Devi Puja Burj 2000, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

Devi Puja, Burj 2000, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), April 21st, 2001, (very poor sound)

I didn’t know you were waiting here. But you are now with those great guys [unsure]. But I didn’t know about your program that you were going to be here. And I had to finish something today.It’s all right. I have seen Sahaja Yogis when they have to wait, they are more together, they are more collective and they enjoy much more. […]

Public Program Chandigarh (India)

1995-12-07 Public Program, Hindi, Chandigarh, India

Table of ContentsShri Mataji speaks in HindiShri Mataji speaks in English Shri Mataji speaks in HindiShri Mataji speaks in EnglishShri Mataji speaks in Hindi:

Sahaja Yogi speaking: As you can see in the triangular bone, on the back bone, It is located. It is called as Kundalini. In Greek language it is called as ‘sacrum bone’. The meaning of sacrum is ‘something that is sacred’. Now don’t pay attention to anything else like – ‘what is happening’, […]

About Koran and Muslims Istanbul (Turkey)

About Koran and Muslims, Istanbul (Turkey) 05/11/1994

[No sound. Abu Bakr?] killed two more Khalifas and became Khalifa himself. And the last Khalifa before him was killed and his liver was eaten by his mother (her name was Hind bint ‘Utbah), mother of this Abu Bakr (Shri Mataji means Mu’awiyah- first Khalifa of Umayyad Caliphate). What a horrible fellow he was! And just to become the Khalifa, he did this. By that time, nobody had written Bible of this Koran (Koran, […]

Conversation on Islam Montfermeil Ashram, Montfermeil (France)

Conversation on Islam, Montfermeil ashram, Montfermeil (Paris), France, July 11th, 1994
Indians are ancient people; they travelled all over the world. They went to, even to England.
But the best part is the timing: six hours difference. And this six hours difference comes in with the exact timing in India and here. And another I will tell you, the way they give degrees to the studies, Bachelor of Arts. “Apne a brahmachary tatva”, masters of arts, […]

Dance and Talk Newcastle (Australia)

Dance and Talk

Shri Mataji: Such talents, such mastery of Mrs Kanan on what we call the “bhawas” means the emotions, the way she expressed her emotions …She is really a master if she was in India people would have really knew that such a great artist is being sent to NewZealand.It should not have been done 🙂And a little girl I must say for a rage, she is so dynamic, so rhythmic and so perfect. […]

In our heart lies the power to absorb, to enjoy the beauty of spirituality Pune (India)

1989-12-27 India Tour – How We Should Behave

Table of ContentsShri Mataji speaks in HindiShri Mataji speaks in English Shri Mataji speaks in HindiShri Mataji speaks in EnglishShri Mataji speaks in Hindi:

[English Transcript]

It was very interesting I was thinking about you all and about the people who have done so much for Sahaja Yoga. It is impossible really to say how many have worked for Sahaja Yoga with such interest and dedication. And this dedication is directed by divine force that’s why I think you people are not even aware how much you have worked so hard without getting any material gain out of it. […]

The International Situation (Location Unknown)

The International Situation 1989-0901

[A Talk given in response to a request from a Sahaja Yogi.  Location unknown.  Possibly UK]

The state of our planet, or Mother Earth, is very precarious.  On one side we see signs of great destruction at the hands of human beings and which are therefore our own creation.

The potent idea of destruction is at work within human beings, but it creates destructions on the outside.  This destructiveness is not necessarily deliberate, […]

Talk after fireworks New York City (United States)

“Talk after fireworks”, New York City (United States) July 4th, 1989


Mataji: And they are completely under fear.

Also, their feelings of frightness give them a very left-sided mood. Secondly, the people are also very violent. Violent people are very few. But the ones who are frightened of them are many more. So because of that, those who are frightened also have another mood of left-side. So despite the- this place is so active, […]

Public Program (Fragment) (England)

Yogi: When Kundalini becomes with the spirit. A person becomes aware of that spirit as silence and as becomes the witness, it’s like when you’re been on the outside of a roundabout, in a kiddies playground whirling round and you feel ill. And somehow, you go to the center of the roundabout and you sit of the axis of the roundabout and then you can watch the whole thing but you don’t feel sick any more, […]

Shri Mataji comments on “Jesus, The Son of Man” Brompton Square House, London (England)

Shri Mataji reads a part of the chapter 1 of “Jesus, The Son of Man” from Kahlil Gibran, 1985

“And were it not for sorrow in all of you I would not have stayed to weep.”“Who are you and what are you, Judas Iscariot? And why do you tempt me?”“Have you in truth weighed me in the scale and found me one to lead legions of pygmies? And to direct chariots of the shapeless against an enemy that encompass-that encamps only in your hatred and marches nowhere but in your fear?” […]

Success stories with Janet Turner Los Angeles (United States)

TV Interview “Success stories with Janet Turner”. Los Angeles (USA), 1983.

Reporter: The Academy award-wining Movie about Gandhi, made many Americans aware of the great work this man accomplished in India. My next guest worked with Gandhi but she is here in America now to help us find what she calls “Self-realization” Stay tuned! I think you are going to find this very interesting. Her name is Shri Mataji.Reporter: Did I say it OK?Shri Mataji: It’s good. […]

You feel the blessings as nirvichara Mumbai (India)

“You feel the blessings as nirvichara” Conversation with Yogis, Thursday, 2nd January 1979, Mumbai
 …But if your attention is passing through the centre of the Agnya chakra you don’t see any light. But if it is not passing through that, then what happens [is], because your attention is outside, you see the light. Because it is enlightening also, you see. And you just see the light but the Kundalini is not passing through,  just it’s stuck up there. […]

Nabhi Chakra London (England)

Nabhi Chakra, London 1978-02-20

How it is placed within us. Nabhi chakra also has got two sides- left and right.On the left hand side of the nabhi chakra is placed as a center or you call it a chakra or a sub-chakra called as the Chandra means the moon. Moon center on the left hand side, and right hand side is the sun center and they are placed exactly on the moon line and the sun line i.e. […]

Deeper Meditation London (England)

“Deeper Meditation”, London, 20 February 1978

Cooly (Tony Paniotou) have you written it down?

Shri Mataji: Hello, How are you? 

Yogi: Very well, thank you.

Shri Mataji: May God bless! You can sit on the chair. Be comfortable. 

Yogi: Oh, that’s very kind! 

Shri Mataji: Ask Cooly to write it down for him.

Yogi: He is doing it.

Hello! How are you Douglas? How are you?

Douglas Fry: Very well!

Shri Mataji: Looking very fine! Just like a flower beautiful! […]

Atma Ki Anubhuti, Meeting Speech Mumbai (India)

Atma Ki Anubhuti Date : 28th December 1977 Place Mumbai Type Seminar & Meeting Speech 

 [English translation from Hindi]

I had told you the last time what is a soul (Atma), how it is Sachidanand (Sat + Chit + Anand; Truth + Attention + Bliss), and how after being made aware of the soul only humans can achieve these three things. Without self-realization, you cannot know the truth. You cannot achieve bliss. You should have the sensitivity of the soul. […]

Talk on Pingala Nadi (Location Unknown)

Talk on Pingala Nadi [Translation from Hindi]

Many years ago, in India, people started working on Pingala Nadi. You must have heard about king Bali when Vamana incarnation took place. King Bali was a religious person. But he did YAgnya. For getting creative powers people do YAgnya. By doing YAgnya you can control five elements. Inspiration or wish for this is to take the power of the entire world into our hands. That we become Chakravarti king on this earth. […]