Interview Los Angeles (United States)

Interview, Los Angeles, date unknown
Shri Mataji: „I find today in this country people are seeking, and they don’t know what they are seeking. It is a problem to them. They don’t understand why are they so restless, why can’t they understand things, why can’t they sleep. All kinds of problems are there, while they should be at peace with themselves. But there’s something going on within in the evolutionary process. In the evolution, we have reached up to the human awareness, […]

I See A Mountain Cabella Ligure (Italy)

I see a mountain from my window

Standing like an ancient sage

Desireless, full of Love.

So many trees and so many flowers

They plunder the mountain all the time.

Its attention is not disturbed

And when the rain pours

Like many pitchers of clouds bursting

And it fills the mountain with greenery,

The storm may come soaring,

Filling the lake with compassion

And the rivers flow running down

Towards the calling sea.

The sun will create clouds and

Wind carries on its feathery wings

The rain onto the mountain. […]

Interview Versilia (Italy)

Interview. Versilia (Italy), August the first, 2001.

Journalist: Mi spiace, ma non parlo molto  bene l’inglese. (Traduzione di Guido a Shri  Mataji: “Sorry, but I don’t speak English very well”).

Shri Mataji: But I do not know Italian,  little bit.

Journalist: Allora, Grande Madre, nasce il 21 marzo alle ore 12 a Chindwara nel sud dell’India, quali sono i suoi primi ricordi della sua vita? (“You are born on the 21st of March in Chindwara, what are the first souvenirs, […]

CNN TURK TV Interview (Turkey)

Shri Mataji has a big following in Turkey. Healthy Life Association members are Her representatives in Turkey. Since 3 years this association is trying to spread Sahaja Yoga in Turkey.

Shri Mataji: Everyone has a hidden energy inside. This energy recides in a triangler bone. When this enegy gets awakened, it passes through the six centers in the nervous system and comes out through the seventh center in the head. Then it connects with the Cosmos and with God. […]

A-TV Interview (Turkey)

A-TV Interview, Istanbul, Turkey, 2001-04-01

Dear viewer, now there are the message of happiness from a guest coming from India. Indian Yoga Master Shri Mataji tells those who are sufffering from the economical crisis to have patience/ She gives good news that very soon Turkey will come out of the crisis and adds, do not worry, after all you have a dervish (a member of a Sufi religious order who has taken vows of poverty and austerity) guiding you.  […]

Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji London (England)

Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji. Ealing, London (UK), 2000
(Regarding sinusitis)
Shri Mataji: So the venue (mucus) which is very tough becomes loose, and the heat is absorbed.
Dr. Rashid: Shri Mataji, would the onions need to be hot?
Shri Mataji: [Yes, very hot.]As far as you can bear it. As far as you can bear it. 
It’s a very simple thing. Especially if you have sinus, don’t travel.
Dr. Rashid: (Hindi: Shri Mataji, we made a list of questions to ask You, […]

GMTV Interview London (England)

GMTV Interview. London (UK).
[..]   strange society that we live in today, it really, really is [..]  and sometimes you just want to take a break and take five minutes to yourself. The one woman who has found the secrets I think of inner calm is Shri Mataji. She joins me now.
It’s great to see You. It really is. Tell me about this technique, what’s it called and how does it work.
Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yoga. […]

Evening Program: Arun Apte and students, Talk Ganapatipule (India)

Arun Apte (and students). Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India. December 1998.

the transcription for the first 12 minutes of the talk:

It is very difficult to describe this inner joy. You can only enjoy it. You can only feel it. It’s something so innate, to see that so many of you have learnt this difficult music. And all of you have been enjoying it.I went to various places in the West, and I felt that, why, even small little children, […]

A TV Interview (Turkey)

A TV Interview, Istanbul, Turkey, 01.04.1998

Interviewer: Sahaja Yoga, It’s founder is now in Turkey and speaking only with us. Who is she? Shri Mataji. Listen to what she is saying.

Shri Mataji: All those watching me, if they have a desire,  should open their hands like this. Put your right hand on your heart and say inside, “Mother, I am not this mind, this body, these feelings, these conditionings”. I am the pure spirit.  We are carrying a feeling  […]

Talk on Marriage: The Basis of Society is a Family – You Have to Respect Your Women Very Much (date unknown) Moscow (Russia)

Talk on Marriage, The Basis of Society is a Family – You Have to Respect Your Women Very Much
Today we have come here to attend a wedding of our brothers and sisters – Sahaja Yogis.
It’s important to understand that marriage is a very important thing in Sahaja Yoga because the basis of society is a family. And our society should have very good families. That’s why we are paying so much attention to these weddings, […]

Interview Moscow (Russia)

Interview. Moscow (Russia), September 1994.
The Interviewer: Что бы Вы хотели посоветовать россиянам, пожелать им в эту трудную минуту, поскольку сейчас мы все переживаем достаточно тяжелые времена?
Translator: What do you want to wish Shri Mataji to russian people in these hard times? Because we are now in hard times. What do you wish?
Shri Mataji: You see what they have to do is to get their self-realisation.
Translator: Понимаете, то, что вы должны сделать – это получить вашу самореализацию. […]

