal Sarvanna Sangayche Mumbai 27-05-1976

[English translation from Marathi]

One Sahaj yogi said on Sahaj Yoga that “Mataji, you make first summit and then make the foundation. First you make our summit.” And this is really true. That means for entrancement (Samadhi) whatever people have done till now, hard work etc.etc. yoga , hat yoga, raja yoga whatever they have done , means among them some true and some false, all this together, whatever those people have done or achieved, […]