Ardha Matra Volume 2 Interview (India)

Ardha Matra Volume 2 Interview Translation from Hindi

Reporter: Through Kundalini awakening we can achieve our Self-realization.  In various ancient scriptures too, it has been described. The founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has given experience of self-realization through Kundalini awakening, to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Sahaja yoga is gaining popularity in more than seven countries as of today. Ardha Matra had an exclusive meeting with Shri Mataji about the Kundalini power and Sahaja yoga. […]

Public Program (Australia)

Public Program

I bow to all, all of you who are seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot organise truth, you cannot conceptualize it. Unfortunately you cannot know truth at human awareness. Whatever I’m going to tell you today, you need not accept it blindly but you must have an open mind like a scientist and if I am putting forward before you a hypothesis, […]

Sahaja Yoga: The Essential Medicine (Location Unknown)

Sahaja Yoga – The Essential Medicine

Sahajayoga and essential medicine Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi- grandmother, scholar and freedom fighter. As a child she lived in Gandhiji’s ashram, as a student she studied medicine and as cry for freedom swept India she fought for her nation’s independence. The year 1970 was about her most important role. The discovery of development of sahajayoga, a movement which is now spreading in worldwide. Sahajayoga is a science of integration which results in man’s mental, […]

Ham sab Hindustani hai (India)

1990-0300 Hum Sab Hindustani Hai (We all are Indians)

[Hindi to English translation]

We all are Hindustani [Indians] and are living in Bharat [India]. We are nurtured from the grains and water of this land. This land is supporting our livelihood and will continue to do so in the future. For our children, for our future generation, our message should be – “Love our country. We should have a lot of affinity towards our country”. 

I have seen abroad and it’s very surprising that in every country, […]

Sahaja Culture is very important House in Pratishthan, Pune (India)

Sahaja Culture

Now you see the western culture is coming so fast on your head and also another thing is that today low-level creations are coming, do you understand that part like dramas, like cinemas, like books so many also newspapers, very low level they are. Now what should we do about it, one way is to criticize them, but we don`t want to take that position (risk). Then what should be our attitude? What can we do? […]

Talk, Marriage Couplets (incomplete) (India)


Shri Mataji (to someone): I vibrated some water for you; I hope it helps your nabhi.

(in Marathi): So, is it done? Who? Taught them? Whom? 

“ Nava ghya” (Literally take the name – also called “ukhana”, this is an old wedding custom of the Maharashtrian community in India to subtly announce the name of your spouse. Married couples recite rhyming couplets after the ceremony and later on, during festive gatherings, […]

To be a dust particle (India)

To be a dust particle

I want to be like a dust particlewhich moves with the wind.

It goes everywhere.

Can go, sit on the head of a king,or can go and fall at the feet of someone.

And it can go and sit on a little flower,and it can go and sit everywhere.

But I want to be a particle of dust.

That is fragrant,that is nourishing,that is enlightening.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, aged seven and as narrated by Herin Dhulia, […]

Short Conversation on Marriages New Delhi (India)

Short Conversation on Marriages, India, Dehli, December [Before 1985].
Dr Warren: (inaudible) (I think we just needa little more time?)
Shri Mataji: Now, you see the thing is, how many are really settled for marriage? Raise your hand.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s Chandra and Matti.
Shri Mataji: Not yet.
Sahaja Yogi: Not yet.
Shri Mataji: Not yet. That’s not yet settled, because told you, if he has a problem, is a problem. I am telling you very frankly:  unless and until you fully sort it out, […]

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas Musalwadi (India)

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas

[English translation from Marathi]

Shri Mataji: “After Sahasrara ….   So beautiful !  It is  Trigunatmika. See one, two, three.  Can you see the Trigunatmika? 

This is Agnya here…. Beautiful. When I say that,  it is even more.” (collective laughter).   “Break the coconut etc. here.”

Sahaj Yogi : “ Yes, yes will do.’

Shri Mataji : “The things which saints and holy people express, nobody else is able to do so. […]

Conversation Rahuri (India)

Conversation, 1982, India

…Coming down here to convert people. It’s a question of democracy, you see? Because in a democratic country, if there are more majority of the Muslims or Christians, then will become the, sort of the rulers, you see? So this move is you have to purchase people, convert them, and they are worried about it. I told them Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which people will settle down into themselves.You see, […]

Letter London (England)

Letter translated from Marathi. London 1979.

My dear Sahaja Yogis,

Received your loving and beautiful letters and messages of greetings. Here, I am busy in the work in London and could not write. Once I told you that Sahaja Yoga is beginning from Navaratri this year. That is, Satya Yuga, for which you were so far preparing, will now be seen. As a tree has to sprout first in the earth and then its sapling peeps out, […]

Letter Human Chitta has many illusions (Location Unknown)

Letter translated from Marathi, 1979. (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

Human chitta has many illusions. When they are removed, human chitta becomes enlightened and blissful. Many of your illusions have been removed by Kundalini awakening.1. You have realised that Kundalini is not an imaginary but a living power in man.2. This power is within every human being and its awakening takes place spontaneously in a normal person.3. This awakening does not take place by any act. […]

Our Understanding of Sahaja Yoga, Seminar London (England)

Our Understanding of Sahaja Yoga, London, 1978

Today if you ask me one or two questions it would be better and I will give you the answers because this is between us – those who have had the experience and those who are practically there, and there are very few new people here I see. But those who are at least acquainted with the vibrations and all that, should ask me questions to begin with, because then otherwise I will be tackling new persons later on. […]

Letter to Delhi yogis London (England)

Letter to Delhi Sahaja Yogis, London, May 1978.

Dear Sahaj Yogis of Delhi

Your loving letters put me in the same plight as after worship, every pore of the body oozes out the chaitanya. It gives me great pleasure to learn that you all are engrossed in your sadhana.A mother only wishes dear children should stand on their own and that her acquire their own wealth. So long as this does not happen, our life will have no fulfillment in spite of (in the midst) all achievements. […]

New Year’s Day Talk before Havan (India)

New Year’s Day talk before havan, India, January 1st, 1978           

[Few people are also moving slowly.]

Sahaja Yogi: Need aasan [chair].

Shri Mataji: Need aasan? Who has?

Now just see his vibrations now, are you all right? He is all right. Take the name of Radha Krishna. Yes, all right now. Ok, come on whoever wants to wash it, wash it fast, Aradhana is standing, take some salt, she will put salt in water, you just take it from right hand. […]

Talk on Pingala Nadi (Location Unknown)

Talk on Pingala Nadi [Translation from Hindi]

Many years ago, in India, people started working on Pingala Nadi. You must have heard about king Bali when Vamana incarnation took place. King Bali was a religious person. But he did YAgnya. For getting creative powers people do YAgnya. By doing YAgnya you can control five elements. Inspiration or wish for this is to take the power of the entire world into our hands. That we become Chakravarti king on this earth. […]

The Spirit (Location Unknown)

The Spirit 01 Jan 1977.

Spirit is] the most precious thing that we have within ourselves. The
preciousness of your Spirit is immeasurable and that’s why it is called as a
thing of eternal value – because it is infinite. You cannot measure [it].

Now God, The Almighty, we say is Sat-Chit-Anand. ‘Sat’ means ‘the Truth’. The truth we understand in human terminology is relative. But the Sat I am telling you [about] is the Absolute from where all the relations start. […]

Letter from London (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 17-18) London (England)


My dear Doctor Raul, I have already written to you one letter. In this, I will explain to you, why you do not get electro-magnetic vibrations in the machine. The explanation is more to make the scientist understand.

Chaitanya is the integrated force of your physical, mental, emotional and religious (sustenance) selves. Science is the analysis of that synthesis. If we have to record the electro-magnetic vibrations of any matter, we have to reduce it or analyse it in such a manner that electro-magnetic vibrations are liberated from the bondage of synthesis. […]

Gunateet – Beyond the Three Gunas (India)

Talk, India, 1975-03-13

Those for whom it has to happen it will happen. Some people have badhas [problems/issues]. This is such a new thing and it has to happen. Kundalini needs to rise. The pranav that happens in heart needs to happen in all parts of body. If you look at such a person with stethoscope, you will see anahat passes through many centres. This is beyond the three gunas [qualities of tamas/rajas/sattva]. People who come to it, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis (media missing) New Delhi (India)

[This is the first recording in New Delhi.]

Talk at New Delhi, 10 King George Avenue March 1975.

When we say ‘spontaneous salvation’, it implies that salvation has to click by itself. The translation of word ‘spontaneous’ is ‘sahaj’. ‘Sahaj’ means: ‘saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is ‘born with[in] you’. That means the right of getting salvation is born with you; the mechanism by which you are going to get salvation is also born with you, […]

Dharm Va Adharm (India)

1975-0101 Dharm Va Adharm [Hindi] City Unknown (India) 40min

Part 1 – 30 mins

First line (Unclear). In Kalyuga, for human beings, there are no other means except forgiveness and more the power of forgiveness is with you, more you will be powerful. Forgive Everyone. Only those who are big can forgive, how can a small person forgive. Today morning I said, know the Dharma, know the Dharma which is inside you. We are standing on Dharma. A person who is standing on Dharma is so powerful. […]

Letter to Sahaja Yogis, Parklands, Ice House Wood, Oxted, Surrey (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 4, Feb-April 1980) Oxted (England)

Letter to Sahaja Yogis

My dear Sahaja Yogis,I left you with a heavy heart and the silent sorrow in your expression made me feel helpless. How rich you are in your feelings ! As if the sea of Love was rising and its every crest wept in your hearts. I could feel the tempest of my Kundalini. How can words express the sorrow which was witnessed by us in silence.The three months passed away so fast. […]